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Dell XPS 13 Laptop, Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 13.3" QHD+, Rose Goldwas £1149.95 now £899.95 @ John Lewis
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun
Reduced from 1149.95 to £899.95 - great spec and comes with 2 year warranty

What would you like to know? The overly bright LEDs when charging? The WORST speakers on a premium laptop ever. The sharp corners? The light bleed? The rubbish battery?


The Inspiron 7000 series is the premium entry in the Inspiron line-up and admittedly, the quality has come on loads as it has to compete with metal laptops in lower segments (Asus Zenbook, Lenovo Yoga/IdeaPads, etc.) but the XPS still has the edge - the carbon fibre doesn't look cheap, it feels like plastic but then it's a composite material, it is incredibly stiff and rigid which is what gives it that quality feel, the metal lid is thick and doesn't really give or dent easily. I've had both of these and I'd pick the XPS all day long, but I do agree and I said it above, 1080p is perfectly fine for this, I have a very good 1080p IPS panel on a Dell Latitude E7440 (14" ultrabook) and it's bordering on being too small, but I do prefer to run at 100% as Windows just cannot deal with scaling properly and still can't after god knows how many years now. QHD and 4K on laptops of this size is just for 'retina' quality where you can barely see the pixels and have smooth fonts but you need much brighter backlights to achieve the same 'overall' brightness and much more power to drive the displays, and that seems like a waste to me. Dare I say it, the only mainstream OS that can deal with scaling properly is Mac OS X.


Old model is probably still better than my 5yo laptop just now, I ain't fussy lol :p


it's the old model, it'll turn up again no doubt.


Bahhhhh, I've had my eye on this laptop for ages. Oh well. Weren't meant to be.

Dell xps 15 for £949.99. £888 for used like new @ Amazon
Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
Or i7 like new for £950 Features World's smallest 15.6-inch (38.1 cm) laptop packs powerhouse performance and a stunning Infinity Edge di… Read more
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Inspiron 7000 series 15 inch is basically that, just not quite as sturdy but better value. Or go full-fat Precision.


Do you have a recommendation for something only slightly thicker but of a similar build quality of the xps?


It's retail would have been nearer £1500 though with that spec, everyone knows if you have time Dell Outlet has the odd crazy offer that pop up. I didn't say I was always near mains, I said a charger was always with reach so the opportunity to run off mains and have nearly full charge is always there. You'd choose the XPS 15 as a premium thin-and-light with a discrete GPU, it looks smart for business or pleasure and is durable/rigid. I'm typing on a Dell Latitude ultrabook now and would rather have something lightweight on my lap than a heavy space heater/ball cooker.


I paid £958 nearly a year ago but i did get it from the refurbished section while there was a promo on with 10% off all outlet laptops. Fair enough, suppose it is different for everyone, I just figure if you're always near a mains and not using it on the go then why even go for an ultrabook, just get something a bit thicker for way less money.


I'd disagree. I would take a smaller battery to be able to have an SSD and hard disk at the same time over larger battery. I'm never far from a charger anyway and 'being portable' doesn't mean 'must have huge battery', I always thought it lasted long enough as it is and am normally on mains as performance is reduced on battery. Not sure I buy into 'future proofing' either, blink and it's technically out-of-date anyway, just buy what you need. You obviously value battery life higher than me and that's fine. How much more did you pay for yours then - can't imagine it was much less than £1500 if comparing like for like.

Decent home pc for under £500?? DELL Inspiron 5680 Intel® Core™ i3 GTX 1050 Gaming PC - 1 TB HDD - £499.99 @ Currys
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
My old pc which was several years old has died and I need to replace it, and this caught my eye. I'm honestly really out of touch with what would be a half decent pc for home use … Read more
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While I get where you are coming from, I would point out that on the other side, a small investment in time learning how the components work together will save a huge amount of time and money in the future. Consider this, you would be able to effectively troubleshoot your system when, and I do mean when, not if, something goes wrong down the road. Instead of sinking lots of money and losing potentially weeks sending the PC off for repairs, you would be able to fix 90% of the issues that commonly come up in a few minutes, or at least know what part needs replacing. Just something worth considering..


