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Enjoy 4K streaming, all-action gaming, and the widest possible range of living room entertainment options by picking up an Nvidia Shield console. Capable of connecting to almost any Smart TVs and equipped to work with Google and Alexa's smart home systems, these compact gaming consoles provide a new dimension for HD TV owners. Find the latest and biggest discounts at the Nvidia Shield hotukdeals listings. Read more
NVIDIA SHIELD TV 4K Media Streaming Device - £141.55 with code at Currys / ebay
Refreshed 22nd JulRefreshed 22nd Jul
Update 1
Update - unexpired 22/07
Back in stock, nice offer. DR: - Dolby Vision - HDR10+ Processor: - NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor - 2 GB RAM Streaming quality: 4K Ultra HD Type: Media streamer Hard drive capa… Read more

I have a 4k projector so makes more of a difference but I used to have a Darbee with my old 1080p to improve the pic and I assume this would do the same job


Hi do you have a 4K projector or 1080p? I’ve got a 1080p projector and was wondering if this is worth getting or shall I just go for a Xiaomi mi tv stick?


Totally. I was giving an option to those without a pc. You can purely use the Nvidia to run games assuming you have money to spend on stadia etc. Edit. Geforce has limited catalogue but stadia has a lot more. So you are not stuck to only the Nvidia games


And then its a subset of games that are on Geforce Now, not everything you like. Doing everything from one input. Being able to sideload apps. I wouldn't bother if you're happy with your setup.


It can play games but you need to subscribe to a service. Geforce now. Steam. Or Google stadia via chromium.

NVidia Shield 2019 direct from Amazon - £198.24 inc delivery
Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Fast, Really Fast: The latest advanced NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor makes SHIELD up to 25% faster than the previous generation. Dolby Vision·Atmos: The fusion of Dolby Vision HDR pi… Read more

Thanks. I would then get GT king...


Shield went back. Like for like I've found the GT king is head and shoulders better for streaming apps. The Shield is more powerful in tests but in real life it just is not as smooth and the functionality restrictions are a pain.


How is the shield better in performance with GT king while running iptv, streaming and video streaming?. I am thinking which one to get from both. I don't do games


Yeah, all okay with the network. Seems to have been related to the shield suddenly having a problem with the attached storage. Worked fine then the problems started. Got shield to 'forget' the storage and removed it and it is working as should again. Still not convinced on the shield. Came from a GT King to the shield and the experience is different so maybe I just need a bit more time to adjust to it.


There's not reason not to buy on Amazon, but it's the same price on Ebuyer

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 2019 - £199 @ Currys PC World + Quidco have £10 Bonus Cashback for today only
1263° Expired
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
For the people who missed out yesterday. Normal price but £10 Bonus cashback via Quidco. Plus free returns if you dont like it. NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 2019 @ Currys + Quidco have £1… Read more

Maximum you can get is something like 720p video on the android 'based' boxes versus 4k as this is WideVine certified and I imaging the android boxes are not.


I would say that the statement is too general. Depends on upscale chip I assume


Reviews listed that the TV does a better job at upscaling than the boxes do. I haven’t tested mine for a while, but I sit at distance, so wouldn’t see the fine details anyway.


Yep. Now imagine having paid <£100 for it in a fire sale half a decade ago. It's almost unbelievable how the mindshare has turned.


It's an amazing product, I use mine as my primary source for entertainment. Netflix 4k HDR, IPTV, Geforce Now, torrent downloads, console emulation the list goes on. It may not be for you but for someone with the needs there is a lot it can do.

NVIDIA Shield TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player (2019) - £116.84 delivered (£112 w/ fee free card) @ Amazon Germany
427° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
NVIDIA Shield TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player - £116.84 delivered (£112 w/ fee free card) @ Amazon Germany. Discount applies at checkout. Dolby Vision Dolby Vision tran… Read more

Has anyone who went for standard delivery had theirs dispatched ? Mine is still just showing as ordered and the money not taken yet


Depends on the app, unfortunately you will need to try out before deciding whether you want to keep Shield or not. Some sideloaded apps might work with Shield remote/controller, some will need keyboard/mouse and some will simply crash and won't work (like All4 for me) I decided to send Shield Pro back.


It also drops frames and randomly crashes when playing DirectPlay remuxes on Plex.


Does that mean that certain "other" apps we are probably not allowed to mention but give free TV, wouldn't work on this?


