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BT Whole home WiFi Trio - refurbished. £99 inc Delivery @ BT Shop
Found 17 h, 19 m agoFound 17 h, 19 m ago
Seems like a good deal - it doesn't say anything about the product or packaging. I assume they are 'as new'. Seem to be loads available. From the site: Product Description: BT W… Read more

I didn't think you were secretly bragging at all. I had a similar argument last week with an American friend over at my miami place, but strangely it was in complete contrast to to my wife's view when I got back to chelsea. She is a model though so maybe that's why.


Thanks OP ordered these earlier today after seeing your post


I wouldn't class it as a brag. Not even a humblebrag. Just information. There's nothing abormal about somebody having a holiday home. :/


gutted I missed these. great find though.


I have Sky Q (single box) and Sky Boradband I always have a good signal but when I move from living room to dining room (only split by the hall where router is located) or go upstairs I lose internet connection This is especially annoying as have Phillips Hue bulbs and have to flick wifi off and on to use them from phone. Would this help?

Free speed upgrade for existing BT infinity 1 customers (check emails for speed boost info)
LocalLocalFound 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Recieved an email from BT that they are rolling out another free speed boost to existing Infinity 1 customers. Roughly 18 months since the last time they did this. Usual only if yo… Read more
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I can assure you 2 months ago BT U.K. staff would not send Wi-fi Discs for a mate on Plus, a new recontract with the newest router and new 18m term at £55pm. Again not the case i logged the complaint in full, online and India called the customer back saying they had done everything correctly and there was nothing they could do. Whats confusing about BT Openreach network crumbling so they ask you to pay more a month incase they need to send you a 4G router that doesn’t even work in conjunction with the BT Home Hub, to assume everyone knows how to set up Wi-fi to a temporary 4G router because BT post it out... those most likely to buy Plus the vulnerable will assume plug it into the HH and done will be very disappointed when they find out they have to set up new Wi-fi networks when a bit of planning and coding (not marketing) would mean plug 4G router into HH and its working again until BT sort Openreach problem - that’s not what BT done, it marketed - it’s not developed a robust router with 4G fallback or integration between a temporary 4G Mifi router and the BT Home Hub. It’s a mess because it’s marketing led not technology led. Again no annual inflation rise isn’t exclusive to BT or BT Plus customers, it certainly wasn’t the first to do this, and it’s just more marketing as well, anyone in their minimum term of 12/18 months will get a price increase in their minimum term. BT brings nothing new to the table but marketing bumf in all regards of this spangly BT Plus product, it’s another much publicised rebrand of BT Broadband, BT Total Broadband, BT Yahoo Broadband, BT Everywhere Broadband. Nonsense company with nothing but nonsense from customer services all the way upto executive level. Roll on Duetche Telekom takeover! PLEASE!! It might be able to do something with its no nonsense German attitude approach that BT hasn’t managed in decades since it went private. Shambolic company.


I'm really not sure why you keep posting when you are not up to date with providers packages. I recommend you fill your knowledge gaps so save yourself posting incorrect information. A BT Wi-Fi disc is included free of charge with the SmartHub2 on the complete Wi-Fi package. Up to an additional 2 Wi-Fi discs can then also be sent free IF there are still Wi-Fi blackspots in the property. Again, incorrect information, I assume you haven't been a BT Consumer customer for a while. Only a UK/Ireland based advisor will call you back about anything (including complaints) if you are on BTPlus. Again, no price increases in 2019, and from 2020 prices will increase by the rate of inflation only (the Consumer Price Index rate published in January of that year). BT Consumer are the first UK provider to set their price increases this way. Again. you are confusing BT Consumer with Openreach. This is getting boring now, I'm sure you will respond with even more incorrect info, but luckily I won't see it as I have now used the function to ignore you. I'm sure when HUKD'ers read all the comments (well the ones that haven't been deleted by mods) then they have enough info to make up their own minds. Farewell my friend.


Incorrect as BT wouldn’t issue them free so maybe train staff. Customer left. If you lodge a full comprehensive detailed complaint online as too much information bamboozles BT staff OFFSHORE call you back. A 18 month Plus contract extends into 2020 and BT state they will up prices. They even state what month as I posted in the BT website screenshots. So over £100 a month just incase their crumbing network fails - that’s for the business to pay for investment over decades, the Openreach customers already have so where is it ? Where is Openreach ? 20 megs by the end of 2020 ?? Hello 5G launches this year (excited) Without data ? I have 3 sims, o2/Sky 1GB, Three Unlimited £10, and EE 25GB £6 - if any of my sims fail to even have signal I don’t even know as between a dual sim second phone and Wi-fi calling & diverts calls arrive. I don’t need to wait on no sim or 4G Plus delivery or calling BT (if you can), at a fifth of the price with multiple immediate coverage and fallback I’m already here, Be There ? pffft!


