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Designed to power through even the most advanced PC games, the GTX 1080 delivers a stunning performance in terms of sight and sound. These cards make a ground-breaking edition to any rig but can be expensive. To find the lowest price available, shoppers can browse through regularly updated offers on the GTX 1080 page at HotUKDeals.

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Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Gigabyte Ultra Durable VGA GV-N1080IX-8GD GeForce GTX 1080 Graphic Card - 1.63 GHz Core - 1.77 GHz Boost Clock - 8 GB GDDR5X - 256 bit Bus Width - Fan Cooler - OpenGL 4.5, DirectX … Read more
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I mean, some people genuinely want small form factor rigs. That's what this card caters for. I don't see the disconnect. These cards serve a very real, very niche portion of the market, and carry a price premium accordingly. Seems fine to me.


or you know wait until you can find it cheaper and keep building the system you wanted in the first place


This card is made for greedy sellers.... if you have a tiny case... u really should not be wasting your money on this.... first priority... get a bigger case.


1080s have been getting close to £400 recently; unless you need the form factor, this is a poor price.


These miniITX cards are great for a very specific purpose, and you should expect to pay more for them. The 1080 is also the highest I would go for an air cooled miniITX card - the 1080ti ones are just too power hungry and too hot to take full advantage of the GPU's capacity IMO. So this is actually a decent card for someone building a high performance SFF build, and one of the highest performing available. And they rightly do come with a slight price premium as the SFF cards are a super niche market which require custom everything (cooler/PCB/etc). All of that said, this is still on the high side of what I would pay for one of these, so I'm not voting. You can get the gtx1070 version for £89 less, which makes this a hard sell. It's not 25% faster. The 1070ti Zotac miniITX model is £60 cheaper too. Anyway ...

Palit Super Jetstream NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 - £465.59 @ Amazon
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Decent price for a 1080 with a great quiet cooler and RGB. Similar price at CCL, with a free download of The Crew 2 here:… Read more

Those saying wait for the next gen... what if you need a GPU now? Plus even if the 1180 is any good (and it takes a while for reviews to filter through) there is no guarantee it will be available at sensible prices for some time to come. This is one of the cheapest 1080s out there at the moment and it happens to be a decent card as well. Only downsides are that it is very thick and hogs basically 3 slots of the mobo.


Yeah I heard the same. I think it will be interesting nonetheless as we haven’t had much exciting PC news as of late. I hope it’s sometime this year, surely they can’t stretch GeForce 1000-series for 3 years (lol)


Latest rumours are GTX 1180 to launch end of July. Still rumours though unfortunately.


Paid £750 for a new GTX 1080Ti about a year and half ago, seems like a good deal now looking at prices of GPUs considering, heat for the deal too btw.


Yeah i know exactly what you mean. I sold my 990ti, brought a 1050ti to tie me over....its a great little card if you understand what you have, and the kind of performance you'll get. I'm not pooring good money into old tech, the honeymoon with these Top-Tier cards is over. I'm just gonna exercise a little restraint and patience. PS: Don't listen to what Nvidia say regarding a long wait time for the new cards, they just want to shift old stock.

Alienware AW3418HW 34" 2560 x 1080 Gaming Monitor 160Hz G-Sync - £599.99 @ Amazon
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Lowest price ever Also £599.98 direct from Dell
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Same price at Dell UK website. If you are a student, then you can benefit from 15% student discount. So basically £509 after discount.


It is a shame it is 2560x1080 rather than a 1440p. I can't see 1080p looking too good over such a larger screen, even if it means not as much GPU power required.


Depends on your GPU and the game. I have an R390 Nitro 8GB and it can run Shadows of Mordor at 3400 by 1400 on ultra settings at around 55-75 fps so the Freesync works a treat and the games run without tearing or stuttering. You will have to drop the settings on more demanding games but Gsync monitors usually start at 30Hz unlike some of their Freesync counterparts. Also for work the increase in resolution allows for 4 pages side by side with the text crisp and easy to read and ultrawide videos look gorgeous. People are obsessed with high frame rates but it isn't as important with single player and non FPS titles. I'd rather play a title like Skyrim running project ENB and drop the visuals in favour of a higher resolution with a 34 inch panel at this price. Text will be far from crisp on a screen this size at 2560 by 1080. Unfortunately Nvidia owners have to pay a premium monitor manufacturers are being charged to implement their hardware which really isn't fair. Just my thoughts.


Well said, What about if gaming is your thing but not FPS?