I did get it through Google play. Not in front of my telly at the moment but if you type in 'iptv tivimate' on an android TV, as the search, think it will come up. On a phone, only the 'tivimate companion' app comes up in Google play store, which helps install the player to fire sticks. You can also sideload tivimate from other sources as well (such as troypoint). Legit bit of software, really quick, loads of customisation options and solid performance during my time with it.

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NVIDIA SHIELD TV 4K Media Streaming Device - £141.55 at Curys/ebay with code
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Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Slight discount here, hope it helps. Key Features Watch the hottest new entertainment Enjoy the best new shows, movies and more in stunning 4K Ultra HD with the NVIDIA SHIELD… Read more

the resolution of the shield must be changed too 4k 29.976, from default 4k setting, before it will out put 4k or atmos on disney+. Everything is working since doing this.


i might try the vpn and see. not too fussed if its just them restricting it just now. was just wanting to make sure it was not an issue with my setup, which it doesnt appear to be.


Hmm I'll admit that Disney+ is one service I don't have. Yeah, definitely sounds like it if its working on others. Only fixes I can think of are make sure there isn't an update waiting to be installed and/or try the US version of Disney+ with a US VPN. Googling it appears the US may not have that bandwidth restriction.


Yes my shield pro did I arrive. What device settings do you mean? If you mean the shield settings, then that is all set correctly. I get dolby atmos from Netflix etc. The issue is with Disney+, I suspect they are still throttling their bandwidth. If I click on a video on there, it shows 5.1 as sound options. But if you go down to the details tab it's shows atmos. No way of choosing it though. On


Remind me which model you're using. Did the 2019 Pro arrive? If yes then Atmos on Disney+ is just an extension of DD+, just ensure in the device settings that in the list of decoder capabilities you have everything checked that your receiver or processor can handle.

NVIDIA Shield TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player (2019) - £129.51 delivered (£124 w/ fee free card) @ Amazon Germany
365° Expired
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
NVIDIA Shield TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player - £129.51 delivered (£124 w/ fee free card) @ Amazon Germany. Discount applies at checkout. Dolby Vision Dolby Vision transf… Read more

Nvidia tax, this runs Android TV and not a cut down Amazon version, Better specs, Gaming features


Yeah, Emby is great... I tried it years ago and didn't like it, but then when I rebuilt my server a month or 2 back, I got fed up of plex, Emby is easier to set up, titles are much more consistent with finding movies etc too. Playback is almost always instant, rather than plex sometimes taking a few seconds or more. I have 2 local servers, only have 70Mbit/s internet where I live, but it's enough for most stuff I do, just annoying sometimes when outside LAN and want to download files from the server with only 10-13 Mbit/s uploads :( Give Emby server a try for sure... only thing is you might have to pay for the android app for example. Not sure if it still limits if you enable dnla and play that way though, might be feasible.


I've got the first gen and the 2019 Tube. Biggest file is 110GB and it plays fine on both. Plex server is local but the majority of the files are stored in the US. Ahh the joys of gigabit Internet! I'll have to try Emby sometime, sounds worth a go and an excuse to spend more time on IT projects :D


My first gen shieldTV plays 4k hdr rips fine too, not using plex though now, went over to Emby instead as the UI and playback is much better IMO. Anyway, if these players have issues KODI is always an option, that has played everything I've ever thrown at it. I did re-rip some of mine to lower filesize now, so can't verify, but used to have around 100GB files that played fine... biggest I have now is 58GB 4K HDR10 with DTS. I do remember plex having a problem playing back john wick 2 high bitrate file ages ago though.


Which phone is this, and can i map the Zinger meal to it?

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 2019 @ Amazon (£198.24) - In stock
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Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Back in stock at Amazon for those who are interested. I am also getting the option to pay it over 5 months at £39.65 a month. Note: SHIELD Stand sold separately SHIELD TV PRO… Read more

ok someone from nvidia just got back to me on there forum via msgs, test firmware will be available shortly for me to try i've been told, had to give serial number assuming so they can push the firmware to my device/remote but apparently should solve issues similar to mine.


yeah think i'm going to have to, amazon wont likely just change remote they probably will me to do a full replacement.


That's a shame man...maybe you can ask for a replacement from Amazon as it's back in stock again...Definetly sounds like a defective remote unit.


anyone else notice after several hours or so that the nvidia shield pro 2019 remote seems to like go to sleep and then does not wakeup, after a couple hours the remote does nothing, won't respond, light up, only way to get it to work again is to pull out battery and put back in, it seems to work fine until it's not been used for a few ours then won't wakeup/respond at all. All upto date on firmware, battery status shows they are full, tried different batteries, unpairing/repairing remote etc and still same. Trying to workout whether it's my remote or possibly a firmware bug or something. Been happening since day one. posted on nvidia forum, tried to get through to live chat with no success, think i am going to have to return it to amazon at this point. nvidia support is diabolical.


