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AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Zen 3 CPU £381.36 @ CCLOnline
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Made hot 22nd Dec 2021Made hot 22nd Dec 2021
Found great deal for 5900x if anyone is looking.

If the price had stayed at £380 ish I'd be looking for a compatible motherboard for my new chip.


I managed to bag the 5800X for £249!!


What you guys think is lowest price you should buy this at? I was thinking £400 6-8 months ago


Looks like its expired.


the old CCL bait and switch eh?

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Desktop Processor CPU - £404.91 with code @ box_uk / eBay
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Made hot 26th Nov 2021Made hot 26th Nov 2021
29/11/21 - 18:00 eBay have activated this code again Credit to wetlemon56789 who originally posted this deal from ebuyer on eBay. Posted this as the other vendor is out of stock… Read more

I actually have both 5900x and 11900f, that's the trouble with this site :)


Arrived today


This is a hell of a lot also doesn't do much by itself.


Depends what you wanna do with it. I swapped my mac mini for a customised 16GB one because 8GB of ram is useless if you do anything more than light browsing. With 16GB, photo editing is great now. I also have a 3900x which is a joy to use but somehow Lightroom does AI stuff faster on the mini. All in all, if you don't do anything pro, the M1 Mini is a fantastic device but make sure to get a 16GB ram one.


Raptorlake will b good

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Desktop Processor (4.8GHz, 12 Cores, Socket AM4) Box £404.99 with code @ ebuyer / eBay
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Made hot 26th Nov 2021Made hot 26th Nov 2021
£45 cheaper than anywhere!! Use code MORESAVINGS at checkout!

Oos from ebuyer but box_uk still have some


Missed it. Never mind. In no hurry really! But thanks for keeping an eye out OP. Needs to be about £300 now really. Even though I would never buy an Intel, AMD need to get real now they have some competition.




Boom! Just waiting for a deal on a kraken z73 and I have everything!!! Thanks op (got it from box_uk instead)


I bought one of these too! Kind of. Hermes never bloody delivered it and Amazon wouldn't send me a replacement. Would only offer me a refund. :(

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Processor - £445 with code @ Currys
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Made hot 23rd Nov 2021Made hot 23rd Nov 2021
£4.99 cheaper than Scan with code, but 3-5 days shipping. Socket: AM4 Frequency: 3.7 GHz Turbo Boost: 4.8 GHz 12-core Cache: 64 MB L3 The AMD Ryzen 5th gen processors gi… Read more

Wowzers. I paid £ 450 3 months ago and this CPU is a beast. It is wolf in wolfs skin.


£400 each here (or cheaper for multi-buy!)


Thank u so much for all this....gonna look into it xx


Lower end systems, they’ve the same warranty as some high end systems they’re just lower specs for the more basic/casual tasks. Can easily last 5 yrs. Personally I wouldn’t spend below a grand starting point rather pay more now and last longer or pay £600 now but then in a year or two need to spend another £500 to upgrade but as you say she has no plans to go big - or may not even use the system after a year - so I understand not wanting to throw £1K down. Think you might benefit from a laptop. Low/Mid gaming but also will fly through programs for web browsing and work/school/coursework or whatever. I’ve a high end system but that’s good for 5 years and more upgrade friendly. My old system was £2.5K and lasted 11 years (lol) my new one is more and probably last the same just chip crisis is causing panic. You’d get away with a 2000 series or even older though for casual work/MC.


Thank u. Out of curiosity, why are these so cheap in comparison? They wont die on me or anything?

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AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12 Core AM4 CPU/Processor Retail - £449.99 delivered @ Scan
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Made hot 22nd Nov 2021Made hot 22nd Nov 2021
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12 Core AM4 CPU/Processor Retail - £449.99 delivered @ Scan£449.99 Free P&P FreeScan Deals
Great price, quick shipping!

I’ll wait


You did well then as I spent £710 on one bundled with a naff b550 board in April - when prices were at peak :(


I have 3900x and always upgrade around Christmas looking to go this or 5950x which should last another 5 years easy.


I'm never buying an Intel just because of my personal preference. Not too fussed about minor differences though... I think a 5900x will be just right for what I want. I looked at this due to the debate on here. I'm STILL not giving Intel money where I can help it (I accept that motherboards and other components will have some Intel chips on them). So 5900x for me.... But I hope that the price comes right down over the next few months. Just need to hope they ban crypto soon (lol)


If u say so

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Processor - £453.05 @ Amazon EU
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Made hot 18th Oct 2021Made hot 18th Oct 2021
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Processor - £453.05 @ Amazon EU£453.05Amazon Deals
Brand AMD CPU manufacturer AMD CPU model Ryzen 9 CPU speed 3.7 GHz CPU socket Socket AM4 Platform Linux, Windows Secondary cache 4 MB Wattage 105 watts Cache size 70 Processor coun… Read more

After I bought it, 6 days after in fact.


Not a pain at all, I love it :D It does mean I upgrade less frequently though, and will go higher end each time I do. It's not a massive faff to rebuild, but I don't mind avoiding it if I can ;) If I stayed Intel the CPU block is good, but I am dabbling in changing teams :o


Oh, that's a pain. A custom loop for a 4790K? Mine ran at 4.9 GHz on air easily. I guess it'll be useful when you do upgrade as even the newer CPUs munch power.


I've got a custom loop, so new tubes, blocks etc., plus I'll change GFX card because of the loop, I haven't lost anything ;)


I think its somebody who is operating from the bedroom, dodgy as you get