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Taking control of Cristiano Ronaldo as he smashes in 30-yard screamers, picking Pele and defeating all-comers in FIFA Ultimate Team, or helping Alex Hunter realise his football dreams in the Journey -- all of these footballing adventures are possible in FIFA 18. Anyone who wants to experience the most sophisticated football gaming experience yet can join the fun by visiting the HotUKDeals FIFA 18 listings.

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Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB with Fifa 18 Black £249 @  Co-op Electrical ebay
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB with Fifa 18

Yes you can, it's been a while but IIRC you do a search using the website (on a desktop) then you can setup notifications from saved searches.


I meant on eBay .. I have HUKD alerts but not push


Yep keyword alerts:


Wow great deal! Is there any way to set up an alert for when it’s back?


Thanks OP! I got this.

FIFA 18 - Nintendo Switch - £12.50 @ Coolshop
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Fifa 18 for the switch decent price for all the football fans out there. It is the Nordic version however plays in English and is back in stock in the sale again

Doesn’t fifa get crap reviews across the board for the switch version?


Much difference between this and 2019?


That smug face on the cover puts me off buying this.


It plays in English it’s just a import


So there is no english language option then?

Nintendo Switch 32GB with Fifa 18 (cartridge) - Grey £264 w/code @ AO
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Console can be used for home or handheld gaming Touchscreen offers more ways to play WiFi enabled for online play Up to 6 hours battery life Includes a physical copy of FIFA 18 &am… Read more

This is still in stock and a pretty good deal even though the £15 code has expired, new accounts can get £10 voucher by registering on AO or better still do what he said^^^^ It is on the AO Ebay shop too, if anybody has vouchers to use there.


Given hot - been looking for a decent priced one for some time and this is it. CEX offer to buy Fifa for £14 so with a code for £20 that you can find from a quick Google this goes down to £259, then to £245 after CEX buy it at a minimum. Plus that starter kit? Great deal. Thanks man.


Ahh cheers. E global central - wouldn’t touch that with a barge pole! It’ll come from Hong Kong - not sure how warranty works with that. I also wanted a grey so ended up buying this deal :)


Sorry, it's the Pikachu bundle deal from the front page, got mixed up since it's got the Eevee box right above it.


The day Plex comes to Switch is the day they get my money. Desperate for a gaming, media, travel friendly platform

Asda owlcotes Fifa 18 - £5 instore
LocalLocalFound 14th FebFound 14th Feb
As both Asda owlcotes Leeds. £5 each. Probably nationwide.

Sorry won't let change photo. But mass effect was a fiver too.


I saw this in my local Asda yesterday but the FIFA 18 was for Xbox 360 and PS3. Both were Legacy edition. For PS4, they had Hidden Agenda, Singstar Celebration and Knowledge is Power for £5 each.


Title says FIFA. Photo shows Mass Effect. :/


Thanks for sharing, removed mass effect as posted here :)


Not being pedantic, just funny! Great deal. Heat added.

Fifa 18 Xbox - £11 instore @ John Lewis & Partners instore (Newbury)
LocalLocalFound 9th FebFound 9th Feb
Fifa 18 on Xbox One Reduced to £11 Found in John Lewis Newbury in ‘Reduced to clear’ section. Also had PS4 games Gran Turismo Sport and Knowledge is Power. Both for £11 too. T… Read more

Frozen lollies for everyone in the comments (embarrassed)


A year ago it was a current game! Lol (lol)


About a year ago this would have got heat


I’m going to bring my milk and butter in here. It’s getting very cold.


This will be £2 from game real soon

FIFA 18 PS4 £5 at Tesco instore
LocalLocalFound 25th JanFound 25th Jan
FIFA18 on PS4 at Tesco Crossways in Caerphilly. £5 seemed a good price considering it’s £15.50 amazon online. Not sure if it’s nationwide.
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As soon as the latest FIFA (or any yearly released sports game) gets released, the previous one becomes almost worthless. Still probably the cheapest I've seen it though.


Could use it under a wonky table leg


Or a combination of both!? :o


Or they think £5 is cheap?


I'm guessing those voting hot think this is the latest?