I think you need to buy a console then.


Thankyou OP. I'm in the market for a new desktop. I have elderly parents, a young family. I have a busy social life and I run two businesses. I have *zero* interest in building a PC. Why on earth would i want to waste half a day of my time building one. Why would i want to waste time waiting for all the separate parts to turn up. Who is going to research which parts i need? which parts are compatible with each other? What if one part is faulty? what if another part doesnt turn up? What if the vendor send the wrong item? Who goes back to the post office to send it back? What happens when theres a problem in the build? Who is going to diagnose it? What if i'm not home when courier delivers and he doesnt want to leave the package in my shed? Who takes all the empty packaging back to the recycling centre? I've noticed this theme in all the Desktop deals. The PC builders come along and say 'you can build it cheaper'. Those parts dont just magically turn up unpackaged waiting for you on a workbench so that all you have to do is plug it together in 20 mins like a piece of Lego. If you enjoy it, then great. Good for you. But there are some ridiculously patronising views in this thread. Everybody has different circumstances. I value my time. If my PC is milisecond slower than yours then more fool me. There will always be someone with a bigger and better PC. There is clearly a massive market for us who just want to order a PC. It turns up, we plug it in and it just works.


But we all started with the first time. Technology nowadays makes it even easier than it ever was, and the amount of video tutorials also helps. The fact that most jumpers are even self explanatory, and that there are some tweaks on the design to avoid any missteps makes it a great time to build your own


Whilst I agree that 'build your own' is usually the stronger and preferred option. You have to put yourself in the shoes of those who have never self built before. Yes, the plug and play nature of most modern hardware does lend itself to following a tutorial to 'mechanically' put the thing together. But getting a viable operating system on and configured has nuances between systems, and its this that most novices have apprehension about. Also don't discount the experience required when it comes to troubleshooting and diagnostics. How many times, even as very experienced builders, have we been caught out by a dodgy bios setting or jumper. This is not to put anyone off self build. Do it, its an enlightening and rewarding, if sometimes frustrating, experience and there is a ton of support out there. More a note to all those people who have built before and take for granted the attitude and confidence required to take the first step.

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Dell Inspiron 7000 (7577 - CN57703) Gaming Laptop - 15.6" - i7-7700HQ - GTX 1060 6GB - 16GB 2400 - 256GB PCIe NVMe - 1TB HDD - Free Del - £859.13 at Dell
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
While trying to get a decent price on a Coffee Lake laptop, I came across this deal for a Kaby Lake laptop. Great deal for a i7-7700HQ/GTX 1060 6GB/16GB RAM combo. Meant to be a g… Read more

let us know if it's ships!


been looking for a laptop deal and ofc I missed this :|


Last time something like this happened it wasn't honoured and it took a month to get the money back from Dell


Yup, looks like someone forgot to remove the discount that was already on the laptop, you can still see the £350 discount on the product page, it just gets removed on the basket. So it was accidentally stacking with the coupon lol. Nice if anyone managed to grab it though :)


the link seems to be dead on this one, expired?

Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming, i7-7700HQ, UHD (3840 x 2160) IPS,16GB, 512GB SSD+1TB, GTX 1060 with 6GB £1149 @ Dell
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
1. NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 with 6GB GDDR5 2. Dual drives with 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive+ 1TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive 3. 16GB, DDR4, 2400MHz 4. 15.6-inch UHD (3840 x 2160)… Read more

Alienware is overpriced imo.


I bought my daughter the 1050ti version of this. Luckily from the outlet store for £564. Price was due to a mess up with the 1060 version I ordered for £650 which they could not find the laptop. Meant to be a scratch and dent but looked new without any scratch or dent. The screen is nowhere as bright as my Alienware 13R3 with 120hz TN Panel. watching a film on it however was far better on the Inspiron since an IPS screen


You could pick up Alienware 15 for less (with discounts) . though wont have the 144hz IPS screen...


Ok, fair point.


Not talking about their limited time promotional discounts shown on their website. I'm talking bargaining with them from their advertised price.

