Posted 1st Mar 2023
As we are all aware virgin media are increasing their prices, mine is going up by £9 a month. On the 100mb broadband plan currently and pay £28pm.

What's the best way to get the price down and get a better deal?
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    I called them today, was offered £3 discount for six months by the automated robot. I held on and spoke to the retentions team, who couldn’t really do much for me so I told them I still wish to cancel. I was then taken to the cancellation team where they offered me a better deal than what I’m on now and will not be affected by the price increase in May. 

    It’s worth noting I was on a monthly rolling contract and I’m now on an 18 month contract to get the deal I’ve been offered but I was told if the same was to happen again next year and they try to increase the price I’m able to cancel early for free.

    I think it really does depend on what contract you’re on at the moment but looks like the cancellation team at the very end are able to offer you the best deal.

    Good luck!
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    Glad it isn't just me then! I have been trying to explain above that I don't have RPI/CPI mentioned in my contract either.
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    Maybe worth getting a speed downgrade if you don't need a billion mb, as even 50mb can be overkill if you just stream music and TV.
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    Unless you need any upload speed
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    I called them - got an offer on the automated phone service but was only for 6 months.

    Went through to disconnections and said I can get Plusnet for cheaper than I currently pay and they just gave me the same price for another 18 months.

    So I guess i'll play the merry go round next March again when the prices go up above CPI.
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    From 2024 the terms and conditions are changing, it allows for a price rise in April and they won't allow you to cancel without paying a fee
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    Cut the cable......oh, sorry. Only read the subject line
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    Best way is to call them, click the leaving us option

    I got £4.50 a month off for 12 months no new contract
    I checked they didn't start a new contract and didn't tell me

    Forgot to say if I did nothing my price would go up to £30.90 (edited)
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    From 2024 the terms and conditions are changing, it allows for a price rise in April and they won't allow you to cancel without paying a fee

    @bhaskarsa I'm struggling to find a VM webpage that provides the 2024 TV,fibre,phone t&c;
    also can't immediately find the associated t&c effective next month April 2023 (the current 01 March 2023 VM "legal" webpage just references the 01 Nov 2022 TV,fibre,phone t&c)
    Would be helpful if you could provide source to the VM webpages / PDFs that provides the 2024 & April 2023 t&c, thanks.
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    There isn't one - its just what was in the email people have been receieving.
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    Lol, relative literally just fwd'd notification received today that NowTV call prices are increasing so 30days to cancel contract at no penalty.
    No doubt Now (Sky) legal team will soon be spitting out the CPI/RPI+x% increase t&c change...
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    Hey Andy, I'm sure you'll correct me, if I'm wrong. I thought there was some sort of law or regulation to protect people from unfair contracts that favor one party more than the other. How are they allowed to keep adding charges as well as increasing prices? Is it just, if the clause is/was there and we sign it. They've got us as its legally binding?
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    you need to ring up and get through to cancellations/retentions, they can offer you more off, don't accept normal low ball offers from firs tline of customer services,
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    Was easy when I called and they honoured my existing price contract unchanged
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    I think the best way is to have a look on Uswitch, these forums and any other comparison site and find a realistic bargaining position to approach them with when calling. You're clearly overpaying comparative to others on this site with the deal you're on so hopefully it shouldn't be too difficult.

    For reference, I was previously on a 350mb contract that was boosted to 500mb (using volt) for £26 per month due to end in August. They were looking to up our contract by £7 per month. I called and was asked whether our speed was good enough to which I said no (it definitely is an overkill for the needs of 2 people..) but managed to haggle to stay at £26 per month and have been upgraded to 1GB until August.
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