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Please help me stop google from defaulting to hungarian!

Posted 28th Mar 2013
I'm not sure why or how but Google thinks I'm hungarian and whenever I visit any google products it is in a foreign language. I'm tried to go into chrome and change the language to english, which it's already set as.

I've even reinstalled Windows and delted all browsers. Even IE, when I'm logged into google, thinks I'm hungarian. I'm up in arms as how to change this.. pleas help me as it's becoming very frustrating.
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  1. grahame1's avatar
    te magyar vagy?
  2. TheGimp's avatar
    TheGimp Author
    Nem, Ausztral vagyok de kicsit magyar beszelok. << I speak a little and write a little but it's a quite a difficult language
  3. deleted603028's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Try going into control panel and checking the language preferences - if you reinstalled windows did you get windows/pc from Hungary then?
  4. TheGimp's avatar
    TheGimp Author
    I live in the UK.. my Windows is in english.. the only iota of hungarian is when I log into google services. I'm very computer literate which is why this is so frustrating.

    My girlfriend is hungarian and we spent 3 weeks there last summer. All I can think is somehow Google's intelligence now thinks I'm from Hungary as I honestly see no setting to change it to English nor do I recall changing it to Hungarian.
  5. deleted139865's avatar
    Anonymous User
    wouldnt making google.co.uk your homepage solve it?
  6. TheGimp's avatar
    TheGimp Author
    Nope, but it does ask me to translate into english. It also says, in hungarian, "This page is available in english" so i can click on that and it is in English but it's not permanent and is merely a temporary solution.
  7. deleted139865's avatar
    Anonymous User
    are you using a proxy or anything which would make google think your internet is hungary based?
  8. TheGimp's avatar
    TheGimp Author
    thanks for the suggestions. Even if I'm at University of an internet cafe and I login to google it appears it hungarian so definitely something google based.
  9. BA11's avatar

    go from English to another language, confirm then revert to English again.

    I would also delete any additional languages that might be there.
  10. TheGimp's avatar
    TheGimp Author
    Thanks for the suggestion.. it first seemed to have worked but it was just auto translating to english

    Misses tells me that she oftens googles in hungarian and given that it's my account that is auto-signed in Google have used their 'intelligence' to start in hungarian.
  11. sancho1983's avatar
    Simplest option is to move to Hungary
  12. deleted34178's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Just a thought, do you have the UK as your location in Google Maps ?
  13. TheGimp's avatar
    TheGimp Author
    I've given up and am moving to hungary.
  14. kidchop's avatar
    tell her to log out
  15. TheGimp's avatar
    TheGimp Author
    I'm logged into google services under my name. she doesn't have a google account but on our laptop, which we share, she uses it under my account.
  16. TheGimp's avatar
    TheGimp Author
    I'm in Hungary and went to use the in-laws PC. Turns out I've been auto logged into google services every time they use the PC hence why I'm getting random hungary/english google services.

    I've logged out and hopefully when I return home it won't be such a problem.

    They're really bad drivers here so thankful to not have to move here just yet!
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