DELL Inspiron 15 - 5579 2 in 1 Touch Screen - i7-8550U Windows 10 Pro 16GB RAM 512GB SSD UHD GFX Backlit KB 15.6" FHD IPS £564.96 @ DELL OUTLET
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Certified Refurbished Inspiron 15 - 5579 2 in 1 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-8550U (Quad Core, up to 4.00 GHz, 8MB Cache, 15W) Windows 10 Pro (64bit) 16GB (1x16GB) 2400MHz DDR4 Non-E… Read more

You whole point is to take offence on behalf of someone who gave me a like for my comment. I wrote, "This is an ignorant statement." I did not not call others ignorant. You are a liar because you said, "My whole point was that you should be less combative and quick to call others ignorant." I did not use the first person. As an analogy: "This is a long statement." This does not mean that I said the person is long. A dictionary definition of this "ignorant" as an adjective for the noun "statement" is: lacking knowledge. The statement was ignorant because it lacked knowledge (W/Hr and duration). I dislike your malice intensively and moreover, I dislike your allegation that I was combative, your statement is better used to describe yourself in having a go at me unfairly in the first place, especially the tone of you referencing that £900 laptop.


My whole point was that you should be less combative and quick to call others ignorant. The link was merely a demonstration of laptops with similar specifications but a better battery life; ensuring that people know it is possible, since your comment implied it may not be. The lack of research regarding the battery life of the laptop I linked was due both to the fact that it was obviously far better than the battery of the laptop in the OP (even if 10hrs is generous) and because I was short on time. Thanks for filling in that blank for me -- potential buyers should always read trustworthy reviews before making a purchase as large as this. While I was not endorsing the HP laptop, I'm glad anyone interested now has one suggestion of a review to help keep them informed.


It would be terrible if you misled buyers here into thinking your recommended PC has an average battery life of 10 hours. It is an i7 quad core CPU running at TDP Down: 10 W Up: 25 W Typical TDP: 15 W . Can you point us some reviewers' test results to backup your statement of "an average battery life of 10 hours? I know that 10hrs is stated on the Amazon UK web site, but few would be so ignorant as to use this figure and rely it without some verification. If battery life is your goal, I think it is foolish to spend £900 on a longer battery life, according to the reviewer for this review it says about 7hr (not 10 hr average) In my opinion, 7hr is very good, but £900 for a bigger battery as an aim, no thanks.


It is terrible battery life in the context of all laptops though. Moreover, nobody on the thread had mentioned the battery life before sazal so contrary to being an ignorant statement, it was actually a very useful highlight of a potential drawback of this machine that less experienced users may not have noticed. Stop trying to discredit another user's valid criticism. And this may blow your mind, but: i7-8550u, 15.6" 4K IPS screen, 2 in 1 with an average battery life of 10 hours.



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DELL Inspiron 15 - 7570 - i7-8550U Windows 10 8GB RAM 1TB HD 256GB SSD 4GB 940MX GFX Backlit KB 15.6" FHD £537.50 @ DELL OUTLET
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
USE CODE DO12HOME to get it for £537.50- 12% off all Home systems. Expiry 10th June 2018 Certified Refurbished Inspiron 15 - 7570 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-8550U (Quad Core, up… Read more

It's not an older processor? It's literally one of the latest ones out.


Oh definitely. I think some buyers look at this and go "wow" what a powerful computer at a lower price. You and I both know that it's an older processor bottle necked by a crap GPU. Marketing is great 'aint it.....


I brought a brand new one for £970 with 16gb ram and 512 ssd thought it was a good price for new and sealed. At shops its priced at 1500.


I reported it OP :D


All 7 gone...

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 5570 4.0 i7 8550U 8GB, SSD & 1TB,15.6" DVDRW, 4GB AMD 530 REFURB £579.99 ebay @
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
DELL Insprion 15 5570, 4.0GHZ 8th Gen i7,8GB, 1TB & 128GB SSD, WIRELESS, FREE DELIVERY (UK ONLY) 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Anti-glare LED-Backlit Display Dedicated AMD Rad… Read more

having bought a dell outlet laptop 2 days ago, u can get the same specs from Dell Outlet alot cheaper. These sellers are actually buying from Outlet themselves. Its their business model:). I bought exactly the same laptop but i5 8250 processor for £387 with 10% off code. Dell is currently running 12% on these laptops.


