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Kidde 7COC Carbon Monoxide Alarm (replaceable batteries) 10 Year Sensor and Warranty @ Amazon Deal Of The Day £9.99 Prime £14.48 Non Prime
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Power supply of 3 x AA batteries; Continual monitoring Multi-feature green and red LEDs 10 year sensor life End-of-life warning Test/Reset button It has replaceable batteries.… Read more
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Yeah mine's in my daughter's bedroom as is the boiler, so can't put a price on this, the earlier warning the better.


Thank you. Worth knowing that, which means it's worth every penny


The digital one's will read out any Monoxide present before the main alarm sounds. A good visual reference for even minor leaks providing you can be bothered to check it. I bought the digital one for £17 a few months back.


£16.99 now


Ok thanks for the info.

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm CO-FA-9B Battery operated (batteries included) - £9.98 @ Toolstation
Refreshed 17th MarRefreshed 17th Mar
• Free standing or wall mount (fixings included) • 85dB alarm • Auto self check • Test button • Certified to EN50291-1-2010

20+ available in Livingston.


I wouldn't normally plagiarise from which? but for a potential life-saving device i think it deserves a wider audience From Which? magazine tests: Pros: Aced all 33 of our gas tests, loud enough to be heard throughout the house, resilient enough to recover from a catastrophic level of the gas and just as effective on day 90 of our tests as it was on day one. Cons: None. Our three-month-long tests uncovered no weaknesses in this alarm’s performance.


ACE! Heat OP. Missed the one last week. Ordered & ready to collect from about a mile away from our house! (y)


Can get it with free delivery if you add this 7p insert - taking it to over £10. It's the cheapest in stock item I could find.


A great find. I renovate houses and take legal obligations and tenant safety very seriously. I purchased five of the previously listed Kidde alarm which was a little more expensive, although still great value with a digital read out. I have also purchased six of these units. heat added.

Kidde 7DCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm Digital Display 10 Year Sensor and Warranty @ Amazon Deal Of The Day £11.79 Prime £16.28 Non Prime
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Battery Operated (3AA's included) Two LED's - Red:Illuminates when in alarm mode,Green:DC power is present, normal operation Test/Reset Button tests CO alarm circuit operation an… Read more
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Thanks, ordered and arrived,now fitted (y) 🏻


:( :(


couldn't decide what other item to get to get free delivery and took too long to decide and deal ended..


Sorry I had to mention it. I’m a gas engineer and customers constantly call them c02 alarms. I always want to correct them but don’t say anything (excited)


If your advice was correct ;)

Nest protect 2nd gen wired Wired Smoke and CO2 Detector  2 pack £156 @ Travis Perkins
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
2x nest protect wired works out £78 each.

If anyone wants just 1, i've bought a twin pack and happy to sell one on for £75 - in Epsom KT17, I'm collecting on Saturday morning from store so available after that


Received my nicely packed nest today. How do tell date of manufacture for 10 year lifespan. ? Without opening box. So after bit of googling camer across this on redit ‘You can tell by the serial number on the box. For example the first half of the serial number of the wired version is 06CA01AC and the next four numbers afterwards are week and year manufactured, so that 0617 means February 2017‘ mine all say 4818 - which I assume is 48 weeks , thus Nov. 26, 2018. Can can anybody confirm this by checking the box and have looked at date please? :/ Also does anyone know approx cost to fit them in place of existing wired desectors by competent installer. (Have kids so outsourcing might be prudent). ??


Don’t think Amazon will match ‘trade’ prices.


Nope. I guess waiting for the Amazon to match that price then. Thanks for asking!


Did you get it working ? Feels like us northern Ireland folk been shafted on a lot of good deals recently

Kidde Carbon monoxide alarm £8.99 at Aldi instore
LocalLocalFound 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Compact and lightweight battery-powered CO alarm provides essential protection against the dangers of deadly carbon monoxide and provides continuous monitoring of CO levels. £11.… Read more
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It says on the packaging: Manufactured by Kidde Safety Europe Limited Lifesaver is a brand of Kidde Safety Europe Ltd As is the NightHawk brand. None in my store but got one in Asda today in a pack with a i9040 smoke alarm for £10.00


Just a reminder, contrary to popular believe. If you're only going to get one alarm, it should go in your bedroom - not near your boiler.


I've seen these with other names on too. Just a generic product that many brands stick their name on I think. We've had one for a few years now.


What about the parents?