Yet again incorrect information, you should really do your research before you post. With Complete Wi-Fi you get the SmartHub 2 + (up to 3) free Wi-Fi discs. The Wi-Fi discs remain the property of BT and are replaced free of charge IF they go faulty. BT Consumer do NOT send their complaints offshore. BT Plus guarantees that your calls are routed to a UK/Ireland call centre. Nothing wrong with a mobile data connection, but what happens if their 4G network goes down, where is the back-up? As a member of HUKD you are fully aware of the offers that become available. I have BT Plus with all the benefits, SFF2, BTTV, BTSport and 40Gb mobile sim all for £29.99 per month, appreciate that was a 'value' team deal, but especially on this website no one pays full asking price anymore. There are no BT Broadband price rises in 2019.

seaniboy Relish is rebranding as Three Broadband 1st April. Broadband isn’t exclusive to BT Openreach, neither does all its exchanges have broadband. You can’t exclude a technology because it suits you, like for like unlimited broadband is that, unlimited data. Same as Virgin Media using a different technology to deliver it can’t be excluded because somehow you insist the BT Openreach wire network has to be involved to ‘qualify’ as broadband. Many people in this country have higher speeds on Three, Vodafone & o2 than a BT Boredband connection at home. Taking your Three Broadband anywhere is a ‘benefit’ not Wi-fi plenty of providers of Wi-fi and partners, certainly not ‘unlimited data when our wired network fails you’. Call centres are call centres worldwide, BT & EEs are hardly a quantity of excellence minds. Especially when BT send their complaints to a offshore call centre who have no interest in resolving your complaint with fairness. Credit for employment of Brits but well why can’t a Brit deal with a complaint then ? Hypocrisy. Who needs a mobile boost when your sim is permanently unlimited data ?? fastest 4G ? Slowest regionally here - Voda/Three top spot, o2 second and EE three times slower than o2 (under 10 meg) on a EE Max plan. Complete Wi-fi ? Well really that’s nothing some homeplugs and repeaters can’t handle, the less frequency roaming about your home the better your chances of a healthier body. If something has a Ethernet use it with homeplugs. When they Wi-fi Discs go faulty BT make you pay for a replacements, might aswell buy your own and have consumer rights protections on a better Wi-fi system than cheap BT tat. Cheaper too. Three Unlimited sim, annual cost April 2018-19 £90, Huawei B612 Router £100, TP Link Homeplugs £10, £200 for financial year. £3pm Sky sim. £236 all in telecommunication until April 2019. BT Plus 80GB sim and Fibre: £94.99 per month, £9.99 set up “fee”, 18 months £1,719.81 (shock) Now tell me again unlimited mobile broadband isn’t good and it’s all these ‘wonderful‘ BT ‘benefits’ are for consumers and not just a marketing broadband packages for BTs revenue & profits. £1,483.81 extra cost is a lot of money for a lesser BT product marketed as this ‘superb’ thing when it’s absolutely not even any good at all. Price gouge. Marketing. At the end of 2019 financial year im £10 per month Three, with BT I would pay £98.99 and the annual price rise... (excited)

LG SK5R High Res Audio Bluetooth Soundbar £199.99 at BT Shop
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Slightly cheaper than other deals listed here. This is now under £200 inc postage and don't forget 1% Quidco. I posted again as it would of got lost in the previous thread and its … Read more

Looks like you just missed it. Its back up to £219 now, they must of realised they were undercutting everyone else.


It's not £199 at check out


Paid £249 on Black Friday, so this is super hot!


Bargain. Paid £240, a while ago, and love it!


Great deal for someone short on space or looking for something quick and easy (y)

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£150 credit or PS4 & FIFA19 for  2 top end virgin broadband TV. Vivid 200 plus sky sports & BT sports 4k. £65pm + £25 setup - £805
30/03/2019Expires on 30/03/2019Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Choose £150 bill credit ( giving almost the first 3 months free) 12 month contract Choice 1. 1. Vivid 200 broadband. Very fast 213mb broadband. 2. Full house TV plus sky HD mo… Read more
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Just want the 300Mbs broadband whats a good price for that


Yes I used Quidco. I went for the movies package, so that’s £220. I wouldn’t expect it for around six months


Hi,did you use quidco and how much is it 250 and how long does that take thanks 😁