Cut out the middleman and just buy direct from the Dell Outlet yourself.


What proof would you need to get a student discount,my son is only 15 but he is at school,I assume you have to be at uni,is there a way around this?




Better graphics card and price lol.

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 - 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8550U Processor - 16GB DDR4 RAM - 512GB SSD £749 at Dell
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Found this on the dell store. Seems like a very good deal to me. Would like opinions on this. With 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM also with 8th gen i7 processor at that price seems like a … Read more

Your specs are not as OP's. His got 16GB of Ram and 512 Gb SSD. Sure your price would be cheaper. Compare items with same specs. And about Outlet many people over here shared their bad experience. Wrong/ damaged/ not working/ not lasting long items and bad CS with long waiting times.


I've bought over 10 laptops from dell outlet, 7 were actually built to order and the others were clearly never used. They have 2 condition categories: "scratch and dent" and "refurbished". Choose refurbished and they all seem to be over production or cancelled orders. Essentially, dell make profit from volume discounts they receive from Intel, amd etc. And so they would rather over produce than not get the discount


Very good price for the specs. Heat added


Ofc for the price it’ll be a refurb,i have used dell outlet on a number of occasions and all laptops arrived in as brand new condition,if not then pristine,absolutely pristine.. the comments from dell outlet laptop deals here i have seen were all positive.. pretty much everyone says its just like brand new


Back at Easter these very laptops were £699 and I thought I'd get one, but by pay day they'd give back upto £750 and they've not moved since then

Dell Inspiron 15-5000 Series, Intel® Core™ i5-8250U Processor, 8Gb DDR4 RAM, 1Tb Hard Drive, 15.6 inch Full HD Laptop - Silver £449.99 Using Code @ Very free Click&Collect (or £3.99 delivery).
Found 27th MayFound 27th May
DELL Inspiron 15 5570 15.6" Laptop. Use code MQPMT 12 months 0% BNPL Windows 10 Intel® Core™ i5-8250U Processor RAM: 8 GB / Storage: 1 TB HDD Full HD display Battery life:… Read more

Does anyone have more information on this code? An email they can forward perhaps? I ordered and have received a laptop. Noticed today no action (ie discounts) have been applied. Just had a long live chat session and was told the code is not recognised, was not applied to my order (despite getting no errors to say so) and is non refundable under their "home approval guarantee" Edit. Never mind, just found these in Google cache. I'm aware it may not be credited by 12/07 but that is past the 30 day return threshold so if it doesn't show, I'm stuck with it. So I called them and told them I have screenshots and a cached copy of the site, they still don't believe me and cant see the code on their system. There's no way of me showing this to them as they can't accept incoming mail. Apparently someone will be calling me tomorrow to discuss. I don't hold out much hope. Anyone that has used this code, I suggest you confirm it applied ASAP and be ready with these images.


Anyone recommend a 13 inch screen laptop for around £350 ?


Yes I have and I've done as someone else suggested and installed an m.2 250gb ssd. I timed the boot cycle from Windows, reboot and back into Windows before and after the ssd, it went from 2 mins 34 secs down to 31 seconds cycle with the ssd. The laptop overall seems great, good build quality and good spec. I must note I won't need any decent gpu for video etc so the on board doesn't bother me.


Decent laptop however disappointed by the screen, didn't like it at all.


Anyone taken delivery of this laptop yet? If so, what do you think of it? Really considering getting it.

refurb Dell Inspiron 5570, Core i5-8250U, 8GB DDR4, 4GB DDR5 gfx, 256GB SSD, FHD. £426 @ Dell Outlet
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
Looks a decent laptop at a decent price, latest gen processor and dedicated graphics with SSD should handle MS office and a few games, 5 in stock at time of posting. Inspiron 15… Read more
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could you tell us how you were able to get the option for rescheduling the delivery? I only got the Syncreon tracking link and dont have the UKMAIL link.


