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Resident Evil 7 PC @ CD KEYS 6.64/6.99
Updated 12th AugLast updated 12th Aug by thewrecker7477
Fantastic game and very cheap (y) Fear and isolation seep through the walls of an abandoned southern farmhouse. "7" marks a new beginning for survival horror with the “Isolated V… Read more
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I don't think I could. I get all nervous as it is when you're running away from jack and you don't know where he's coming from (poo) (poo) (fierce)


Heard a loud bang behind me while I was playing this with VR.... Morale of the story: you physically (poo) S**t bricks. Hell of a thud when they hit the floor. (highfive)


It's quite an experience without vr, does make you (poo) yourself quite often (highfive)


Literally can't play this using PSVR, it's a dreadful experience but brilliant at the same time. Something new but my fragile heart can't take it using VR lol


Price has dropped

Resident Evil 7 - Biohazard Gold Edition PC £11.39/ £11.99 @ CdKeys
Updated 5th AugLast updated 5th Aug by FlyingPotato
Good price for Gold Edition. £11.39 with 5% off facebook code

Thanks, I buy. Last resident evil game i played was 3 on the PS1


Same here.


Was hoping for the VR and the VR never came.


Just a reminder that CD Keys are a grey market reseller. I personally choose not to shop with them, but I advise everyone to research and make their own informed opinion.


Best Resident Evil game in years.

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psvr with resident evil 7 and farpoint £349.99 @ Argos
Updated 4th AugLast updated 4th Aug by pi3rc3y
buy the psvr for 349.99 and get resident evil7 and farpoint free
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I am hoping that at E3 Sony come to their senses and do a PS4 Pro with VR bundle, camera, couple of those wannabe lightsaber balls exclusive box.

Biddy2 £299.86 at Shopto and you can buy Resi 7 for £29.99 at Amazon/Argos. :)


I know ;) I just wanted to post that Stewie Griffin image


It doesn't come with it in this bundle.

PSVR with Camera + VR Worlds MK3 + The Persistence + Super Stardust VR + Resident Evil 7 VR + NOW TV - £229.99 @ GAME
Refreshed 30th JulRefreshed 30th JulUpdated 3rd AugLast updated 3rd Aug by rossl
PSVR with Camera + VR Worlds MK3 + The Persistence + Super Stardust VR + Resident Evil 7 VR + NOW TV

Definitely expired both in store and online. As per previous post - offer has changed to 1 game less for £259.99. Asked in store today :)


£260 in store with resident evil and persistence, so one less game and higher price.


Deal gone online! Anyone know if it is still instore?


Don't think it is available any longer.


Can’t find this deal has it finished?

PlayStation Store Discounts 23/07 at PSN Store Asia *Justice League VR £3.45 Werewolves With £3.81 NBA 2KVR £3.95 Thumper £2.77 Batman Arkham VR £3.69 Resident Evil 7 £14.36 Dying Reborn Bundle £5.25 PLUS Buy 2 Get 50% off on selected titles
Updated 26th JulLast updated 26th Jul by joeydeacon
Not expecting this to go hot by any means, putting the information out there for those who genuinely use the various International PSN Stores. GENERAL SALE GAME - IRP DISCOUNT… Read more
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Cheers for the feedback, happy to help!


I’ve already voted hot on this but can I just say what an amazing deal this is. I’ve got other ps accounts but never had an Indonesian account. I followed the very easy to follow guides. Set up a new email and Indonesian account Shopped on the store Signed up for the 2 day plus trial Topped up my credit with the link And I bought the following PSVR games: Farpoint Werewolves within Batman VR Thumper Tumble For less than £20!!! Yes it’s not in the uk but why does that matter. The guy has given a step by step guide and prices so that ANYONE in the uk can take advantage. The usual store update has over 1200degrees at time of posting. This deal is much hotter but you can’t help some people I guess. Thanks for the effort Joey. Don’t change mate.


I'm backing the right horse!


I just set up an Indonesian account and they take anything for an address. Mine was gg. Gggg 555556555 or similar until it gave me the tick box. It doesnt have to match a billing address as you’ll be paying via credit.


I saw a few reductions today but not much to post in terms of bargains :( i.e. NMS for $30, GR Wildlands for $20, Destiny 2 + Expansion Pass for $20.

