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RESIDENT EVIL 7 BIOHAZARD PS4 free delivery £9.99 @ Game
Refreshed 9th DecRefreshed 9th DecUpdated 11th DecLast updated 11th Dec by BenRC
Resident Evil 7 biohazard sets a new course for the Resident Evil series as it leverages its roots and opens the door to a truly terrifying horror experience. Set within a sinist… Read more

Yeah there is, just turn off all assistance, then you're properly in the game with full freedom.


Did you know (I didn't) you can go into your PS settings and set up the VR to be more precise? Won't make the graphics better.. but may be worth a shot! It's such a shame they haven't upped the graphics in VR though. I wonder if it's any different on a PS4 Pro.......


Certainly need some 4k vr on the go lol. Shame I can't use my Nokia for the screen (lol) (lol)


Yeah I agree with this completely. The game looks amazing graphically when playing in flat mode, it looks really washed out and a bit fuzzy in VR. It's not really surprising though, getting a game like that to run smoothly in VR on the PS4 is nothing short of incredible IMO. Hopefully when the we get the PS5 and PSVR2 we'll get the current level of gameplay we get now but with graphics to match. As it is I think they are doing a great job.


I concur. I actually scream - real screams. I have not screamed since my voice broke 30 years ago.

PlayStation VR Starter Pack Astro Bot Rescue Mission	Resident Evil 7 Biohazard PlayStation Move Cntrl Twin Pack NOW TV 2 Months £229.99 GAME
Updated 10th DecLast updated 10th Dec by louisefinlay
PlayStation VR Starter Pack Astro Bot Rescue Mission Resident Evil 7 Biohazard PlayStation Move Controller Twin Pack NOW TV 2 Months Entertainment Pass
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Love it


Do you need to buy a PS camera to get PSVR to work, or does it come with the PS4 which I also need to buy. How much will that be. any deals for the full monty. Console PSVR and everything you need to experience VR and is it worth it or just an expensive phase that I will get bored of or Motion sickness overload


It is new and V2 - got mine


V2 confirmed when ordering online


Just purchased this. Thanks op :)

Resident Evil 7 Gold PS4 - £19.85 @ ShopTo / eBay
Updated 10th DecLast updated 10th Dec by neil7908
I think this is the cheapest price yet
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Bump for this. I've played the standard version on the PS4 but just bought a PSVR and tempted by the Gold if there is enough new VR content. Any info would be appreciated.


2 of the 4 dlc free. Brilliant game. First 2 hours is scary. I still found evil more scary


Been tempted by the standard version at game for £10. Is there much benefit to going for this version instead?

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Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition PS4 £19.99 @ Base
Updated 9th DecLast updated 9th Dec by you_gotta_be_kidding
It's back, for all those who missed it last time. Complete edition of Resident 7 that includes all DLC on disk. Cheapest I have seen so far.


Any sign of this for £20 on Xbox???


If you're not too bothered about condition it may be worth checking your local Cash Generator store. I managed to pick up two copies of the Gold Edition at a tenner each (one for a mate), as the staff had no idea the DLC was on the disc and priced it up the same as the standard edition. This was in the Leicester city centre store and they've had more copies on sale at the same price after I purchased mine. Well worth checking out.


game (y)


Is £9.99 new at Game (standard version) with free delivery.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard PS4 Game (PS VR Compatible) - £14.99 @ Argos
Updated 8th DecLast updated 8th Dec by Zero_Zuul
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard PS4 Game (PS VR Compatible)
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Anybody seen deals on the xbone version? Twice the price at Game...


I can watch the freakiest of horror films but even this made me audibly yelp the first time I encountered a certain baddy :). I wouldn't let that put you off though, it's a brilliant game and one of the best VR experiences IMO.


I was in the queue at game and thought twice on buying as I've heard it can get a bit scary :o


I'm, dreeeaming of a brown, Xmas. Bit of a disturbing dream TBH.