Thanks for getting back. One the same spec was on the Outlet this week for £409 including VAT. I did not bite as I was still researching. I have come to the conclusion that most laptops today are very unreliable in that they all have something wrong - weak battery, loud fan noise, dim screen, etc. It seems to be the same whether you spend £400 or whether you spend £1500 - you just get more expensive angst with the latter. So I think the idea of one of these attached to a decent monitor to use as a desktop and have some portability if needed is a good plan. I think Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc, are taking the mick now re their prices, especially as there is 'Dell Hell' when it comes to those very expensive XPS models. Thanks again. Enjoy your laptop.


Hi sorry for delay! I have decided to keep the laptop, I know I'm not going to get anything near this spec for the price and am getting over the screen issues. HD Netflix streaming has been good and even the speakers sufficient. As I'm also going to dock this to use as my PC it's saved me a fair amount in the long run


Thanks for the info. Yes, the screen is often the criticism of them. I have seen quite a few Dells with dim screeens or look as if they have a veil over them though. I saw a £1100 Dell gaming laptop with a very dull screen in Currys last month. I think it is also fair to say that lots of cheaper laptops - anything under £700ish - tend to have dim screen these days. I think all the firms are cutting back the corners to make a profit. I had a 17 inch one of these a few weeks back when a neighbour asked me to look at a problem that its owner had. That one came with an AMD GPU and also the on-board Intel CPU GPU. That screen was also blurry. I upgraded the AMD drivers and it was surprisingly still blurry. So I updated the Intel GPU driver, switched over to it as the default GPU and suddenly the screen came alive. One other thing is the awful Windows 10 scaling that results in blurry screens - there are a few options to change to make the icons and text on the desktop look sharper. I forget what you have to do but there are some articles and videos at the below google link: Let me know whether you decide to keep or return it please.


Laptop has arrived but sadly I've had little time to test it out. From limited usage it seems pretty snappy to turn on and perform browsing and video playback. I must say however I am not at all impressed with the screen. It looks permanently like there is a blurry glaze. Viewing angles as expected not great, however I've pumped brightness up past 100% which helps, plus I'm pretty much always straight on. Keyboard seems decent, no back light doesn't bother me in the slightest. Form is nice and slim but I was used to much older laptops, doesn't feel "premium" but definitely not cheap feeling. Haven't decided if the screen is bad enough to send back yet but I am genuinely 50/50

Dell Inspiron (refurb) 13 7370 i5-8250U 8G DDR4, 256SSD, FHD, 1Yr On site warranty for £515.99
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
Recent version of the Inspiron 13 (previous versions have been more plasticy!). Make sure you pick this one, as there is a DDR3 version for the same price (may just be a typo). Si… Read more
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All gone now, AFAICS, so marking deal as expired. They have others at same price (again 7370, with (probably misprinted) DDR3 1600 RAM but main diff seems to be 1 yr collect and return, not the on site that the deal above had. They also have more expensive ones, with 3yr on site.


Not all models, no. But keep repeating and it might eventually happen...


Minor follow up-having posted the deal, I actually splashed the cash and bought one. Free next day on TNT, laptop looks untouched (slightly worried as it is a refurb) EDIT: The HDMI output supports UHD @ 60Hz, which I wasn't expecting (most reviews mention HDMI 1.4, not 2.0), so no need for USB-C to HDMI 2.0 dongle.


Thanks for sharing your first deal @CaptainKremmen heat added :D


Anyone had a bad experience with recent Dell LCD panel quality? From Dell Outlet I ordered a Precision 7510 (2017 refurb) with a 15.6" FHD 'IPS' panel but it turned out to be their basic TN panel, with the worst LCD picture quality I've seen in about 10 years. Appalling contrast, made worse by a really narrow viewing angle. But I was lucky in that Dell had got the details wrong and they found me a replacement with the IPS panel. Amazing in comparison. Always check the specs of those panels...

10% of selected Dell XPS laptops at Currys
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
10% discount off select Dell XPS laptops at currys using code

These are last year's models. Dell just released 2018 refresh of XPS 15 laptops. 8th gen i5 model is £1300 and i7 is £1450, also with better SSD.


