Posted 17th Jun 2022
Anybody seen these about, been hunting high and low for them.

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    Home Bargains & occasionally Lidl I think.
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    £1 for large bag in my local Asda (Dundee) and plenty stock. (edited)
    Same here, N.Ireland
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    Asda usually.

    Though for the first time in living memory (well maybe not quite) there seems to be absolutely no flavours reduced in Asda at the moment.
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    yeah been around a lot of named shops and unwilling to pay amazon prices. Think they might of been a special buy in LIDL. WTGTG
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    Found them in Poundland a few months ago, but they have again disappeared
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    Haven't seen any Mackies crisps for months in Home Bargains etc. (England).
    Usually see the salted, cheese and onion, pickled onion, Boxing Day curry flavour, and one or two other varieties.
    All vanished from every pound type shop and haven't returned (well, one had a handful of salt n vinegar 30g or so packs on a shelf last month, but zero of the 150g bags for around £1, or the 500g? ones).
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    They are also in sainsburys
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    I'm so old, I can remember when Mackies only produced milk when I was growing up. In fact, I'll probably forever see them as a milk company that just happens to make ice cream, chocolate and crisps on the side!

  9. Avatar…nic - 57p per bag and £2.99 delivery, or free delivery if you spend £15, which is 27 bags. (edited)
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    Got sum in Lidl but only cheese onion flavour
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