Haha..... and back in stock again! This seems to change every few hours! They have loads.....

Nvidia Shield TV 2019 @ Amazon (New - £148.83) / Amazon Warehouse (Used - From £111.62 - Acceptable)
401° Expired
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Listing for the warehouse items state that there is some cosmetic damage on most of them however, there is one with damaged packaging only might mean that the item itself is perfec… Read more

Understood; thank you.


Don't know why this is marked as Expired now...I can still see stock available From £130.97... Can't see the option to un-expire it. Maybe the mods have closed it after I updated prices...


The shield upscales to 4k, your TV recognises this as a 4k signal so doesn't upscale anything


Perfect, thank you. I had ~2Gb movies the kids watch, and i'm impressed with the TV's upscaling. So in theory, if I play them using something like Plex, it will upscale them first, like you say, and then leave the rest to the TV, if it is even needed. Understood.


Not messy at all. Quite the opposite. It works seamlessly like any other smart TV app. However like I have said above, the AI upscaling works on the apps that run directly on the shield itself. So, the TV will receive a much enhanced picture before it needs to even think of doing any upscaling. There are plenty of videos on YouTube reviewing the Shields, so have a look yourself. What it does is basically analyse the picture in real time and enhance non 4k media up to much more detailed picture than any TV or any other smart media player on the market at the moment.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV PRO 4K Media Streaming Device - 16 GB £199 @ Currys PC World
408° Expired
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Back in stock with Curry's for delivery / collection - seem to be better to deal with compared to NVIDIA shop direct - i know this is RRP. Also if you have any work schemes option… Read more

Took the plunge and bought for £186 using work discount vouchers


Terrific, thanks. Does it still have 2 year guarantee?


Back in stock at Nvidia online shop, just ordered there.


That’s my temp office fix until the proper extendable desks become available end of the month. Then my aim is to only sit for 3hrs a day, be weird but crikey even now I’ve a trapped nerve in my neck, been an ongoing thing, I do most things right but trying to eradicate poor posture issues when they suddenly hit you are very difficult, no doubt permanent for most......but don’t take my word for it I need to get sorted as I just got 120 FPS on ultra running on my new laptop!!


As of last night, this seems to have sold out for delivery or collection in London! Almost pulled the trigger last night and it was available. Dammnit.

330° Expired
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
£199 Free P&P FreeNVIDIA Shop Deals
Includes all-new SHIELD remote, Dolby Vision·Atmos, NVIDIA® Tegra® X1+ processor, 2x USB Ports, 3GB RAM, Plex Media Server, and the Google Assistant Built in Limited to 2 per cust… Read more

Thanks OP, ordered yesterday and it's out for delivery today. Good service considering the stock issues!


just ordered - thanks OP will go nice with Sonos ARC with ATMOS


Back in stock now, just ordered. Thanks OP


Sent a message, will phone tomorrow if no reply.


Myself and others I know all got theirs the next day of ordering, I would get on the phone to them.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 - Amazon - £199.99
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Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 - Amazon - £199.99
£199.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Currently in stock at Amazon.
Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks, you are spot on, with what this unit is really worth IMO. I use Kodi with a nas and Found the Mi box to be as good as this for what I wanted. We all have different uses for our tech. I suppose if people want to pay £300 that,s their choice lol.


Have a good night :)


Wanna take a bet on that cockwomble? Go back to posting rrp deals 8 deals and half if them are rrp for shield. You are the cockwomble cyclist who thinks they are special and cannot read the rules about not posting rrp deals. Gets all defensive when people point stuff out as well. Keep posting "deals" as you see them I'll happily add cooling to every single one that's rrp


Lol, you wouldn't utter a word of what you're saying on here in real life. This is probably your only outlet to feel tough. Have a good one (y)


No. Personally Rrp £200 would have been more than I wanted to pay but value is going to be based on use. if you’re using it as plex/media server etc and watch a tonne of films/tv then I can see the value of £200. I bought it as more of a games console for GeForce now and emulation box, £135 is about right For me.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 - £199.99 delivered @ Currys PC World
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Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 - £199.99 delivered @ Currys PC World
£199.99 Free P&P FreeCurrys PC World Deals
In stock. Hurry! Watch the hottest new entertainment Enjoy the best new shows, movies and more in stunning 4K Ultra HD with the NVIDIA SHIELD TV PRO 4K Media Streaming Device… Read more
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Yes it has atmos pass through, so for example netflix on the internal lg app passes through atmos to the soundbar via earc. I will have to try the Nvidia shield. Sounds like it will sort my issues.