Dell Outlet is even better if you phone them. They can offer better prices than the outlet website on warranties and money off new accessories to go with refurb machines. There is also the default 10% off for anyone who has not ordered from Dell in the last 12 months. They can do this instantly over the phone, don't need to wait 24 hours for the code to be emailed. Also they reserve the machine you ask for once you start talking to them, whereas putting it in your basket doesn't reserve it.




The dell outlet is so much better value for money


"10% of selected Dell XPS laptops" are... 10% off?

Dell I5 5570 - 128 SSD+ 1TB HDD, 8GB Ram, Core i5 - 8th Generation - £335.58 @ Dell
Found 9th MayFound 9th May
Dell outlet are running a 15% offer on its refurbished laptops (use code DOHOME15) Just bought a i5 8th Gen processor with SSD and HDD combo for a price of £335.58 which I believe… Read more

Must've only been one.

linhang90 Filter- price low-high


Have you got a link? Can't see it.


Available again


Available again

Inspiron 15 7000 - 1060 6gb, i7-7700HQ, 16gb ram - £954 @ Dell
Found 5th MayFound 5th May
Price converted from € so may be slightly out. 15-inch gaming laptop available with stunning visuals powered by NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 graphics and the latest 7th Gen Intel® qu… Read more

It's not that bigger deal, to sell at this price they need to cut corners somewhere


Brill, thanks very much for feedback.


Last years model had a horrible TN panel. This years model is fine. The colours are a little muted if you're used to a high end panel but absolutely fine. I'm certainly happy with my purchase. Excellent machine. It's a minor nuisance really. Do what I did and sell the included drive on eBay and got/install whatever drive you want. I've got a 250GB 960 Evo for boot and secondary 2TB FireCuda SSHD in mine for games/storage.


Dell still have a habit of only putting 5400rpm hard drives instead of 7200rpm into their laptops though! At this price one would expect to find a 7200rpm hard drive!


I think there are different models, some with a TN screen which is reviewed poorly and some with an IPS which is said to be better. Hope that helps.

Dell Inspiron 7000 (7577) 15" FHD IPS Display i7-7700HQ 16GB RAM w/ 4GB GTX 1050Ti Graphics Card and 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD for £849.01 Delivered @ Dell
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
Dell currently have £220 off their £1,069 Inspiron 15 7000 Series Gaming Laptop. Full specs include: 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ Quad Core (6MB Cache, up to 3.8 GHz) … Read more

Do you use a code? Maybe worth trying code on the 8th processor which is £1 less on full retail. The machine is a beast I currently have it but non ips variant which I’m returning for the iPs version


Yes vig1, one will always bottleneck the other. I'm just saying the i5 bottlenecking a 1060 would still give better performance than a 1050Ti. If your into video editing, get the i7 1050Ti combo.


Yeah, so would most but it isn't likely. Also the i5 proper bottlenecks the 1060 so it's not a great combo.


I'd probably prefer an i5/1060 combo for the £. Each to there own I guess. Not hot or cold for me.

£149 Intel Gaming Bundle Free >>>WHEN YOU BUY A<<< Dell Inspiron 3000 Desktop (+83 others!) (Black/Silver) - (Intel Core i7-7700, 8 GB, 128 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD, NVIDIA GTX1050 2 GB Graphics, Windows 10) @Amazon
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
Purchase any one of the 84, from the list of gaming laptops, gaming desktops or gaming AIO computers on Amazon from today until end June and get a £149 Intel Gaming Bundle for FREE… Read more

Might not have the easiest time getting the offer, i bought from amazon and didn't receive any code, contacting amazon about it they said i needed to contact Asus to get a code then Asus sent me to intel who have sent me back to Amazon. Seems like none of them actually know who supplies the code (annoyed)


I can't tell if this is a good deal or not without some actual info about what's in the bundle. It's these kinds of deals that make me miss the neutral vote button.


