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Refurbished Apple HomePod Voice-Activated Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Siri - Space Grey £151.99 @ Argos eBay
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Posted 12th AugPosted 12th Aug
A great saving. Apple themselves sell these refurbished for £239. Not sure how many of these are available, but I'd expect it to be quite a limited amount. Item Condition Refurb… Read more
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Dam! Cheapest refurbished HomePod. I need to set some alerts for these offers..


Aww gutted I missed this (annoyed)


I was just about to grab two :( Thanks anyway


I expected limited, but not quite that limited! Expiring.


OOS looks like they only had 3

Upto £150 Credit back to Account for Apple Products at VERY
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Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Just ordered a few bits and noticed that Very have added a cashback to credit account when buying Apple products and using their 12 month buy now pay later option. Terms of the o… Read more
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Did you have an option to select BNPL without the code? When I said eligible, I meant for BNPL.


It is eligible. All accounts are. This was for all customers.


Very odd, I’m not too sure what it could be. Perhaps your account may not be eligible.


Weird. I tried again at 20:59.


iPad Pro 2018 allowing me to add code to it.

Apple Watch Series 3, GPS, 42mm with Sport Band, White £199 / Nike+ 38mm £229 with 12 months BNPL / Apple HomePod £229 (more in OP) @ Very
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Update: Apple watch series 3 42mm available again. Upto £150 back on Apple Products with 12 months BNPL Use code NWEAP at Checkout Payment method will automatically chang… Read more

My £50 was credited a few weeks ago leaving a balance of £199 so paid it off in full with no interest incurred :)


How do you get the Apple Watch Series 3, GPS, 42mm with Sport Band, White for £199?




I called them and they said my current status of being a fulltime unpaid Carer was more than likely why the code wouldn’t work for me as I’m not entitled to the 12 months BNPL which strangely enough I didn’t need but would have like the £50 discount, anyway I’ve cancelled my account.


Seems to be sold out again !

Apple HomePod Voice-Activated Speaker With Siri - Space Grey £189.99 delivered (Refurbished with 12 month Argos Guarantee) @ Argos eBay
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Refreshed 28th AprRefreshed 28th Apr
Update: 08/05 Available again. Seems good price as Apple sells refurbished for £239 & currently its out of stock at Apple website. The space gray Apple HomePod is a wireless… Read more

Back in stock...


Just ordered one, it became available for a few mins it seems, out of stock now again.


It’s a very good speaker I love mine and i will be getting more (y) 👌


Ok after lots of reading online I found a well hidden snippet of good information on the HomePod self adjusting audio. Apparently it has an accelerometer that detects it being picked up and put down and once it senses this it does it self adjustment. I’ve now moved it and put it back down and it’s transformed the sound into what I was expecting out of this thing. It’s night and day! Can only assume it was because I placed it down whilst it was updating to 12.2 (was only on 11 when it arrived) first time round. Much happier and hope this helps somebody out


And for the record I own a silly amount of Apple stuff so not an Apple hater. Bit gutted as wanted to be impressed by it

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Apple HomePod - price drop to £279 delivered @ Apple
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Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
Apple HomePod - price drop to £279 delivered @ Apple
£279£31913%Apple Store Deals
Official price drop available via Apple website for the Apple HomePod.
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Totally wrong you need a pair to match 1 HomePod according reviews


Add on the 20% VAT included in the UK price and it's pretty much spot on conversion. The US prices doesn't include sales tax and is added on at checkout. (lol) at Bose being a well known audiophile brand (I have no idea if that speaker is good or bad)


Are you saying Apple or Siri could be obsolete in a few years? If the former you need to change your name to AbsolutelyPlasteredNurse. Siri though, well it definitely needs work.


Would have to be mad to buy these vs decent speakers attached to Google or Alexa. No way of knowing where Apple is going with Siri but it's not going to be anything to write home about. Siri is an incidental part of a big product to Apple. Google Assistant/Alexa is the next big thing for Google and Amazon and they will throw any amount of money of it. Apple = closed wall system = possibly obsolete in a couple of years.


Currently owning many Sonos Ones, and a Play 5 and a Google Home Max and HomePods. The Sonos is not only better integrated, they play louder. The Home Max or HomePod are not as good as a Play 5 and two Sonos Ones are in my opinion noticably better than one HomePod or a Google Max. Two HomePods and its a closer call, however, AirPlay 2 isnt anywhere near as reliable as the Sonos multi-room playback (which I’ve never had drop out). Home automation with Siri is very limited compared to both Google or Alexa. On its own if you don’t have any HiFi or existing network speakers to compare it to it’s a good sounding speaker with several significant limitations in functionality and integration.

