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Panasonic Lumix G90 + 12-60mm Lens (DC-G90MEB-K) £599 in store @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 30th JulPosted 30th JulLocalLocal
Well thought this would help too. It was at the Oxford Street store. Use their stock checker to see if that might help. Was searching for this for a while. Cheapest was at UK D… Read more
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yeah i agree with that support local when you can.


Superb camera. But buy at your local camera store. 1 to support and keep them running. 2 to get that help when you realise you don't know what you're doing

Panasonic Lumix G9 Mirrorless Camera Body £799 @ Camera World
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Panasonic Lumix G9 body only. £799 is the cheapest I can find for UK stock at the moment, never used Camera world before but I'm sure someone will post some experience below

indeed it is a really nice camera. At the price it goes for these days and the brilliant MFT lens's its hard not to say its one of the best cameras you buy. If the MFT line is being killed off (ive noticed more and more retailers arent stocking them) itll be a huge shame, as i think for enthusiasts this is (Arguably) the best format and this for is price is the best camera in that format.


Got almost brand new off eBay for 625 GBP a few months ago. Nice camera - probably one of the best in terms of ergonomics and customizability and video specs for this price - sensor is good as well, but some days I think it is a bit of an overkill of a body size for the size of the sensor.... But with a Panasonic 50-200mm lens you wouldn't want any other camera than G9 :)


"All our stock is supplied by the official UK importer and comes with full UK guarantee, backed by us."


Still a very capable camera and a steal at this price. I paid well north of 1K when these were released.


The website says it isn't. All stock is from UK suppliers.

Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
PANASONIC LUMIX G9 BODY for £749 +VAT great price for a stunning camera

Thanks for that, have done so. I have been looking around for a good deal, I got the g7 when the double cashback was running from Panasonic 5 years ago, absolute bargain. Looking forward to getting the g9, the wife will be less happy (lol). Have just seen it for 799 on Camera world but was hoping for less than that.


Amazon have it for £836.34 - go for that


Sunbscribe to Park Cameras newsletters and try and select a panny news option. Sometimes they get deals that others dont. G9 is excellent. Ive just spent 10 days in Wales with it.


I'm waiting for that but hoping it will be sooner rather than later.


G9 was on offer for £799 earlier in year. Wait for Panasonics next round of promotions.

New Panasonic Lumix G100 + 12-32mm lens + Free Tripod Grip (+1.6% Quidco) - £679 @ Park Cameras
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
Reg price of this is £719.99 - Amazon and Panasonic ship with the tripod at £719.99. With Park, you get the Tripod free, but you have to claim it from Panasonic. IMAGE SENSOR: L… Read more
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With this model Panasonic really wanted just to release something, as it probably has been a while without new announcements from them..


Keep the G90 then hehe. Got the 14-140mm lens kit from John Lewis.


Apart from weight and EVF resolution, non whatsoever, it's just about worse in every other department.


Is there an advantage of this over the G90


Sounds like you're after something for a small film production (4k, external mic and sound monitor) you might be more suited to finding a GH5 or Sony A7ii, which are two of the main go-to video mirrorless cameras. Don't get hung up on the HDMI port size, most cameras have a mini port to keep the camera body compact and you can buy a £3 cable to convert between the two on Amazon.

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Panasonic Lumix G80 Body Only DMC-G80EB-K + 5 Year Warranty £319 @ UK Digital
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
PRODUCT FEATURES - Body Only - Micro Four Thirds (MFT) mount system camera - 16MP Live MOS sensor - 5-axis image stabilisation, Dual I.S. - 2.36m-dot electronic viewfinder -… Read more
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Very tempted at this price.


It was such a good deal and looking at eBay second hand prices, they stay strong for a long time if you changed your mind in future.


Was not my original plan as I was going to get a Sony full frame camera as I already has some full frame lens for an older Sony Amount camera that recently died so got the olympus when it came up as wanted something small, light and cheap but then got a stonking deal on the a6300. So yes is slight odd to have 2 different systems and only planning to have one lens for the Olympus or might sell it. Just see how it goes.