For FPS, 2560 by 1080 is definitely a better experience with the higher refresh rates and being easier to drive games at the required frame rates needed to take advantage of GSYNC. For everything else, including general gaming, 3400 by 1400 looks stunning, being easier to drive than full 4K panels. More demanding games (Witcher 3 for example) will struggle unless you have a beefy GPU. If gaming isn't your main priority, I'd pick 3400 by 1400 with lower refresh rates over this any day. (nerd)

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Asus ROG STRIX RGB GTX 1080 8GB Graphics Card - £424.54 (Delivered) @ internetct (eBay)
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
Retails at about £600 at Scan. Seems to be legit and a great price. 1835 MHz boost clock in OC mode for outstanding performance and gaming experience. DirectCU III with Pat… Read more

I am on the same boat mate, already opened PayPal case but have to wait until 17th for seller to respond which is ridiculous.


Ordered one of these and as per others, no reply, no status update, auto reply email saying they've ceased trading. Waiting for the delivery date to pass so that I can raise a resolution with ebay. Disgusting how people like this can steal money and cause stress to ordinary people where amounts like this do matter. Also annoyed that there's no way to act quickly with ebay/paypal. I get that they want a process where buyers liaise with sellers, but in circumstances like this where clearly a scam has been performed surely acting quickly is the best thing to do? Feels like they're giving the person time to empty their accounts and disappear.


That's what the bounce back messages they're sending via eBay say, and is what is displayed when you visit their site:


That they went into liquidation


Know what?

Indoor Dome Camera 1080 ( 2 pack ) £29.50 + other good deals in description -  Homebase - Newcastle
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Twin pack indoor Dome Camera HD1080 instore Homebase Newcastle. Loads of other deals Shed Garage Alarm for 8.50£ Smart HD CCTV System for 85£ Smart HD 1080 CCTV System for 1… Read more
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Took the wrong photo..If you zoom the immage you can see price label for 90£ you get the telecommunication one..posted here couple of days ago :)


The standard alarm should be 52 not 90.


Were you in the Formby store last night around 7pm? 8)


Yes if your buying anything even if it looks sealed and new always open the box and inspect your purchase before leaving, have had to return so many items to these guys its unreal.


Homebase reservations are rubbish. Heaps and heaps of broken and damaged stock. And they still list as brand new. I had to return or cancel several in past due to broken or missing. Seems like these guys are running a rubbish dump with with few good items No wonder they are closed lots of their stores. Wish the managers and other idiots who run the stores get sacked.

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LG 24MP59G 24 inch 1ms 75Hz IPS Gaming Monitor (1920 x 1080, VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort, 250 cd/m2, AMD Freesync) £109.98 down from £150.18 @ ebuyer
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Bought one of these yesterday ordered 9 pm last night free next day delivery came at 12.30 today very nice monitor Technical Specifications Display Size: 23.8" Panel Type: IP… Read more

The GTG response time is 4ms and this LG is 5ms so much the same as far as response time goes they both have that 1ms blur thing so the thing is are the built in speakers worth the difference in price true response time can be found here


Isn't this monitors 1ms with motion blur reduction a similar thing to the Acer's 1ms Visual Response Boost ?


The only big difference is the response time and the built in speaker, the reason why it's more expensive because you hardly see ips and 1ms response time together, I would say if you have the money and you would prefer to have 1ms with built in speakers then choose the Acer one, however if you don't have money choosing the one that is posted wouldn't be a bad idea since you can always plug in speakers and sometimes you won't be able to see the difference between different response time

damienace This one or the one the OP posted?


This is good for going even though it has a 5ms response time, if you think about it, it has ips, 75hz which is very good for this price

MSI GeForce GTX 1080 ARMOR OC 8GB GDDR5X Graphics Card £455.99 @ Novatech
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
Decent Price for a 1080.

I didn't had any problems with msi products before but yeah this card is not the best one out there, seems power hungry , I bought one from Very with this credit code for 409 and my impression is not as good, it is a huge ugly card ... It is ok if you don't look at it ;) I may return it , I have to check terms and conditions ... But for this prise ... Ah ...I wouldn't take it for 10 £ more ...


People really need to stop giving heat to trash 1080 GTX coolers like this. I'd also avoid MSI altogether as both GPU's (Gaming X's) I ordered from them became faulty after just a few weeks. My EVGA SC from 2016 on the other hand continues to be faultless.


The Palit one from OCUK is better value. The MSI cooler on this is pants, they have the same one on much of their range and it can barely cool an underclocked and undervolted RX 570 - bet this’ll run unnecessarily hot and not particularly quiet.

Palit GeForce GTX 1080 Dual OC 8 GB GDDR5X PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card - Black £449.49 Sold by Dealtime IT and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Simultaneous Multi-Projection VR Ready 16nm FinFET NVIDIA SLI w/HB Bridge Support Vulkan API

Hello Guys sad to say but i think this card is rly bad because when you touch Clocks temps are going to 80 degrees.For less money you can have 1070ti MSI Gaming 8g with superb cooling and can overlock to stock 1080 performance for only 439 pounds Do not be fooled with low price


It wouldn’t be the first time someone has opened themselves up to a law suit over across the pond? On some level, they must not care for law suits because they will inevitably happen? That’s the perception I have of America and its suing culture.