Here here. They've actually got a price for the VIP package held on my account (poor deal, but better than the original offer). I've contacted them today, another month later and out of contract still, to be offered the VIP for another £5pm for 6 months rising to an additional £15pm for the remaining 6. They really value their customers!! (poo)


My engineer installation was free, so haven’t had to pay anything today. First bill is a whopping £155 though (2 x 65 + 25)

Nokia 7.1 32GB - Blue + Free Samsung 32GB EVO Plus Class 10 microSDHC card with SD Adapter £186.68 Delivered @ BT Shop
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Not a bad bundle Deal here, £186.68 for the 7.1 plus a free sd card thrown in worth around £7 - £8. Key features Stereo speakers Dual rear-facing camera Product overview Operati… Read more

thank you so much, looks like the xiaomi wins. Out of interest which has the better camera?


As always with this kind of comparison you should consider what your needs are. Why go for for Nokia?: - NFC - Clean Android - longer support (Xiaomi are good with updating their phones but this Nokia will probably be supported for longer) - more handy size Reasons to consider Note 5 ( or 6 for similar money from official UK store): -bigger screen - more storage (64GB vs 32GB) - impressive battery life - FM Radio - IR blaster - more RAM (4GB vs 3GB) - hybrid dual SIM


This or the Xiaomi note 5? Can someone advise please?


(lol) :D


Cold! It's not a snapdragon 857890 or a Kirin 125437! @Mrswitch You've really let us down on this one! I expect to be able to run the whole internet from my phone for less than £50! (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) Heat added!

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HP Pavilion 15-cw0994na AMD Ryzen 5 8GB 1TB 128GB SSD Laptop at BT Shop for £469
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Specifications AMD Ryzen™ 5 2500U Quad-Core (2 GHz base frequency, up to 3.6 GHz burst frequency, 6 MB cache) 8 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM (2 x 4 GB) Memory AMD Radeon™ Vega 8 Graphics 1 … Read more

Slightly faster for general use (probably barely noticeable). Ryzen series processors' main advantage is that they have good enough integrated graphics to play more demanding games than just web-browser games, such as Esports (League of Legends, Fortnite etc). They'll also help with anything else that needs a bit more graphical oomph. But for most, they're about the same; if the laptop isn't going to be used for any games, I'd go for the i7.


Do you have one yourself?


sva = tn panel display. pity


Silly question for some of you but is i7 8 series better then Ryzen 5 ?


not worth it - thermally throttles a lot.

Samsung 43" NU7400 4K UltraHD HDR10+ Smart LED TV £359 @ BT Shop
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Seems like a good price, done a search on Google and on here. Key featuresStriking levels of contrastLifelike picture qualityBoundless at the edges Product overviewDiagonal Size … Read more
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Yeah i got a monitor like that, i ended up gluing it in lol. My Brother had the same problem with his Samsung so sent it back a got an LG instead.


it says use code 19MAR20 to get £20 off


If your watching from a front view then you wouldn’t have any problems it’s just the side view,maybe I got a dodgy tv with the cable keep on coming out


It says £369? :/


Reviews against the Samsung are not great, Samsung comes out on top in almost all categories bar the one you talked about, im just after a 43in for the bedroom and it will sit head on so think ill still go for the Sammy, thanks for you input though very helpful.

BT 2000 Video Baby Monitor £49.99 / Babylo Nodd 3 in 1 travel cot £49.99 delivered @ Smyths
TODAYTODAYFound 15th MarFound 15th Mar
BT 2000 Video Baby Monitor is £59.99 but drops to £49.99 when added to basket at Smyths with the spend £50 get £10 off offer. Gets really good reviews and is the cheapest around as… Read more

i got the yi camera for 20 quid, best thing i got for the babies room


Monitor is 6 quid cheaper than amazon, but reviews aren't great...

BT mobile sim only deal 15GB data, unlimited texts/calls + BT Sports app for £15pm + £65 BT Reward Card (poss £70 cashback) @ BT
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
This time last year I took out a contract with BT for an amazing deal and paid the equivalent of £3.50 a month for the duration of my contract. Its now back but not for long. Ste… Read more

Hi saad k thanks for the post op firstly. What I wanted to ask was whether you verified that the £5 discount being applied to the monthly price would still apply if the person's bt phone number household you used decided to move from bt. As when I contacted bt they suggested this discount is linked to having bt broadband. Or a bt phone account. Once that is cancelled or removed then the £5 discount will be taken away from your monthly bt mobile contract. ? I have attached a pic.


quidco showing for me as £60 did it change ?


what make of tablet do you cast from wowbiggy & which version of android?


that 40Gb is prob because he's a broadband customer & had his mobi data allowance doubled coz he's on a BT Plus tariff where mob & broadband are "combined" & should his broadband break they post you a 4g router & put temp data allowance unltd til fault fixed.You'v prob seen ad on tv with daughter&dad gaming at his wen breaks.? How did you get BT Sport casting slinki61? BT Sports definitely on your mob not separate or via a bttv package?


