Posted 4th Oct 2022 (Posted 4 h, 57 m ago)
hi, i m currently working from home and looking to buy a good chair from IKEA. any recommendations?

Also any other place I should explore?
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    I'd look out for a decent 2nd hand office chair.
    Something like a Steelcase Think, Amia, Please or a Humanscale Freedom.
    I got my Humanscale Freedom from 2 years ago and its been prefect. But the price has risen since and £200 for 2nd hand seems a bit too much.
    I have used these people for a Steelcase V2 leap. Can testify you will get a respectable used product inline with the description.

    If you need delivery outside London i think you need to call them and arrange it.
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    Look at gaming chairs
    Much more comfy than office chairs
    Any recommendations? Link or place to buy (edited)
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    Herman Miller Chairs are the bee's knee's.
    Brand new, Is a far cry from Ikea pricing - but perhaps refurbished?…er/
    Aerons are great, but expensive.
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    I bought a Mesh Office Chair they are very comfortable.. id recommend paying as much as you can for the best chair as yuo will be using it a lot
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    If you are an employee, I would consult with your employer. A good employer would carry out risk assessment on your arrangements at home - no point having a good chair without a good surface for your work. For all I know, you may be sowing garments. You could be brewing, mixing things, etc etc and of course you could be looking at screens, using phones etc.
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    I'm in the 'anti-gamer chair' camp, particularly the Ikea ones as they are definitely form over function. If you go to Ikea and sit in one of the gamer chairs, then one of their office chairs, you can immediately tell which one is going to be preferable for long term use.

    I still have my Jarfvjallet, it's been my choice for the last year or so (maybe longer?). It's been a great chair and has really helped my back. Oddly enough I see more and more people on Zoom calls with the same (the headrest and back mesh are quite distinctive!). It's starting to creak occasionally, so I have to run round the bolts and tighten them up. That's the same for most chairs though.

    As tardytortoise says though, don't underestimate the rest of it. Having a good chair means nothing if your desk is at the wrong height, isn't large enough, etc. I've also bought external monitors and external keyboards/mice for my two laptops, that has really helped with comfort and posture.