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Music Magpie not shipping the items and then blaming me

Posted 2nd Dec 2016
Ordered recently Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Donkey Kong Returns and Sonic Unleashed so since of those were all on "Processing your order" I decided to send Music Magpie an email and this is what they sent in return:

With regards to your query, after assessing all orders placed with us through all our sites we sell on we can see you have a lot of lost in post items,which appears there is clearly an issue with you receiving our orders.

We have therefore taken the action to not accept any further orders from yourself as it would seem almost everything you have purchased has not arrived with you, which is costing us as a business.

We would kindly ask that no further orders are placed as these will also be cancelled.

They're basically saying I'm getting the items and then reporting them as 'lost' which is a lie. I have been waiting ages for those games to arrive and they never did as they were never dispatched.
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