Samsung Microwave SE error - Any ideas how to fix?

Posted 28th Apr
Hi all

Our Samsung smart oven microwave has started showing up SE error in the last week. Its out of warranty as 3 yrs old and I enquired for a repair cost from the reseller where I purchased it from but the repair has been quoted as much as the price of a new unit itself. Have google’d and you tube some repair videos and have tried those tips. It seems to have kept it going for a few days but now seems to have stopped for good.

If I power on the unit now, it just comes up with SE on the display panel straight away and then does not accept any input on the panel

Is this an issue with the panel itself? Am I better off getting the unit replaced or just the panel?

Someone else mentioned these Samsung smart ovens have a known issue with convection oven causing this error but we have hardly used that feature. Most of the usage is microwave features

Any ideas/advice will be appreciated

Thanks !
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Assuming UK merchant sold the item, SE / 5E error is possibly grounds for unacceptable "common / inherent fault" claim against merchant based on comment at US website here…htm
and could probably find multiple other examples.
Up to 6 years after purchase to file claim.
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