Bought in game for psvr Christmas fun

Resident Evil 7 PC Game, £7.99 at Argos/ebay
Updated 6th DecLast updated 6th Dec by Hunkerdown
Free delivery.

It's been this price for a while now at Game. I bought it 3-4 weeks ago.


Ahh well, i dont think its worth buying physical because Gold version often £9.99 on cdkey sales. I just havent forced myself to buy one yet with so many games in a library. So for just coupe more pounds you get all the dlc’s


It's not something I've ever really even thought about, but now I do, I don't think there is :/ The digital version is £11.99 at CDKeys which is a bargain.


Wish that was Gold. Does such version exist in physical :/


Shopto also have the cheapest physical, too (y)

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Playstation VR Starter Pack with VR World's + Astrobot VR + Resident Evil 7 VR and NOW TV @ Game £179.99
Updated 30th NovLast updated 30th Nov by tungle106
Not a bad bundle if you missed any on black Friday, two of the best VR games in Astro Bit and RE7. Includes 2 months now TV entertainment.
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Maybe that's why the box was opened


Just discovered as well the VR Worlds isnt in the box! Gets worse!!


Their CS is awful They don't care about you


I had to post on here just to show they arent all that great. I called them and they said they dont stock it anymore so only option is refund and send it back. No apology whatsoever. Im persevering and trying to recuperate some money back. Not the last theyve heard from me.


JL had my money for 2 months and didn't give me any updates Poor CS

PlayStation VR Starter Pack	Astro Bot Rescue Mission	Resident Evil 7 Biohazard	NOW TV 2 Months Entertainment Pass - £179.99 @ GAME
Updated 26th NovLast updated 26th Nov by copperspock
PlayStation VR Starter Pack Astro Bot Rescue Mission Resident Evil 7 Biohazard NOW TV 2 Months Entertainment Pass

Have you tried it? I'll take that as a 'no'.


I was going g to get one as well but for me its slipping into the old useless tech category with the Xbox kinect


I'm in the same boat really, Was hoping for a better deal , head unit starter pack, Hand controllers, A game about 200-210


I really want a PS VR but with everyone saying the price could be better, I have stalled.....are the move controllers really worth the extra wait for a saving? Or is the pad good enough?


Where have you been all week!!

Sony PlayStation VR Kit with Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and Doom VFR £199 at with Free Delivery
Updated 19th NovLast updated 19th Nov by Beetlemama
Key Features PlayStation VR headset - 360° in-game vision 5.7 inch custom OLED screen delivers superb immersion Watch your 3D Blu-ray collection in virtual reality Bundle incl… Read more
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No sorry I meant the alternative bundle they shot him down with, it's not in stock any where, we wanted the Doom bundle.

dandubi - now 9.85 - currently out of stock but will be back 20/11 - and can still order


Any pointers to this please? I can't find it on a search here or on their site.


You’re a funny guy.


I would of thought this deal would of been an import from Indonesia.....

Resident Evil 7 Gold PS4 £19.99 Base
Updated 16th NovLast updated 16th Nov by Tepharah_
Seems like a deal to me, comes with all the DLC on the disc apart from one but you can download it for free in PSN.

it's expired. Semms like this game should be cheaper by now.


I see 25.39£ as price. So offer probably ended.


thanks dude (y)


a very warm welcome to hukd newbie.looks like you have hit it straight off.have some heat :)


Is the DLC worth the extra tenner in anyone's experience?

[PS4] Resident Evil 7 - £9.95 / Mothergunship + Bonus Content - £4.99 (and X1) / Street Fighter V Arcade Edition - £12.85 - Simply Games
Updated 16th NovLast updated 16th Nov by goonertillidie
Mothergunship + Bonus Content - £4.99 Mothergunship + Bonus Content (X1) - £4.99 Street Fighter V Arcade Edition - £12.85 Fear Comes Home Thanks… Read more
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Cheers, almost bought Mothergunship for £9.99, looks a bit like Alienation


£19.85 for Valkyria Chronicles 4 on Xbox One seems a good price too.


Bought that for £9.99 before. (annoyed) Heat Bazz.


