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Enjoy 4K streaming, all-action gaming, and the widest possible range of living room entertainment options by picking up an Nvidia Shield console. Capable of connecting to almost any Smart TVs and equipped to work with Google and Alexa's smart home systems, these compact gaming consoles provide a new dimension for HD TV owners. Find the latest and biggest discounts at the Nvidia Shield hotukdeals listings. Read more
Nvidia Shield with controller, remote and £20 steam wallet @ Currys - £179
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Good deal if you are interested in the £20 Steam wallet NVIDIA SHIELD 4K Media Streaming Device with Controller - 16 GB Enjoy the best new shows, movies and more in stunni… Read more
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Yes, you can stream steam games from Nvidia servers. You just link your steam profile to Nvidia games app, then find the game you want to play and it will piggy back through Nvidia to stream the game. Like previous poster said, some games don't support keyboard (half life 1), in which case you need to plug in keyboard and mouse. For other games, within steam you can map the controlller to be used. Best to check the games you want to play first if this is going to be an issue.




You can add an external hard drive.


"but you can just add a harddrive". I'm assuming you meant as in 'internally' then?, or ... And if so, then, what's the biggest size of internal HDD that one of these can take too?. And would that be the Desktop HDD size?, or the Laptop HDD size?, thanx.


xbox doesnt play pc masterrace games. case closed

NVIDIA SHIELD 4K at Currys for £177.31
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Stream games and entertainment to your TV with the NVIDIA SHIELD 4K Media Streaming Device, Controller & £10 Steam Wallet Card Bundle. _________________________________________… Read more
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Damn autocorrect. I'm sure I typed Isn't


Midget you might be right.


Got this deal last year and it was only £110 very cold


Isn't this normal price? Got this last year for around £130? Dont get me wrong, it's one of the best things I've ever purchased and certainly get my monies worth out of it but curry's are taking the p with that price. Isn't amazon offering anything for it this year? Theres still another day of sales tomorrow if not.


Cold as ice.

Nvidia SHIELD TV with Remote and Controller £134.99 used acceptable @ Amazon Warehouse
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Not sure what used acceptable is in practical terms. If you are on benefits then of course you will be buying new but if you have a job then budgets might not allow for that :D … Read more

another one. And not only because of that but because it's been with that price (used) for a while


It's out of stock with Amazon as the seller. I've also been waiting out for prime Day, but most likely to get 20% off warehouse deals than new discounted shield :(


I'm glad I've had the experiance of working for the benefit system in the past, allowing me to see the perspective of both sides. It's really not all sunshine for a lot of people on benefits and I do find it sad that people like OP don't have the brainpower to see past their own simple view. Why can't people just think before putting out ridiculous comments..


And people working can't do the same? Working more than 1 job but lower hours lets you pay less if any NI, and then going self employed can easily allow you to pay less tax on deductibles and blatantly undelcare tax keeping it (off the books). I don't disagree with people milking the system on benefits but let's not pretend that people working don't do it either. Just pisses me off that just because people work they think they're moral authority. (I work also, for the record before anyone thinks I'm defending people on benefits for the sake of myself).


Think I paid about this last prime day brand new from Amazon - maybe wait and see what Prime Day offers.

Nvidia SHIELD TV with Remote and Controller, Black  £169 @ Amazon
974° Expired
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Nvidia SHIELD TV with Remote and Controller
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Thanks!! That is what I thought! :)


Only the 500gb one, but you can use an external ssd in the usb3 port which I've read is very good


Can the 16 GB shield be upgraded with an SSD or that is only for the 500gb one? Planning to replace my mi box s with an Nvidia shield. Thanks


Thanks for the reply. I wouldn't use the shield as a game console, so am thinking maybe the PI 4 is good enough for what I need but just need to learn how to get it to work correctly for me.


Think of the Shield as the Gold Standard for a media box, so if it's within your budget, don't bother considering anything else and if you like gaming, then nothing of this type can touch it. The Pi 4 does play some 4k very well but software patched will be required to get it all working as advertised, which is almost certainly going to require a fan the way things are progressing but it is cheaper than the Shield. 4k comes in more than one flavour and deliveries and different boxes handle each better then others.