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Resident evil 7 biohazard ps4 - £11.99 @ Boomerangrentals / eBay
Updated 13th JulLast updated 13th Jul by ASD007
Hi all, Resident evil biohazard on the PS4 being sold on eBay by boomerang games has just been reduced to £11.99. Item code is 283041745202 incase the link doesn't work. It has … Read more



Awesomw game... But the VR makes it


Some of the early dlc looked really bad and cheaply made. That I wouldn't really bother. But unsure if there was an additional story mode released (lost interest early on).


Good spot OP. Looks like all gone tho


Is it Worth waiting for a goty? How much dlc is out at the moment?

PlayStation VR Starter Pack	with Battlezone	Resident Evil 7 Biohazard	NOW TV 2 Months Entertainment Pass £199.99 @ Game
Updated 11th JulLast updated 11th Jul by stevo6105
Back in stock.... Be quick PLayStation VR Starter PACK (VER 2) Battlezone Resident Evil 7 Biohazard NOW TV 2 Months Entertainment Pass Price includes deliver/collect in store… Read more

Got this about 3weeks ago. Played resi evil 7 and literally (poo) my pants


I got the GT sport with the bundle and not battle zone


Just ordered this, (1pm) it keeps coming back in stock so it's worth checking!


Got the gran turismo and re7 with nowtv back on june Worth 199 all day long


No need for apologies mate, it's a decent deal when available. As mentioned earlier, I'm glad they had one for you (y)

[Steam] Resident Evil 7 - £5.69 - CDKeys
Updated 1st JulLast updated 1st Jul by madnlooney
Price is using the FB code , £5.99 without :) Resident Evil 7 biohazard is the next major entry in the renowned Resident Evil series and sets a new course for the franchise… Read more
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They put this up to £6.99 now


Thanks for posting! Code worked brilliantly but first you need to be registered with them to use the code successfully. Does anyone know the size of the game? Is it like a 60 gig game?


I can't either. I use xbox 360 controller :)


PC version does not support VR.


Oh what version do you need for oculus

PlayStation VR Starter Pack,Battlezone, Resident Evil 7 Biohazard,NOW TV 2 Months Entertainment Pass £199.99 @ Game
Updated 1st JulLast updated 1st Jul by new_lizard
Use link to get psvr starter bundle with res evil 7, Battlezone and now TV pass for £199.99. If you go through the game website the psvr starter pack is still £259.99. I found this… Read more



The ps worlds box is the v2 headset


I didn't quite enjoy the experience, but that's subjective to me.


Yes exactly the same box, with the camera and VR worlds included. I do remember though that the VR world was a download code but it was definitely a V1 as the code on the back of box said CUH-ZVR1.


Yes, you're right, the link that you posted which is the first item to come up when you search psvr on Amazon seems to be the V2, I missed that last line on the description. However, the fact that Amazon's website points to a "newer version" together with the pictures shown which are clearly a V1 (except for the fact that the helmet is black) made me assume this is a version 1 hence my initials comments. Compare the photos on both links and you'll understand what I'm saying). Nevertheless, both starter packs come with camera and game. When I bought the V1 it came with physical game (disc), the V2 comes with a download code. Only word of advice would be, should anyone go for a warehouse deal on the first link, I'm pretty sure they'll be getting a V1, considering the prices they were asking in the beggining of the week, starting at £160 pounds. They have all gone up now, potentially because they've now realised people would be expecting V2 and getting V1 when going for warehouse deals. I would know because I did exactly that, luckily the parcel never arrived (probably because they ran out of V2s), and following a massive complain (threatening to cancel prime included) scored £25 pounds in credit on my account. In the end used credit to buy a new V2 (from the "newer version" link) which by the way has gone up in price in the last few hours on the website. Hope it all makes sense.

Playstation PSVR Starter Pack with 2 Extra Full Games (GT Sport, Wipeout, SuperHot VR + Resident Evil 7) and a Now TV voucher for £199.99 (£249.99 with 2 Move controllers) from 8th June @ Game Stores
Refreshed 16th JunRefreshed 16th JunUpdated 20th JunLast updated 20th Jun by Gozer
Back in Stock on-line now and will include the V2 Move controllers. LINK FOR WIPEOUT BUNDLE HERE LINK FOR GT SPORT BUNDLE I've added the news that 2 Move controllers can be a… Read more

Yes, it looks like prices have gone back up now. Maybe wait until Black Friday if you're still interested in getting a PSVR.


I'm glad it's improved. As far as I know there's nothing else you can alter. Sorry, I don't wear glasses so I can't compare experiences.


