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Fairy Clean & Fresh Washing Up Liquid pomegrante & honeysuckle 1410 ml £1 @ Amazon prime exclusive
Found 25th May 2017Found 25th May 2017
ok not as good as the deal i posted the other day however outstanding price for a quality brand that very rarely gets discounted take advantage people and stock up 10 units max jus… Read more
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​nice 1


i think your wrong theres absolutely no distinction between any of the fairy washing up liquids they simply dont need to water down there products.there products sell for themselves


jc all gone now but for next time because they will be plenty more bargains posted theres a free delivery section where if you buy 4 items you get free delivery and theres usually something good in there (_;)


"Clean & Fresh" is a different way of saying watered down Fairy... Fairy original has got twice the cleaning agents as this one.


​didn't no that I'll give it a try

AMAZON 70 fairy dishwasher tablets - original or lemon  £10 (Prime) / £14.75 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 22nd May 2017Found 22nd May 2017
70 dishwashers tablets in either lemon or original £10 or get 140 for £20 with free delivery
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Oh nice one


Just got these for £4 in Tesco Gainsborough. They've refitted the shop and these must have become delisted. I bought 6x packets :D


Savers always good for these


Homebargain have dishwasher tablets always cheaper than this, ordinary and platinum version, and generally cheaper than supermarket as well.


Thanks for clearing that up, il make sure I go to asda

Chicco Next2Me Dream Crib Delicacy/Fairy Tale - £179 @ Kiddicare
Found 19th May 2017Found 19th May 2017
I had the 1st generation Next2Me Crib for my youngest and have been on the look out for a Next2Me Dream for my baby due in June, they were on offer a few week back for £199.99 at M… Read more

They're £219 in the link. Where are they £179?


Delivery: 10 - 14 Weeks????


Thank you so much! Been on the lookout for this exact one. Great find!


Good find...have asked John Lewis to price match


​probably not reading properly and seeing it's the new version

amazon prime Fairy Ultra Washing Up Liquid, 1410 ml, Pomegranate and Honey Suckle, Pack of 9 £12.66 prime / £17.41 non prime
Found 15th May 2017Found 15th May 2017
amazing price here people just found these preparing for my next month subscribe and save these are 1410ml so the massive bottles and should be 2 pound plus of anyones money.ive ad… Read more
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Thanks natz265


i see thanks for that info will remember that.


You have to do it as separate subscriptions, you could get 5 of anything as long as you checkout with only 1 each time. It does work, I used to add an item for 50p to get the extra discount.


indeed im a pure amazon junkie as most will tell you.and your right its a daily battle for me hunting down the best discounts and the best bargains


Lol, i'm going to be following you around then until the end of the month. Let the challenge begin (Us vs Amazon) :D

Little tikes cozy coupe/fairy coupe £25 instore at Tesco
LocalLocalFound 12th May 2017Found 12th May 2017
Bought a little tikes cozy coupe in fairy style for 25£ from Tesco Slough Wellington store. it is the lowest price that I have seen cozy coupe at. There was another one there in th… Read more
Fairy Dishwasher Tablets - £2 per pack of 84 instore @ Asda
LocalLocalFound 11th May 2017Found 11th May 2017
Asda today had an end display of Fairy Dishwasher Tablets priced at £2.00. These packs normally sell for between £12/15 each so worth grabbing! Spotted in Asda Birkenhead.

​could you please explain a little bit more?


Illegal to sell these after April 1st due to Phosphates - must have found them at the back of the warehouse.


Great price ! Lucky you :3


Great price, thanks op, will be checking local Asda.:)


​They only had that 1 item on display so I asked them to price check and they confirmed £2.00 (I bought 2 packs! haha!)

Fairy Non Bio Washing Powder 40 Washes 2.6Kg  £5.50 @ Tesco
Found 11th May 2017Found 11th May 2017
fairy washing powder £5.50 for 40 washes at Tesco

paid £6 last week


Excellent. I might head back for some cheap Ribena.




Paid £6 in Asda yesterday. Thought I was laughing. Look who's laughing now.


