Finally cancelled Sky…what are my options?

Posted 5th Jul 2023
Hi guys, I have cancelled sky after 16 years, I hardly watch tv and the price just kept creeping up over the years. I have to send the sky box back, what are my options? Would I be better off with a free view box? I do have a smart tv. Thanks
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    Get yourself a YouView pro box. All the free channels, with the ability to record several at a time. All the on demand players and apps including the ability to add on premium channels via Now TV on a rolling monthly basis. All laid out on a better software layout than Sky imo.

    You can get them fairly cheap at CeX with 2 year warranty.

    If you don’t have a tv aerial then the alternative would be one of the new 4K Freesat boxes instead which does similar to the above but via a dish.
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    Lilly_White Author
    Thank you. I don’t have a tv aeriel, or that would have been a good shout. Will I be able to use the 4k frees at box with the existing sky dish?
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    Use the free services available (iPlayer etc) and see if you need more is my advice.
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    you will be fine with bbc iPlayer, itv x, all4, my5, plenty of movies and shows, and all done with your smart tv
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    Now TV stick with their passes or just a free view box as you say you hardly watch TV.
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    Have your TVs got built in satellite tuners? Some models support freesat too, so will be able to receive the 7 day guide, although if you had sky Q you will need to swap out the Sky Q LNB, unless you got them to fit a hybrid one.

    I think the freesat 4k box is supposed to work with most sky q LNBs, if you don't want to replace it.

    An Enigma 2 satellite box is another option, but I don't know if any support a sky q lnb. Enigma 2's advantage is it can receive the freesat 7 day guide, but is not bound by freesat's rules, so you can stream and copy recordings and install all sorts of plugins and customisations, add an usb freeview tuner etc, but enigma is a Linux distro and much more involved to set up and much less user friendly.

    EDIT: A quick google suggests you can't get an Enigma2 based box that support sky q (wideband) LNBs. Standard, Unicable and Universal LNBs yes. I have an enigma box almost identical to this -…pvr (edited)
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    If you don’t watch live TV or BBC, ditch the TV licence as well.

    I personally only use streaming services now, I do miss the big live sports events, but rarely have time to watch them anyway.
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    Lilly_White Author
    This is a possibility too, I was thinking this
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    If its a smart tv, i would assume it would also have freeview built in.
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    Lilly_White Author
    Yes it does, I’m going to wait and see how I get on, I have amazon prime and Netflix. I don’t think I will miss Sky at all tbh
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    Enjoy your freedom
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    So my smart TV has Freesat built in, there were some round connector cables at the back of the Sky Q box and these plug into the TV directly enabling Freesat on it without a box. TV also allows me to plug in an SSD to enable recordings, rewind etc.

    If you do not have this available on your TV, you can buy a box. I have a Freesat box for this on an older TV, which supports full recording, rewind, even reminders which Sky got rid of with Q. The interface is ugly, but given there's no subscription to pay it's well worth it.

    Now if you have Sky Q installed, as others have mentioned this would usually mean the Sky engineer has changed the LNB to a Sky Q one. What I did was pay someone to change the LNB to a hybrid one (go to the dish, remove the Sky Q one and replace it with one that will work fully). If you buy a box and can't get it to work you may have to have this done. It didn't cost too much as it's a simple job, and the savings from not paying for Sky justify it. Now there's no worry of being tied into a contract, haggling prices down for TV ever again, there's nothing to pay and you own your own equipment again

    Worth noting - Freeview is for aerial and Freesat is satellite dish, I would go for Freesat using your existing dish (edited)
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    Swapping out an LNB is quite an easy DIY job as it shouldn't affect alignment, as long as you've got a ladder and the dish is not too high up.

    Had to change ours because the old one died, although we've since put up a larger dish to get a more reliable picture when it rains heavily - having an enigma 2 box helped aligning the new dish, because we could stream the signal strength and quality to a mobile phone while we tilted it.
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    Ive ditched my sky as well, so very useful thread thanks
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    Just to echo the above, really useful thread. Thank you all. (edited)
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    Freesat box
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    Lilly_White Author
    Hi again, my sky had been cancelled now, and I have to send the box back. I’ve tried a fire stick. I think the picture quality might not be as good, what do people think (edited)
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    Anything streamed over the internet will have more compression than you would get with a proper over-the-air feed of a TV Channel.
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