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Plant Based Offers via App e.g 2 Plant Based Whopper or Royale Meals with Chips and a Drink for £8.49 @ Burger King
Posted 1 h, 48 m agoPosted 1 h, 48 m ago
A few plant based offers in the app to mirror existing offers: 2 plant based whopper or royale meals with chips and a drink for £8.49 To share or not to share? One plant based wh… Read more

It’s not just plant based (flirt)


its meat or plant based these offers I have been using them frequesntly

Exra Special 4 Salt and Cracked Pepper Burgers - Rollback - £1.49 @ Asda
22/05/2021Expires on 22/05/2021Posted 12 h, 50 m agoPosted 12 h, 50 m ago
Extra Special British beef burgers with salt and cracked black pepper on rollback - half price

That doesn't even make any sense in this case. Literally a pound of mince and salt and pepper on it. I think these packet burgers are geared towards people too squeamish about handling meat, and people who don't check the ingredients thinking these burgers are something different to a pound of meat, salt & pepper.


I suspect the posher you are the more likely you are to roll your own burgers! As with most foods doing from scratch better but same can be said about more than half the food sold in a supermarket. Doesn’t make it a bad deal.


Hopefully it’s a loss leader for the supermarket and the farmer is still getting a fair price


The issue is that you can buy 100% beef mince at cheaper cost without all the added crap. Or are you too posh to roll your own burgers and sprinkle with pepper?


Hopefully they do manage to make more than one burger out of each cow.

Free Whopper or Plant Based Whopper When Placing a Burger King order (min £15 spend / fees apply) via Deliveroo
20/05/2021Expires on 20/05/2021Posted 14 h, 2 m agoPosted 14 h, 2 m ago
Decent offering here, if you were ordering through them anyways. Terms Offer valid on orders over £15 Valid between Monday May 17th and Thursday May 20th 2021 Subject to ava… Read more

Absolutely agree. I'd always get meat stick in my teeth are a Burger King burger. And they were filling. I say it past tense, because my nearest Burger King is at a service station that I can only access by driving up and down the motorway for no good reason. And that my kids prefer McD's. McD's milkshakes are the best. But the burgers, for me, aren't a patch on BK. I should imagine you could produce a vegan patty to fool a McD dinner much easier too.


All aboard the band wagon.


Yes it is (y)


It's flame grilled not fried, but you're right, that's why it's not advertised as Vegan


Yes, Vegan (y)

Freezer Filler (Crispy Chicken Grills/ Chicken Burgers/ Alphabites/ Mixed Veg/ Walls Exotic/ Nestlé Ice-Cream) £5 or £4.50 NUS @ Co-op
01/06/2021Expires on 01/06/2021LocalLocalPosted 12th MayPosted 12th May
A decent freezer filler this time around at Coop Includes Birds Eye 2 Crispy Chicken Grills 170g Birds Eye 4 Chicken Burgers 200g Birds Eye Alphabites 456g Birds Eye Mixed … Read more

If there is one of the items sold out its worth asking a member of staff if you can sub the item with a similar product. Had a veg sub the other month


Better then last months offering which was all side dishes


They seem to have messed up this week with the frozen veg creeping in there. Too healthy.


Great value if on a budget.


Over processed rubbish. But cheap rubbish if you can eat it.

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Beyond Meat Beyond Burgers £3.75 @ Waitrose & Partners
01/06/2021Expires on 01/06/2021Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Slightly more expensive than the tesco deal the other day but still good value and you are not required to be a club card member

These are excellent quality and taste amazing though, each to their own.


