Posted 8th Jan 2023
Having ps5 issues need help or advice

I’ve had my ps5 from the second wave of release in the uk. Now just yesterday I was play forbidden west and the game crashed it done this 2 or 3 times but on the 3rd time the ps5 crashed and wouldn’t give me anything apart from a blue flashing light on the console so I contacted PlayStation themselves and done all the step they told me to do in the safe mode menu and after about 3 hours I got the ps up and running thank god

But now anytime I play a game I’ve tryed 3 first was forbidden west again and it crashed 2nd was Spider-Man miles morales and the 3rd was fallout 76 the screen starts to glich the the screen freezes but I can get back to the Home Screen close the games and start over again.

And also anytime on forbidden west before it crashes any time the sound cuts out in game on the tv but the sound is still coming on in the controller.

And also does anyone know if it’s a common fault and if so what’s the warranty cover from Sony themselves
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    Have you tried a hard reset to see if that fixes the issue? Just make sure any game saves etc are backed up
    If that fails, potentially seems like a faulty unit, possibly the internal ssd if the games keep crashing. I'd defo push for a repair or replacement unit from Sony
    I’ve tried a hard reset yes and I’ve contacted Sony the console is out of warranty and they are pricing a fix at about £260 I got the console out of game when they first came out what is the warranty with them do u know
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    Although i don't repair consoles i do read a lot and watch hundreds of repair videos. Ps5 use liquid metal on the APU to keep them cool.
    Its a known fault that the liquid metal can seep through the foam gasket and get onto the board and cause short circuits.
    If you have had it laying flat all the time then this wont be the fault but if like most people you have it standing up, this could be the issue.
    Look it up on YouTube mate.

    It’s been flat from day 1 would u have any other ideas
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    Same used to happen to mine, had to send it to Sony to fix, they sent it back and same thing continued to happen, had to send it back again after explaining that they didn't actually fix it (they just did what I'd been told to do over messages) and I received a new ps5
    Do u think it was a overheating problem or a software problem. Plus am outa warranty so it’s about £260 from Sony was yours in warranty
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