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Quality Motorcycle Cover - £7.99 *Instore*@ Aldi
Made hot 4th Mar 2011Made hot 4th Mar 2011
Quality Motorcycle Cover - £7.99 *Instore*@ Aldi
Please go easy on me, its my first post. :) Spotted these on the Aldi website so i went a picked a couple up last night and they are great. Good quality. Eleasticated for good f… Read more
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Nooo! its just plastic. i use a plastic cover on my pushbike and think i'm being too stingy with that. i use breathable cover for bikes not in the garage. this will form a damp environ on the inside.


cbrpaul, all true!


good for outside use to protect from rain, BUT ,,,, remove it , every now and then on a dry day , to allow the bike to " air" inside , or you will find it will corrode /rust !! Also keep an eye on it on windy days , these covers act as a lovely "sail" , !!! I use a cotton cover on my bike , but then it is in my garage , so no worry about rain as such !!


Good price. Remember to wait for your bike to cool down first ;-)


Thanks for posting

True Inspiration Collection - (3 Blu-Ray Boxset) - In the Shadow of the Moon / Touching The Void / The Motorcycle Diaries £7.95 @ Base
Made hot 28th Feb 2011Made hot 28th Feb 2011
True Inspiration Collection - (3 Blu-Ray Boxset) - In the Shadow of the Moon / Touching The Void / The Motorcycle Diaries £7.95 @ Base
Great price. Amazon/Play £10.99 In The Shadow of the Moon Between 1968 and 1972, the world watched in awe each time an American spacecraft voyaged to the Moon. Only 12 men walke… Read more
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Isnt this expired Sorry, this product is currently unavailable.




yep, touching the void is the dogs dangly bits. very good film, already have it on bluray and dvd or would have bought this set. i paid this for touching the void on its own


Touching The Void is excellent watch


Price wise excellent. But "In the shadow of the Moon" is the only film that interests me there. So il give it a miss. Heat added.

Motorcycle Helmet - £29.99 *Instore* @ Aldi
Made hot 26th Feb 2011Made hot 26th Feb 2011
Motorcycle Helmet - £29.99 *Instore* @ Aldi
£29.99Aldi Deals
Approved to ECE 2205 Standard Available in: Medium or Large Full face helmet Includes helmet bag The cheek pads are removable and washable FROM 3rd MARCH - talkshop

Helmets certified to the ECE 22.05 standard are approved for competition events by AMA, CCS, FIM, Formula-USA and WERA and are chosen by nearly every professional motorcycle racers competing in world championship road racing, motocross and off road events, including the ultimate sport of Moto GP. Helmets that are certified to both DOT and ECE 22.05 offer the highest level of realistic protection with the added benefit of light weight for day-long comfort and rider performance.


Shame thats not Snell approved, love the colour.


im guilty here...started of with a carberg lid and now wont get anything other than a shoei although they both protect the same :). Its the brand, we wont buy kingfisher running trainers from windsors world of shoes but rather get nike+ from JDsports lol u can run in both but if you have some passion you would like to feel that you have spent more (retail therapy) lol.


it is light and a nice tight, but not too tight fit, a little bit quieter than my caberg,


But the IS-16 only received 2 stars in it's SHARP test, so is it any good?

Kabrus Alarmed Motorcycle Disc lock Padlock 140db 5 yr warranty @ £24.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 18th Feb 2011Made hot 18th Feb 2011
Kabrus Alarmed Motorcycle Disc lock Padlock 140db 5 yr warranty @ £24.99 @ Amazon
Was £39.99 This is the loudest motorcycle disclock I could find, so great if you need some noise. * Push - Down Locking System, 7mm Locking Pin * 140 dB Alarm, Auto Arm/Di… Read more

A decibel is a ratio and means absolutely nothing with qualifying it.


Heat added, if only because there have been three people so far confessing to driving off without unlocking their bikes.. :D


Seems like a good idea and good price. Heat from me. Have driven off with a regular cable lock on the wheel before - epic fail and instant fall over...


