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McDonald's vouchers in today's free Metro newspaper (March 18th 2019) - burger/sandwich and fries or salad for £1.99 - vouchers on page 3
LocalLocalFound 18th MarFound 18th Mar
£1.99 vouchers are back in the Metro again (newspaper dated Monday, March 18th 2019). Use these vouchers wisely, might be worth waiting for Wednesday for Monopoly ;) (credit to… Read more
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Same codes as last year?


I only use the drive through . The £1.99 deal for Big Mac/chicken sandwich and fries is permanently on the system. I go probably once every 2 weeks and been getting that deal at the drive through for probably 2-3 years and never once asked for the voucher. But works differently in the restaurant.


I feel your pain ;) At least i'm 130 miles away from the nearest one, but when I do 'HIT' the city 'Bang' Heaven lol If i'm feeling a bit flush i'll get my 2 medium meals for the missus and me and get my 2 Unidays McFlurrys for free, so much out there that no one has a clue about lol maxmix


The next set of vouchers should appear in the first week of April when the current lot expires.


I use a screenshot of the receipt I have on my phone. Act a bit dumb, they just press a button. Though, after getting one every couple of weeks when I was in a rush for work, it's been a month since I had any sort of fast food. It's a bit of a tough to avoid filthy delicious snacks but there are so many supermarkets with hot food, I'm now getting a pint of milk, some chicken and two buns instead.

Linda McCartney Mozzarella Quarter Pounder Burger £1 @ Morrisons
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Vegetarian burger made from soya protein, containing mozzarella cheese, onion and seasoning. "Mum believed that the kitchen was the heart of the home and we are proud to carry on … Read more

My family loves them and they are all Meat eaters. Now that’s a tasty burger


I like them and I am not vegan/vegetarian either.


Hence they are not vegan burgers.


OK ok you win its not a vegan conspiracy I love the burgers and been a Linda fan for many years too just never bought the burgers before my vegetarian friend said they are nice and I really enjoy them very beefy like taste without the bad stuff


Ok where does Mozzarella come from....... Oh wait! (lol)

McDonald's vouchers for £1.99 various deals + breakfast offer with any purchase at WHSmith stores
07/04/2019Expires on 07/04/2019Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Terms and conditions Present your voucher before placing order. Voucher redeemable subject to availability for stated offer at named UK restaurants. No cash or other alternative… Read more
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Got one of these this morning, (y) 🏼


My local has a drive through and I use my vouchers all the time there.


Whats the code/number for the breakfast voucher? can you post a picture of the barcode please :)


you can sometimes find these on back of bus tickets.


They're not new anymore (unless your nearest McDonald's has only recently got them? My local McDonald's restaurants have had them for a few years now) I've never had a problem using them. Just make sure you have the voucher on you in case they ask for it if you order on the machine. A lot of the time they do.

McDonald's vouchers in today's free Metro newspaper (March 11th 2019) - burger/sandwich and fries or salad for £1.99 - vouchers on page 3
LocalLocalFound 11th MarFound 11th Mar
£1.99 deals are back in the Metro again (newspaper dated Monday, March 11th 2019). Choose a Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich and shaker side salad or medium fries (x2 of these vouche… Read more
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A pro? You're my hero.


I'm actually a pro in using these. Some tips: 1. You don't need the actual voucher. In Mcs with self service touchscreen tills you go first "I have voucher" in top right corner and then type in manually. Punch in the number (number is under the barcode, unfortunately it cannot be seen on OPs picture)and choose what you want. Normally when collecting the person should ask you for the voucher but that happened to me maybe twice in prob over 30 times I've used it. When I was asked once I just said I throw away the voucher since I paid already and they said its fine. These ppl don't really care especially that it almost always busy and processing refund when the food is packed is the last thing they will do. 2. Don't worry about expire date. I found that codes work after the date and if you used the method above and paid. you will not have a problem with collection. 3. Dont use the voucher with person/till bc they will take the voucher from you. Use it on self service till. This was you can recycle one voucher over and over.


I always treat the homeless with these


Not on the online e- paper damn.


By far the best 🙌

New KFC Colonel’s Club Vouchers (eg £1 mini fillet burger)
Refreshed 18th MarRefreshed 18th Mar07/04/2019Expires on 07/04/2019
New KFC Colenel’s Club vouchers: £1 Mini Fillet Burger £4.50 Mighty Bucket for One £13.50 10 Piece Family Feast Expires 7th April Don’t forget if you’re a student, you can get a… Read more
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You can. Remember to mention when ordering


Can you use the app offer ordering in the drive through or do you have to go inside?


Omg I want a bucket for one right now <3




You can buy as many times as you want It's for the whole month

Surf and turf burgers instore at Iceland for £1.50
LocalLocalFound 10th MarFound 10th Mar
Surf and turf burgers in selected Icelands and Iceland Food Warehouses. Reduced from £3 to £1.50
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Luxury British food according to that packaging!


More like surf and barf these, absolutely horrid, even my dog paused and had a second sniff before cautiously having a go, then left them


agreed I've too had these and just like the horsemeat scandal if they diddn't tell us you wouldn't know.