FIFA 18 PS4 £3.50 @ CEX Newtownabbey
LocalLocalFound 12th JanFound 12th Jan
FIFA 18 PS4 £3.50 @ CEX Newtownabbey
£3.50£530%CeX Deals
Priced £5.00 on the website, bought for £3.50 instore, CEX NEWTOWNABBEY
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Just to add to what people previously stated as reasons they wont go down - some people impulse buy after browsing (and CeX has a colorful layout to attract people to browse); Others dont bother researching because they dont care for the 3-4 quid they would save. Vouchers play a massive role for CeX. Many items when traded in give you exactly what you would get from eBay after fees (in voucher ofcourse). If you fancy something there, its worth saving the hassle for yourself. Because they have a physical shop and are a monopoly, they are able to charge more and get away with 3rd party fees ebay sellers might have.


FIFA 19, £1.59 at CEX on February 3rd 2020 Trust me I know I've seen the future


As others have said, it’s a pawn shop and a franchise one at that. There are others like ‘cash converters’ and ‘cash generators’ but they don’t have the masses of stock that people would want to offset their tech stuff against. I only use them to make money, I’ve never handed them my cash. 99% of people use them but are handing over money. They are helping me and I am helping them. It’s a Delboy Dream.


I’ve got Fifa 18 for sale much would cex give me? 50p?


It's a simple model. And completely different business model to the likes of Amazon/Argos etc. Cex want you to trade your old stuff to offset the price. That's how they make their money. You want an item that's £20. You trade in 2 items for £5 each. You pay the remaining £10 for the item. Cex then sell them two items you traded in for £15 each. Meaning theoretically they have taken £40 for a £20 item that they probably paid £10 for or less. But of course it's likely that person buying the items you traded in, are also trading in themselves... You couldn't trade in that old box set of 24 that you're never going to watch again at Argos and when I go to Cex, the majority of people trade in before purchasing. And of course phones, the margins are good with tech. I can't imagine Cex will be going anywhere soon. They have the monopoly, with little to no competition in most areas they are situated. They have stores strategically set up all over the country and of course Europe

FIFA 18 on Xbox One for £2.99 delivered @ Simply Games
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
FIFA 18 on Xbox One for £2.99 delivered @ Simply Games
Just spotted for quite decent price with free delivery. EA Sports is bringing football’s biggest tournament to EA SPORTS FIFA 18, giving players a 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia fr… Read more
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(poo) (poo) (poo) (poo) (poo) (poo) (poo)


Sorry dad, incorrect actually I played fifa 16 and guess what.....


Well... you clearly havent played any fifa game since has changed slightly, requires a bit more effort and skill to kick the ball from one side to the other....


I’ve never understand why people go mad for the new fifa out at the time paying in region of £50 when nothing has really changed from fifa 96 other than the graphics and the odd spot on the players chin that last gen graphics couldn’t do, I mean it’s a ball that gets kicked from one side to the other and hopefully goes past the keeper, after all game places are swamped with every fifa going for pennies.....


Out Of Stock

Xbox one FIFA 18 for £10 + Star Wars battlefront 2 for £12 in Asda (Downpatrick)
LocalLocalFound 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Xbox one FIFA 18 for £10 + Star Wars battlefront 2 for £12 in Asda (Downpatrick)
I’m not sure if this is a great deal or not as I’m not really too up to date on game prices but I did spot the two games in the title for sale in Asda Downpatrick today while doing… Read more

I bought FIFA 2018 in CEX for £6 before Christmas. Not new to be fair.


No reason for this to be cold, ok it’s a year old but there’s plenty of games that wouldn’t drop to this a year after release, £5 next year and £1.50 the year after (y) 🏼


Good to see a Downpatrick deal heat added op (y) (y)


BFII looks good value though guys


One of the problems with the Fifa franchise is that once the 'latest' one is released it virtually makes the previous years redundant and worthless, so not a deal I'm afraid. If paying a tenner probably better to get the digital version of the latest Fifa 19 for an extra £9(ish) as posted on here.

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Fifa 18 (Used - Very Good) for £9.95 from Poundmonkey's shop on ebay - available for XBOX one or PS4
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Fifa 18 (Used - Very Good) for £9.95 from Poundmonkey's shop on ebay - available for XBOX one or PS4
My first deal - This is cheaper than I can find elsewhere on this site (£14+) now that the new Fifa 19 game is on sale

As mentioned cheaper in cex


Oh noooo


(lol) (lol)




Its s £3.50 or £6 in CEX and that took me 20 seconds to find.