I keep mine permanently attached and stored under my seat, just enough room under there for the Yamaha tool kit, a multi-tool and the lock :)


Hmmmm, seriously considering this for my mountain bike seen as it's worth more than my car lol

Kawasaki - Ninja ZX-10R 2010 - £7,499 @ George White Motorcycles
Made hot 16th Feb 2011Made hot 16th Feb 2011
Kawasaki - Ninja ZX-10R 2010 - £7,499 @ George White Motorcycles
What an offer... WAS £10,324 - NOW £7499!! You save SAVE £2825 PLUS GET £634.95 worth of free kit!! FREE Datatool 4 alarm - worth £369.99 RRP FREE Front / Rear stands - wort… Read more

wouldnt buy from George white - if they were the last company on earth:- examples of their style of business:-


I can't see the deal on the website oO


just bought one cheers


Hot deal! I would get one... but I'm too scared. I scared myself on a 125cc Honda CG doing my CBT.


yes actually i say what i think not allways the best way but : 1 i dont believe in pleasing people just because 2. im not a bitch lol 3. people actually used to say it as it they cant stand the truth...........they call it rudeness i hate the way peeps act are women and visa versa and oh................the australian upspeaking ffs. still thats wot u get wen ur a dinasaur , and proud to be too

Free 1 Hour Motor Cycle | Scooter Lesson @ Get On Campaign
Made hot 31st Jan 2011Made hot 31st Jan 2011
Free 1 Hour Motor Cycle | Scooter Lesson @ Get On Campaign
What’s it all about? Daily commute getting you down? Fed up with tube strikes, delays in public transport, rising ticket prices, lack of seats or the daily grind into work general… Read more
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Just got an email saying 'Thank you for your free ride request however we are sorry to advise that your chosen venue, Southend and Benfleet Motorcycle Training are now no longer offering Free Rides through Get On.' :( Have to rebook and have the freebie much further from home, but still doing it! :)


I have just booked myself and my partner in for a free ride :) Thanks, heat added.


Been wanting to get on my CBT for a while, but never ridden before and still not sure if I want to bother with a motorbike to ditch the car (ditching the car anyway). This is perfect :)


Did this last year, even tho I didn't get a full hour. Signed up for the direct access there and then, passed on July 1st. Wish I'd done it years ago...


THats blinding - thinking of getting on me bike & this will give me the push......) literally.....

Motorcycle Saddle Bags / Pannier Set £22.99 @ Argos
Made hot 22nd Jan 2011Made hot 22nd Jan 2011
Motorcycle Saddle Bags / Pannier Set £22.99 @ Argos
Reviews say that they are Oxford branded ones. * UV protected 600 denier material. * Double stitched. * Attaches with adjustable belts. * Storage pockets. * Ea… Read more

Great post thank you, picked up mine from Argos Hamilton last night, and yes they were the Oxford version.


One set in Swindon - reservation number 055710 if anyone wants them


Have some heat - bought these for a trip to France - brilliant. I paid £40 for mine too, so this is a great deal.


Out of stock in the wrexham area :-(


Bizarre that Argos have pack shot these on an Enfield Bullet? They are quite small (20x16x40cm). Your normal desktop ruler from your school pencil case is 30cm...

Free "Think Bike, Think Biker" Vehicle Sticker @ DFT Government
Made hot 19th Jan 2011Made hot 19th Jan 2011
Free "Think Bike, Think Biker" Vehicle Sticker @ DFT Government
get a free "Think! Bike" car sticker
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I’ve ridden and driven push bikes, motorbikes, cars a light commercials. In my opinion, it’s when you ride a push bike that you see and learn the most. There are good and bad road users riding and driving all types of vehicles. This age old argument is daft, you don’t become a saint or sinner simply because you choose a particular type of transport. Human beings make mistakes, we have to live with that fact and ride or drive expecting them to do so.


I ride everyday in and out of London at rush hour and have to ride with my hand hovering over the brake every day. What ever happened to "mirror, signal, maneuver" all I see cars doing is signal and maneuver simultaneously (usually straight into your path) same way that I have been knocked off my bike twice, usual response from the driver "oh sorry didnt see you" or the other one "how fast was you going" . I am a car driver as well as a biker and I always show respect to bikers on the road when in a car i.e. make room in traffic and check mirrors constantly.


just ordered 1 thanks I ride in the summer and drive in the winter...hence my understanding of the dangers. car drivers have much more protection and stopping distance than a biker. but bikers hav great observation and anticipation of the traffic, u cant be a biker otherwise. I'm a very safe rider and stay within my speed limits and i know the capabilities of my bike, but even i have near death experiences due to unobservant drivers. Just today i nearly died. I was riding 30mph on a straight, a woman was coming out from a minor road on my right. on approaching i release my throttle and coast with hand on break(i always do this now) just in case she ever pulls out which i didnt think she would. She she looks left(at me) then right, then never looks left at me again and pulls out right in front of hand being on the brake already i managed to stop. All i can imagine is that she thought i was a bicycle and i would take some time to reach her which gave her the idea to pull out. Something as simple as looking left again would have prevented a possible death. I had to anticipate the she WILL pull out which she did. SHE DIDN'T THINK BIKE