Just got an email from Currys giving me 6 months Spotify Premium as well, cheers OP :D


Yeah, all setup and working thanks.


Did yours arrive?


Well its not really, it is a different design of the same thing, just like any hardware refresh. Just like both amd and Intel have done many times. So it is new hardware design, so not 5 years old, but also not generational and not worth a premium. As noted though its totally fit for purpose as it ever was.

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 4K HDR Ready Media Streamer £199.99 + £4.79 del at Scan
-195° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
NVIDIA Shield TV Pro 4K HDR Ready Media Streamer £199.99 + £4.79 del at Scan
£204.78Scan Deals
As per title, now available to pre-order, go get it...

Damn there were 3 on amazon at 11:45 last night... I dithered and 12:02 all gone! Got fire stick 4K and pi and love my emulation / 4K prime - hence hesitated but too late...


Supposed to be receiving one soon according to this from Scan


Why too much hype? The Nvidia Shield is awesome.


Too much hype


yep, sure as fate, despite the order status page still stating they will dispatch on wed 27th and deliver today got a mail at 23:35 to say will dispatch on 16th June. Given the feedback from others on this thread I'm going to cancel and get my money back (has indeed came off PayPal already). I'll close the deal as well - sorry folks saw this and it was linked directly from the Nvidia page so thought it was a good idea!

Nvidia Shield Pro (2019) £197.53 delivered @ Amazon Spain
468° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Nvidia Shield Pro (2019) £197.53 delivered @ Amazon Spain
£197.53£199.991%Amazon Spain Deals
*Update* Amazon are taking orders again, in stock June 6th ********* Also in stock at .fr and .de but for some reason it works out slightly cheaper through the .es version using … Read more

currys had stock this morning but now out of stock. Worth checking on them on the regular.


Aaand gone again


Amazon are taking orders again, in stock June 6th


after an anxious wait mine has shipped, thanks to the OP for highlighting this stock


You and your nits lol

Nvidia Shield 2017 at Amazon Warehouse (Used - Good) for £158.39
-295° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Nvidia Shield 2017 at Amazon Warehouse (Used - Good) for £158.39
£158.39 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Three left in stock on Amazon warehouse. Hurry as these will fly.
Get deal*Get deal*

Thanks man appreciate your help


For PC I use Moonlight, for PS4, I use a third party app called PSplay, I think it was £2.99, it is well supported in the XDA forums. Both apps will work with third party controllers I bought one of these from Amazon, works very well. https://www.amazon.co.uk/PG-9083-Wireless-Bluetooth-Controller-Smartphone/dp/B07B8PJFPJ/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=tablet+Bluetooth+controller&qid=1590353434&sr=8-6 But when streaming use 5GHz, 2.4ghz tends to mess with Bluetooth when streaming.


What app for ps4 and pc?


This stock is mythical. They simply don't exist. It's been this way with the 2 remaining items for almost 2 months. It's a glitch on the Amazon stock system. Try putting one in your basket and going to checkout. (annoyed) (confused) (skeptical)


I bought the Samsung 43inch a couple of years ago for 4k gaming, I had a 28 inch monitor before that, the TV I bought had good opinions from the Overclockers UK forum, for less than £250 at the time of purchase, due to a ebay site wide discount code, it gave a lot of benefits over a monitor, price, size, resolution and HDR..

Nvidia Shield TV Pro 16GB - £199 @ NVIDIA Shop
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Refreshed 27th MayRefreshed 27th May
Nvidia Shield TV Pro 16GB - £199 @ NVIDIA Shop
£199 Free P&P FreeNVIDIA Shop Deals
Update 1
Back in stock
Nvidia Shield TV Pro back in stock. Nvidia Shield website has it in stock Happy purchasing. :)
Get deal*Get deal*

Oddly enough they dispatched from Milton Keynes for me.. lol


Testing now cables and all settings. Tv image was on "Auto select".


Check the screen settings. Do you have HDR on or off...


I have a strange problem: washed out colours when I use Plex or other players. Much better when I play the same movie using streaming apps. Local source is 4k hdr remux and streaming is 1080p. Any ideas?


