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Apple HomePod Mini - Space Grey £78.48 delivered (UK mainland) @ Ebuyer
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Posted 23rd SepPosted 23rd Sep
Apple HomePod Mini - Space Grey Hands-free voice commands with Siri Play music / radio / podcasts / news Multi-room audio with AirPlay 2 Touch controls 360º sound Jam-pa… Read more

Tried to order this but they cancelled our order as we wanted four. 2 in 2 rooms. Not impressed with them.


mine arrived today - very impressed


Lol. Rubbish device.


Same size as an Echo Dot 4th gen for only twice the price (lol)


Cheers. Just bought one

HomePod Mini Space Gray £69 (UK Mainland) @ AO
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Posted 8th SepPosted 8th Sep
Great offer on Space Gray HomePod Mini from Possible Quidco cash back too! Includes free delivery. Speaker sounds amazing for its size. Requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod t… Read more

I was gutted that they stopped the original HomePod. It’s a great speaker first, which is actually what I want my devices to be above all else. For everything else there’s HomeBridge anyway.


Alexa smarter assistant but sound quality of HomePod is definitely better.


Great shame the original HomePod is no longer sold. I’ve half a dozen along with some HomePod minis and the sound is incredible for the size. Airplay 2 with my Cinema receiver with multiple Apple TV’s and other systems via Airport express is flawless. Draw though? Yes, Siri is still dumb.


Connects, but can’t be set up using a Mac sadly! So does require one of the other devices listed to set up.


oh that is odd but can definitely confirm that isn't how it works unfortunately. If its this article then it says 'A streaming service compatible with HomePod' I guess it isn't worded very well because technically Spotify can be played but only with airplay.

Apple HomePod mini Smart Speaker - Space Grey £72.99 delivered @ Very
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Posted 6th SepPosted 6th Sep
I found the Homepod Mini for the lowest price I have seen before. I ordered one and paid £3.99 for shipping, now arriving on Thursday.

Back in stock but back up to £89


Not a bad deal and would complement my other HomePod and HomePod minis. What was disappointing is the dreadful UI of Very. The address input field wouldn’t find all addresses on their post code address find. Possibly the worse site I’ve ever had the misfortune to attempt at buying from. Added one to the basket but as I couldn’t check out because of the stupid site they subsequently sold out. Poor site. Will never bother wasting my time again using Very.


Saw the AO deal but they sold out and found this on Very. Glad someone put it up! Great price! Probably mentioned already but you can get free delivery if you use Collect+.

Habanerolover have them back in stock today and you don’t need to pay the £3.99 delivery. Just ordered and guaranteed delivery by tom


Very have this for £69 now if someone wants to update

Apple HomePod Mini - Space Grey £73.61 @ Ebuyer
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Posted 25th AugPosted 25th Aug
Probably the best price I’ve seen so far, including the delivery price.

Yes as I said before I do agree their initial suggestion was a fact one and they soon unwound that as we all know. That said it’s still an incredibly popular brand and they are as popular now as ever and there just aren’t mainly full Home systems that include home theatre at the same time. If you don’t need all of the facilities that Sonos offer then there are of course other options, as a long term owner I’m very happy with them and wouldn’t look to ever replace them unless a system which did everything better comes along My experience with my Mini has been sketchy. A well discussed signal dropout and lacking lunch compared to other speakers being two of them. As said, IF and when Apple enable Atmos via the minis (not sure if a hardware thing) then they’ll sell like hot cakes


Sonos are admittedly good speakers, they wouldn’t have made it to where they are now if they weren’t. Yes companies will only support products for so long; it’s the way Sonos went about it that not only angered their customers but the wider tech community including environmentalists and repairability advocates. Apple did recently discontinue sales of the original large HomePod, but they didn’t expect me to abandon it in order to keep receiving iOS snd macOS updates for my other devices, nor did they try to force me to brick it in order to receive a trade-in discount towards a new product.


There also were and are no GLWS in how their systems connect. ALL of their speakers still continue to work flawlessly. Are you a previous owner yourself or have just read about the issue?


That’s a fair comment. But it doesn’t change the fact their kit does a good job. I’ve got 19 products. Most from before the changes to S1 and S2 systems and they ALL continue to work as expected (obviously that wasn’t originally going to be the case). I’d still happily recommend them though as ALL companies will eventually EOL their products. Let’s be honest, Apple happily did so with the original Homepod (not as savagely as Sonos) but there will come a day when they no longer get updates


I personally wouldn’t touch Sonos and recommend others don’t either after the stunt they tried to pull a couple years back. Sonos eroded A LOT of trust and consumer confidence with their attempt to force long time loyal customers (who have spent thousands filling their homes with Sonos speakers) to abandon perfectly good, still functioning older hardware in order to keep receiving updates for their newer products. That showed not only Sonos’ true colours but major flaws in the way their connected speaker system works.

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Apple HomePod Mini Space Grey/White £77.89 (Membership Required) at Costco
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Posted 18th AugPosted 18th Aug
Decent offer from Costco. HomePod mini packs a punch. Jam-packed with innovation, HomePod mini fills the entire room with rich 360-degree audio. Place multiple speakers aroun… Read more

Where can I get one for £63? Thanks


Weird, I only ever had one google home, again it’s redundant now due to Siri just being brilliant. My house has 60+ lights external and internal, my tv and cameras use siri and it’s VERY rare to have an issue. Friends similiar opinion, never actually heard of anyone ever saying Alexa is good up until now. Quite shocked but oh well, you enjoy what you enjoy


Never heard anyone say Siri is better than Alexa. I have HomePods and the worst thing about them is Siri. I miss my Google Home Kit. Universally agreed that Alexa reigns supreme.


So you're comparing the much more expensive homepod with an echo? The comparison there would be with an echo studio Have you used a 4th gen echo?, sound quality way improved over my echo 2nd gen


I only have one mini , I have 5 full size HomePods and one is outside in my garden in a little housing I built for it, and I play music on that relatively loud, never a problem understanding commands though, have two Alexa devices and if it wasn’t for the doorbell they’d be either smashed up or in the bin (lol) I use Spotify, Apple Music and occasionally Amazon music, capital radio, magic, any radio station there is that I use works for me. It is by far such better sound quality in my opinion, I also use two in stereo for my tv for surround sound and it’s amazing. So happy especially for the price, I never paid more than £179 for a full size homepod and I can get these mini’s for £63

Homepod mini (no plug / customer return) £50.50 (UK Mainland) @ ElekDirect
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Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Homepod mini (no plug / customer return) £50.50 (UK Mainland) @ ElekDirect£50.50 Free P&P FreeElekDirect Deals
MISSING THE APPLE PLUG ONE LEFT Key Features Fills the entire room with rich 360-degree audio Siri is your do-it-all intelligent assistant, helping with everyday tasks Easily co… Read more



Do what you want mate, im not a finacial adviser


I’ve got one for sale. Shall I post it on HotDeals?


Obviously not as someone bought it...


Not for me, since I nabbed it.