Apple HomePod £249 with £30 off credit account with Very or £279 without
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Posted 23rd Dec 2018Posted 23rd Dec 2018
Apple HomePod £249 with £30 off credit account with Very or £279 without
£249£31922%Very Deals
Apple HomePod £249 with £30 off credit account with Very or £279 without when you open an account and place your first online credit order of £60 or more! Apply for a Very Accoun… Read more

It’s a deal involving Apple, which means no matter how good the deal is it will bring out all the salivating neckbeards that roam these forums waiting for their chance to “give it to the man” by downvoting your deal, while they keep refreshing the New section waiting for the next lingerie deal to upvote.


Yeah true i paid £279 a few weeks ago but must be Apple haters with their echo dots and google home speakers :p


Even the standard price without first orders is a discount on the RRP


Good deal only for first orders though


Exactly, If I'd have put an Echo up with 20% off it would be 5000+ hot by frustrating as it looks like it a pap deal

HomePod £50 off with Apple Music now £269 Apple
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Posted 12th Dec 2018Posted 12th Dec 2018
HomePod £50 off with Apple Music now £269 Apple
I received a £50 off email from Apple as an Apple Music subscriber. Which is fantastic as I’ve been looking to get this for Christmas
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Homepod costs over 200 dollars in materials. They are actually losing money on selling them.


Blimey, he didn’t even get a ‘like’ for his generosity!


Sadly is had been redeemed already...grrr


Is the one above of no use?


Would love a code via PM if anyone has a spare code? Cheers

Apple HomePod still £279 @ Richer Sounds
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Posted 10th Dec 2018Posted 10th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Apple HomePod still £279 @ Richer Sounds
I know these where on offer last week, but apparently are still £279 in store at Richer Sounds.
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Hahahahaha sure man (y)


The Bose Home Speaker


What should they buy instead then, that’s equal to this product?


I'm inclined to agree but the beauty of this site is that its community are able to inform people who are less technologically-informed to not blow a load of cash on a mono speaker with a high end badge like this product.


This product represents Apples decline, people finally having enough of their BS, now their stock is plummeting

Apple HomePod down to £279 @ John Lewis
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Apple HomePod down to £279 @ John Lewis
Same price as the Curry’s deal, but I’d prefer the two year guarantee over the Deezers subscription
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Back to £319 now.


These are now back available again at £279


Hehe, my almost 70 year old Mum has just bought one too, she loves it.


They are so good in mono that I’ve gone for two rooms at the moment. I have a marantz AirPlay amp and Kef eggs in the kitchen and the HomePod on it’s own is better than that setup which is just incredible. Buy yourself airfoil by rogue amoeba if you have a multi room setup, astonishing.


They certainly sound better than the price tag would warrant don't they. Not quite real home studio quality, but at £319 RRP no one who has actually listened to one could complain. Stereo is awesome on these.

Apple homepod white with 9 months free Deezer £279 @ Currys
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Posted 22nd Nov 2018Posted 22nd Nov 2018
Apple homepod white with 9 months free Deezer £279 @ Currys
The Apple HomePod brings together Apple Music and Siri in a compact, yet powerful speaker. No more navigating your iPhone for playlists and messing around with Bluetooth – just ask… Read more

Yup still same price :/


This isn’t expired.


By that logic so does every other smart speaker manufacturer out there.


They removed a speaker so people have to pay double to get stereo. This is why you should own Apple shares.


I own one of these, seriously tempted by a second to make it stereo. If your first priority from a smart speaker is the sound and you are heavily into the Apple eco system don’t hesitate to get this. However if you the smart first and want cheap then the Echo Line is for you.

Apple HomePod £269 using code @ Very
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Posted 18th Nov 2018Posted 18th Nov 2018
Apple HomePod £269 using code @ Very
£269£29910%Very Deals
£50 back! Enter N77PP at checkout to order on 12 months Buy Now Pay Later and get your credit back on this item. Will probably go cold, although I doubt it can be bought cheaper a… Read more

I've found Siri to be pretty good on our Homepod. No problems making or receiving calls, sending texts, making calendar appointments or setting alarms. Apart from the odd funky mistake when it comes to music, it has done very well for us.


