Question: The third party gift cards sold at Co-op, tesco etc!

Posted 28th Nov 2011
My question is: Can you get staff discount on those cards for example if I work for Co-op and buy a spotify giftcard will I be able to get staff discount and membership points? And are tesco workers able to get staff discount on third part cards. I'm assuming not but thought I would ask the question, I guess you will at least get clubcard points.

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when i worked in a retail company, we weren't allowed discount on phone top ups, gift cards etc, so presume it the same as that
You'll get points but no discount
But you can get discount on PSN and xbox points, I'm assuming other retail company's then it's a no no as you may have staff discount at the other retailer, but no one has staff discount for say facebook credits or spotify. I suppose I could always try. Thanks for your feedback
at tesco we can get discount on phone top ups, i have never bought a gift card so can't be sure but i suspect it will work also.
It wouldn't make a lot of sense to give discount. Say you work at Tesco, OH at Sainsbury's and the staff discount is 20%.
Buy £100 Sainsbury Giftcard for £80.
Use that to buy £100 Tesco Giftcard for £80.
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