I've literally just eaten one, perfectly acceptable but if I didn't know they had lobster in I don't think I'd have guessed.

McDonalds Monopoly 20th March 2019  - Official Thread / Trading thread *Prizes NOW CONFIRMED*
Refreshed 18th MarRefreshed 18th Mar
Hey folks, know a few of you take part in this every year, i've just had some insider info and can CONFIRM it'll start on the 20th March 2019. As well as removing their "go large"… Read more
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Every time I see this game I remember this wonderful story of how one ex cop rigged the whole thing for years with the help of the Mafia. Its one of those story's you swear will one day be a Martin Scorsese film: https://www.thedailybeast.com/how-an-ex-cop-rigged-mcdonalds-monopoly-game-and-stole-millions


Won £100 once on mcdonalds monopoly (y) , deffo think its not worth it though , amount of crap you eat to get anything


Kids and young teenagers I think get a cool factor from Maccies.


They are the common stickers, it's highly unlikely that you will find one of the rare stickers you need to win a decent prize on Ebay This years rare stickers and the prizes are Old Kent Road – McDonald’s medium extra value meal Euston Road – £30 Missguided voucher Northumberland Avenue – Wireless speaker Marlborough Street – £250 Red Letter Days voucher Liverpool Street Station – NowTV box + one year pass Strand – Xbox One Coventry Street – Trip for four to Universal Studios Orlando Bond Street – Mini Cooper Mayfair – £100,000 cash


ive never done this before but ive seen people sell these on ebay - could you potentially just buy the ones you need?

£5 burger and fries today only includes Vegetarian and Vegan burgers and potato or sweet potato fries @ Frankie & Bennys
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Just download the voucher from the free Frankie and Benny's app or web page and get a burger and fries for £5 for today only. Includes Vegetarian and Vegan burgers, classic beef, c… Read more

I was wondering if anyone would - I think we're showing our age on that one (embarrassed)




How do u get it for £1.99 (ninja)


I had exactly this experience about 6 months ago. Needed a chisel to get through the pizza base, it was like chewing on slate. My youngest daughter's Bolognese tasted like soap too. Shan't be returning - whilst never fine dining it was always pretty good for the kids, it's gone downhill rapidly I'm afraid.


I enjoyed my free pancakes earlier in the week with a glass of tap water at Bella Italia. Food bill came to £0. Did it bother me one once, not really. Can you beat that? :D

Love the taste, love the price... McDonald's £1.99 burger/sandwich & fries or salad vouchers in today's Metro newspaper (on back page)
LocalLocalFound 4th MarFound 4th Mar
Vouchers on back page £1.99 deals (Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich and shaker side salad or medium fries x2, quarter pounder with cheese & shaker side salad or medium fries x1,… Read more
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Salad voucher. (lol)


From 0 hamburgers to excessive Big Macs is a fine line


It's supposed to mean not valid at restaurants with a drive thru full stop, apparently. However the rule is pretty much ignored. I've ordered at restaurants with a drive thru several times over and not been stopped using the vouchers once.


Are these not valid at restaurants with a drive-thru full stop, or just cannot be redeemed at the drive-thru (but can in the restaurant)?

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BOGOF on Uber Eats | Burgers, Pizza, Desserts...
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
Buy one get one free on Uber Eats until March 6th. Various food places on the website and app that are offering BOGOF (Buy one get one free) on certain items on their menu. Includ… Read more

As far as I can tell, in my area at least it's nowhere near as good a deal as it first appears. For example, a local sushi place only has the BOGOF on 1 type of sushi - salmon nigiri, and it's sold out of those anyway! A chicken place only does the offer on one piece of chicken - nothing else. And it's the same for a kebab place - it only applies to one item on the menu - everything else is normal price. So it's a p*** poor offer in reality and puts me right off even considering Uber Eats in the first place.


There’s 70+ in my area 👊


Awww.... maybe in time... have faith! (y)


There's 0 where I live. Checked it before I posted this, shame.


There's only about 4 establishments I'm my area that use uber eats :|

Happy Beef Day 5th March ONLY - 4 Burgers for £18 @ Gourmet Burger King
LocalLocalFound 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Just got an email for this offer. Should be all restaurants Cast your mind back to 2001… it was a historic year for burgers as we opened our very first restaurant in Battersea. F… Read more
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"Offer does not include going bunless" so that's Celiacs like me excluded so voting cold. Stupid really, bunless saves them money.


That 1 was expired for some reason, was it because it doesn't start till next month.


What they said ^^^^^^^



Any 4 burgers for £18 (£4.50pp) - 5th March (possible additional 25% of with student ID) @ Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
I recieved the email below. I can't see that student discount is excluded with this offer so that may be an additional bonus. Here's the blurb.... Cast your mind back to 2001… i… Read more
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I like GBK although it is expensive, I go as a treat.


I'm sure you would be able to get one for £4.50 in hungry horse or some other dump but i tend to go to Gaucho for a steak not bad value.