You seemed to have missed the point. If he lies he can be sued by shareholders. He can toy with the press as long as he says nothing tangible but he did say something specific.


Exactly. The man is toying with the press. No reason or motivation to say anything.


It's a risk for a CEO to lie as he can be sued by share holders. The simple and safe option is to not answer. Why risk it when you can deflect.

Pro Gaming PC - Watercooled 4.6GHz Intel Hexa Core i7-8700, 2TB, GTX 1080 Ti  £1492.99 Del @ CCL / eBay
Found 2nd JunFound 2nd Jun
CPU Family: Intel Core i7 Processor Number: 8700 CPU Speed: 3.2 GHz L3 Cache: 12 MB Socket: LGA1151 Architecture: 64-bit Technology: 14nm Number of Cores: 6 Number of Threads: 12 T… Read more

Ryzen 2 didn't exist when the 8700k launched. I considered a 1700x at the time, but there would have barely been any IPC improvement over the 2600k I was upgrading from. Im very happy with my machine, but yep, if I was building today I would probably go for a 2700x instead or wait for the next gen.


super fast vast storage,32 gig of ram, I suspect a ryzen 2700x would have made a better base platform,unless you really needed intel graphics adapter. I expect ryzen 3 will kick intel so badly many will wish they never bought an already dead end 8 series board.


32GB memory, 1TB and 500GB nvme drives and buying the 8700k at launch probably didn't help too much!


Not sure how you managed that, I did one for under £1900 including 8700K, 1080 Ti, Intel Optane + 10TB HDD


Get an ancient pc that still works and strip it down totally. Take a couple of photo's of the case button connections first (you may not be able to get a manual with diagrams ) Take everything out the case. Re assemble it all, re pasting the cpu and cleaning the heat sink. Watch a couple of vids on it. When you fire it up again and it works you will feel that a new one from scratch will likely just give you a few head scratches about setting up discs and windows/whatever, but you will find out its not rocket science and unlikely you will actually BREAK anything. Even the power cables dont go in the wrong holes,generally. Trouble shooting a new build that wont start is a logical process to find a bad component and its rare, Personally I would use an asus or asrock mainboard(as a first timer), but again, it fairly rare to have non working equipment delivered, just avoid brand new platforms. (Like intel '9' series for e.g. ) until they have been shipping a few months. Alternatively, you could buy a used Haswell box (4 series intel) for about £130 and soup it up with used parts, this will cost much les and you start with a working example. This is a good way to learn and how many people get into it. And now is not the time to buy a new g.card unless you absolutely have nothing. You will probably kick yourself later.

LG 25UM58 25" Ultrawide IPS Gaming Monitor 2560 x 1080 £149.99 - Amazon Prime Exclusive
Found 1st JunFound 1st Jun
Is £10 more on and eBuyer. I have this and it's great as a gaming monitor or as a PC monitor. Has two HDMI ports too.
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I am soooo tempted to buy this...however...I just don't need it. Using my left hand to pull my right hand away from clicking the buy button (fierce)


I have recently purchased a 29" model. Bloody love the thing! I know alot of people have plenty to moan on these - yes they are a little on the expensive side but they're worth it in my opinion. The only fall to these is I'd say you'd be better looking on places like ebay you can net a perfect conditioned 29" one from around £140-£180 if you're patient enough. I waited around a month and saw a few go by until I had the money aside to purchase one of these guilt free lol. All LG's ultrawides are freesync enabled so you can clock them up to 75hz I use mine currently as a 2nd screen for a laptop or use with a PS4.


Good monitor. I paid £129 for it though from amazon


Thanks for the advice. I'd like to keep it at 24" because it's going to be on a desk and 24" seems to be the sweet spot when sitting close.


I dont think the xbox one supports an ultrawide resolution, so you would likely just get a 1080p image when the xbox could output a 4k one, id say you are better with what you have and save up for a 4k, though im not sure you would get one as small as 24" or if you would notice the resolution bump at that size

Msi GeForce GTX 1080 Armor 8Gb OC GDDR5 VR-Ready Graphics Card £409.99 @
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Get ready for battle with the awesome MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Armor Graphics Card. " By entering MQPMT in the promo code box at checkout your item will be put on 12 months B… Read more

No wasn't an invite code it was specific to my account, luckily I found it in my email the day before it expired. Order status finally showing as despatched.


Yep, they've just held a presentation few days back, I think, where they said that a new gen of GTX is not coming any time soon. But as you say, could be a ploy

rofldinho Suggesting it will be 2019, but it could also be a ploy to sell 10 series cards. "Noone knows" is the correct answer.