Xbox One X Forza Horizon 4 & Forza Motorsport 7 Bundle + FIFA 19 Or RDR2
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Xbox One X Forza Horizon 4 & Forza Motorsport 7 Bundle + FIFA 19 Or RDR2
£389.99£419.997%Smyths Toys Deals
Get FIFA 19 or Red Dead Redemption 2 FREE with this Xbox One X 1TB Forza Horizon 4 Bundle (169220)! Console and choice of game must be added to basket. Offer valid until Dec 31st, … Read more
Avatardeleted1837445Get dealGet deal

Yeah, i get that has happened in the past with consoles. However, it is a little different this time round, both Sony and Microsoft have released console refreshes so this can't be compared in the same way to previous consoles. Added to the fact that both consoles are heavily PC based there really hasn't been that much advancement in technology, yes a few more TFLOPS of raw power, but nothing groundbreaking to warrant a new console just yet imo


Each unit has a life span, I think around 7-8 years before they bring out a new console. Xbox one has been available since November 2013. Like computers, development in technology and graphic enhancement are made, to support a more realistic (not alway better) gaming experience. Rumours are that both ps5 and next Xbox are not a million miles away. Some magazines quote 2020 for the new Xbox, though could be later.


Why would there need to be another Xbox? They need to be investing and making more exclusives for the ones they have, not on more new hardware. :D


The question is, how long will it keep to this price if the rumours are true about 2020 release of a new xbox


So close, £389 is my biting point, I'll wait even though for another 99p I could get this and get playing, but no I'm not paying another 99p.

Xbox One X 1TB Console & FREE Select Game Fifa 19 or RDR2 £369.99 @ Smyths toys
Refreshed 10th Dec 2018Refreshed 10th Dec 2018
Xbox One X 1TB Console & FREE Select Game Fifa 19 or RDR2 £369.99 @ Smyths toys
£369.99£389.995%Smyths Toys Deals
Bundle Includes: Xbox One X Console & either FIFA 19 or Red Dead Redemption 2 for FREE! Offer valid until Jan 7th, while stocks last! Free Click & Collect on this item 4… Read more
Avatardeleted1837445Get dealGet deal

Yeah, there was an offer for American express card holders (well, some of them), spend £400 and get £100 back. Mines been paid already, nice deal, only beaten by the currys glitch on BF 2017.


What's the deal with amex here? Do Microsoft offer cashback of something?


Depends how much you like third person story driven games or you like playing online. The X looks better, especially if you have a 4k TV and you have backwards compatibility as well, and more of a choice if you are a 'gamer' and don't mind what genre you play, but as I said, probably PS4 if you just want all the third person story stuff (which I love but it can get samey!)


ps4 has better games? Since when? I have a PS4 btw and apart from playing those third person single player games every so often (and completing them within a few days) the xbox gets played a lot more. If you have a 4K TV the X is absolutely stunning. I don't know how they do it, even the enhanced 360 games look like they came out this year, it is quite amazing what they've done.


Heat 🔥

30% off FIFA 19 standard edition via FIFA 18 (PS4) via PSN - Account Specific
LocalLocalFound 14th Oct 2018Found 14th Oct 2018
30% off FIFA 19 standard edition via FIFA 18 (PS4) via PSN - Account Specific
I logged on to play some FIFA 18 and in the menu was a promo for 30% off FIFA 19. It then took me to the PlayStation store where it was £41.99! I would have taken a photo of the pr… Read more
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The standard edition RRP is £60? Wow...


Still too expensive


Anyone know how long this is available?



Already posted

FIFA 19 for only £35.99 when you have Fifa 18 and EA Access
Found 13th Oct 2018Found 13th Oct 2018
FIFA 19 for only £35.99 when you have Fifa 18 and EA Access
FIFA 19 for only £35.99 when you have Fifa 18 and EA Access Just open FIFA 18 and it's in the main menu
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Anyone know best price for the actual disc in a box please


Is this still working? How do I get I for 35£. For me it's still kshowing as £41.99


How am I able to this everytime i try says purchase on psn UK


EA won't change. Why would they? Changing implies that they care on some level. All they care about is the fans that buy packs on ultimate team. It's an absolute joke how inept career mode has become through their neglect. I've stopped playing FIFA now. Not just because of time constraints but because in general they just do not care about the parts of the game that I care. I refuse to give this embarrassment of a company any further money of mine. Given heat for this deal as not everyone feels how I feel about EA.


