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Updated 12th MayLast updated 12th May by mutley1
They all look so delightful but more often than not they taste of cardboard. M&S do really good tasting birthday cakes, but are there any other supermarket ones which taste as… Read more

yeah, waitrose does very nice cakes but their price is not that much cheaper than M&S


The "Morrisons The Best Chocolate Cake" gets mostly positive reviews and I found it very moist when I tried it recently (unlike some of the very dry cakes from other supermarkets). The main recurring theme amongst critics is that it's more chocolate-fudge rather than pure chocolate. But perhaps that makes it better for a kid's birthday?


sounds good😋


M&S remain the best for birthday cakes in my opinion. Not being dry is & jams & creams are tasty are the stand out reasons. Other ranges like their coffee cakes or chocolate fudge etc can be matched by other supermarkets but birthday cakes remain above the other supermarkets.


M&S are yummy.

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Updated 28th AprLast updated 28th Apr by myusernamehasgone234
(skeptical) :D I don't even know where to start with this one, is it a bloody yay or a nay? Papa's Fish and Chips, who have chip shops in the Hull and Scarborough areas are now s… Read more

You can see them making them here on Tik Tok I'm still not 100% sold on these but fun way to raise money for charity


Lmao :D :D :D :D


Advertise it as a deep fried Mars bar and sell it to curious travellers who are up here on business. :p


They'd deep fry a turd up north lol (poo) (poo) (poo) 😁😁😁


i try and get a deep fried mars bar when I go to Glasgow for business. one place near the station does it for tourists like me. it's nice :)

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Updated 19th AprLast updated 19th Apr by ran123ran
So as I'm sure many have you will have seen that M&S are bringing legal action against Aldi over Cuthbert the caterpillar cake that is similar to their famous Colin the Caterpi… Read more

Absolutely only for research!


Me too, purely for research purposes though ;)


Wonder which one tastes the best in a blindfold test. I would happily try them but the last thing i need is cake.


Is it though, this Sainsbury's one is green box just like the m&s one.


because Aldis is the closest rip off by far, down to the colour.

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Updated 17th Dec 2020Last updated 17th Dec 2020 by Cbear81
Mr Kipling cake slices
hi does anyone know which one of Mr kiplings cake is this from wanted know the ingredients. it's like a layered chocolate with red/pink icing can't see any in the same online than… Read more


I found them online thanks.


Have you got the other side with ingredients


I bought some the other day


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Updated 27th Nov 2020Last updated 27th Nov 2020 by kevlfc
Nice cake for the price. Son loved it.

some poor nan/grandad will buy it thinking they bought a good deal with extra batteries


I saw this a few weeks ago in store made me smile.


Put it over the fan and it'll cook nicely.


Will it work on the series s/x? XD


The only way you'll get a cheap official controller lol😁😁😁😁

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Updated 11th Nov 2020Last updated 11th Nov 2020 by Cbear81
Looking for a side hustle?? Bakery Looking for Chocolate Tester to Be Paid £600 for Eating Biscuits and Cakes

Im in ?