Depends on what you are looking for. If you want the smart bit first and audio second then get an Echo, if you want audio first then get the homepod. The sub £100 speakers are no way near as good, from an audio point of view, as the homepod.


If you are looking to have smart speakers dotted around your house you can't go wrong with the Echo line. I use them for the basics such as turning off the lights and giving weather reports etc, but made sure not to give them access to any more of my personal details then I have to. We then have the homepod in the lounge for Audio, the useful bits and pieces that Siri can do such as phone calls etc whilst knowing our privacy is covered.


Every speaker is cheap is it? This is as good as the B&W or Sonos price equivalent, if not better in my opinion and that of WhatHiFi too so disagree with naysayers here. If you appreciate audio quality then this delivers.


HomePod can absolutely play TuneIn radio stations, unless I have a special one ;) Granted it can’t play other music services unless you AirPlay to it but I don’t think the Google Home Max can play anything but Google Play Music (happy to be corrected if this isn’t the case). But yes, Sonos gives you complete freedom of choice. - D

Apple HomePod white or space grey now £299 at John Lewis & partners
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Posted 18th Nov 2018Posted 18th Nov 2018
Apple HomePod white or space grey now £299 at John Lewis & partners
Not a massive reduction, but both colours now available for £299 at John Lewis with 3 months free Apple Music plus two year warranty. Same price at Curry’s with 9 months Deezer. S… Read more

Went with this deal in the end - thanks for heads up! (y)


According to Apple 97% of the homepod itself and 100% of the packaging is recyclable. Apple's green credentials are industry leading, by a large margin. Airplay is not going anywhere, it's been around since 2004 (originally as part of the Airport Express and called AirTunes) so you can expect the support from that end to last for decades, although I'd be surprised if many original HomePods are still in use that many years later. If you are into the Apple ecosystem, as I am, and want excellent sound quality at an affordable price then this is well worth a look. Sure, I'd like the option for BlueTooth and optical out so that I could run everything through it, but it is not an option and is something that I can personally live with. That's the great thing about choice, buy what suits you.


I'm still using speakers from the 90s, I keep them all or sell them. Why would you buy something that is locked to one platform and will be a brick one day? Apple goes on about the environment..... Every other speaker has bluetooth, Airplay, wifi, 3.5mm, RCA and optical. But Apple, they tell shove two fingers up at their customers.


Well, lasts forever is relative of course, especially in the £300 range


And I'm not interested in their eco system to be honest. It was suggested that Apple speaker is getting lacklustre sales. Probably far too expensive for what it is. It's fine if you have plenty of their products and are happy to buy into it. I prefer to have my echo and other gadgets through my AV system.

iPhone XS £849 at Very with 12 Months Buy now pay later code
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Refreshed 14th Nov 2018Refreshed 14th Nov 2018
Very are giving £150 back when you buy an iPhone XS or XS max. IPhone XS 64gb £999 > £849 iphone Xs Max £1099 > £949 iphone X £120 back iPhone 8 & 8 plus £100 back … Read more

£150 credit received from Very as stated on offer, on 10th Jan. Thanks for all your help peeps (y)


i've just contacted them to ask as i can't see that it has been applied - they said it will show on my next statement at the end of January.


i'm confused too. my BNPL is showing an amount which doesnt take the full £120 Credit into account


Little bit confused because when I go to pay there are multiple options. The buy now pay later option is still the full amount despite credit having being applied


Thankfully received my credit today as well.

Apple HomePod on VERY £255 was £319 20% Discount 12 Months interest free £255.20 @ Very
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Posted 10th Sep 2018Posted 10th Sep 2018
Apple HomePod on VERY £255 was £319 20% Discount 12 Months interest free £255.20 @ Very
£255.20Very Deals
VERY Error, their 20% off code terms says not available on Apple products but working on HomePod use code MJWVK 2% quidco as well




Is there a figure-8 cable converter for this? I have a Sonos ONE that I want to swap for one of these but the wiring is in the wall.


Apple ditch support for AirPlay? The protocol they've been using since 2004 (as AirTunes), the technology they've just updated to version 2.0, and updated a load of their old (and discontinued products) to? AirPlay will be around as long as iOS/MacOS devices exist. Apple won't get into the TV market as people don't buy new TVs every two years.