Was said in jest my dear hence the lol


Seriously ................ Good luck to you all. And because all of this every time I get to a junction all I think of now is "bike", And that can only be a good thing. They should make a TV program based on all this chat, I bet it would make a few more think. And without being rude pomp

Front Motorcycle Paddock Stand rrp £44.99 now £15.50 @ Ghostbikes
Made hot 3rd Jan 2011Made hot 3rd Jan 2011
Front Motorcycle Paddock Stand rrp £44.99 now £15.50 @ Ghostbikes
Use xmas10 for additional 10% off rear available for £24.49

Good one! Cost me a small fortune when I was a rider


no chance unless its for a bike you dont mind falling over onto your pride and joy !!! happened here !


You can get these cheap and cheerful stands at this kind of price at bike shows. The claimed original price is really not credible for what is reported to be a poor product. Your bike is worth too much to risk it on these.


£15 for a reason, i wouldnt trust it personally


DO NOT ! Buy these stands, I bought them last year and the front one collapsed with my fireblade on it, not a happy customer at all, if they had been a shop I would have taken the bike in to get them to repair it , would not touch them with a barge pole ! AVOID ! Bought an Abba stand instead, a lot easier to do on your own.

Weise 1-Piece Motorcycle Rain Suit @ £14.99 inc delivery
Made hot 23rd Dec 2010Made hot 23rd Dec 2010
Weise 1-Piece Motorcycle Rain Suit @ £14.99 inc delivery
Was £39.99 Specs / Features One piece waterproof. Lightweight.. Full Body YKK diagonal zip. Taped internal seams. Comfort collar. Elasticated waist, ankle & wrists. YKK ankl… Read more
Avatardeleted95760Get dealGet deal

Received mine, very pleased with the quality. Cheers OP


Well I can tell you it doesnt have 50mm of loft insulation but I can say you would be Sweating like John Prescott in a pie shop


Use XMAS10 code at checkout for an additional 10% ;) Shame I didn't see this before I ordered :(


What? You wont need that in this country surely? :p


Damn good price, i bought an Oxford one a few days ago for £20 and i thought that was cheap. If you're buying one you need to remember the size you're gonna be after all you've put all your gear on underneath.

Yamaha Papercraft - 100's of paper models free! (and alot of motorcycles)
Made hot 12th Dec 2010Made hot 12th Dec 2010
Yamaha Papercraft - 100's of paper models free! (and alot of motorcycles)
Don't know if this has been posted on here, but I couldn't find it. Yamaha papercraft offer some fantastic models on their website loads of different catagories to choose from and … Read more
Avatardeleted117705Get dealGet deal

TONS of printable projects for the brats during the school holidays from Canon, including 96 animals alone, here Merry Christmas from Santa - but better get plenty of ink cartridges!




very cool, going to give the pop up bike card a go....expect some blue language around me when it all goes wrong!!


Nice find! ;) I love doing papercraft :)


Nice find, Hopefully keep the kids busy ;-0

FREE pack of 3 Oxford Comfy Neck Warmers worth £13.99 - £3.49 delivery @
Made hot 9th Dec 2010Made hot 9th Dec 2010
FREE pack of 3 Oxford Comfy Neck Warmers worth £13.99 - £3.49 delivery @
To claim your FREE pack of 3 Oxford Comfy Neck Warmers worth £13.99 click ADD TO SHOPPING BASKET and follow the check out process - once we have processed the £3.49 P&P charge … Read more

Walking through town I popped in to Ethel Austin to find a gift for the OAP next door and spotted a similar single neck warmer, looked and felt rubbish and was £6 so this offering put a smile on my face more.


I got the same pack


Ahh received now call off the search party :) Just in time for the snow to lash it down!


Just had mine delivered, red n black flame like pattern, plain black, black with white dots. Haven't opened the packet as yet to decide if I want to be nice to my local sub post office master. Plus a 15% discount voucher for use in store or online. Thank you Adam and Lids :D


Typical, conflicting information, I think the T&Cs were posted up after the surge in orders but my order was made before the amendments to the site.

