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EA's FIFA 19 should be the finest football game of 2018. Featuring new European tournaments to play, some cleverly thought out gameplay refinements, a whole new multiplayer mode, new grounds to play in, and the usual annual statistical update, FIFA 19 should challenge for the title in style. Fans can find it for a bargain price at the FIFA 19 HotUKDeals listings. Read more
Xbox One X With FIFA 19, Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7 - £399 @ AO
Refreshed 15th FebRefreshed 15th Feb
Seems like a decent deal. Feel free to post anything better. Thanks Unlock cutting edge gaming experiences with this Xbox One X. It’s the most powerful games console ever made -… Read more

I've just put up my White Xbox one X up for sale, bought it direct from Microsoft and received it around 30th December. Red Dead 2, All digital codes unused, Forza 7 & 4. Brand new additional white controller unused too, put it up for 400. We shall see!


Video you packaging the unscratched code etc?


Beast of a machine, highly recommended.


Yeah I thought that on ebay but there's always the danger of them saying they got the item but the code was already used for something, Facebook or Gumtree could be an idea though


I'm sure you can sell it if you post the physical copy of the game to the buyer *the card it's printed on. If not try gumtree or face book

Nintendo Switch "Play Together" Sale. Donkey Kong TF £33.49, Diablo 3 EC £34.99, FIFA 19 £27.49 (more in description)
21/02/2019Expires on 21/02/2019Made hot 7th FebMade hot 7th Feb
There's a "Play Together" Sale on the Nintendo eShop - a celebration of local co-op games. It started today (February 7th) at 2PM and runs until the 21st February. A perfect oppo… Read more
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True, all three companies (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo)have this same policy but they’ve cited aggressive trading in trading laws as well, when asked.


Not sure if it was just bad choice of words but digital and physical pricing restrictions are enforced by Nintendo in order to keep the high street stores happy, they need them to stock the consoles in the first place. There is no legal trading laws that enforce this.


Can anyone tell me if I can use Revolut on Australia eshop or do I need gift cards, haven't bought from it before?


Some good prices. Donkey Kong, Captain Toad, Horizon Chase Turbo, Crypt of the Necrodancer all worth it.


(Falls off chair laughing)

FIFA 19 Xbox One £24 Download Code from Amazon
Made hot 2nd FebMade hot 2nd Feb
Important note on Xbox Live Downloads: Amazon customers can now send digital Xbox content directly to their Xbox device, without the need to manually insert long content codes. On … Read more
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Appreciate your reply, thank you.


Not if purchasing the game outright. You do need it for the online multiplayer tho


I'm new to the xbox one and not purchased a digital download before, do you need xbox live to redeem a digital download code?


Cheaper on xbox store via xbox credit.

Fifa 19 Xbox One Game £24 from Microsoft store
Made hot 29th JanMade hot 29th Jan
Currently £24 for the next 7 days. I said i wouldn't pay over £25 So i think it's a good deal. Plus it's not worth much once the new one comes out so having a digital copy ain't to… Read more
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Madden 19 came on EA Access today (ahead of the Superbowl). I don't think we'll see this come to EAAccess until Easter, right?


So confusing that this deal posted just a week ago for £2.08 more was voted cold and this is hot? Heat from me though, think this might finally persuade me to buy it.


Thanks ordered


Bought thanks OP used a 25 dollar gift card so got it for 18 pounds ish


2% quidco aswell

Xbox One X Gold Rush Edition (Battlefield V Deluxe, Battlefield 1943, FIFA 19, 1 month EA Access) - £409.99 - Very
Made hot 17th JanMade hot 17th Jan
Seems a great price. seen the bundle alone go for £430 on other sites but here you get FIFA 19 free as well, still worth around £30. £3.99 for next day shipping,
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I would strongly advise anyone NOT to purchase anything on a deal from VERY published on hot UK deals as VERY do not honour these saying they are not affiliated links - I have been stung by this and the most awful customer service I have ever experienced in my life from VERY. Shop elsewhere for a better dealand more enjoyable shopping experience.


I got this bundle 3 weeks ago for £372 from Very.


Yup prices gone up this morning,snooze and you lose! (poo)


It showing £499 ?


Got the white one from Very last week with RDR2,3mths live and 3mths game pass for same price.Ordered it with free collect+ and they sent by Royal Mail Next Day to a Post Office of my choosing.Its still available if anyones interested. Hot from me

FIFA 19 PS4 £23.40 from PlayStation PSN US Store
Made hot 8th JanMade hot 8th Jan
You will need to set up a US account if you don’t have one already (in doing so ensure you use a non taxing paying state, such as Oregon or Alaska).… Read more
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Run Ronnie Run !