My mate was on £11 for 8gb and he upgraded for a extra £4 for 20gb and he's checked is data plan he's been put on 40gb

BT Whole Home WiFi 3 Pack - £127.99 when click and collect at Office Outlet
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
20% off when spending over £100. Little stock around, but by far the cheapest it's been. Discount automatically applied at checkout.

Well, as they are wireless some people who are not familiar with them may no know that, and if your ports are already occupied, then they have a problem. Not everyone is as intelligent as you obviously. Spread knowledge freely. Typical IT comment.


Hi again. I've had a good look through the settings for the BT WiFi and I cannot see any option to manage client access other than time controls. If I wanted to do that sort of thing here I'd use the Network Services Filter features in my router. Cheers.


It's to disable Google DNS lookup, especially for Chromecasts, to allow you to cast from any app and any region. I know the more expensive like ubiquiti does but can't afford to spend that much. If anyone reading this knows about it. Please don't hesitate to inform us.


There's a 'steering' option that allows you to turn off the automatic band and access point selection but that then applies to all clients from what I can see. I'm not aware of any option to tie a particular client to a specific AP if that's what your looking for. Maybe have a look around or post here.


Not sure how else you're expecting them to connect (lol)

Samsung Galaxy S10e 128GB - Prism White + FREE SAMSUNG WIRELESS CHARGER DUO!£669 @ BT Shop
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Guaranteed to go cold, but if you are thinking of getting this, want it from the UK, can't get it through very for whatever reason, and you have a phone to trade in, then this may … Read more

I'd agree with that, but if you're thinking if trading in, then this is a good option. (y)


Lol (lol)


Because it's Chinese ;) you can always trust them.....and oh cheap as well..... By the way my comment was for Mrs Witch.


Yea right, care to say WHY???


You better stick to Xiaomi or Huawei 😁 :D :D

BT 293MB Superfast Fibre 2 Broadband - £29.99pm x 12 Months = £359.88
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Just spotted on Bat's web.

OP - what the hell is 'Bats web'???


Unless you have FTTP available, your speeds will vary due to cable conditions and length to the cabinet


It's showing as £39.99, but when you get to the checkout page it says 74MBps. I'm thinking it's a glitch on their website.


I'm getting different prices showing and slower speeds. :S


135meg for £55. No thanks 🤡

Virgin Vivid 100 Fibre Broadband & Full House TV Bundle - Including BT HDsport. Over 230 channels. £45 pm x 12 Months +  £25 set up = £565
Refreshed 12th MarRefreshed 12th Mar27/04/2019Expires on 27/04/2019
High end broadband & TV package, was £57 a month , now £45 a month. I the Full House offer you get over 230 channels, including Disney, National Geographic and - most important… Read more
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Got it for fifty a month with fifty pound credit. Thanks again xx


I know but I still think that OP should state the term and price afterwards. Some of these contracts terms vary and some do not revert.


Is there a way of stacking any deals to get cashback and Refer a Friend credit? I feel sure it was mentioned on a previous thread, but cannot recall how they did it. Thanks


Thanks for this Mark. They've just offered me the 100 BB no TV for 29 after a credit. Going to ring back and say I still want to cancel and hope they pull something along these lines out of the bag. Thanks again x


Most deals are for a fixed term before reverting to a higher price. Phone up at month 11, cancel, switch or stay if they offer a better deal.

Nokia 9 PureView 128GB On EE With 30GB Data No Upfront Cost (Includes BT Sport (6m) & Apple Music (3m)) £792 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Brilliant price including the earphones (Limited) £33.00 per month Nokia 9 PureView 30GB Data Unlimited Minutes & texts Plus topcashback is available £782 All in.

The perils of 1.0 technology, it will get better with next generation across all phones.


They seem to be saying these sensors under glass aren't great all round. I'd rather have a working one than a flash one!


Android Authority goes as far as saying it's better to go back to the pin, definitely couldn't do that anymore. Really hoping it can be fixed with software and not the hardware side of things that's lacking.


certainly doesn't seem an attractive buy at the mo. I'd forgotten about the fingerprint sensor gripes but that would kill a phone for me, you just get so used to them working....