Free motorcycle trial session for beginners
Made hot 26th Nov 2010Made hot 26th Nov 2010
Free motorcycle trial session for beginners
I've done a search and couldn't find it - hope it hasn't already been posted! Daily commute getting you down? Fed up with tube strikes, delays in public transport, rising ticket p… Read more

i have been on this free ride and it is very good!! after 30 years off a bike it encouraged me to go back on two wheels and i found there was no hard sell afterwards. this is hot.


+1 My folks never wanted me to get a I didn't. My wife didn't want me to get a bike at first...but now she's ok-ish about it. Its fair to be concerned - I mean, of the slight "uh oh"'s I've had on mine since I got it, all of them were my fault and not caused by car drivers (which are usually to blame (_;) ) With everything in the world, we make your own choices - fags, booze, crack, Kwak z1000's in t-shirts and flip flops (seen that more than I wanted to) - its all available to you and right that you have a go....maybe not crack oO


You've obviously had a bad experience somewhere along the line, sorry to hear it. Personally I definitely think that if any of my loved ones were into bikes (as most of them are) I would much rather they took to the road after having some decent training, and if they can get the start of it for free, and with other perks that they provide (like 2 free tickets to Motorcycle live in Birmingham, which I got after booking my CBT) then that's just an added bonus. Voting it cold because you're scared of bikes does seem a little odd to me though...


Bikes are the most dangerous form of travel on the road. Just Google the statistics for deaths of bike drivers compared to cars. Why would you book something dangerous for your loved ones or yourself?....its like saying theres a free taster session for heroin or cocaine. If you hate yourself or a loved one and want to increase your chances of death than go for it...not for me ....cold.


Sign him up now for the summer - gotta be worth a punt!

True Inspiration Collection (3 Disc BluRay Boxset) : In The Shadow of the Moon / The Motorcycle Diaries / Touching The Void £9.97 delivered @ Amazon
Made hot 11th Oct 2010Made hot 11th Oct 2010
True Inspiration Collection (3 Disc BluRay Boxset) : In The Shadow of the Moon / The Motorcycle Diaries / Touching The Void £9.97 delivered @ Amazon
Features In the Shadow of the Moon, Touching The Void and The Motorcycle Diaries. In The Shadow of the Moon Between 1968 and 1972, the world watched in awe each time an American s… Read more

Good find


Cheers Andy.


Good movies. A bargain at this price. Ordered, thanks!


great movies, great price, thanks


fantastic films

LIDL, Set of two way radios for motorbikes, inc recargeable batteries, from 21/6/10 £14.99
Made hot 14th Jun 2010Made hot 14th Jun 2010
LIDL, Set of two way radios for motorbikes, inc recargeable batteries, from 21/6/10 £14.99
£14.99LIDL Deals
You'll have to enter your postcode when you click through to the site. I like the "includes 12v in-car charger" bit :) High performance PMR system allows hands-free, wireless co… Read more

Anyone happen to find these listed on their local stores now? They seem to have dissapeared off all the stores that I know :(


This is only rider to pillion. Great if thats all you need, but most ride out with friends so pmr is the cheapest way to chat with other riders.:thumbsup:


Thirty quid for two of these or this Abrecht one, which comes highly recommended.


True Rhys but I'm not sure it charges whilst being used, so as long as you weren't using it it could be charged. I also use a 12 V charger.


Hmmm I wonder if these are gonna be any good for that price I suppose its gotta be worth a shot!

An Hours Free Motorbike Ride - everything inc. bike
Made hot 11th May 2010Made hot 11th May 2010
An Hours Free Motorbike Ride - everything inc. bike
Whats it all about? If youre thinking of getting on two wheels, get a free motorcycle ride on us. You can try a motorbike or scooter at a time and place that suits you, with hands… Read more

do u need to have a 2 wheeler license or at least a learner's license to do this? or a 4 wheeler license will do??


it sounds like great fun


I did this the last time it was up on here. I never intended to go for the CBT, just for the 1hr freebie. The coach in Newcastle was excellent and really encouraging me. No obligation to take any further courses with them either and they weren't too pushy. Really want to go again but I fear they might recognise me :(


There's no catch to the 'Get On' scheme. My girlfriend's done it, but you can expect them to offer you 'amazing today-only discounts' for you to take your CBT.


What's the catch? Are they hoping you feel obliged to book further lessons with them afterwards? I had a bad accident on a bike a few years ago and have always wanted to take that final 'spin' just to put that chapter behind me and prove something to myself. I could never own one again, I don't think I could put my friends and family through the worry, but this offer would be perfect for me.