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NVIDIA SHIELD 4K Media Streaming Device - 16 GB - £159.99 at Currys
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Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Probably the best streamer on the market which plays literally all file formats & more. Head above the rest as others are cheaper but have flaws. Usually is about £180 2 yr … Read more

can you please tell me the name of that box? the £25 thank you .


i have one of these and they are epic especially now th eplex bugs have been sorted, worth noting on some you get the play controller and you can flog this with the charge cable on ebay for £30 making it dirt cheap.


Digitbit VPN iFollow account for your team - £150 or something a year Watch on PC.


Any tips on championship games, cheers.


I don't and never will have sky. All on my firestick DAZN - All 380 premier League games IPTV - Other channels Plex providers X 2 - Netflix with stuff I actually want to watch. Netflix 4K for the 4K Dolby vision content. Total cost of £120 a year so £10 a month :) I meant for an actual device you can buy you can't off the shelf a stick is hard to beat.

NVIDIA Shield 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Box - 16 GB Built-in WiFi & Ethernet £160.65 @ Ebay Currys/PC world (USE CODE)
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Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Description Key Features Top features: - Watch the hottest new entertainment in stunning 4K via streaming TV services - Stream games or cast from your PC to your living room -… Read more

I use Kodi and VLC. Seems to cover everything for me. I run Hdmi to my TV. It feeds optical audio to my amp as its old and doesn't feed 4k video to the TV over hdmi.


Really impressed with the Shield as a replacement for my WDTV by the way - thanks for the clarification. Just out of interest what media player do you reckon will handle everything thrown at it? I have MX PLayer and VLC but on some video files there is no sound or it is jittery.


Saw this one mentioned. But I've still to try any of them. X-plore File Manager. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lonelycatgames.Xplore&hl=en_US


Solid explorer. Or https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tohsoft.filemanagerpro.v2&hl=en


Anyone got a recommended app for sideloading? As ES File Explorer is no longer on Play store.

Acer ED242QRA 23.6 Inch Full HD Curved Monitor (VA Panel, FreeSync, 144 Hz, 4 ms, DP, HDMI, DVI) - £149.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 7th FebPosted 7th Feb
Acer ED242QRA 23.6 Inch Full HD Curved Monitor (VA Panel, FreeSync, 144 Hz, 4 ms, DP, HDMI, DVI) - £149.99 @ Amazon
£149.99£1596%Amazon Deals
FHD (1920 x 1080) resolution - clearer, sharper images Gently curved 1800R screen - a more immersive viewing experience 4 ms response time - react and respond quickly to what you… Read more

You wont find a better 144hz under 200. Also available at scan for same price https://www.scan.co.uk/products/236-acer-ed242qr-fhd-monitor-va-1920x1080-144hz-freesync-4ms-100m1-250cd-m-hdmi-dp-dvi?gclid=EAIaIQobChMItMjcyIur4AIVArTtCh1PTAA8EAQYASABEgJ36fD_BwE


I won't expire as you can still order it but thanks for letting me know :)


No more available for prime it says dispatched 2/3months


Most I've seen are TN panels, this is VA, which I prefer. I can't say as I've not had one (y)


Is this actually a good bit in comparison to other models same price range? I’ve been half in the market for a decent screen about this size, should I bite

Nvidia SHIELD TV with Remote and Controller £138.47 used acceptable @ Amazon warehouse
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Posted 31st JanPosted 31st Jan
Nvidia SHIELD TV with Remote and Controller £138.47 used acceptable @ Amazon warehouse
£138.47£189.9927%Amazon Deals
With controller and remote From Amazon so should be alright, if it's not then send it back Also used/good available for £162
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Its a shame these are taking FOREVER to come down in price. I suppose they have no reason too as they have literally no competition, its still the top.


I would avoid these 'acceptable' state goods from Amazon. If 'very good' sometimes is not that good, I can't imagine what 'acceptable' means to them. Also, unless you need it right away, wait for Prime Day in June/July where they'll most likely have the usual 20% off.


More like lottery I would say, just buy what is within your budget and if it is not in good condition just return it.