I have a Mac, I have an iPhone.... I’m just not going to buy a Speaker that doesn’t support anything else.... what happens when Apple ditch support for it? It’s useless, they need to support Bluetooth at the very least. I wouldnt buy buy a TV that only worked with Apples ecosystem either. Imagine no HDMI ports....

EE 0% fees and interest on smart home devices when adding to plan (Apple HomePod, Nest, Ring etc - existing customers)
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Posted 8th Aug 2018Posted 8th Aug 2018
EE 0% fees and interest on smart home devices when adding to plan (Apple HomePod, Nest, Ring etc - existing customers)
Absolutely no interest on all smart home devices at EE! Apple HomePod - £319 RRP EE - £319 (£26 pm for 11 months and £33 up front) etc

People who have huge credit card debts and financial agreements all over the place are the last people to get a mortgage, and when they do they get the worst rates. Today’s society want expensive things they can’t afford NOW. That’s how all these money lending sites with huge interest rates do well. I agree credit is good on expensive items, but paying up front when you can afford it does no harm either.


Agreed credit when you can afford is healthy and it builds a credit rating which gets you things like a lower mortgage and better finance on a car. People like him who "save" for everything are the people who have the insanely high rate mortgages and then blame the rest of society as they have always kept to within what they believe are society's rules. So I hate it when people come on threads like this just to throw their opinions that people should just save. How about you just goto your cave and over pay for your house and cave with your backwater ideals? As unless you can save for your entire house you too need credit.


They constantly try to tempt me with these deals, first it was Samsung vr kit then the 360 camera I find it's all a bit desperate on EE's part


EE naaaaah never again


Most sensible people leverage credit when it’s appropriate, for instance when something they can afford and would like is available at 0% credit

Apple Homepod - £287 both colours at Selfridges Free c&c
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Posted 18th Jun 2018Posted 18th Jun 2018
Apple Homepod - £287 both colours at Selfridges Free c&c
£287£31910%Selfridges Deals
Not a bad deal this

I should've said with the Airplay 2 that I meant their new products that will support this. I was already aware that my Zeppelin wouldn't be getting support for this. Sound wise, I would love to hear the difference though.


B&W have said no software upgrade to bring the old devices to airplay 2. But all new products will support it.


Want to compare this to my Zeppelin Air. Waiting to see what B&W do with Airplay 2 as well


I would wait for the 2nd gen google and amazon have way better features and I’m a heavy apple fan ! Lol


Your either part of the Apple eco-system or your not. It doesn’t matter what they charge

APPLE HomePod £287.10 with code @ Currys eBay
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Posted 11th Jun 2018Posted 11th Jun 2018
APPLE HomePod £287.10 with code @ Currys eBay
£287.10£31910%eBay Deals
Know lots of people hate the HomePod but this is a very decent saving and now AirPlay 2, stereo pairing and calendar support have been added it is becoming a better product and the… Read more

Hmm so i have the apple watch, iphone and ipad and I’m now a Apple Hater.


You’re also right because I use my HomePod less because it doesn’t have Spotify connect as although Apple Music is better at learning what you like due to iTunes Match etc the playlist choice and length are woefully bad vs Spotify! I’ve got a great 500 song breakfast playlist from Spotify. Most Apple Music are 20 songs and all similar!


Ok that’s fair. I’m waiting on the new beam. Want to see reviews before I buy. Think could be the perfect product for a lot of people. Just wish it had at least HDMI in and out so you don’t lose and HDMI port. I’ve only got 3. If you use via optical you lose the smart integration (lol) I’ll still probably buy it as now got a new TV from here via BlueLightCard card I can get a very tidy 5.1 system with two play 1s AND use it with AirPlay 2 in combination with the HomePod upstairs 😁


The problem is you still end up with a smart speaker without the smart and open nature they are supposed to have. I am not one of those internet bullies that tries to lie or get stubborn so I'm happy to admit the reviews you presented have turned me around to a degree but I still see the flaws in the design and the warnings from what hifi themselves 'You still need to be a dedicated Apple user to even consider the HomePod, ' as red flags that you have to be an all in Apple fan (which is a bad choice for being given options). I'd even prefer to spend more on something like the new sonos sound bar which is more expensive and then get a cheaper phone like the samsung galaxy s9 rather than an iphone and you've made the money back but got a much bigger and more usable home entertainment setup. This is the problem with the homepod, it sounds like it is actually great for music and great for sound but it feels like a first try product with little room to expand it's presence afterwards. I'm hoping you give it a year or two and when Sonos or other brands recognise they can also release speakers at a competing price and they release newer ranges that sound gap will close but you'll also get a more open system that doesn't disappoint in that regard.Still, the homepod does indeed sound good for Apple users.