£4.50 for a steak now that would be cheap lol. I usually get a nice steak for between £10-£12 with a voucher


For £4.50 eating out ? good luck and make sure its beef.


Never like having to pay extra for fries.

Feed the family for £15 including huge Candymania sharing dessert various options in op inc Chicken and Burger feast @ Hungry Horse
LocalLocalFound 25th FebFound 25th Feb
Just seen this advertised on the Hungry Horse Facebook page - valid until Sunday 3rd March so great if your kids are on half term this week like mine or just for a treat after scho… Read more

Also if you're pub takes orders from the app your first use gives 20% off


Family? Me & a m8 had this last week (lol)



You don't go to a hungry horse pub to eat healthily.


Have some heat!

2 burgers at Handmade Burger Co  for £10.95 from O2 Priority
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
Treat yourself and a friend to a juicy burger each at Handmade Burger Co for just £10.95. Every patty is handmade and pressed which helps to seal in every ounce of glorious flavour… Read more
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Agreed, strange wording


Being picky here but: "Please note the Offer is valid Sunday through Friday, excluding Saturdays." Why mention "excluding Saturdays"? Is that for people who can't comprehend what they mean by "Sunday through Friday"? Or why don't they just say "offer not valid on Saturdays"? It's not hard.


Also available on Living social for those without O2, available at 20 locations (y) livingsocial.co.uk/deal/newcastle/restaurants-food/10609611/2-burgers-handmade-burger-10-95

FREE £5 Burger voucher with a £1 60 Day Trial of Tastecard
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
A £5 voucher for £1 plus a free tastecard for 2 months!
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Where does it say anyway free burger ?


the compare the market deal is only valid sun-thurs,tastecard is valid most places on friday,and some places saturday


for £2 would be better getting this for the year https://www.comparethemarket.com/customer-rewards/


It was ok until they stopped Cineworld...

Find a dinosaur to earn a FREE B-Rex  burger @ Byron Hamburgers
LocalLocalFound 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
If you are near a Byron Burger it may be worth looking out for a little toy dinosaur. If you find one, take it in to Byron burger restaurant and exchange it for a FREE B-Rex burg… Read more

I’m sure they’ve found fossilised dinosaur turd before now.


Ah, so that’s what it was all about! (shock)


Most of the branches in Manchester city centre have closes down.. I think Piccadilly gardens one is the only one still open and with it being half term and near the bus station it's probably busy and a hassle looking for one, although my little one is dinosaur obsess and would probably disagree with me. (skeptical)


Think I'd rather keep the dinosaur...


But there are lots in Westminster

McDonald's £1.99 burger/sandwich/fillet o fish & fries vouchers in today's Metro newspaper
LocalLocalFound 21st FebFound 21st Feb
£1.99 deals (Big Mac or McChicken Sandwich and shaker side salad or medium fries x2, quarter pounder with cheese & shaker side salad or medium fries x1, fillet-o-fish and shake… Read more
Get voucher

Don't forget keep your receipt, you can do a short survey, you get a code to fill in near the top of your receipt so you can buy a big mac+fries for £1.99.


There's a barcode scanner to the left of where you tap your phone, or insert/tap your card (card reader)


Is there a place to scan these vouchers on the machines that u order from? Never seen anything that looks like it scans


In the unlikely case anyone's unaware, you can add extras to certain sandwiches (e.g. more gherkins and sauce) at no extra cost, also means it's a bit fresher too as it's made to order.


Handy to know... do you mind adding that as additional info please?? I'd add to post but rather you got credit for it for confirming ;) I'm not vegan/vegetarian so I had no idea you could even get a veggie alternative until I saw it on the machine haha 😁

Whopper Wednesday (£1.99) and more offers @ Burger King App
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
You can download the Burger King app from the AppStore or PlayStore and use the vouchers to get meals etc for a reduced price compared to the standard rate. Every Wednesd… Read more
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No my local branch let me order two with one code.


Unfortunately yes


Great tasting burger. so much nicer than anything in maccies


Wow!!! I thought I had seen it all Mat!!! Fab "burger comparison" site (highfive)


Ask them to stick it back in the microwave again.

McDonald's £1.99 Vouchers in Metro Newspaper (Page 2) - Today Only
LocalLocalFound 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Found in Today's Metro newspaper page 2

Depends on the branch now some won't leave until you give it and some just let it slide.


leave the voucher in your wallet. just scan it when you order on the self serve screen. mcdo staff won't ask for the voucher


It’s ok. Can’t wait to use all those £1.99 vouchers. Especially since I don’t like McDonalds.


Ha ha. Suppose as I can read the voucher. Plus just fill in the survey at the top of every receipt. You get the £1.99 deal all day every day.


Manager of the year material you are mate. Well done.

Various KFC vouchers from £1  in Today's Metro newspaper page 10
LocalLocalFound 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Found in Today's Metro newspaper page 10 Happy valentines day (lipstick)

Chicken tuedayyyy chicken tuesdayyyy


Because they’re in a world of their own


motorway services not accepting the vouchers.


Lot of wheels and dealers at HOTUKD.


Also in the Suns newspaper

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