MEGA THREAD :List of Supermarket deals for Alcohol -Vodka,Rum,Whisky and Others: 2016

MEGA THREAD :List of Supermarket deals for Alcohol -Vodka,Rum,Whisky and Others: 2016

Found 6th Nov 2013
Updated 12th August 2016

Updated weekly/bi-weekly

Link to Spreadsheet:…dit

Prices loaded below with the lowest price marked in yellow and good deals highlighted in red.

As always you are welcome to add,suggest or amend deals.
Any national deals from smaller supermarket chains are welcome!

Remember that any of those listed where Asda is not the cheapest, buy them from Asda as part of your weekly shop (or with 8 other items), and Asda will give you a voucher for the difference + 10%, via the Asda price guarantee.
- loll1es
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Good bye liver
Good work!
Good bye liver
Heat for effort.
More heat for effort.
ah op you legend. no more looking through many posts for these deals.

Good bye liver



Heat from me, thanks
Chivas is always less than £20 in Costco (for members obv)
nice one, have some heat..
Well done again, many thanks. Could you add a Dark Rum like Captain Morgans or Lambs (Not the spiced stuff) and maybe Bacardi Oak Heart also?

brilliant..thank you!..heat from me!!!
[image missing]

OMG well done Zombieman.
Great Info ! Heat from thanks !
Ta muchly!
Picked up 2 bottles of Grants (700ml) and a Russian Standard (700ml) from Sainsburys today.
£30 for the 3. Not too shabby.
Go the £12 baileys from tesco today.plenty on the shelves and end aisles unlike rip of that was morrisons so called £9 deal that consisted of around 10 bottles per store in total.
Morrisons have been selling 1 litre of sapphire for just £16. So there's 250ml more fun.

Voted hot
Thanks OP

Heat and 3 R's awarded

Bookmarked for Recreational Refreshments Reference during the Festive Season

Chivas is always less than £20 in Costco (for members obv)

not at the moment its not only black grouse on offer
russian standard deffo highlight of the day, heat added
Good work, many thanks, heated.
Excellent work, thank you :-)
bloody alcoholics the lot of you! saturating nhs resources, saying you'll never drink again blah blah blah. . but then you go and do it again!! . amnesia is a great prize at the bottom of an alcohol bottle. . great!
Good work
Time to start stocking up on the cognac and armagnac! Heat.
What about Aldi? Some of their prices are crazy at the moment.
Thanks - just bought the Remy Martin from Asda £26 - Brilliant!

Very useful information - great effort! Heat added!
get the OP a drink......great effort and heat added......keep it up and you`ll break the heat record at this rate

thank you op, see you at aa
Russian Standard £15 litre Tesco
got jack and honey @ morrisons today £20.00 for non staff members £17 to staff!
Need to find deal on jäger!
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