​same but this is ultra delicate

820ml fairy washing up liquid reduced to clear 75p @ Asda Doncaster
LocalLocalFound 29th Apr 2017Found 29th Apr 2017
Loads on the shelf and seems a great price.

I'm wondering as well if it's nation wide dose anyone know please


Wonder if its national if so heat added


is this national

NOW EXPIRED Fairy Platinum 2 for £1 + £4.95 delivery @ Poundshop
Found 26th Apr 2017Found 26th Apr 2017
From Poundshop.com Amazing Value Platinum Dishwasher Tabs Only £1! Provides Incredible Cleaning Action With 11 Functions 1 x £6 In Ocado / 26-04-17 Built In Soaking Action For … Read more

You can instantly Expire threads by Editing your original post and making the End Date a date in the past :)


If I had a free delivery code I might be tempted back, but it's hard to get enough stuff in my basket that I like - so I'm using the "other" store for now :) I am in a bit of a huff with them after so many messed-up orders - wonder if that's why they've changed over to DPD. Last year I had a parcel delivered, left in the communal hallway at my front door - and it was wide open as well (though I could suspect a neighbour or random vagabond - surely they'd just pinch the parcel?).


​thanks for those tips, I'm new too this. If they buy the Yankee candles along with these tablets , then I think we have a great bargain. 8) thanks again


You should always mention the P&P for a retailer - I've seen this happen with Poundshop.com Deals a few times now - the minute the OP mentions the P&P it goes cold (a bit like my recent Poundshop.com Deal, well, mine is tepid) :p https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/yankee-candle-tea-lights-4-pack-votives-tarts-candle-holders-1-4-95-p-p-5-95-poundshop-2671918 It's a shame Poundshop.com have put their P&P up in recent months, but I'm sure it's a cut throat market - I've defected to onlinepoundstore as they have free P&P £20+ and a wider selection of goods. Poundshop.com have mucked up or missed out a few items in a few of my recent orders, which also puts me off.


good find op, heat added

Fairy Non Bio Washing Liquid 60 Washes for £10 (Potentially £4.50 if you buy 7 more items)  at Asda
Found 23rd Apr 2017Found 23rd Apr 2017
Fairy Non Bio Washing Liquid 60 Washes currently for £10 at Asda. But if you buy it and add 7 more cheap items like carrot, onions, chocs etc then you can use Asdapricegurantee to … Read more
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Why cant they jus sell at £4.50!! Makes the customers life easier. Didnt even know about the asda thing! Feel like theyre scamming those that dont have the time to do this or know bout this. They shud have something to claim instore.


Tesco increased price to £9 now so not that much cashback now


I just bought one Fairy washing liquid and some other 7 or 8 other items (some vegetables and cheap sweets) for it to work.


​i bought 7 and it worked fine


How many did you buy in one transaction please?

Fairy Non-Bio Washing Liquid, 3 L, 60 Washes £5 - Amazon Pantry (Prime exclusive)
Found 23rd Apr 2017Found 23rd Apr 2017
just noticed this whilst doing my daily amazon trawl couldnt believe my eyes 60 wash ariel for 5 pounds awesome price.if you can find 4 items from the free delivery page great if n… Read more
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Thanks sirdolan will expire


get it from asda and use asdapricegurantee. just add 7 more cheap items like carrot, lolly etc


Out of stock


Great. So which is it "ariel for 5 pounds awesome price." or Persil?


you very rarely find fairy on offer anywhere.its rated the best laundry product over all the brands and the kindest on the skin.my sister will only use this for her one year old baby washing.get this whilst you can it wont be on offer anytime soon.

fairy non bio liquid  60 wash.£3.25 at carluke tesco instore
LocalLocalFound 20th Apr 2017Found 20th Apr 2017
dont know if national.fairy non bio liquid £3.25 at carluke tesco for 60 wash.

