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Foscam fi9938p Outdoor Dome Wireless CCTV Camera - £119.99 @ Argos
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Posted 2nd Aug 2019Posted 2nd Aug 2019
Foscam fi9938p Outdoor Dome Wireless CCTV Camera - £119.99 @ Argos£119.99£239.9950% offArgos Deals
Pretty decent cctv camera, not available in my local argos but may help others

Foscam camera


Just though i'd create an account to say from a software engineers perspective it wouldn't be advisable to try and load Foscam firmware on to a non foscam camera even if they look very similar you could end up bricking your device


I've had my Foscam's for a few years now while they do have a great app i usually use the web ui through a browser via it's local IP or if im away from home and want to remotely connect use the free Foscam DDNS address, really reliable and they don't force me to subscribe to the cloud only if i want to record to their cloud serivce


Yeah i would agree but you can telnet into most of them as root and have a look at the linux setup the password is usually 123456 pretty bad security and if you check the outgoing tcp/ip stream there is a strange port number "6666" being used by a lot of them - haven't wiresharked them enough its on my todo list to see what data it is sending though. My fave Chinese ipcams are DBpower and Easyn had two running 24 hours a day for 5 years now and no problems so the reliability issue about Chinese stuff being rubbish doesnt really hold water for a lot of their stuff these days! Just bought a couple of 1080p ones but the bad things about these now is they are all linked to the cloud and Phone app only so you cannot login using a laptop or pc which is pony and trap for techies like me - plus they charge you for using the cloud uploading in the smallprint - pure ripoff! (devil) (mad)


most likely brick it..

15% Off Foscam Security with code @ Box - EG: Foscam FN3104W-B4 720P WiFi Camera & NVR Kit + 4 CAMERAS £212.49 delivered
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Posted 20th May 2019Posted 20th May 2019
15% Off Foscam Security with code @ Box - EG: Foscam FN3104W-B4 720P WiFi Camera & NVR Kit + 4 CAMERAS £212.49 delivered£212.49£249.9915% Deals
Box have 15% off loads of Foscam gear at the moment, which happens to included this system at £212.49. One of, if not THE lowest price it has been. It's a 720p Outdoor kit with a 1… Read more

I would recommend POE all day long. Foscam make some good stuff, I have two of their C1 cams that have been rock solid over the past three years but I would not recommend a kit like this if you have a large brick house and will be placing multiple brick walls and a lot of distance between the cameras and NVR box. You’ll have issues with dropped frames and camera dropouts guaranteed. I’ve had a lot of trouble recently with wifi cameras, especially the move from 720p to 1080p. I have 6 cameras, 4x 1080p and 2x 720p, they’re putting out 12 streams between them (main and sub streams) and my home WiFi network can’t handle it. I have a BT whole home setup with two discs, linked by gigabit Ethernet and they cant handle the multiple streams since upgrading my NVR from a 720p to 1080p (previous 4 channel box could only handle 1x1080p stream and 3x720p streams) Since upgrading the discs have been unreliable, having to be re-booted multiple times and I’ve even resorted to adding an additional router configured as an access point to offload a couple of the 1080p cameras – this seems to have done the trick.


Different wireless router was the first thing I was going to try. Signal seems strong at the camera zones (at least on my mobile)


Ah, I guess it depends on your setup. I'm saving the data locally on my network. I also use a different wireless router than the Virgin one they supply.


My wireless cameras are forever going offline. Some ISPs apparently boot devices that cane the data and stay connected. Mine then struggle to auto connect without a reboot of the hub. Not ideal. If anyone's got any advice on this scenario it'll be appreciated 🙏


Swann 4k is reasonable for the average Joe, personally lm going for hik 4k.

Foscam UK: up to 50% off Indoor+Outdoor Security Cameras
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Posted 18th Apr 2019Posted 18th Apr 2019
Foscam UK: up to 50% off Indoor+Outdoor Security CamerasFoscam UK Deals
I've been looking for voucher codes/deals for this site for several weeks, but could never find anything. Wanted to buy from here because it's cheaper if you add on additional item… Read more

Andy, which iOS app do you use? Thanks :-)


Hi Which iOS app do you use and do you subscribe to their Cloud? I want cloud but they are a bit pricey when more then one camera.


