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EA's FIFA 19 should be the finest football game of 2018. Featuring new European tournaments to play, some cleverly thought out gameplay refinements, a whole new multiplayer mode, new grounds to play in, and the usual annual statistical update, FIFA 19 should challenge for the title in style. Fans can find it for a bargain price at the FIFA 19 HotUKDeals listings. Read more
FIFA 19 PS4 Pro 1TB Bundle with FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Icons and Rare Player Pack - £349.99 @ Amazon (pre order)
Found 8th Sep 2018Found 8th Sep 2018
FIFA 19 PS4 Pro 1TB Bundle with FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Icons and Rare Player Pack - £349.99 @ Amazon (pre order)
£349.99Amazon Deals
Description Product Description Experience the prestigious UEFA Champions League in stunning 4K and HDR quality graphics with FIFA 19 on the supercharged PlayStation 4 Pro. This Je… Read more

Same deal, no fut loan players has more heat ?. Hukd logic (lol)


Yes.. No point moaning here about fifa not having new features and downvoting in the process 👎. I found fifa for £44.95 on ebay but no point posting that here, only a deal around £25-30 would be safe from bashing


Isn't that the point of hotukdeals?


Everyone voting cold on FIFA 19 deals deters people from posting them. Just because you dislike the game, don't downvote. Downvote because of the price, if it's cheaper or the same as RRP.


lol,i learnt it the hard way too.. Some people are simply fifa haters.. Downvote just because it's normal price. These haters want the game/console to be discounted to the point where it's suitable for carboot sale.

Fifa 19 standard edition £35 Digital Argentina store @ Microsoft
Found 6th Sep 2018Found 6th Sep 2018
Fifa 19 standard edition £35 Digital Argentina store @ Microsoft
Do not need nothing just your bank details and argentina address and ready to go! Be quick! glitch
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ok thanks


Laptop and used my normal credit card (Barclays)and I have used my brothers debit card from nationwide a couple of days ago to pre order red dead for £30 from Argentina.all works fine if you follow the guide.


hi did you have to do it with a laptop and like revolt card ?


Microsoft store.. No chance 👎


Does anyone know if this works for ps4

Fifa 19 Ultimate Edition Xbox One Steelbook £89.99 [Xbox One FIFA 19 download code] @ Amazon
Found 4th Sep 2018Found 4th Sep 2018
Fifa 19 Ultimate Edition Xbox One Steelbook £89.99 [Xbox One FIFA 19 download code] @ Amazon
Fifa 19 Ultimate Edition on Xbox one via amazon contains a promotion message that says your purchase qualifies for a £89.99 discount (It says this just below the price). Unfortunat… Read more
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Collectibles for annual games like fifa seem pretty pointless. When the next iteration comes out, they become worthless and non existant


If you really want the box.... Steel case!


Wow... just wow! £90 for the annual FIFA money collection jamboree. That is just under half the price of a console!!!


Massive step forward from last year..... The grass is 10% grassier and you can dance like a tw@ when you score.


FIFA 19 PC - £37.99 @ CDkeys
Found 3rd Sep 2018Found 3rd Sep 2018
Cheapest I've seen for the PC version, I know many of you just downvote FIFA and EA on principle but for those who like having the new FIFA, here it is.
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Can anyone give advice? I'm about to hit buy on this at £37.99 on CD keys....


I need to get Fifa for my son (8) and he wants it on PC. No idea why it gets slated. This looks a good price and it's £20 cheaper than Ps4. Anyone able to educate me on Fifa PC? Why so much hate?


CDKeys isn't an official retail partner of any of the publishers. They set the prices themselves based on what they think people will pay, and how much profit they can make. EA has no say.


Bought this a few weeks ago when it was £35: Even though this is more expensive, not sure why nearly every FIFA post (especially on PC) gets really cold reviews.


Last few years it was £20-25 pre-release on CD keys. EA woke up and realized the PC market is booming and added a tenner to the price tag.

FIFA 19 - £40.67 @ simplygames ebay outlet
Found 28th Aug 2018Found 28th Aug 2018
FIFA 19 - £40.67 @ simplygames ebay outlet
£40.67eBay Deals
Using the trick here: Use code at checkout PREGAME1… Read more

and what do Canadians know about football....nothing......correct teams in each, correct players in each team. Far better gameplay, etc


Additions to FIFA by Canadian EA Sports over the last few years are listed as follows- A trading card game Some teenagers career mode Penalties changed Better celebrations All superficial. I'll admit they improve the gameplay slightly year on year, but there isn't a significant change over the course of say 3 years.