£5 in walsall but still a good price


£5 in wishaw store


£5 in west bromwich


All gone by 2pm today that is if they were at the front door never seen any others



Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets 55 pack £2 (3.6p each) at Asda (instore)
LocalLocalFound 20th Apr 2017Found 20th Apr 2017
Found in ASDA Smithdown road / Liverpool. Even cheaper if you halve them using each tablet for two washes, 1.8p/wash! They also had a price tag for the regular tablets, 64 pack for… Read more

Anybody been back to Smithdown in the last day or so and know if they still have these available? I doubt it, but just checking to see if it's worth going as it's a little out of the way for a wasted trip. Thanks.


well spotted, thanks!


It's actually 3.64p / tablet for a 55 pack @ £2. Still uber cheap, just need to get these details right.


You could try freezing them first.


Brilliant deal, thanks very much. Hot! (_;)

Fairy non-bio washing gel 888ml 24 washes, three for £7 (£2.33 each) @ Waitrose w/MyWaitrose card
LocalLocalFound 19th Apr 2017Found 19th Apr 2017
Fairy non-biological washing gel 888ml, three bottles for £7 with PYO Offers, effectively £2.33 each. Cheapest elsewhere is £4 each at Asda. http://www.waitrose.com/shop/DisplayPr… Read more

Just been ;)

Dirt Rally Legend Edition £19.85 / Last Guardian £19.89 / Republique £9.99 / Odin Sphere Leifthrasir £20.89 / Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force £23.75 (PS4) Delivered (Like-New) @ Boomerang
Found 12th Apr 2017Found 12th Apr 2017
A couple of goodies from Boomerang. :) - Dirt Rally Legend Edition £19.85 - Last Guardian £19.89 - Republique £9.99 - Odin Sphere Leifthrasir £20.89 - Fairy Fencer F Adv… Read more

excellent!! cheers!!


PC humble bundle and u are sorted mate.


Cheapest I've ever seen for Odin Sphere, might grab myself a copy!


If you want it for VR it is best to either buy it digital or buy a physical copy of VR. The Legend edition has nothing to do with VR version and I also don't have a VR handset and never posted any VR deals, not my expertise.


I prefer physical too.. I want Dirt for PSVR so would then have to pay £7 for the upgrade (or *£20 digital inc upgrade)

Fairy washing up 97p 780 ml only store morrisons
LocalLocalFound 6th Apr 2017Found 6th Apr 2017
Lemon or normal, 780 mls. Only in store colindale, Edgware road. No online.

They just back the price to normal.




I wish i could be near edgware road branch as most deals are from there. thanks op, heat added.


good find op, heat added


I was in another Morrisons and they hadn't that offer. When i put the post i specified local deal, but when i edit the post appeared like national.

Fairy Platinum Original Washing Up Liquid 615Ml BOGOF £2.00 @ Tesco
Found 2nd Apr 2017Found 2nd Apr 2017
Fairy Platinum Original Washing Up Liquid 615Ml BOGOF £2.00 @ Tesco Currently £2.00 per bottle or 2 for £2.00 , Elsewhere: Asda £2.00 each Morrisons £2.00 each or 2 for £3.… Read more

My BAD!, the OP's offer is STILL 'ON', WOOOOO HOOOOOO!, hehehe. ;-)


I hear that!. You hammered yours at the right time it appears?, as all 'Fairy offers' are now clearly DONE!. :-( It's a shame really?, but, more power to those that were actually able to capitalise on some of 'any' still?. :-)


I couldn't find this in Tesco Rochdale :(


There was a coupon on there for £1 off Fairy,but i just checked and it is no longer there, i printed it 2 days ago, but i think that due to this offer they have all now been printed as it was mentioned on other money saving websites.:(


WOW!. https://www.victoria.co.uk/ Can you elaborate on that a bit more for me, as to how you got your 2 for free via Coupons please?. :-)

Fairy Non bio liquitabs 60 for £10 @ ASDA
Found 29th Mar 2017Found 29th Mar 2017
Best price on the market right now, it's £0.16 per capsule. Found at ASDA Milton Keynes, but online same price, so believe it's national.
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30 for £7 @Tesco, which is ~£0.18 each


same price on amazon, but cheaper if you use Subscribe and Save https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fairy-Non-Pods-Washing-Capsules/dp/B01EHG12HW


heat added ;) £11 @morrisons, £12 @tesco & £14 @sainsburys :{


cold voters, show better price

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