Weird picture artifacts and glitches when cameras run full res. It is fairly ok if the fans are set to 720p though, but the image quality is bad. I was using 9961EPs


Out of interest, what cameras did you have and what were the problems? Maybe I’ve been lucky but not had anything fail on mine (fi9831p).


To be honest I’ve used Foscam cameras in the past and been happy with them. Have had these for over 3 years and no problems. The apps pretty shoddy, but I use 3rd party ones on iOS instead. Not familiar with the Yi cameras, but I’d expect quality will be lower. I noted from a quick look now that the yi is 15fps, whereas the Foscam r2 is 30fps. If fps is lower, I’d expect the sensor for image quality will be inferior, but I don’t know this for sure. The yi also has no ethernet from what I can see. When I retire these as baby cameras, I will be using them for security in my home. If they are WiFi only, signal jammers can be used. Call me crazy, but if they are stealing cars off people driveways by amplifying remote keys from inside your home, I don’t consider a burglar using a WiFi jammer so unlikely.

Foscam FN3104W Wireless CCTV System, 1TB Hard Drive - 4x 720p Outdoor Wifi IP Security Cameras - £229.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 25th Nov 2018Posted 25th Nov 2018
Foscam FN3104W Wireless CCTV System, 1TB Hard Drive - 4x 720p Outdoor Wifi IP Security Cameras - £229.99 @ Amazon£229.99Amazon Deals
Lowest Price on amazon apparently, other places are doing black friday deals for £239+ Camelcamelcamel link:… Read more

Looks all legit from here, also their support is in the UK which is always a real help. (Thanks Jay)


The one similar with this one 134£ think on amazon


Thanks for the useful thoughts. The company is legit, I've brought stuff from them, but agree the reviews look dodgey. These cameras are also know as FI9800p models, and ive found mine good quality however the WiFi was annoying to set up. The cabling, I didn't need to use a connector box, I suppose that depends on where it's being installed, I didn't find it too bulky except one cable is ethernet so needs a 9-10mm hole drilled in wall which I suppose is a bit large.


Which Anke model are you meaning?


Get Annke if you cheap and good CCTV Black Friday deal on also on them

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Foscam C1 720p IP Wifi Camera Wireless - £29.99 @
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Posted 25th Nov 2018Posted 25th Nov 2018
Foscam C1 720p IP Wifi Camera Wireless - £29.99 @£29.99Amazon Deals
Foscam C1 IP Camera Wireless - 720P HD CCTV, Indoor Security Camera with Night Vision, Motion Detection Alerts, 2-Way Audio. Suitable for Home/Business and Baby/Pet Monitor - Incl … Read more

I have a You cam and don't really like it, You generally don't support onvif on the camera which means you must use the Yi app which I don't like, whereas this supports onvif which means I can choose any app. The foscam app is pretty decent.


Anyone know how these compare to Yi cams? I like my 720p Yi but dosent always pick up movent at night.


Not sure why these are cold, I have 3 of these and they have been excellent.


Love mine, been running for a couple of years hardwired and it's faultless. Onvif compatible too.


Must say my one is great. Pairs really easy with my router which was important for me as not particularly tech savy. App works great, alerts re movement and sound activity are fine. Think I paid £40. I don't use their cloud for recording but it's reasonable at about £30 a year

Foscam FN3104W-B4 720p WiFi Camera & NVR Kit With 4 Cameras £246.49 Delivered using code @ Box
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Posted 17th Oct 2018Posted 17th Oct 2018
Foscam FN3104W-B4 720p WiFi Camera & NVR Kit With 4 Cameras £246.49 Delivered using code @ Box£246.49£289.9915% Deals
Thought this was a decent price when you use the Foscam sale code at Box. This kit includes 4 720p cameras, with flexible mounting, multiple access for local and remote viewing, 1T… Read more

Damn if only this was 1080p. Still a hot deal, but would like 1080p really like my current system.


Cracking deal!