Haha. The make is actually lifesaver not sure why label says kidde. Same as one from amazon

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm CO-FA-9B £9.98 Toolstation
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Everyone should have one of these in their house. FREE delivery over £10 spent or C&C Add this £0. 38p to get free delivery if can't C&C. Product Details • Battery oper… Read more
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12 available for collection in Stevenage Thanks OP & Hot from me


Misread this as Trollstation (embarrassed)


My fireangel carbon monoxide alarm is installed in my small hallway (gas boiler in here), on the wall, above the door. The fireangel instructions say for it to be placed in the same room as the fuel burning appliance and between 1m to 3m from the potential source. It also states: a) it should be located close to the ceiling, b) it should be located at a height greater than the height of any door or window, c)it should be at least 150mm from the ceiling.


Where did you bring it from? :/


These instructions go completely against what my boiler service guy said to me about where to install my alarm as mine is currently in my hallway (the instructions for that alarm also suggested what this website is saying..) He said that it should be installed in the kitchen above my door. Think I'm going to ignore that advice...

Life Saver Carbon Monoxide Alarm £11.25 (Prime) / £15.74 (non Prime) at Amazon
Refreshed 12th FebRefreshed 12th Feb
7 year life. This small, easy-to-use alarm is ideal for use in all living areas and can be installed on a wall or ceiling or used freestanding on a table or shelf. Continuous m… Read more

I had mine go off intermittently a couple of years ago. Don't forget your heating/hot water isn't always on, it may only hit a high level after some time, you have windows closed or blocked a vent that is normally open or it's being added to by another source such as a gas hob/oven or fireplace in the lounge. My gas boiler was just on threshold and only became apparent nearer autumn when things were closed more often. First gas safe engineer found on "trust a trader" was useless and condemned boiler saying he would quote for a new system, 2nd one found he hadn't cleaned the burner filter gauze and saved me thousands for a new boiler.


I have this exact model at home, and it's about five years old - but it's gone off twice now in the past month without any reason (I've had someone in to check there's no actual carbon monoxide leaks). So much for the seven year life.


apparently the test for a co2 alarm is to hold a joss stick near it, but i guess that would set off a smoke alarm anyway?


Thanks Liam great comments.


Can't get over the comments about fire service and gas emergency numbers. If a CO alarm triggers then turn off appliances, ventilate and call out a gas safe registered engineer. If you suspect the problem is really bad, as in someone passing out then get out and call fire brigade. A gas safe engineer isn't going to have equipment to enter a poisoned atmosphere. Just because you can't see and smell carbon monoxide, it's no less dangerous than fumes from a fire.

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector (Battery & Wired) £89.95 @ Toolstation
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. Split-spectrum sensor detects and locates fast and slow-burning fires and carbon monoxide. Can be controlled from, and will send alerts to, a… Read more
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Returned one today - was manufactured almost two years ago. Still a good price - but not if old stock.


I'd previously asked Nest support and they said there's no way to tell other than the date on the back of the device itself. Guess they were wrong


It's in the middle somewhere, it's obvious when you see the year number


What's the format? Is this at the start or end?


Thanks for that. I did have a look beforehand but hadn't realised the coding. I'll try either another branch or use my £10 code at screw fix and get it the same price. Shame nowhere has them on the shelf for you to look through and pick the one you want (y)

Status Carbon Monoxide Alarm £3 @ B&M
LocalLocalFound 14th JanFound 14th Jan
status Carbon Monoxide Alarm. Monitors and displays the level of carbon monoxide present in your home or office. The alarm's 85dB ringer is loud enough to alert you of dangerous … Read more
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None in Southampton, same Energizer's selling for 13.99!


Probably none you'll find.


This is a great deal and voted hot, however, won't check stock on floor or reserve etc etc. So it really is a case of taking a chance on stock I think.


Was after one, hopefully it's in stock at the store near me! Cheers op!


Very important, especially with stories like this cropping up. Thank you OP. Heat.

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NEST Thermostat + Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector @Toolstation in-store (Redditch) - £213.98
LocalLocalFound 24th Sep 2018Found 24th Sep 2018
NEST Thermostat + Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector @Toolstation in-store (Redditch) - £213.98
Just saw this in store in Redditch. Unfortunately didn't have my phone with me to take a picture. This is a combination of their in-store price reduction for the Nest bundle to 248… Read more

That's what they told me at the till


Yes, but the price reduction doesn't constitute an offer as such, or so they said. Did they try to put it through the till?


Just went into store and the £35 off is "not to be used in conjunction with any other offer".


No worries, thanks for the reply.


Didn't check, sorry. There may be both options available.

Buy two wired/battery-powered Nest Protect Devices for £162.00 @ Travis Perkins
Found 27th Jul 2018Found 27th Jul 2018
Buy two wired/battery-powered Nest Protect Devices for £162.00 @ Travis Perkins
Decent price for the wired Nest Protect if you are planning to get two. Works out at £81 each when you use the 10% off voucher (only possible if spending £150 or more exc. VAT). Ca… Read more

Customer services are reporting back as OOS for the wired version with no ETA


Heat from me. I bought one of the BT Shop ones and fitted last night. It's great. Even the wife approved. So need to get another 2, one for the loft which has some wiring I can use, and one for the ground floor, which needs a battery one; and looks like I can get one of each and still do the discount. Thanks, OP!