If you think that nothings changed, then you are a bad player. Alot has changed.


While i agree, (and the reason i've not bought a fifa since fifa 11) if a person plays this regularly, it's probably worth it because fo the amount of hours you play on it.


Just keep playing the old FIFA's... Not much has changed and it can be all nostalgic.

Pre-order Fifa 19 Xbox One - Digital Code £43.99 @ cdkeys
Found 27th Aug 2018Found 27th Aug 2018
Pre-order Fifa 19 Xbox One - Digital Code £43.99 @ cdkeys
Nice discount from the original £59.99. Just go to the site and click pre-order, no voucher code needed. Details Standard Edition Pre-orders will receive: Up to 5 Jumbo P… Read more
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Even though I'm not the OP, the images are usually grabbed automatically. I'm sure that EA is updating everything. Marketing usually requires some lead time.


Then use the new one :/


No pre order bonus though. If you order through game you get Ronaldo‘s glowing boots and can change his hair and sun tan for each game.


Looks like play is cancelled due to a frozen pitch.....


And to think that GAME still want £60 for a download of FIFA 18 (lol) (lol) (lol)

Fifa 19 Ultimate Edition £64.61 @ Microsoft (Turkey)
Found 26th Aug 2018Found 26th Aug 2018
Fifa 19 Ultimate Edition £64.61 @ Microsoft (Turkey)
You can get it for cheaper if you have EA access but you will need to use a VPN 58.15 With EA access
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Vpn doesn't work no more. Microsoft have clamped down on it


No Ronaldo with this edition. (cheeky) (highfive)


Its only about £67 for my method.


Does anyone know if the bonus content you get with game (ultimate team packs, kits etc) can be opened in your uk account or are they tied to the Turkish account you’ve created?


Sorry about that, I thought they were the same. You're right there is no ultimate edition on the Argentine store.

FIFA 19 (PS4/XB1) Pre Order 5% off Bank Holiday Offer £43.65 @ TGC
Found 25th Aug 2018Found 25th Aug 2018
FIFA 19 (PS4/XB1) Pre Order 5% off Bank Holiday Offer £43.65 @ TGC
Current cheapest offer for FIFA 19. Offer only available until Monday. £45.95 without code. XB1 link -

Very helpful - thanks so much! Cheers mate


Wait until August 2019 and it will be around £5.


Wait till Black Friday.Probably drop to about£30


Anyone think the price of the game will reduce further, or is this worth buying now?


That there is some Sensible Soccer.I’m doing PES one year FIFA the next

FIFA 19 PS4 Pro 1TB Bundle - with FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Icons and Rare Player Pack (PS4) £402.49 @ Amazon + Amazon Protect 3-year Breakdown & Accident Cover.
Found 24th Aug 2018Found 24th Aug 2018
FIFA 19 PS4 Pro 1TB Bundle - with FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Icons and Rare Player Pack (PS4) £402.49 @ Amazon + Amazon Protect 3-year Breakdown & Accident Cover.
£402.49Amazon Deals
This item will be released on September 28, 2018.
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Fifa 19 PS4 500GB bundle £249.99 at Smyths Toys
Found 21st Aug 2018Found 21st Aug 2018
Fifa 19 PS4 500GB bundle £249.99 at Smyths Toys
Decent-ish price for fifa 19 and ps4 . Recently ps4 deals have become so rare. Fifa 19 is about £50 and ps4 is £220-250 usually . I know some people might argue that you are bette… Read more
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Black Friday, boxing day or January sales. Depends how long you would want to wait


Looking for a ps4 for the kids Should I hold off for a while? Any advice would be appreciated.


It's early days at the moment. I picked mine up with the ultimate team edition from Smyths for around £200 an launch last year.


Compared to last year PS4 deals are terrible


Sure, glad it helped.

FIFA 19 500GB PS4 with Two Dualshock 4 Controllers £279.99 GAME
Found 20th Aug 2018Found 20th Aug 2018
FIFA 19 500GB PS4 with Two Dualshock 4 Controllers £279.99 GAME
£279.99GAME Deals
Pre-order Experience the prestigious UEFA Champions League with HDR quality graphics* in FIFA 19 on PlayStation®4. This Jet Black 500GB PS4™ bundle includes two matching Jet Blac… Read more

Ah, the good old time machine comment. A classic. It's relevant to bring up expired deals because it gives an indicator how good this current deal actually is. If something often goes on sale for £200 I want to know that before I spend £300, even it it's full price is £400. The deal you posted is good if someone needs to buy a PS4 today, but that's not usually how big purchases are made.