It's ok. I vowed not to buy it this year but after putting 95 hours into PES I decided to give it a try. I mean it is fun at times, I normally play FUT and just do Seasons (which is a single player experience) - Playing against other people is just frustrating as hell and everyone seems to have a Mega Money team. It's frustrating at times and the defending is non-existent. I would deffo buy PES over FIFA.


Dont bother game is so bad and servers dreadfull halfh the time. I miss pro evo 6 2v2 and fifa 12/13 2v2 lobbies which got removed good days now all about fut


Is this worth £24 or am I best getting the far superior soccer sim, pES?


Thanks, I just did that and it worked, may be worth editing the post to make sure people who have never done this choose a non tax paying state. I already had one from ages back so did'nt think to check the faq

FIFA 19 Xbox One £19.75 from Xbox US Store
Made hot 5th JanMade hot 5th Jan
You will need 1 x $25 USD Xbox gift card from PCGameSupply for £19.75 You’ll have $1 credit remaining from the deal. Go … Read more
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I'd rather not have to commit fraud and make up fake addresses just so karma can take place.


Xbox/EA are ripping UK players off by charging much higher price than US players. Karma.


Doesn't stop it being fraud.


CPS would definitely run with that (annoyed)


Worked for me (y)

Fifa 19 (Xbox One / Digital) £18.92 @
Made hot 4th JanMade hot 4th Jan
Good offer from Amazon :) You need to change the billing address of your UK Amazon account to any USA address. Remember to revert this address back afterwards. Pay using a fee f… Read more
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missed it :(


Has anyone tried this recently?


Any special way I need to redeem this on the Xbox?


Was in cex other day all the big games have release rrp still. (horror)


Awesome deal thanks, i'm now a resident of a Target store in Anchorage, Alaska ;)

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB + Red Dead Redemption 2 OR FIFA 19 £205.06 at ShopTo eBay using code POWPOW10
Made hot 31st Dec 2018Made hot 31st Dec 2018
Use code POWPOW10 - reduces either bundle price to £205.06 from £227.85

I've Also bought loads of games from ShopTo and never had a problem either (y)


I’ve used ShopTo many many times over many years without problem, they also dispatch quicker than virtually every other company out there.


That's true. Guess I was just looking for comfort as I've ordered one, then checked the feedback. Thanks


They always deliver and fast. Never had any problem either via ebay or they own website. Ignore negative feedback. It's not shopto fault. There's plenty of "questionable" buyers on ebay.


Hell of a lot of negative feedback on that ebay account.

Xbox One S 1Tb Bundle with free FIFA 19 or Red Dead Redemption 2 - £199.99 @ Smyths
Made hot 30th Dec 2018Made hot 30th Dec 2018
So whilst watching adverts just now there was an advert saying until 31st you get Fifa 19 or Red Dead Redemption 2 free with any bundle. I’m still undecided if I should buy one, b… Read more
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Was right before xmas. Perhaps gone? Apologies.


Sure 🙃


Cold I'm afraid. Argos got 2 controller console plus a game deal going on at the moment for £199


Please link to this deal as i’ve just trawled through curry’s site and can not see it....


So, did your description need a 'so' at the start like an illiterate teenager with a limited vocabulary ?

PS4 Slim 500GB Red Dead Redemption 2 / Fifa 19 Console £193.67 @ Shopto Ebay
Made hot 28th Dec 2018Made hot 28th Dec 2018
Good price use code. Fifa bundle:

Now available for £205.06 del using POWPOW10 code (expires 31/12/18)


Blimey, mine apparently being delivered 10-40-11-40. Ordered less than 24 hours ago.


What’s that? Can’t see it in the comments.


Yep, bought new ps4 for £195:D


You can use the ebay US code.

FIFA 19 PS4 & Xbox One £24.52 w/code @ eBay Shopto
Made hot 28th Dec 2018Made hot 28th Dec 2018
enter code POWPOW15 at checkout, ends 8pm Link goes to all on offer, thanks @reindeer333 for the heads up on the code

Code no longer works


Awful game. Returned it after a few weeks. Just check Metacritic if you want to know what others think as well. It has a 1.7 user rating


This is around £19 at USA ps store, still not tempted when seeing constant bad reviews from YouTubers, 5 patches in but still awful game play


This a code or actual disc ?


Picked up a PS4 controller and Fifa 19 for around £56 great

Battlefield V + Enlister DLC - Xbox One & PS4 £29.86 / FIFA 19 PS4 & Xbox One £28.85 @ Shopto (links in OP)
Refreshed 28th Dec 2018Refreshed 28th Dec 2018
Decent prices, not sure how long stock will last though! - FIFA Xbox one now included! Battlefield V PS4 & Xbox One Enter mankind's greatest conflict with Battlefield … Read more
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Nope, £24 odd


Wasn’t though, was it...


Picked this up for £50 with fifa 19 on the Ebay deal,bfv great game.


Battlefield is amazing surprisingly


I dont play computer games to hear women screaming. Thats what I've got my headphones on to avoid.