Two incompatible systems seems an odd decision, why not just buy the compact E 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS for your A6300 to make a superb travel kit? The A6300 is lighter and smaller than the Olympus E-M10 III


I have not used it properly yet as I have a Sony A6300 as my main camera and got the Olympus purely as a travel camera, yes I got the deal that was direct with Olympus which had the twin lens bundle whihc was a steal at £399.

Panasonic LUMIX DC-FT7EB-K Tough Compact Waterproof Camera - Black £199.99 @ Amazon
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
It's been this price before but never cheaper. A great option if you need something with the ruggedness of a GoPro but with greater flexibility. Also, my first post so go easy if… Read more
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First deal and it's got rather hot. Well done and thanks for sharing @SpindleDick (y)


The more pixels on a camera the harder it is to "see in the dark" I had an FT5 it was a solid camera and took good 12 mp shots. Who needs more when theyre viewed on a 4 mp screen?


Cheaper at Costco if you have membership


I've got one and also it's predecessor, the FT5 which I use for photos of dogs for a local rescue kennels. I shoot in burst mode. The FT5 seems to have better auto focus and I get more usable images. It also gives a better exposed image - the FT7 shots are often darker. The FT7 is faster and burst mode takes more continuous shots. 4K mode is even better to extract an image from a series. It also charges from a USB cable and has a better screen. It's bigger than the FT5 but still pocketable. My default camera remains the FT5


Yeah, the 3 and 4 were top of the bunch (with, I think, Olympus), I think the 5 was solid. This is notably behind the competition now. It’s still a solid camera, just hasn’t moved on. I’ve got one, but I haven’t properly tested it yet, but I’ve done a lot of research.

Panasonic LUMIX DC-G9EB-K G9 Mirrorless Camera body only - Black £834 @ Amazon
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Description Product Description The LUMIX G9 is the perfect camera for wildlife and nature photographers. Super-fast shooting means keeping up with fast-moving subjects – Learn how… Read more
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Canon R6 says hi:


Yeah I don’t see why anyone would buy this when can have a 130mp phone for less....


This is incorrect :-)


Dropped a little more now £822.59


If you could get one at this price it still wouldnt have ibis. The G9 is also has much better handling and a subjective things - a more profesional control layout (although admittedly i prefer fuji's dials). There is much broader range of lens's of m43, also many more WR ones to take advantage of the G9's WR. I sold my X-T2 after using a G9 and im in no hurry to get a X-T3. As few fuji mid range lens's are WR the only real benefit of the t3 over the x-t30 is handling. And the 20mp sensor is fine, i display my pics on large 4k tv's and the 20mp panny pics are easily a match for the fuji 26mp ones. MFT isnt dead, its future maybe in question but it doesnt change the fact this is very capable camera and it has the lens's to back it up. After feeling the pain of small sensors i had no interest in diddy m43, i thought id go APSC and/or FF. But after trying MFT ive converted. Im completly in love with my fuji gear, but its still the G9 thats gets the most use.

Panasonic Lumix G80 with 12-60mm lens (Refurbished) for £439 @ / eBay
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Lowest price I have ever seen on a G80, usually listed at £800+, comes with the kit lens too. Great deal..

Thanks for sharing your first deal with us @Hirigo_ Hope you found it a painless and easy experience. :) Just shout the team if you need any advice/help. Hope to see you around.


Haha, thanks, but I'm not overly worried about weather sealing, I meant that my old setup wasn't weather sealed, so I didnt want it sat out in the elements attached to the chest strap of my pack! Mft ticks most of the boxes but I know what you mean about low light - that's the biggest drawback. I was amazed at how long I could handhold with the GX80, shame about the results when you bump up the iso.


