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Spotify Premium Family Ukraine (6 users) only £6.60pm ($7.99) - (£1.10 pp/pm)

Posted 8th Jan 2023
I know this is posted a lot and it's very hit or miss whether or not it works. It took me several attempts with PayPal just to get the card to link but eventually it does work . A great deal once it is working, good luck.

Not as good as Philippines and other countries we had in the past but they just wont work anymore. However, this is cheaper than the Egypt one that's been doing the rounds with a gift card lately.

****For people having trouble with the country changing, you need to use an installed version of your VPN, not one of the browser ones, for example windscribe chrome add-on would work, windscribe app did, both set to Ukraine.*****

****Important note that I was using NordVPN - Ukraine which did work eventually****

Subscription prices around the world fluctuate a lot. Mostly due to the fact that they have to be in relation the average income of different countries.

Prices (Charged by Spotify in USD):
Spotify (1 User) = $4.99 p/m
Spotify Duo (2 Users) = $6.49p/m
Spotify Family (6 Users) = $7.99 p/m

So the steps I followed was

- Connect VPN
- sign up to PayPal in Ukraine with the VPN on. DO NOT USE a UK PayPal account as it wont work.
- register your card to the Ukraine PayPal. It will set the default currency to GBP so just click on the linked card and change its currency to Ukraine hryvnia.
- bill address, I put my
UK door number.
UK Street name.
Ukraine city (I used Kiev)
Post code = I used a random Kiev postcode I found on Google.
- Register to Ukraine Spotify. If you are using a current account then it will need to be on a free account, then whilst connected to Ukraine VPN change your region under profile to Ukraine.
- Sign up and select pay by PayPal for subscription.

****Remember the address you use, as family members will need to confirm your address when activating their subscription.*****

**** ONE KEY NOTE, AFTER I SIGNED UP FOR UKRAINE PAYPAL, I GOT THE ERROR "We weren't able to set up pre-approved payments" AND WOULD NOT WORK. I LEFT IT A WEEK AND THEN TRIED TO ADD A SUBSCRIPTION TO MY SPOTIFY USING THE SAME PAYPAL AND IT WENT STRAIGHT THROUGH. Seems that PayPal needs time to run checks on your PayPal account and allow pre-approved payments. I also had my account limited and PayPal request ID so I sent them my UK Driving Licence which they approved.******
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  1. Twitch's avatar
    Anyone tried India?
    MoneySaving90's avatar
    MoneySaving90 Author
    There KYC (Know your customer) is preventing any sign ups now. The Philippines used to be the go to but they have really tightened that up and you can do it anymore
  2. simit6's avatar
    All paid for thanks! Spotify asked for address so put UK address in, will see if it picks it up soon
    simit6's avatar
    UK address worked fine. To be honest I cancelled it after a month, all the recommendations, playlists and top chart podcasts and music were Ukrainian as expected. As Spotify is my daily driver for music and pods wanted it in English. Also setting up a UK family sub is cheap enough.
  3. dave.richardsonskV's avatar
    Can we use this card for netflix
  4. Rufuss's avatar
    Exploiting Ukrainians at such a tumultuous time is just so shameful.
    mgk's avatar
    Agreed! Fortunately this isnt exploiting Ukranians in any shape or form.
  5. Feverdawg's avatar
    Thanks. So Windscribe doesn't work? Or does/might and you just happened to have had Nord open at the time?

    My fam have a couple of accounts that are ending next week on someone's other share who's stopping doing it, so hopefully can set this up, is it easy to leave someone else's family plan
    MoneySaving90's avatar
    MoneySaving90 Author
    I don't have windscibr anymore but in the past it never worked. I have Nord and that works perfectly. If you need a new share then I can assist as well
  6. Feverdawg's avatar
    Aah I see the Ukraine on Windscribe is only for premium anyway. Guess Nord 40 day trial may be best option
    MoneySaving90's avatar
    MoneySaving90 Author
    I've had no end of issues with windscribe, Nord is the only one I have been able to use and work to be honest.
  7. Voltix's avatar
    Its for around £5.60 in Poland
    Admast79's avatar
    Exactly. And I guess you can pay with any card as long you use VPN with Polish IP. (edited)
  8. cundall's avatar
    Has anyone noticed something pop up on the app to say that you seem to be travelling and can only use it for 14 days while abroad?
    Feverdawg's avatar
    Worrying, if have to potentially reset your spotify every 14 days by hooking it to a VPNd login
  9. Feverdawg's avatar
    Just tried a free Ukraine VPN (not nordvpn) but can't even get a PayPal account made as prompts for a mobile number before any other details after country selection
    49281879-OsSgU.jpg (edited)
    Feverdawg's avatar
    It seems to have allowed me to creat the Ukraine PayPal account by NOT having a VPN on as it then allowed me to use a UK SMS
  10. Dazimus's avatar
    I can’t seem to get my NordVPN iOS app to ever connect to Ukraine. Sits trying for a while, flashes up green for a split second to say it’s connected and then drops the connection immediately.

    Edit: Actually ignore that, it happens with other countries too. I think Nord is just broken maybe. (edited)
  11. Gavin_hartin's avatar
    I have my Ukraine spotify account set up yesterday and have also set up my Ukraine paypal and have added my UK revolut card to paypal. I have used it to make a paymnet online to CDkeys and it went through ok, but then i try to sign up for monthly spotify i keep getting the below message. Anyone any ideas why? and how to resolve?49693955-CXQgA.jpg
  12. jadykaijai's avatar
    By the way MoneySaving90
    Managed it just like you listed! Cheers 🍺
    Only thing is as it been on a Ukraine vpn throughout the whole process, I'm signed in and its all good except its half Ukrainian and half of the rest. Obviously cause of the process but is there a way round this?
    Any guidance appreciated!
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