Yes, it is brilliant, Scotland are ranked 99 out of 100 in every category, and are so good even Johnny " no thumbs" can't loose when selecting them (y)

Fifa 18 xbox one @musicmagpie
Found 29th Sep 2018Found 29th Sep 2018
Fifa 18 xbox one @musicmagpie
£8.82£9.7610%Music Magpie Deals
10% of price at music magpie and free delivery... Cheapest buy now price I can find online with free delivery... 3 left at time of posting
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CEX selling for £5 if anyone wants to get it.


Same here, never have and never will buy digital. I have games spanning back to the early to mid eighties. Can’t beat a physical collection.


I'm also awaiting a £5 price point before I'll bite. Don't have EA access, no need or want for it, prefer the physical game that has (in general beyond FIFA games) resale value over a digital copy on something like EA access the game might not be there in 12 months time or digital services as at least I know it will still be there to play in 10,20 years time.


Just awaiting that £5.00 offer like previous years 😁


I don't play online so don't have ea access

FIFA 18 now available via EA Access - @ Microsoft
Found 28th Sep 2018Found 28th Sep 2018
FIFA 18 now available via EA Access - @ Microsoft
Just been browsing the store and noticed FIFA 18 is now available on EA Access. Great for those who aren't bothered about the newest release :) [ Link to Xbox Store ]
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Will play it just to continue 'The Journey'. Then switch to FIFA19 when the Black Friday sales arrive.

Screw FIFA... I want Burnout! :p


So as FIFA 19 and its much better.


It was never going to be in the vault before the World Cup, and to think it would be is ridiculous, especially with the free WC update. That said, it's appalling that it's been held back for so long after the World Cup. It's not owed to vault subscribers, but it's a kick in the teeth to them.


It's nice, but it's months out of date. This should have been in the Vault in May, June at the latest, not waiting til September.

£14.99 - FIFA 18 (PS4) @ Base
LocalLocalFound 21st Sep 2018Found 21st Sep 2018
£14.99 - FIFA 18 (PS4) @ Base
Celebrate The World's Game in EA SPORTS FIFA 18 with the addition of football's biggest tournament: the 2018 FIFA World Cup RussiaTM. Available to FIFA 18 owners on the PlayStation… Read more

Coming to a cex near you for 3 quid ;)




Looking at their last few deals, maybe a troll account? 🙈


Surely this is a joke?


I fancy England to get to the semi finals...

FIFA 18 for PS4 £7.80 from PlayStation PSN Store US
Found 5th Sep 2018Found 5th Sep 2018
FIFA 18 for PS4 £7.80 from PlayStation PSN Store US
On sale for $9.89, to complete the purchase you are able to purchase a $10 PSN top up card from PCGameSupply from £7.80
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Looks a very good price for a new game to me.


I've asked myself the very same question. Got the UK one for 9.99£ but this one is still hot!


It’s £9.99 on Uk PSN until 12/9 so I’d rather pay slightly more & have it with my UK account. Not knocking the deal as it is the cheapest atm so still voted hot


I forgot that people would rather pay £40 odd quid more in a few days for updated kits and teams :/


Why cold? It's a good price

FIFA 18 + FIFA World Cup Russia for Xbox One £9 @ Microsoft
Found 3rd Sep 2018Found 3rd Sep 2018
FIFA 18 + FIFA World Cup Russia for Xbox One £9 @ Microsoft
EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 blurs the line between the virtual and real worlds, bringing to life the players, teams, and atmospheres that immerse you in the emotion of The World’s Game. Cel… Read more

Because its already been posted and having russia in the title doesnt help.


Fifa 19 demo should be coming out next week


Heat, tho still waiting on ea access


Because Fifa 19 is literally right around the corner and the price drop of Fifa 18 has already begun. You can already get the disc version of Fifa 18 for £10 in many shops, and lower than £5 at CEX.


Whys this being voted cold? It's a great price for digital!

Fifa 18 PC download - £17.49 at
Found 3rd Sep 2018Found 3rd Sep 2018
Fifa 18 PC download - £17.49 at
includes 2018 World Cup update.
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The console Fifa 18's are already down to sub £5 so it's just a matter of waiting until PC follows suit. I wouldn't recommend anybody to buy this at nearly £20 when it's going to be less than a fiver in a few weeks.


Or PC user knows that Fifa 19 is out in a few weeks time and this price will be halfed at least


Hot from me. Usually cold voters on PC Fifa deals will be console users.


Fifa 19 out soon this will be £2 then


next cheapest i could find was £19.99 on CDkeys.

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