Maybe this will become a bargain in the coming months once they iron out the software on the camera. Fingerprint sensor is potentially a worry if it can't be fixed with software.

BT Mobile 4GB Data Unltd Minutes / Txts - £10 mth/12mths £120 Broadband Customers (+ £50 Amazon Vouchercodes & £45 BT reward card )
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
BT existing customers only £10 X 12 months = £120 - £45 BT reward (guaranteed) = £6.25 month - £50 Vouchercodes Amazon voucher = £2.08 effective a month 12 month contract
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Thank you


Tethering on BT mobile


Can you tether and use as hotspot on BT?


Thank you



BT Superfast Fibre 50Mbps £29.99/m £9.99 setup FREE £80 Reward Card & £179 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 AND possibly another £120 TCB
Refreshed 12th MarRefreshed 12th Mar
Superfast fibre broadband 50Mbps including line rental, at potentially under £10 / month with TCB and flogging the Galaxy tablet. Unlimited monthly usage Smart Hub – more power… Read more
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Don't remember if had anything on the check out, but got the email yesterday regarding the tech.


Same here, nothing was mentioned during checkout


So cashback tracked and I went through the page address listed here, clicked buy on the offer but checkout didn't mention reward card or reward tech. I read the comment about the tech email coming within 15 days and the reward card needing requesting...but is it normal for neither to be mentioned at checkout?!


(highfive) also being activated on the 25th lol!


Ordered on 11/03 but cashback not showing as tracking so have just put a claim in with Tcb, one thing that worries me is I also ordered the £5 sim at the same time. Have I screwed up?

BT Sport on Virgin Media Free for 12 month upgrade @ Virgin Media
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
I just checked my upgrade offers online and I see an offer to upgrade from Mix to the full house TV bundle. After the 12 months is up it's another £19 a month where im sure you cou… Read more

£1 extra a month for me, monthly total would be £61 plus £25 activation, then £79 per month after 12 months


Do you need to be a plusnet memeber?


Looks good for you, but I don`t trust Virgin anymore


It is with the full house package.


Thought BT Sports came part of package anyway? I have it and it came with the deal when i signed up yonks ago

Huawei Honor Smart Watch - Magic Black £135.64 Delivered @ BT Shop
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Cheapest ever UK price, same watch as the huawei watch GT currently on offer. Product Description HONOR Watch Magic - meteorite black - smart watch with band - lava black Produc… Read more

It should be noted that this runs on Huawei’s LiteOS and not Wear OS, so apps can't be added to it.




Heat for fitting in the word caveat on a Friday afternoon. (y)


Course it's cheaper from gearbest, BangGood etc. But there are certain caveats that come with buying from those guys, plus this comes with a 2 year warranty, but it is what it is, and you csn vote any way you like my friend :)


I can't see it cheaper from a UK seller. As Mrswitch says 'Cheapest ever UK price' But, happy to be proven wrong

Philips E-Line 27” IPS Monitor VGA DVI HDMI (with Freesync) for £119.98 incl delivery at BT Shop
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Seems like a decent deal, ok, only 1080p but at this price looks a bargain to me. Has AMD Freesync (only 60hz though) and VESA compatible

Thanks - just expired


expired? showing 159 now :-(


Earlier post, have a read here :)


Hot! What one should I go for if I also want to play a bit of PS4 on it - the flat one or the curved one? Cheers


Someone's got this monitor? Any reviews on it?

iPhone 8 64GB - ZERO Upfront Cost - 20GB 4G Data, Unltd Mins & Texts + FREE BT Sport + FREE Apple Music £31pm - £744 @ AffordableMobiles
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Spotted this and thought it was a great offer for someone who's after an iPhone 8. Had a look around and similar priced offers are requiring cashback. Just use the code MM75 at c… Read more

Me too I questioned the extra data and they say they just give it away. I dont ever use more than 5gig a month haha its useless to me.


Great deal. Does anyone know if this new or refurb handset ?


Got a great deal for the razer phone 1 from these guys last year, 100gb on 3 advanced for £30 pm, so say 20 for the SIM, 10 for the phone, 240 for the razer phone a few months after it came out, very happy (wished it'd get android 9, but doubt it now)


I didn’t get mine even after 3weeks wait (annoyed) .i was already a Vodafone customer


I received mine too. There was a delay but the updates were good. It all had to be processed then approved by Vodafone for each new connection. I got mine 2 weeks later. For some reason I got an extra 10 Gig bonus. I pay £37 pm month for my Iphone Xs and get 90 Gig a month. Best deal I've ever had.

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