Changed the settings as advised , it has made a difference but I wouldn't say it's 100%. Probably around 90% for me, as I still get blurry edges. Maybe it's just me and my glasses (but shouldn't really matter if I wear glasses) (nerd)


This is definitely gone now, right? As not just showing out of stock - but both links dead.


Cheers pal will give it a go tomo now.

(Xbox One - NEW) Resident Evil 7 BioHazard GOLD Edition £14.39 / Standard Edition £9.59 @ eBay (Music Magpie w/code)
Updated 19th JunLast updated 19th Jun by SerpentSuicide
Using the fresh 20% targeted sellers code PARTY20.. MM is on the list. Good price for these. £14.39 for the GOLD Ed or £9.59 for the standard Resi 7. Shame not available for PS4 f… Read more



Wrapped yes, but did it have an unbroken official seal?


When I bought Fallout 4 GOTY edition from them it came in a wrapper as it was new.


They actually had two listings which is annoying considering they still probably have Resi 7 Gold Ed’s in stock...


As stated in the OP. I said it was new apparently lol.... It is what it is.... you may get lucky. If not complain anyway. £14.39 even for used is good so you will probably get some more back if not factor sealed.

Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition (Xbox One), £17.99 at Music Magpie eBay store
Updated 17th JunLast updated 17th Jun by Bully
Cheapest I've seen this, its brand new, not used. Mine arrived in the post today and it was sealed. Only 4 left in stock though so be quick.

Thank you,Would trust a lot more than Musicmagpie "new".


will never order from Music Magpie again! They can't put a simple disc in a box without messing it up.


Amazing g


Yes it's great , played through in vr but I'd say still great without


Is this a good game?

PSVR Worlds Starter Pack + Resident Evil 7, Superhot VR, Move Controllers and Now TV instore at Game for £249.99
LocalLocalUpdated 13th JunLast updated 13th Jun by CyDoNiA
As I mentioned in a previous thread earlier, PSVR is seeing a big discount tomorrow. My contact sent me this over. Seems to be an excellent deal.
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Which is why buying into PSVR worries me. :p


They already are. ShopTo & Currys are selling them for £39.


ShopTo & Currys are selling them for £39 (new.) That’s the double pack.


I doubt it, why not go for a different pack then buy the wands elsewhere


Anyone know if they will get this back on Game website? The reason I ask is cause I want to get this on PayPal Credit instead.

Middle Earth Shadow of War / Resident Evil 7 (Xbox One), £5 click and collect at Smyths
Updated 12th JunLast updated 12th Jun by SVRich
These games have dropped to £5 at Smyths. OOS stock for home delivery but there's a reasonable amount available for click and collect.

About 3 of Shadow of War and 8 Resi so not loads but they are obviously clearing out stock so not likely to have hundreds. My point was at least all you had to do to check your local stores was a few clicks online and you can reserve a copy, if they don't have any at least you haven't wasted much time, not like all these Asda deals etc where I have to go somewhere to find out if they even have the same deals and if I have got in before the a***holes how clear the shelves to resell.


Like I said many stores are out of stock or have low stock How many did your store have 100? 200? 3? Since I checked a few locations and they all had low stock, a couple of copies aren't enough


I live in Cardiff. Just got back from Stockton on Tees where I got a copy. Cost me 120 in fuel but got the game for a fiver and also a kiss from the Alderman as the town clerk looked on jealously. Totally worth it.


Smyths stock is hilarious


Ordered a copy of both, cheers 🔥

[Xbox One] The Surge - £5.95 / Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition £15.95 - Coolshop
Updated 11th JunLast updated 11th Jun by FeistyHamster
Both looking like fantastic prices. It's worth noting that Resident Evil 7 will be the Nordic version, but any codes etc with work just fine :) Resident Evil VII (7) Gold E… Read more
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Never heard about this game. Is it good ?


The Combat was outstanding, yes its not long enough and its pretty straight forward to get all 1200 gamer score from this through two play through's. Yes its very difficult just like Dark Souls/Bloodborne until you adjust and accept the rules of the game. The targeting system was great and cutting off limbs worked very well. What is hard is going from this to Dark Souls Remastered. Looking forward to seeing the Surge 2.


Don't be put off by the "by the makers of Lords of the Fallen" line, it's much better than LotF IMO. It does have a variety problem, ie there isn't enough of it, especially in the enemy variety and bosses (too few bosses). But the combat is sufficiently different to "Souls" to not feel like it's a copy paste job. Can be brutally tough if you don't learn the combat mechanics though, I've seen Souls veterans complaining about the difficulty, but it's usually because they didn't bother learning the combat properly. Enjoyed it quite a lot, but not for everyone, good chance to see the game for cheap before the sequel turns up.