That’s a great deal for a great product! Luckily I said “usually” (excited)


Well obviously I don't know what future purchasers will get, but I ordered two 3 days ago - they are due to expire in May 2028. So I lost 2 months yes, but not in proportion to the discount! :)


Usually if the price drops it’s because they are old stock, so you don’t get the full 10 years of life. Therefore the price is just a percentage. Two years old stock, pay 80%.

Nest Protect (Battery) for £79 after using discount code @ BTShop
Found 26th Jul 2018Found 26th Jul 2018
Great price on Nest Protect, for battery powered only now (wired ones out of stock).

For me, my wife has a habit of leaving the cooker on, leaving the fridge door open, leaving the light on. I love her to bits but she is annoying at times like these, hence for me all this helps!


Bought from your other link. Nice one buddy. (Y)


Pretty sure the rate of house fires is higher than that. This does have other functions as others have elaborated upon.


When the chance of your house catching fire is a million to one why bother spending that much on a smoke detector when a 5 quid one will suffice


I have literally no idea what your point is. Are you saying nobody should have smoke alarms because the noise is annoying? It’s a smoke detector that self-tests and alerts you to alarms while you’re out of your house. It also speaks first rather than irritating you when you burn toast. The motion activated soft light is also awesome when I get up to drain the dragon in the pitch black. I leave my dog at home sometimes so I like the peace of mind to know if the alarm goes off and to call the fire dept and get the hell home ASAP. I’d say they’re worth every penny. I have 3 and love them.

FireAngel Smoke + Carbon Monoxide detector £18.99 instore @ Screwfix
LocalLocalFound 21st May 2018Found 21st May 2018
FireAngel Smoke + Carbon Monoxide detector £18.99 instore @ Screwfix
£18.99£29.9937%Screwfix Deals
Reduced in the pamphlet that arrived today. Seemed to me to be a good price for a combined unit Battery operated. 5 year guarantee Possibly online too.

£30 again now


Bought! Thanks OP needed something like this! Got tcb as well so another 20poff lol


Carbon monoxide detector should be close the unit, like boiler (which are usually place in the kitchen or bathrooms) or solid fuel burners. Smoke detector should be away from kitchen. It save the trip switching alarm off every time the toaster is on or frying pan. Kitchen- only heat detector + carbon monoxide if boilers present, Corridor, bedrooms- smoke detector,


More CO risk from open fires/log burners, which is why they are required for any new appliance nowadays


Awesome deal, these should be fitted as standard in all homes with a gas supply.

Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Battery or wired, 2 for £151.60 or 1 for £78.28 @ Priority Plumbing with code LUCKY
Found 13th Apr 2018Found 13th Apr 2018
Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Battery or wired, 2 for £151.60 or 1 for £78.28 @ Priority Plumbing with code LUCKY
I just fitted 3 of these and they are excellent. The battery-powered ones apparently have a battery life of several years. Link is for battery version, here is link for wired ver… Read more

Ordered 2 online for delivery on the 17th. Thanks OP been looking for this for a while.


Got my price-match request approved on 3rd attempt(was rejected for pricematch requests for Wolsely and Maplin). I need 4 of them...will place my order on JL now... Thanks OP


If they agree a price match you can get up to 10 of the items


Good to know, I've just put in a request also to them so hopefully they respond, but I've said that i actually want 3 of the items (couldn't see a wired 2x pack on PP site). We'll see what they say!


I just got John Lewis to agree to a price match: Thank you for your price match request for the Nest Protect Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm, Battery. I have looked into your request and will be happy to match the price of £78.28 for the smoke and carbon monoxide detector(product code 83870307) seen at Priority Plumbing. To place this order with us please visit our website. When you have received your items and are satisfied with your purchase, please let me know by return email.

Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector (Battery + wired) £76.30 @ maplin (in store only)
Found 12th Apr 2018Found 12th Apr 2018
Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector (Battery + wired) £76.30 @ maplin (in store only)
Please check stores Frist to make sure they have them. Same as the nest thermostat none local to Liverpool but some in surrounding areas good price for if you get one Wired link Read more
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I had a no stock by me either


No stock anywhere down south. (mad)


No problem (y)


Thanks OP!


Apologies I must of read it wrong :D

Carbon monoxide detector - £12 @ Wilko
Found 17th Mar 2018Found 17th Mar 2018
Carbon monoxide detector - £12 @ Wilko
£12£14.5317%Wilko Deals
Carbon monoxide detector
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It has brought it upon itself


Is the most ridiculous comment i’ve read in years...