Nvidia Shield TV TV with Remote and Controller, Black  - Used Good £128.65 Amazon Warehouse
303° Expired
Posted 16th JanPosted 16th Jan
Hello all been searching around for one of these and even on the used market they are mega pricey. Good to see amazon doing a good deal on their used ones. They also have vairing t… Read more
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How did it come?


Mine aren't in good enough condition, really annoyed and will be returning


Yeah no issues at all with mine. Quite chuffed.


Mine also came from Germany. No marks, looks new and works great. Time to find a TV tuner.


Yeah mine came from Germany too.

[Google Play Store] 2K Games Sale - Includes NBA 2K19, Borderlands, WWE, XCOM (Typically 80% Off)
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Posted 28th Dec 2018Posted 28th Dec 2018
[Google Play Store] 2K Games Sale - Includes NBA 2K19, Borderlands, WWE, XCOM (Typically 80% Off)
2K Games are having a sale of some of their big name android games: Civilization Revolution 2 - £1.89 (usually £8.99 - 79% off) XCOM: Enemy Within £1.89 (usually £8.99 - 79%… Read more

No mate, normally BL that contains DLC is a GOTY edition which this isn't.


I have it and there are no ads. Great game on mobile and plays as good as it does on a pc.


Got civilization, it's prob crap though.


I have it from a previous deal on my android tablet and never seen any ads in it.


Does it include any of the DLC?

[NVIDIA Shield] The Talos Principle - £2.39 - Google Play
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Posted 20th Dec 2018Posted 20th Dec 2018
[NVIDIA Shield] The Talos Principle - £2.39 - Google Play
£2.39£4.1943%Google Play Deals
One for the Shield owners :) The Talos Principle is currently 43% off and down to £2.39. It's on sale on Steam at the moment for £4.49, so a £2.10 saving this way :) N… Read more
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Where do I find sheild games from the gplay store? Do you type sheild TV or compatibles sheild TV games. TIA


No it's stored on the internal storage of a 2015 shield pro


Did u have it stored on external memory?


This didn't run all that smoothly on my shield


Superb game. Already own the flat version but just bought the VR one yesterday (also discounted heavily right now)

NVIDIA SHIELD 4K Media Streaming Device - 16 GB £129.98 inc VAT PC World Business
569° Expired
Posted 20th Dec 2018Posted 20th Dec 2018
NVIDIA SHIELD 4K Media Streaming Device - 16 GB £129.98 inc VAT PC World Business
Watch the hottest new entertainment in stunning 4K via streaming TV services - Stream games or cast from your PC to your living room - Built-in Chromecast 4K Ultra so you can s… Read more

Why do I always miss these deals:(


Thanks for the answer, but I think you can currently play streaming games on Geoforce Now for Free, but it's a beta that will likely be charged for in future, and the impression I still have is that if you have a game in a steam library that you have paid for them you can access that too (?)... For newbies to this, like me, it is rather confusing. This video is good about the Geoforce Now thing...


It can stream from your PC but afaik that needs to be high spec, or you can play from their cloud servers for a fee but I don't think that's connected to Steam.


Excuse my ignorance, but with a Nvidia Shield can you play any game that is in Your Steam Library ? I just have a quite old laptop, no good for 3d gaming etc, but can activate games via steam on it. (For example a few games from a couple of years ago at low settings, and PES 2018, and Football Manager) So with the Shield I take it I can just log into.my Steam account and play these, and also buy new games on Steam and just play them too ? Or do you need a decent / high end PC still ?


Tvaddons.co and Fusion Installer. 8)

Nvidia SHIELD TV with Remote and Controller, Black £149.99 @ Amazon / Amazon PrimeNow
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Posted 18th Dec 2018Posted 18th Dec 2018
Nvidia SHIELD TV with Remote and Controller, Black £149.99 @ Amazon / Amazon PrimeNow
£149.99£1596%Amazon Deals
Nvidia SHIELD TV with Remote and Controller, Black

Yeah currys is definitely the best place to get it at the moment.


It's 128 in Curry's and 148 with the controller.


