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Virgin Media mates rates

Posted 4th Apr 2017
Hi everyone.

I am toying with the idea of going to VM when they stop digging my road up.
Does anyone know what the current mates rates discount is?
They are offering a good deal 12 months, but the guy I need to ask is away for 2 weeks (just my luck)
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Mates rates don't really exist any more
Thanks Bigack.

I know they still exist.
Just a quick search brought up this

That's 2017 and has very new packages on there.
I just wondered if that is the most up to date, or has it changed.
I work at virgin pal only benefit freinds get is in internet speed increase nothing else at moment and since you are lightning area which goes to different department for some reason
But will find for sure pal as my dad just been referred waiting on is reply back as they rang him today
Bigack, good man. Keep me informed.
Have they only just come to your area. Might be worth waiting. They have just come to mine. We had a knock on the door yesterday from them. To offer us virgin. We were offered the sky sports and can't remember if he said movies. broad band on ( think he said the v6 box. Could have the wrong name for the box ) for £36 a month on a 12 month contract. We pay that for phone and broad band on sky. We don't use the phone. But more than happy to swoop the phone for the tv instead.
Some very helpful members have given my the "mates rates" prices and they are the same as me being a new customer really.
Full House Movies Bundle for £55 12 months, then £83
That is still very good really (have half price Sky with movies for £28 and pitiful 30Mb fibre for £35 - total £63), but it seems Bigack was right and mates rates don't exist anymore

So the rule of thumb is to wait till they bang on my door, vikki?
That is a cracking deal if you have Sky Sports and/or movies with broadband for £36. Did you get offered the 200Mb broadband?
My kids rape my paltry 30Mb at the minute.

I love playing hardball (Yorkshireman)

EDIT: On looking at VM's site now, my postcode shows it's almost available.
They show an offer of the following on Full House with Movies:
£46.00 a month
for 12 months
then £89.00 a month

While cheaper on the outset, it's more expensive in the long run

I'll take vikki's advice.
Thanks everyone
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