Thanks mate :)

PlayStation VR Starter Pack + Astro Bot Rescue Mission + Resident Evil 7 Biohazard + NOW TV 2 Months Entertainment Pass £199.99 @ Game
Updated 3rd NovLast updated 3rd Nov by Luciano09
PSVR with 2 game and now tv pass back again for £199.99 @ Game. (y) Also got with Skyrim VR for £219.99.… Read more

You should defo buy Creed!!! I dont even have a VR set yet - have been using one from a v good friend, but knew that Creed was the one to buy! (y)


Just beware game ship this to you using yodel. I had so much trouble getting my VR from them. They claimed I missed them and they left a card but they didn’t do either. I was sitting at home waiting for them. Tried speaking to someone on the phone and nobody picked up. Just beware of this dodgy delivery company.


I'd highly doubt they'd be selling the V1 version as where have they been stored all this time when they have sold V2 on nearly every deal from GAME on here. I think getting the V2 would be considered normal, and if they receive the V1, they should complain about receiving a discontinued product. Anyhow, hopefully people enjoy it, I'm still unsure.


When I got mine a while back and paid allot more it came with Camera as well as Vr worlds and its a V1 so any one getting the V2 is a bonus and as someone said we cant trust the word of one person from Game as they got confused when i said is it the V1 or V2 and just said V1.


I'm certain the old version was never sold with the camera and VR worlds in the one box so I think you're ok. Someone earlier said they received it and it was the V2. I think therocksays has been misinformed.

Resident Evil 7 - Gold Edition PC Steam Key £9.99/£9.69 with FB code @ CD KEYS
Updated 25th OctLast updated 25th Oct by thewrecker7477
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition Includes: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Base Game Banned Footage Vol. 1 DLC Banned Footage Vol. 2 DLC End of Zoe DLC About the Game: Resident … Read more
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I wouldn't call (poo) yourself fun ;) it is an absolutely fantastic game (y)


Thanks for this, just downloading to Steam for some Halloween fun.


After 4, RE went down hill till 7 came out (y)


If only they would patch pc for vr.


Cheers sunshine! :D

Resident Evil Games on Xbox - X1 = £6.40 each (RE7: £16.37) / 360 = £3.74 @ Microsoft
Updated 24th OctLast updated 24th Oct by Koyakami
Resident Evil - £6.40 (60% off) Resident Evil 0 - £6.40 (60% Off) Resident Evil 4 - £6.40 (60% Off) Resident Evil 5 - £6.40 (60% Off) Resident Evil 6 - £6.40 (60% Off) R… Read more
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There are only three S.T.A.R.S. members left now. Captain Wesker, Jill and myself. We don't know where Barry is.


Here’s a lockpick. It might come in handy if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you


You were nearly a Jill sandwich 🥪


I'm going with you, Chris is our old partner don't you know <3 <3 <3


I hope this is not CHRIS’S blood...!

Resident Evil 7 - Biohazard Gold Edition PC STEAM key. £9.99/£9.49 with FB code @ CDKeys. Standard game available for £5.99
Updated 21st OctLast updated 21st Oct by thewrecker7477
Resident Evil 7 - Biohazard Gold Edition PC STEAM key. £9.99/£9.49 with FB code @ CDKeys. Standard game available for £5.99
Standard game link: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Gold Edition Includes: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Base Game… Read more
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It Definatley is. Great game (y)


Of course, I had forgot about that (annoyed) .... still a bargain at £9.99 without any discount imho!


It's actually a different price with the code as the discount has changed to 3%


Cheers pal. It's well over a month old so I'll leave it for someone else to post. (y)


Back at this price/in stock @thewrecker7477 you should be able to un-expire :D

Resident Evil 7 PS4 at GAME £9.99
Refreshed 27th SepRefreshed 27th SepUpdated 7th OctLast updated 7th Oct by kcspurs
Free shipping.
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Just get 2 dlc. One is free and a couple of banned footage videos


What’s special about ‘the gold edition’ then


He2SW definitely not lying. The gold edition is 9.99. I got the manager to check in the Braintree store and he confirmed the price then put the sticker on last week


Do you have VR? I'm similar, not much of a gamer at all, but I really ended up looking forward to about 11pm or so and blasting out 30 mins to an hour on it. Its enough to progress solidly through the game, but also still deliver absolute pure escapism. It did massively interfere with my dreams after the first few nights though... but then it was my first foray into PSVR. Its like on some level, I believed I was in that house, hiding from threats. Just such a unique experience.