The Titanic conformed to British Standards.


Can it detect farts?


It's a Which? Best Buy.

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display (£14.54 includes delivery for Prime members) £18.53 Non Prime
Found 17th Mar 2018Found 17th Mar 2018
Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display (£14.54 includes delivery for Prime members) £18.53 Non Prime
£14.54£15.848%Amazon Deals
Seems to have great reviews. Haven't seen it cheaper recently as have been looking for one for the past two weeks. Next cheapest I found is £15.84 but doesn't include delivery.
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I would like buy a carbon monoxide detector. The flat already has two smoke alarms connected to the electricity system. But both are very close to each other which doesn't seem good to me. They go off sometimes for no reason I always wonder if it's something from next door? Its a converted house so next doors boiler flue exit point is next to my single glazed bedroom window. So I smell boiler flue all the time and even laundry detergent smell when standing outside my front door which is just below the bedroom window. My boiler flue exit point is just above their kitchen. I would like to get a carbon monoxide detector for my bedroom but can I move the detector to another room from time to time and leave it on a table or countertop? Can I also just leave it in the bedroom on a table or on top of the wardrobe? Rather than having to fix it to the ceiling. Thank you for any suggestions. I have zero DIY skills and am learning a few basic skills slowly...I have learnt that the plasterboard walls don't need a drill I would wreck the plasterboard so I just use a screwdriver to put up a bathroom cabinet or mirror. So that I can do hopefully....


Thats perfectly normal


Take it outside and hold it in your car exhaust, with the engine running. That'll soon tell you if its working


Does anyone have one of these?, i have one and it never seems to read any reading on the LCD display at all always shows '0.00' surely it should be reading a very small amount of Carbon monoxide in the air at all times even if its '0.02' or something, so not sure if mines faulty or not!??


Not true

Kidde 10LLDCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm Digital Display With Sealed Battery £17.19  (Prime) / £21.18 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 7th Mar 2018Found 7th Mar 2018
Kidde 10LLDCO Carbon Monoxide Alarm Digital Display With Sealed Battery £17.19 (Prime) / £21.18 (non Prime) at Amazon
best price on amazon. >50% off Digital display that shows current CO levels (from 10ppm) 10 year sealed battery 10 year manufacturer's warranty

I have this one it is great (highfive)


Due in stock 10 March at £17.19 (y)


Oddly, when I follow the "Get Deal" link I can't see it sold by Amazon but when I then search for the ASIN direct I can. Maybe because I have already bought one - but want one for mother. Sorry HUKD for the lack of affiliate kick back!


The 10LLDCO is a sealed unit with a 10 year warranty, which has to include the battery as it is not a user replaceable part. The spec quoted above is for a (7DCO) unit that has user replaceable batteries. I bought this same unit for twice the price four years ago and luckily so far I have not seen any tigers.


Yeah, but it's not a 10 year battery; I made exactly the same mistake until I took a closer look. It's a 10 year warranty on the sensor.

Nest Protect, Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm (£99.95) £85.01 with code see op @ Toolstation
Found 23rd Jan 2018Found 23rd Jan 2018
Nest Protect, Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Alarm (£99.95) £85.01 with code see op @ Toolstation
Purchased using their £15 off 'JAN18PROMO' discount code (thanks to MayaForrester!): • Code is for purchases over £100 so you need to also add something else to your basket first (… Read more
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Offer is back on at £86.01 (£1 more than before) with new VALENTINES18 code. Same £100 spend requirement. Valid until 22 Feb.


I guess a lot has to do with the room size and the proximity of the alarm to the fire etc. At home the alarm is in the hall, if we burn any food in the adjoining kitchen, the alarm activates within a very shot time.


Expired 😰


Been after another for a while now, Cheers OP, HEAT!


Ordered thanks

Kidde Twin Optical Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Set £12.95 (£16.90 with P&P) @ Tooled - up
Found 12th Dec 2017Found 12th Dec 2017
Kidde Twin Optical Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Set £12.95 (£16.90 with P&P) @ Tooled - up
Offer includes Duracell batteries! Features & Benefits • Protects against the dangers of CO poisoning and fire • Easy to install • Includes batteries • Loud 85 decibel alarm… Read more

bit cheaper


Fantastic deal. I been looking for a spare smoke alarm as my friend had a kitchen fire and the smoke alarm filled my the local Fireman didn’t go off until the flames were licking the sealing. So I think I will get a couple more just in cast. Be safe don’t be stingy when it comes to safety merry xmas everyone xxx


4% off via Quidco


Look good, any free delivery codes?


Thank you for uploading paid 18.00 just for the carbon one which broke after 2 or 3 months after it's 10th drop. Amazing value for this make plus batteries.

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