Mens black leather biker boots - £25 delivered from ASOS - SIZE 8 ONLY
Made hot 8th May 2010Made hot 8th May 2010
Mens black leather biker boots - £25 delivered from ASOS - SIZE 8 ONLY
Available in mens size 8 UK, free super saver delivery. No Quidco, unfortunately. ASOS Leather Biker Boots * - Men's leather biker boots * - Ankle length with flat grippe… Read more
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Updated size availability - just UK 8 now


Gay marriages these days...:gift:


Nice - one for hubby


On a serious note... I got these last week and they are bit narrow. Just a heads up for those thinking about buying


Why? In case of choking?!!!

Free motorcycle ride
Made hot 20th Feb 2010Made hot 20th Feb 2010
Free motorcycle ride
If youre thinking of getting on two wheels, get a free motorcycle ride on us. You can try a motorbike or scooter at a time and place that suits you, with hands on experience and ad… Read more
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Still working I think


oh dear, I didn't laugh honest :oops:


Nice idea, but I think I'll pass on this one. Last time I decided to try, I fell off and broke my arm...... Some of us need more than two wheels lol


got 2 cars insured with Aviva. quoted me £315 fully comp on a 59 plate kawa ER6n. First bike, 650cc straight after the DAS course - gave me 2 years NCD as my car had been with them two years and and I hadnt claimed.


Fair enough. NIG are a fairly big insurer, I've certaintly used them before. Well good luck anyway! You'll know fairly quickly whether riding bikes is for you or not; I'm sure you'll love it though. P.S. Just take the new keepers supplement of the Logbook (which you should have) and the MOT/Insurance cert to the Post Office. I wouldn't risk taxing it online cos it'll almost definitely go to the previous keeper.

Gold Nitro Racing N766-VX Motorcycle Helmet (4 Sharp Stars) £19.99 or @ £25.98 delivered with BT5 code @ (RRP:£69.99 WAS £29.99 + £6.99 P&P)
Made hot 4th Feb 2010Made hot 4th Feb 2010
Gold Nitro Racing N766-VX Motorcycle Helmet (4 Sharp Stars) £19.99 or @ £25.98 delivered with BT5 code @ (RRP:£69.99 WAS £29.99 + £6.99 P&P)
Great deal on this Nitro Lid, other colours available but are a few quid more at £29.78 delivered - price only comes up at £19.99 when you add the gold one to your basket. The s… Read more
Avatardeleted95760Get dealGet deal

if i get a coldsore i'll get one


:-D Rep added.


"teh arn: Would these be suitable for use in a car on a track day? or is there a difference between biker helmets and car ones? Can't see why not. I bought a cheap nitro helmet for a track day last year." As far as i remeber as long as the helemt has got the gold compition sticker on it you can use it for track days. That applies for cars or bikes!


I think at some places now you need an ACU gold approved helmet to use on a track? This lids seems a bargain although reading the first link it seems the gold standard has been comprimised by them selling the stickers to just about anyone :-0 . Especially this one as its not BSI Type A, its ECE 22.05 which is the equivalent of a BSI Type B, weirdly which is not a gold ACU (would have been silver ACU until the silver rating was discontinued). Sorry for confusing you, ive confused myself lol I'm sure this lid is fine for use on a scooter or something similar look for this sticker on the back of the helmet (if its still worth the plastic its printed on lol) really helpfull link here ;


"Quick release retention strap"

Caberg Trip Copper Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet £59.99 @ George White
Made hot 22nd Dec 2009Made hot 22nd Dec 2009
Caberg Trip Copper Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet £59.99 @ George White
Cracking deal for a Flip Front helmet. All sizes Available! Review Double visor system for all riding conditions, Do… Read more
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Yeah, colour sucks.... ;)


Second that on all counts. Got my silver one at the motorcycle show for £79. They're £119 most places now. Provided it fits well (key point there) you'd be mad to spend £300+ on a 'premium brand' helmet with 3 or 4 stars in the Sharps test when this has five. Paying more does not necessarily get you a safer helmet, just a more expensive badge.


I have the Trip Tova version and agree, it's a great helmet for glasses wearers :thinking:


i've got one, as said above it can be a tad noisey, but no-one rides a bike for the silence. i wear glasses and i wouldnt like to do without a flip front. makes it much nicer to put on/take off.


This is a fantastic helmet - this colour has been discontinued, I spent ages trying to track one down (at full price) but was chuffed when I found one. The pic doesn't do it justice. It doesn't feel as substantial as my AGV flip whilst open so I never actually flip it. A lot of it is probably due to head shape - try before you buy.

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