Great game

PS4 Pro 1TB Plus 4 Games FIFA 19 , God Of War , The Last Of Us Remastered, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End £372 w/ O2 Priority Code £372 @ AO
Updated 3rd OctLast updated 3rd Oct by ruch182
In light of the Xbox deals posted lately and the lack of PlayStation deals worth biting on, I thought I’d do some tinkering with AO’s £40 off with O2 Priority to get some kind of g… Read more
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How much would I get selling all the games?


Destiny is a AAA game - not one I enjoyed and it's old. Still a AAA game though as it was a big expensive title.


Same here


where is ao code on o2 priority as i cannot find it on priority page. Is there something I am missing.


Oh? And how do you know my taste in games? How do you know what games I like? You're seriously saying that because I said that one game is over-rated that you can tell I have poor taste in games? Quite possibly one of the silliest comments I've ever read on here. And I'll ask you the same question - if the OP had listed 'Destiny' as an AAA title to plug his deal you would have had no issue with that?

Monster Hunter World £18.99 / Resident Evil 7 Gold £14.89 / Assassins Creed Origins £15.99 (PS4/Xbox One) Delivered (Ex-Rental) Delivered @ Boomerang
Updated 28th SepLast updated 28th Sep by ki01
Monster Hunter World (PS4 | Xbox One) £18.99 Assassins Creed Origins (PS4 | Xbox One) £15.99 Resident Evil 7 Gold (PS4 | Xbox One) £14.89

or you could snacks for the next two days and it would equal out ;) will a 5 really break the family budget?


Ahh brilliant. This has changed since I last looked. I was told to go through thr checkout before but there was no basket to click on, only a login button. It appears to have reappeared. Thanks guys.



You do this by going through the checkout process.


My issue isn't with the checkout process, it's how to create an account without signing up to their rental service.

Resident Evil 7 PC/Steam £6.99 at CDKeys
Updated 22nd SepLast updated 22nd Sep by John_Lloyd
£6.99 Digital Delivery
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Thanks ordered gold edition hope I don't get too scared playing this! 😨 (shock)


DLC List


What do you get extra ?


Did this ever get VR on PC?


Dam,but thanks.

Playstation PSVR Starter Pack with 2 Extra Full Games (GT Sport, Wipeout, SuperHot VR + Resident Evil 7) and a Now TV voucher for £199.99 (£249.99 with 2 Move controllers) from 8th June @ Game Stores
Refreshed 16th JunRefreshed 16th JunUpdated 15th SepLast updated 15th Sep by DQ111111
Playstation PSVR Starter Pack with 2 Extra Full Games (GT Sport, Wipeout, SuperHot VR + Resident Evil 7) and a Now TV voucher for £199.99 (£249.99 with 2 Move controllers) from 8th June @ Game Stores
£199.99GAME Deals
Back in Stock on-line now and will include the V2 Move controllers. LINK FOR WIPEOUT BUNDLE HERE LINK FOR GT SPORT BUNDLE I've added the news that 2 Move controllers can be a… Read more

There's some decent Spiderman bundles kicking off so best to grab one :D


No lol, We're all Xbox in the household (x5), so no idea , not followed the PS scene at all, currently scouring the likes of FB for a cheap 2nd hand one haha


You really didn't realise that? (shock)


can you believe Ive only just opened the delivery box from game........1st thing that greets me on the box is PS4 required....DOH


Yes, it looks like prices have gone back up now. Maybe wait until Black Friday if you're still interested in getting a PSVR.

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