Received duplicate order

Posted 7th Apr 2020
I ordered some bullion from royal mint and received my order yesterday to my surprise there was two boxes and they had sent a duplicate order (value over £2000) so I contacted them explained the situation and asked them to collect the items.

Today they got back in touch and thanked me for notifying them and asked me to post it back to them through the post office I replied to this email stating what days I’m off from work and that can they send a courier to collect on one of those days they have responding to this saying they need me to post it back then they will refund me the postage once they get it.

I’ve replied stating they need to collect as I don’t drive and I’m not walking into town with valueable goods.

Have any of you been in similar situations? Or do you know my rights on this matter.
I believe I’m being flexible by giving all my available dates for collection and packaging the parcel back up however I’m not willing to pay anything and then try and get money off them
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