Lol, hope you get yours soon, not opening the new one, it's practically the same as the old one, had my bloody beer goggles on, saw the word Pro, lol..

NVIDIA Shield TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Chromecast 4K, 8GB £130.23 @ Currys/ebay
645° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
NVIDIA Shield TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Chromecast 4K, 8GB £130.23 @ Currys/ebay
£130.23£14913% Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
NVIDIA Shield TV 4K HDR Streaming Media Player, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Chromecast 4K, 8GB £130.23 with code @ Currys/ebay Dolby Vision Dolby Vision transforms your TV… Read more



Out of stock


For anyone wanting the Pro it's just come into stock on ebuyer.com Just had order confirmation with next day delivery


Probably using Plex, I believe it had (still has?) some issues on the tube. I had zero problems with 4k remuxes via Kodi on mine. Bit late but i didn't see anyone answering this. For streaming football the only difference you'll see between a 4k stick and this is the apps will load up a bit quicker and perhaps feel a little more responsive, the actual stream will look and act just the same. Personally i've went from 4K Fire Stick > Shield tube > Apple TV 4K and the Apple TV 4K is easily my favourite. The UI is much better, generally the apps themselves are designed better (although occasionally the reverse is true) and i'm finding that the Apple app store is much better supported than the Android TV app store on the Shield. Quite a few apps on the Shield i had to resort to sideloading a phone or tablet version then had to use my phone to control them as they weren't designed for a remote, on the ATV i can get them natively from the app store instead. If i didn't live in a flat i'd have stuck with the Shield for it's HD audio passthrough capabilities but as i do i can't turn the volume on the AVR up that high anyway so sound is good enough on the ATV 4K for me.


Demand for shield seems unequal with high demand for the Pro version. Personally feel there isn’t enough price differential between them.

New Nvidia Shield Remote is back in stock £27.99 @ NVIDIA Shop
462° Expired
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
New Nvidia Shield Remote is back in stock £27.99 @ NVIDIA Shop
£27.99 Free P&P FreeNVIDIA Shop Deals
Back in stock better be quick
Get deal*Get deal*

i cant get my logitech harmony to link for some reason :(


Well, I know it's a little late but I did attempt to link the new Shield remote to my Echo devices. The Alexa app shows my Nvidia account as being linked but can I get Alexa to push any commands to my Shield...? No (lol) So I'm still using my Logitech Harmony. I tried for about 30 minutes and gave up.


Interested to hear your feedback


I have a Logitech Harmony but I think an Amazon Alexa device may give more control. I will link with my Echo Show and let you know.


worth buying this if i have a logitech harmony? (confused)

NVIDIA Shield TV | 4K HDR Streaming Media Player, Dolby Vision, MicroSD, Works with Alexa - Used - Acceptable Amazon Warehouse
263° Expired
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
NVIDIA Shield TV | 4K HDR Streaming Media Player, Dolby Vision, MicroSD, Works with Alexa - Used - Acceptable Amazon Warehouse
£111.74Amazon Deals
Amazon have used - acceptable Shield TVs for £111.74 - only 3 of them. They then have 5 users good at £131.10 - which i'd say is also good! RRP is £148.98 I have one and they ar… Read more
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Are these ok for the gaming side of things. I cant get the pro model anywhere


Good deal OP have some heat. Me personally, I'm waiting for a customer return Shield Pro to hit the warehouse again.


Presumably the Shield TV Pro (2019) doesn’t support the playback of Dolby Vision dual-layer mkv REMUX files? Only 3GB GDDR3 RAM on the Pro 2019 model?! (confused) 2015 called and wants their RAM back, lol! (:I


Only on the tube. The full Shield TV 2019/20 is 64-bit OS


Can't use this one as a Plex Server. Only as a client (or player). Cracking deal though - I think the cheapest one has now gone though unfortunately.

New Nvidia Shield Remote is back in stock £27.99 @ NVIDIA Shop
331° Expired
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
New Nvidia Shield Remote is back in stock £27.99 @ NVIDIA Shop
BE QUICK Limit of 5 SHIELD REMOTE > Motion-activated, backlit buttons > Mic for voice search and control > Bluetooth connectivity > IR for TV control > Built-in lost… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*



Thank you


No it’s does not that’s why I hated the previous remote. The new one is perfect. Would have loved them to keep the volume slider but hay ho.


I'd love a recommendation for iptv too please


You're spelling it wrong 🤭

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