The dlc for RE7 is already in the disc I thought?


Anyone who has played Dark Souls or Bloodborne should really give this a go. I was a bit funny at first but minus the small glitches its up there with best, just needed more bosses.

Resident Evil 7 Season Pass (PS Plus) £12.49 @ Playstation Store
Updated 11th JunLast updated 11th Jun by chrisredmayne
Not sure if this is a deal or not but for those who bought the original but no DLC. Think it's £14.99 if you don't have PS Plus. Without the season pass it costs a total of £31.97… Read more
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How much gameplay is in these ? Is it actually worth it ? Think the free one is the most attractive DLC


RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard - £13.99*RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard Gold Edition - £25.49*RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard Season Pass - £12.49* Thanks to BuzzDuraband


Any deals on the RE7 game? Got the VR on a recent deal so now hunting for games!


- Banned Footage Vol.1 (Contains Nightmare & Bedroom + New Game Mode 'Ethan Must Die) - Banned Footage Vol.2 (Contains 21" and "Daughters + New Game Mode 'Jack's 55th Birthday) - End of Zoe - Not A Hero (Free by default with Chris Redfield)


Yep, the only ones that aren't are Ethan Must Die and Jack's 55th Birthday.

Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition (PS4) - £19.19 delivered new copy @ Music Magpie
Updated 9th JunLast updated 9th Jun by BubaMan
With the current 20% off new games promotion the price comes to £19.19 which is the cheapest I’ve been able to find :) Resident Evil 7 biohazard Gold Edition will include all the… Read more
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It has all dlcs on disc isn't ?


Ah seems the last new copies have been sold, sorry ;(


To clarify - this IS for a new copy 8)


If all DLC is tied to the disc, this is a great deal! If it's a (used) code, it's not. Edit oh, it was new (embarrassed) - sorry - not used to MM deals for new games. It was a great deal (y)

[Steam] Resident Evil 7 - £7.59 (5% Discount) - CDKeys
Updated 8th JunLast updated 8th Jun by Kiyoshi
Price is using their Facebook code or £7.99 without :) Resident Evil 7 biohazard is the next major entry in the renowned Resident Evil series and sets a new course for th… Read more
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The exclusivity expired on the 24th January 2018, so I wouldn't hold your breath. Yay for exclusivity in gaming.


Nice one, played it on xbox and been looking for it cheap on PC


The psvr deal ran out quite some time ago and we still have no announcement from Capcom. Doesn't look like VR is coming at all to pc


Apparently the PSVR deal was timed so I wonder if this gets a VR patch, or they sell a separate game altogether. Worth a punt and wait I suppose.


Hot - awesome game loving the new direction capcom are taking this series.

PlayStation VR Starter Pack + Resident Evil 7 Biohazard or Eagle Flight + NOW TV 2 Months Entertainment Pass £259.99 @ Game
Updated 4th JunLast updated 4th Jun by WolfBookyr
PlayStation VR with Eagle Flight Game seems to be only retailer who gives free game with PSVR at the moment. (y)

Save your money, the starter pack will be £199.99 with Wipeout or Gran Turismo in the Days of Play sale. You can get Resi 7 with the change and still have some leftover.


Psvr will be down to 199 soon for days of play sale


Whichever one is on special offer I guess, but I'd also say it depends on which would give you the most benefit. You can argue that you won't likely see much benefit with the Pro for the games you'd initially play but the VR experience is a big thing. You could argue the other side that you use the console all the time and for different things and the speed increase of the Pro in navigating round the console and launching apps etc appeals more and you get the benefit all the time.


Thanks, that's what I thought, region by region basis. I mainly sit down, no issues and dont think im missing much but guess depends on game


One of other thing for people not sure... you'll have your own private Cinema. The free Littlstar app has a theater environment, three screen sizes, flat or curved - and its excellent. It appears further away than Sony's cinematic mode, so is more comfortable on the eyes. I probably spend 30-50% of my time now watching films (if you're a film-buff its a huge plus). The game side of things is brilliant too though, with a few excellent AAA titles, loads of interesting smaller games (Thumper, Bound, SuperHot), and the free game RecRoom where on a good night I'm in stiches and meeting some pretty interesting people from all over the world.

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