Your forgot "ignorant". Mr bwmxyz called me "ignorant" because I eat meat. He really hurt my feelings! ;(


"How can you tell if somebody is Vegan?" "Oh don't worry, they will soon tell you!!!" Sounds like a joke, but it is true. I believe in choice. Vegans right now will say the same. There will come a point when they will campaign for a ban on meat products for all. They will want to make this choice for you. The negative words have already started. Unevolved...Selfish...cruel...murderers...fatties. (and many more) I have hunted, prepared and ate animals and fish. I understand the ethics more than most. The one thing i cannot stand is unnecessary cruelty to animals. I don't like the idea of people keeping birds in cages for example. But i don't deem it cruel. Same goes for fish tanks and zoo's. I'm talking directly and intentionally harming animals. Neglect to animals is a really serious problem for example. I try to eat a balanced diet. I minimise processed food and cook most of it myself.This includes meat, fish and vegetables. Right now, i don't think the vegan meat alternatives will give me a healthier, tastier diet. But i do believe that at some point they will. I would have no problem if the alternatives taste and feel the same. (and without having to take supplements that the body needs) I have no agenda to want to eat meat from animals. But right now, nature provides the best food, it's as simple as that.


Interesting username. I did some research and yescit is a GMO which means ot os not a natural product. eat at your own risk


Hahahhaha Mate, you're making yourself look stupid. I have not once preached against people who eat meat or people who want to eat this burger. Self centered? Well of course it is, because it my opinion about this burger. Just put the phone or keyboard away and stop making yourself look stupid. You don't know what you're talking about and just piled into the thread without reading a single thing first. Honestly I've never come across a more thick person on this forum in nearly 10 years. Well done, you've finally excelled at something in life.

Birds Eye Green Cuisine Meat Free Sausages x6 300g / Meatballs 280g / Burgers x2 200g £1.50 (Minimum Basket / Delivery Applies) @ Sainsburys
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Birds Eye Green Cuisine Meat-Free Meatballs 280g https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/gol-ui/Product/birds-eye-gc-meatfree-swedish-balls-280g Birds Eye Green Cuisine Meat Free Burgers x… Read more

Also if can get hold of them get some soy chunks, I tree of life (I think it’s called) soak them in boiling hot water in a bowl for 10-15 mins then drain squeeze the water out of them. Season with salt and pepper, fry until turning golden and use is curry’s, etc.or straight from squeezing the water out put them on top of a pizza, I marinade mine in bbq sauce after boiling and then put on pizza then whack it in over for 15-20mins depending on the pizza. I like the ones from Morrison’s pizza counter. Cheap too. Less the £2 for a bag that would make 6 meals.


Asda plant based mince is ok, everything else apart from the burgers is a bit on the bland side. My kids love the Richmond burgers and I don’t mind them myself but I like to get a good amount for my money the Richmond burgers are just a little too small for my liking, nice in flavour just on the small side. Oumph stuff can be expensive but is worth when on offer. Tried the super expensive beyond burgers and they were just ‘alright’, definitely not worth the money in my opinion. I tend to use a lot of meatballs and minces lately as I like making lasagne, Bolognese and spaghetti and meatballs. Richmond, Birdseye and Aldi meatballs are all nice and in that order of niceness. Best mince for me is Morrison’s own and I’m fairly sure I’ve tried them all.


Each to his own. I love the Meatless Farm burgers but none of their other stuff. I was in Asda and considered trying their own brand plant-based but L McA was on a dirt cheap offer and I only had a small freezer bag. Is any of their other stuff worth trying? Tesco have some stuff that looks tempting in their larger stores, but of course that's no guarantee of anything.


Just tried meatless farm burgers today, not a fan. I don’t like meatless farm as a brand I think all it’s products taste weird. Not tried the cauldron sausages yet. My other faves are naked glory sausages and tikka pieces and quorn ultimate burgers as well as Asda’s chilled plant based burgers.


The name seems perfectly logical in the short or long term to me. They are explicitly designed to taste like meat, as opposed to being veggie balls of a different flavour, so at least for my purposes calling them meat-free is extremely helpful. Were they simply labelled as veggie or vegan balls, or some other description that doesn't mention the fact they are designed to taste like meat, I doubt I'd have tried them.