I was just about to buy another one from amazon and they've jacked the price back up. Great bit of kit but I honestly don't think it's worth £189. It feels like the price should always be £150. It looks like they have stock just increased the price. I'm not getting another from amazon although prime delivery would have been handy lol.


Awesome, thanks very much for the info!


It's because Amazon has no stock left presumably. A 3rd party seller has stepped up to the plate with an embarrassing price given the PC World deals.

NVIDIA SHIELD 4K 16 GB Media Streaming Device & £10 Steam Card £128.02 or with controller £148.02 @ Currys (more in post)
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Refreshed 25th Dec 2018Refreshed 25th Dec 2018
NVIDIA SHIELD 4K 16 GB Media Streaming Device & £10 Steam Card £128.02 or with controller £148.02 @ Currys (more in post)
£128.02£159.9920%Currys PC World Deals
Few reductions on Nvidia shield bundles including steam credit and can opt if you want a controller. Includes a 2 year manufacturer guarantee. Free c+c Stream your PC games … Read more
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What 3rd party remotes do people recommend ?


The shield is so good I bought two. So powerful and can run any app, although if you’re going to want to run mobile apps on this then a mouse or even gamepad is a must for certain app navigation. If if you wanted too, to, you can get this to run a full GTX1080 pc using the shadow service, something I’m personally seriously considering doing next.


I have both ... the Vero 4K has been demoted to the spare bedroom, it’s good but the Shield is android based and can have a lot more apps installed as well as Kodi.


price rise at Currys by £50 !!!!


I know lol. Was just trying to be funny. Appreciate your help. Thanks

NVIDIA SHIELD TV 16GB And Controller - £149.98 @ Ebuyer
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Posted 17th Dec 2018Posted 17th Dec 2018
NVIDIA SHIELD TV 16GB And Controller - £149.98 @ Ebuyer
£149.98£189.9921%Ebuyer Deals
getting a voice remote and a controller and a 4K TV shield (ninja)

No stock. No price on website. Why not expired? :/


OOS (shock)


Out of stock.




I think it's the same price at Amazon. The customer service of these two companies is worlds apart.

Play a number of games for free on PC, MAC or Shield TV via GeForce Now Beta (currently free) - guaranteed access for Shield TV owners
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Posted 16th Dec 2018Posted 16th Dec 2018
Play a number of games for free on PC, MAC or Shield TV via GeForce Now Beta (currently free) - guaranteed access for Shield TV owners
Ok so these games are streamed via Nvidia’s servers rather than you downloading and running the game on your machine. Upshot is your machine doesn’t need to be an absolute beast th… Read more

Just don't get banned and you only need the one :p


Again you got your facts wrong. Maybe I have 2 accounts ;)


Yes, it was corrected when it was realised that it was in error. As you say, FA76 can't be played without first purchasing it on the PC. There are still plenty of games to play for free or you stream your existing collection to a lesser powered machine such as the Shield etc. So the current statement above is correct since FA76 was edited out. Remind me I owe you an hour of your time. I tell you what, how about you post that first deal (and give something back for once) and I'll spend an hour chasing that? ;)


Actually I spent an hour installing GeForce now and setting up accounts for GN and fallout and then testing and searching everywhere in GeForce Now to try find this offer. To find the OP was BS. Check your facts before making threads here simple. For those that don't know the OP said something like "Play Fallout 76 for free on GeForce Now" it has been changed now.


You say games have been fee on the Shield but your title includes “free on PC, Mac” which seems a bit misleading to me. There are free to play games but they are free to play with or without GFN. In terms of pricing I think it is more than speculation, but I may be wrong. However as Nvidia’s shares nosedived last week maybe they will actually review their business strategies and pricing ...... just maybe.

Nvidia Shield TV up to £30 off
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Posted 15th Dec 2018Posted 15th Dec 2018
Nvidia Shield TV up to £30 off
Ok i know there have been a few posts for this deal at various sites over the past few days but this is just to let people know that this deal is being promoted by Shield themselve… Read more
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no they are promoting a £30 off at various retailers quoted but as you say the prices have been see-sawing for a few days now (Currys with steam card Etc)


Do you have to claim the £30 off from Nvidia? The price is see-sawing every day so not sure if the money off is in the seller's prices or not? Can't see any claim info on Nvidia's site?