If the bundle is the same as the one offered here you will get: Dreadnought in Game Contents, Fractured Space in Game Content, Warframe in Game Content, Warhammer: Vertmintide 2 Free Full Game, X-Morph Free Full Game


You should reword your title, "Intel Gaming Bundle (worth £149) Free with Selected PC's / starting at xxx"


Maybe you get a free lemon coffee pod as well! I did look, but as Intel are closed ((asked on US chat as well!) in the UK and Amazon have no idea, will have to wait until they reply to my email ! * in wrong place (pirate) title corrected to be more precise and get even less heat scrounged! Thanks for pointing it out. No its a real deal, that if you were to actually purchase (which you won't anyway) you would get, so thanks for your invaluable and untainted comments, which I had hoped would never grace any of my deals or posts... :|

Dell Latitude 12 2in1 i5-7Y54, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 2880x1920 (refurb) - £401.94 delivered @MCScom
Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
Good deal on a Dell Latitude 2in1 Laptop/Tablet. Good spec with high resolution screen. Higher spec versions (i7, 16GB RAM, bigger SSD) are available on the same website. Code "apr… Read more

I'd have bought one if it wasn't for that. I'm going to use a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard so I don't need the bottom part but I doubt replacing the battery is easy. Also had two dell laptops die on me within 3 years of ownership.


The surface keyboard isn't the same across all the surface range so I'm comparing to the ones intended for the surface pro tablet line ('surface pro type cover'). They've got a really flexible backplate that means keys in different areas respond differently and they all feel flimsy. If you look at the weight of the keyboard vs the 7285's keyboard you'll see why, 310 grams vs about 700. Your surface book being more of a laptop has a sturdier keyboard, do try one of the tablet ones in a store some time. As for refurb batteries, I agree it's a concern but it is at least replaceable on this model. Screws and clips, no glue. Yay for business oriented devices where longevity is considered.


Cold. Not 1080p XD


My concern is this is a refurb and with a poor battery already, this is going to be an unknown quantity, especially as "refurb" can mean almost anything. The Surface keyboard is actually brilliant, I've owned one, which surface are you talking about? I've owned surface book. I conceed keyboard does look good, I think I misread/ misinterpreted last night where they said it was rigid.


The battery life is a totally valid complaint so I didn't query it. The 7275 was also very poor in that department, I imagine it's the main reason the 7285 never ended up being sold to consumers unlike the 7275 which was also the XPS 12. My only complaints with your rundown are that the keyboard's one of the best you'll find in the tablet market (beating the flimsy surface keyboard) and that this isn't a cheap device at all.

Inspiron 13 - 5370 -  i5-8250U (Quad Core) 256GB SSD - 8GB DDR4 -  Fingerprint Reader - 1080 FULL HD - £395.28 @ Dell
Found 25th AprFound 25th Apr
Head over to Dell outlet for deals as the link might not work. There's plenty in stock of this model and others. Also keep refreshing throughout the day Dell are constantly updatin… Read more

Got a cracking deal on a Dell 7373 today, the coupon is ending today but I waited till 2.45 and kept refreshing for new stock. Got an i7 8th gen, 16gb ram, 512gb SSD, FHD touchscreen for £588 after the discount. Very happy with that.


Got one of these from another deal. Can't vouch for Dell support but I think the build quality of these laptops is fairly good. Poor design though, what happened to Dell? Their laptops used to be relatively easy to open and upgrade but that's definitely got harder. This thing feels like one of those EZ Book things but much better made. Miles better but more expensive admittedly, although not that much more expensive when VAT, UK warranty and import duty is taken into account. Not forgetting that Dell actually pay for UK postage. Ah just realised hte model I have is 5570.


Is this new or refurb? LInk won't work from my PC for some reason, just takes me back to HUKD!


This has not expired by the way. Offer is still on and there should be new stock this afternoon.


Which is what I told YOU. :/

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    Deal temperatures are the heart of HotUKDeals. If you think a deal is hot, vote it up by clicking the red plus. Otherwise, cool it down by voting cold.

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    Read what other members have to say about a deal and share your own opinion.

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  3. Add Deal

    Have you found a good deal yourself? Share it here and other members will vote on how hot the deal is.

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  4. Deal Link

    If you think a deal is hot, click through to the shop to snap up the deal before it’s expired.

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  5. Layout

    Find here other ways to view the deals. You can view it in either grid, list or text only view.

    When clicking this gear icon you can find other ways to view the deals. You can view it in either grid, list or text only view.

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  6. Main Menu

    Through our main menu you can navigate to certain categories or shops you are interested in.

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