Xbox One S 1TB Battlefield V Bundle + Red Dead 2 + Fifa 19 + Forza 4 (Quantity Glitch) @ Shopto £208.84
Made hot 26th Dec 2018Made hot 26th Dec 2018
So the current deal is xbox one s 1TB Battlefield V with forza 4 (disc) + fifa 19 (disc) + Minecraft pass (digital code) for £208.84. But there is a way to get the same price with … Read more

looks like my deal posted yesterday (voted cold?) wasnt quite the same but led to this deal (now pulled), i wanted RDR so didnt add FIFA as the free option then added RDR as an addition to get this looks like this glitch to get fifa as well got pulled, got my order confirmed and artiving tomorrow but excludes fifa but still happy as selling the games and using mainly as a 4k blu ray player


Yeah sorry guys I got the email too, all orders are going to be cancelled.


Apparently the order seems to have been cancelled


All orders been refunded/cancelled


Don't shoot the messenger: "we had a glitch which allowed customers to order items for free and we are now going through them to advise customers of this and unfortunately will be cancelling orders and refunding. You should get your funds back within the next 2 or 3 days Regards"

Fifa 19 PS4 - £28.85  Shopto on eBay
Made hot 26th Dec 2018Made hot 26th Dec 2018
Free P&P United Kingdom Standard Delivery (Royal Mail 1st Class)
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They’ve taken away a lot of the players control, and you have to rely on automatic AI defending instead. Not good if you are a seasoned FUT player since 2009.


Run Ronnie Run.!


Really not much of an improvement to 18 which is miles cheaper if you aren’t fussed about upto the minute Squads


Check this site out (y)


Really, how so?

FIFA 19 PC £21.99 @ CD Keys
Made hot 24th Dec 2018Made hot 24th Dec 2018
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Run Ron Run !


Will be playing this on the nvidia shield using my preferred DS4 controllers! Thanks OP

Sony Playstation 4 500GB Console with FIFA 19  £208 @ AO
Made hot 24th Dec 2018Made hot 24th Dec 2018
Sony PS4 500GB Console with FIFA 19

It's went back to £229 today


Was hoping to see sub £200 after Christmas.


£21down :) get


Cus is PRO


Good price. Anyone know why the price of the Pro is not going down? So frustrating

MS Xbox One X 1TB – Battlefield (V Deluxe+1+1943)+ GOW4 + (RDR2/COD4/FIFA19/FH4) +Xbox live n Gold +EA access for £399.99 @ Microsoft
Refreshed 11th JanRefreshed 11th Jan
Topcashback 5% or £8 , potential to make around ££379.99 The world’s most powerful console Games play better on Xbox One X. With 40% more power than any other console, experience… Read more

As a newcomer, im not sure you’re best placed to tell me what this site is for. Your point is silly, if it was true, this site just wouldn’t work. Example, someone posts a deal for a half price iPhone, I then say it’s a rubbish deal because I feel they should be less, I then vote it down and less people see it, it’s really not hard. To explain it for you, if the majority of outlets are offering a new Xbox with 3yr for more than this, it’s a good deal, whether YOU like it or not, or think it should be less is totally irrelevant.... unless you’re some sort of celebrity who can influence the retailers with your abstinence? (y)


no i tdisagree. the point is to comment on whether the price is good or not for you. thats the point of the comment section. its not about just positive commments. and because right after this post , the ebay discount came in after . it pretty much makes your point moot.


The thread title still gave the price, my point stands, but hey, I'm not here to moderate, its just a bit weird (y) I paid about £280 for mine after all the games were traded in etc, very happy with that, looks lovely on the MU8000 I bagged in the Samsung 40% discount fire sale <3


nah i was interested in buying xbox one . but only would buy it for less than 349 gbp , because thats what its worth . people who buy it for more than that are wasting money . its not that good but having bought it for 322 gbp , i would say its alright . people should only get this if they have 4k hdr compliant tv if u still don't belive , add me on xbox live. pm me for id


So you clicked on a link to a product you have no intention of buying just to tell us that you don’t want it, cheers, I’ll sleep tonight (y)

Xbox One S 1TB Console with 2 Controllers + Red Dead Redemption 2 or Fifa 19 - £199.99 @ Argos
Made hot 23rd Dec 2018Made hot 23rd Dec 2018
Own the Xbox One S Two-Controller Bundle (1TB) and take a friend along on your gaming adventures. Play more than 1300 games, including 100 games available right out of the box with… Read more

Xbox One S 500GB Console with FIFA 17 £139.99 @ Argos ebay


Closest in stock is 87.3 miles away xD Thanks for trying anyways. Guess me grabbing a XB1 this Christmas wasn't meant to be.


Apologies I should have checked the stock levels schoolboy mistake!

thewrecker7477 there you go


Cheers man, I'll have a look now.

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