Haha nah dude I'm pretty sure its Jack from Lost


Aye, I already have a DS4 so no need for the bundled controller. Is that you in your profile pic? No homo.


I think there is, just not enough to charge what other people think they're worth. I'd much prefer an Xbox One controller to another Shield controller and they're usually cheaper.

NVIDIA SHIELD 4K (16 GB) Media Streaming Device & £10 Steam Card at Currys - £141.99
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Posted 14th Dec 2018Posted 14th Dec 2018
NVIDIA SHIELD 4K (16 GB) Media Streaming Device & £10 Steam Card at Currys - £141.99
£141.99£159.9911%Currys PC World Deals
I was looking at the previous deals of £139.99 and saw this one which is only a few quid more and gives you a £10 Steam voucher too. Grabbing one to replace my aging WDTV box and t… Read more

To anyone that bought this at this price and now seeing Currys has dropped it again if you call them up they will refund the difference under the Currys Price Promise. It needs to be within 7 days I think. Just got a £12 refund from themthanks to another HUKD member reminding me they did that. :)


My TV's also have Plex but this unit has the Plex Media Server built in and in addition to that it has hardware transcoding abilities so can re-encode videos you play that would otherwise not play on a client due to bandwidth/format unsupported etc. It also has Steam Link (some TVs do have that too) and Geforce Now for gaming. Fast and can be controlled via Google Home/Amazon Echo. My primary reason for getting one was in fact the Plex Media Server as the system I run that on currently can't transcode video. Now I can stream 1080p movies from home to my mobile anywhere with quality adjusted automatically for bandwidth etc. After setting it all up and smoothing out a few small issues I am amazed by the Shield. The only thing I would say is the remote is rubbish and can lag if it has any interference. If it does then move the Shield away from your router or also move any HDD/USB stick further away from it (longer USB cable/extension. It seems to have an issue with any kind of wireless interference.


Three questions: Can I screen share on Skype on this device? Can I store steam games on my HDD to play off it? (New to Steam go easy on me :P) Can I add mods to Steam games on this device? (if the previous Q. Is a yes, I guess I'd add the patch to the files on the external HDD)


Thanks for that.....would of definitely bought it just for that


Playstore is already there, but its a nvidia curated version. Side load Aptoide and you can get most stuff but a lot of Apk's can be obtained from their official sites and just side load them on. Google Music is already on the shield from start up. I cannot think of anything app wise that I am missing out on.

Nvidia shield TV 3GB/16GB @ Currys for £139.99
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Posted 13th Dec 2018Posted 13th Dec 2018
Nvidia shield TV 3GB/16GB @ Currys for £139.99
£139.99£179.9922%Currys PC World Deals
Top features: - Watch the hottest new entertainment in stunning 4K via streaming TV services - Stream games or cast from your PC to your living room - Built-in Chromecast 4K … Read more
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Offer now ended. (fierce)


I don't know for definite about PS1 but as far as I know there's no stable PS2 emulator widely available, so doubt it will be available for this device. But you can sideload a PSP emulator on most android/similar devices - which works pretty well.


Can you get IPTV in 4k ? Never tried IPTV . But Netflix and Amazon works fine in 4k .


Are you able to get IPTV on this?


Same price on ebay if u have any discounts

Nvidia Shield TV 3gb/16gb With Remote (Free Delivery) £139.99 @ Amazon
74° Expired
Posted 13th Dec 2018Posted 13th Dec 2018
Nvidia Shield TV 3gb/16gb With Remote (Free Delivery) £139.99 @ Amazon
£139.99£179.9922%Amazon Deals
Best streaming device on the market, well worth the price tag so I'm told. Killer View - Movies, TV shows and games look unbelievably good with best-in-class 4K HDR or high-defini… Read more
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It was showing as 139.99 on their page when I clicked on it - looks like it was changed a few minutes ago :/


Strange it's showing at full price but when u press to change between one with controller and remote is shows the low price


It's showing as £173.95 ?


How’d you get that price?


Still shows at £179.99 for me.

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