That’s fair enough. It’s better now airplay 2 on it but I totally get that.

APPLE HomePod - White or Space Grey £303.05 at Currys
Posted 27th Feb 2018Posted 27th Feb 2018
APPLE HomePod - White or Space Grey £303.05 at Currys
Use code Audio5 to save 5% code works on Speakers and Headphones Revolutionise the way you listen to music The Apple HomePod brings together Apple Music and Siri in a comp… Read more
Avatardeleted1837445Get dealGet deal

£250 and I’m there. Will add nicely to my overpriced-yet-perfectly featured Apple eco system. (shock) **Waits for £250 deal** (shock)


5% quidco Or cex Have grade a £275


Same as others Siri is shocking but Apple have just poached the google now developer so hopefully in time it will get as good as google, these will be great when you can use a stereo pair I’m waiting for BOGOF then I’m in :)


Appreciate the discount, but that price can come down a lot further. Cracking speaker though; heard it on The Verge and then saw one in person. Really amazing sound quality. It’ll be much better when Apple pull their finger out and improve Siri.



Homepod Coasters, buy 1 get 5 free £4.99 Prime / £5.98 non prime Sold by H&S Alliance UK Ltd and Fulfilled by Amazon
-84° Expired
Posted 16th Feb 2018Posted 16th Feb 2018
Homepod Coasters, buy 1 get 5 free £4.99 Prime / £5.98 non prime Sold by H&S Alliance UK Ltd and Fulfilled by Amazon
Protect your beloved wood furniture from the dreaded Homepod 'white mark' stain Buy 1 get 5 free, for your other home pods or as a drinks coaster. #ringgate :) - TGI Friday

Sonos also has this problem tbf to all.


Why people buy these things is beyond me. Overpriced crap. But then thinking about it, Apple have their devoted idiots who will buy anything at any price as long as it has a rotten fruit logo on it.


I can’t believe Apple could be so stupid to release such an expensive product that damages expensive wood tables. I have lots of Apple products but won’t buy this as it uses Siri which is terrible for voice recognition. This product is about as disastrous as Apple Maps!


Maths* ;)


Warmer sound too.

Apple HomePod - Space Grey - Pre Order £319 at Argos
-333° Expired
Posted 31st Jan 2018Posted 31st Jan 2018
Apple HomePod - Space Grey - Pre Order £319 at Argos
HomePod is a breakthrough speaker that senses its location and tunes the music to sound amazing wherever you are in the room. Together with Apple Music, it gives you access to over… Read more
Avatardeleted1903590Get dealGet deal

I have both the HomePod and a pair of sonos 1. The HomePod sound amazing, no distortion even at max volume and for its size, it will blow ur mind. Also I like the way siri pays attention even in a loud environment. But I would wait for the next version or for the Airplay 2, stereo & multiroom update later this year. Sonos has made the right move integrating with Alexa, there is news that the Google assistant would be coming to it too. 2 speakers for the cost is awesome. As for this deal, it's the same as what you would get from apple. Better go to John Lewis and get it as they add a 2 year warranty to it. If you are not in a hurry, I would say WAIT. The game is only starting and it will get better very quickly.


OMG looks like "Consumer Reports: Sonos One and Google Home Max Sound Better Than Apple HomePod" Kinda feel sorry for all the people that bought this and thought it would sound the best. for music. unlike Sonos you can add to them (also diffrent type of speaker, sub, soundbar and so on)


5 * WhatHiFi? review, mostly for the sound, this is my kind of speaker (for the sound quality, amazingly)


HomePod would be sufficient for most home environments but in areas which are larger (like a very large room, WSJ tested single HomePod in a 450 seat theatre and they were happy or at least satisfied). With upcoming Stereo support, two HomePods would communicate with each other to identify and 'fill in' spaces where the HomePod believes its not able to deliver the similar kind of audio as with everywhere else. As stated on Apple's website, stereo is still on track for end of this year. But I would suggest to exercise caution while you decrypt what 'stereo' may mean. Apple is playing around with the very idea of Stereo sound and to them it doesn't mean what it may mean to a layman.


There was always a way to Airplay to HomePod. That means Spotify, Netflix or literally anything else you'd like from your iOS device, Mac or Apple TV.

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