Come to me babe!!! I have ready socket for you!


Also have 6th (processing at supplier) I had the exact same issue when I got my switch through very

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 £449.99 at VERY
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Best price currently available for a brand new GTX 1080 of this quality - only worth it if you want to build a rig in the near future, otherwise I'd wait until the new series of Nv… Read more

When the 1080 came out there were leaks all over the place showing the design and benchmarks. This time all we have is a rumour from one source. Also the rumour points to the new 1180 only just matching the speed of the Titan Xp so if true it's pretty disappointing.


I'm just going on Tom's Hardware here - (quite a big site)... but it's your money, do as you please.


Well okay I stand corrected :p


144hz-240hz monitor users.


30% at 4K. Your link would be 1080p. Let’s face it who’s going to buy a Ti card to play at 1080p.

Gigabyte GTX 1080 Windforce 8GB OC GDDR5X Graphics Card £479.99 Ebuyer
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
Great for gaming Great for mining Great if you're realistic and aren't expecting miracles and massive price drops with the forthcoming new release cards. Also on amazon here http… Read more

they were my first and they are my last EVGA makes quality stuff and their warranty is much better I like ASUS too but their prices are ridiculous


Yup. I would only buy from EVGA and MSI. Gigabyte has always had crap fans and fan profile.


you just wait seriously *** fans they are only connected to the hub by very flimsy plastic Check youtube if you don't believe me - lots of others reporting the same thing. The first fan (next to the ports) is the one that usually fails first, because it seems to be mounted slightly tilted (i.e. not 90 degrees tilt from the floor) so it's not spinning stably in either mounting axis (i.e. flat or on its side)


are they the same fans as on the 1080ti? I have 3 1080tis that have been mining for 5+ months with all the fans on a constant 55%, no issues yet...


the fans on these are terrible and break often have had them go on 2 cards do not buy

MSI GTX 1080 ARMOR OC 8GB GDDR5X Graphics Card £469.98 Ebuyer
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
Great for gaming Great for mining Great if you're realistic and aren't expecting miracles and massive price drops with the forthcoming new release cards.

the gigabyte and the palit jetstream are both worth the extra money imo, good choice


Agreed. I personally paid the slight premium for the Gigabyte


according to most reviews this is the worst aftermarket cooler out there, gets loud and hot compared to other coolers. If you are spending all this money, spend a bit more and get a different card

Palit Super Jetstream Edition NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GDDR5 Graphics Card £488.99 Amazon
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
Great for gaming Great for mining Great if you're realistic and aren't expecting miracles and massive price drops with the forthcoming new release cards.
DrTraktor Gamerock technicaly the same card with different colour, 1080Ti Superjetstream 49 degrees under benchmark, coolest 1080Ti out there. " The absence of a killer feature and the two-year warranty hold it back from our top award, but it's well deserving of the Extreme badge for now". Please show me ANY 1080 what is cheaper, but better in temperature and noise. Even the evga SC 1080 is no match to the Jetstream.


I have a Palit 1070 and it has been a good card so far.


To those stating that the Palit is better, why not link to a review to help people as just saying it's better is a bit random.


I agree, but most people only look at price to determine the winner. It's unfortunate because this model is IMO a better buy than the other options, even if it is 20 pounds more.


That Palit version beats them all in terms of temperature and noise. Had a gtx 1070 jetstream, overclocked the hell out of it, still stayed almost silent and less than 70 degrees, replaced by an evga sc 1080, much louder, and at least 10 degrees higher even on vanilla clocks. Yes, it's thick. Yes, only 2 years warranty. Please buy it, anytime i give my evga 1080 for it:)!!!!!!!!

Huawei P20 Pro 128GB Black+ 50GB Data+ Unlimited Minutes+ Unlimited Texts ON O2  £45 p/m month 24 months £1080 @ Smartphone company - £168 cashback
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
Get the Huawei P20 Pro 128GB on O2 with 50GB of monthly data allowance, unlimited texts and unlimited minutes for £38 It's £5 A month more than the EE offer already posted but thi… Read more

Upgrade, I was with carphone warehouse, got it knocked down to £45pm, included fast wireless charger, S9+ black, 16GB data Had to stay with Vodafone to get it, but their signal is v good in Central London so not too shabby


Oh... makes it even better that I signed up for 20gb the day before that offer appeared LOL


People are reporting on that thread that they are getting 50gb allowance allocated!


Not getting all the heat at the moment @Bulla89 (there's still time, mind :{ ). But thanks for sharing either way - that's what this site is about, of course.


50gb is a bit excessive. If you have to have then fair enough, but if not: Works out a lot better for 30gb.

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