I suspect you mean time machine. Travel machines are much more common. With a few £150 FIFA 18 bundles popping up in supermarkets recently there's a chance that you could buy separately for less than £280.


Where can i find a travel machine? i know it isn't best deal compare what it was in a past and it isn't best console cuz its not a PRO. Where is a better deal ? anyone ? anywhere ?


May well have been, however the console prices have crazily risen this year, so (imo) this is a hot deal for this moment in time.


I reckon i would bite at that price for PS4 500gb slim with Fifa 19 and 2 controllers

PS4 PRO 1TB with FIFA 19 bundle @Smyths / ShopTo / SimplyGames - £349.85
Found 19th Aug 2018Found 19th Aug 2018
PS4 PRO 1TB with FIFA 19 bundle @Smyths / ShopTo / SimplyGames - £349.85
£349.85£40013%Smyths Toys Deals
PS4 PRO 1TB with FIFA 19 bundle @Smyths - £349.99 shopTo link - £349.85 SimplyGames link - £349.85
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Exactly. One game included doesn't make a huge difference. It's been out a long time now, by this time a normal console would have dropped in price, but they don't need to. I already have a Pro.


Decetn deal by my books given the price of the game and its not out just yet. I am not needing one until xmas so am hopeful that there will be some good deals before then as i am happy with the slim or the pro


Still too much


Yes I would count that as a price drop as well but I think he is saying for the majority of the time they are being sold for this price.


That doesn’t make any sense to me. Surely it was available with an extra game for £50 cheaper that counts as a price drop? The fact the RRP has never changed is irrelevant

FIFA 19 - Digital Xbox One Code Pre-Order - £41.79!! with 5% FB Code @ CDKeys
Found 17th Aug 2018Found 17th Aug 2018
FIFA 19 - Digital Xbox One Code Pre-Order - £41.79!! with 5% FB Code @ CDKeys
Xbox One Version - £41.79 PC Version - £33.24 Be sure to grab the 5% code from their Facebook page and apply before purchase. Cheapest online I have found!

Should be expired as it's now up to £52 again. Nice deal at the time tho...


Have you found any for £40 - ?


How much do you have to spend at Sainsbury’s cuz I get a discount too ?


I find this price being ridiculous for same game with just new box cover. Ronaldo in Juve jersey isn't worth extra ~£15. However I believe this deal deserves way more heat due to best price on the market. So don't blame OP for EA being greedy.


this is a great deal! £20 each (with game sharing) is a brill price!

FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition + PS Plus 12 months + 2200 FUT Points Pre-Order Bundle £104.13 at PSN Store Indonesia
Found 14th Aug 2018Found 14th Aug 2018
FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition + PS Plus 12 months + 2200 FUT Points Pre-Order Bundle £104.13 at PSN Store Indonesia
I honestly know know if this represents a hot deal or who this Edition of FIFA19 is aimed at, or who might go for the pre-orders (maybe pro FIFA players?) as I don’t actively buy t… Read more
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No idea, I assumed only the DLC rules would apply?


Is this right joey? So I wouldn’t be open my packs on my uk account?


This would be a great deal if it weren't for the fact that the bonus items you get from the ultimate edition will be tied to your throwaway Indonesian account.


Oh I agree. To most it’s a hot or cold vote regardless of what they’re actually voting on. To be fair most of the comments have been quite sensible.


The thing is, on the whole, folk on here don’t seem able to see a deal for what it is, if everyone articulated their response in the manner you just did everything would be fine. But no, it’s usually bravado fuelled one liners from part time keyboard warriors that add nothing to the discussion.

Fifa 19 PC Pre-Order (27th September 2018) -36% - £34.99 @ CD Keys
Found 12th Aug 2018Found 12th Aug 2018
Fifa 19 PC Pre-Order (27th September 2018) -36% - £34.99 @ CD Keys
Powered by Frostbite™*, EA SPORTS™ FIFA 19 delivers a champion's caliber-experience on and off the pitch. Led by the prestigious UEFA Champions League, FIFA 19 offers enhanced game… Read more

Who cares what the picture on the box is anyway. I didn't think PC games came in boxes anymore. Of course you can have the pleasure of playing as Mudchester United and Shropshire Blues in PES and have the greatest of fun playing in Europes premium team tournament the chumpians league. I'll give this heat because of everyone else's pettiness. And it's a good deal.


I got excited when my FIFA 19 PC deal tag came up then only to found out it's the going rate lol. In fact, the OP didn't even bother to mention the 5% off code on their FB page. Seeing as we have over a month to go, this can't be voted hot.


The reference is to the player in the image no longer being with that team, I believe.


Is it year 2020 already?


It’s out of date before it’s even released (lol)

FIFA 19 Pre-Order @ Zavvi - £49.99 (£35 After Quidco Cashback)
Found 5th Aug 2018Found 5th Aug 2018
FIFA 19 Pre-Order @ Zavvi - £49.99 (£35 After Quidco Cashback)
£15 cashback when preordering Fifa 19 from Zavvi, new members only.

From what site ? Zavvi ? How will you receive the physical game if Argentinean address?


Give an argentina address and bank details... thats it. Now works without vpn atm!


care to explain the procedure ?


32£ from argentina:/


I can confirm that the 500 orders have taken place, so you won't get FIFA19 for £35.

Fifa 19 PS4/XBOX - £46.85 delivered (pre-order) @ Simply Games
Found 1st Aug 2018Found 1st Aug 2018
Fifa 19 PS4/XBOX - £46.85 delivered (pre-order) @ Simply Games
Cheapest at this moment.
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That's my point. On PS4 you can!


I completely agree. Id switch if I could get an option file like the old Playstation days...


That's because you can't use option files like we can on PS4. Makes a massive difference. Gameplay is better on PES regardless.


Shouldn’t cold vs hot be based on the best price for the product “FIFA 19” and not what people think the price should be? I could vote cold on every single car deal posted because they are all robbing buggers but based on”RRP / OTRP” I tend to shop around....surely this is one of the best pre release prices for FIFA 19 at the moment? Yes I agree it’s a bag of pants the prices they charge for a few updates and a transfer database update etc but I can’t find FIFA 19 cheaper at the moment. Is eBay trust worthy for this type of release btw?


Ronaldo isn't fit to lace his boots.

Fifa 19 PS4 £49.99 @ Smyths toys
LocalLocalFound 31st Jul 2018Found 31st Jul 2018
Fifa 19 PS4 £49.99 @ Smyths toys
Fifa 19 on click and collect discount ! Saving you £5 on pre order but still seems a decent price considering Fifa doesn’t get discounted.
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Worst deal in the cosmos


Thanks, mate. Don't forget to donate... 8)


Good cause.Good chat.All the best


For reference, here is the charity I'd like you to be donating the £49.99 to. They'll be fully appreciative of your kind donation. Cheers for being a good sport :D


lol scrapping the bottom of the barrel as usual.

FIFA 19 PS4 Game (Pre-Order FUT Packs) - £49.99 @ 365games
Found 20th Jul 2018Found 20th Jul 2018
FIFA 19 PS4 Game (Pre-Order FUT Packs) - £49.99 @ 365games
FIFA 19 PS4 Game (Pre-Order FUT Packs) Pre-order FIFA 19 and Receive: Up to five Jumbo Premium Gold FUT packs plus (1per week for 5 weeks) Cristiano Ronaldo loan player (f… Read more
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haha so true!, they always like we want to make this less pace focused, then 2 weeks later pace is buffed in update


First year since 2003 Im not buying this game, to fully enjoying the game you pretty much need to either dedicate too much time or spend money, and me not being able to dedicate time leaves me paying money, not paying 50£ then paying another 50£ to be competitive, when they make UT free to play or cheaper ill play again


Same old tripe every year. Make a few tiny additions and call it a game, whole thing needs a rewrite. Frostbite is too sluggish for sports.


I wish they could fix the tacking and put VAR! 90% of the tackles that I received my players are probably sent to ER! Not single free kick. It really infuriates me. The other thing is the matchmaking, I am a casual player and keep being put against those people that play only FIFA 24/7! ARRGHH!!!


The contract is with Ronaldo so he'll still be on it, just with the Juve kit instead of the Madrid one. There might be others on the cover too though as they've done that in previous years (Messi & Bale a few years back iirc....)

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