Right, I have been there before as well. Yes if weather sealing is important, there aren't many options out there if it also needs to be light-weight for the 24-70mm range. It is either MFT or Fujifilm. Problem with MFT I had though was the low light performance in woods when hiking where the lighting conditions change a lot and quite often very dim. I just use Canon 80D+16-35/2.8 in situation like this, which is not particularly light. Have you looked into Sony RX10 III or IV :D


Yeah, I've seen and tried lots of different things. And no, it was a Tamron, but they were very similar,but it wasn't weather sealed so having it exposed all the time wasn't ideal, so I changed systems. I love how small the GX80 and 800 are with the 12-32 and 20mm and the fact that they don't attract attention. I don't enjoy having to use the screen on the GX800 so I might pick up another GX80 to use as a second body.


Ah, hiking or cycling with a backpack, been there before :D I am not sure if you are aware of these things, they might open up a whole new world for you :D Which 17-50/2.8? Sigma?

(Refurb 1 years warranty) Panasonic Lumix TZ80 Digital Camera silver - £149.99 delivered at Panasonic/ebay
256° Expired
Refreshed 15th JulRefreshed 15th Jul
Update 1
Back in stock 15/7/20
Great cameras for the money. Specification MPN: DMC-TZ80EB-K Panorama mode: Yes Photo effects: Standard, Vivid, Natural, Monochrome, Scenery, Portrait, Custom Photo exposure … Read more

I have the TZ60.. I can confirm it's a terrible camera. Even when you throw lots of light at it, it's still very poor photo quality. Look elsewhere. You WILL regret it


Be quick, last one ;)


Love the look of this :)


I'm usually very aware of this kind of 'cheat' but you may well be right. (y)


tap the casing, you can tell the top, rear sides, bottom and rear are all plastic, the front and front sides are metal. The plastic is warmer to the touch, the metal colder and the sound when tapped is quite different.

PANASONIC Lumix DC-G90 Mirrorless Camera - Body Only £499 delivered at Currys PC World
97° Expired
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
High-resolution sensor Panasonic have packed a high end 20-megapixel MOS sensor into the Lumix DC-G90 Mirrorless Camera . The result? Crisp and clear images, even in low light. … Read more

That G100 seems to have very little going for it, poor AF, heavy crop in 4k, no IBIS, a 10 min record limit and expensive. Bad day for M4/3's generally with Olympus being sold off too.


... on second thoughts, the G100/110 seems to be in addition to the G90, not a replacement. Video reviews here and here.


The successor (the G110) has now been announced and the initial reviews are in. I haven't seen any UK prices but the US pre-order price with a 12-32mm lens is $750 (about £600).


DPReview has a good review of this camera at (y)


Great price, heat. The recent price drop might have something to do with is:

Panasonic Lumix DC-G90HEB-K system camera with 14-140mm Power OIS Lens - £699.99 at John Lewis & Partners
238° Expired
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Panasonic Lumix DC-G90HEB-K Compact System Camera (Black) with 20.3MP sensor and 5-axis in-body stabilisation + 14-140mm Lens also with stabilisation. The package costs £999 elsew… Read more

... on second thoughts, the G100/110 seems to be in addition to the G90, not a replacement. Video reviews here and here.


The successor to the G90 (the G110) has been announced and the initial reviews are in. I haven't seen any UK prices but the US pre-order price with a 12-32mm lens is $750 (about £600).


They are also selling the body-only for the same price! If you wanted to buy the 14-140mm lens separately, the best new price seems to be £619!


I see that a G100 is in the offing.


Currys also

New Panasonic DC-FZ82EB-K Lumix Digital Bridge Camera 18.1MP 60x Zoom, brand new - £224.99 delivered with code @ Panasonic / eBay
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Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Long time user, first time poster (y) This is available via the panasonic outlet on ebay for £249.99 but currently has an extra £25 off as part of the ebay promotion. I've been lo… Read more

Seems to be expired now, but looks a great first deal @mixmanuk - thanks for posting :)

Panasonic LUMIX G90 Compact System Mirrorless Camera with 12-60 mm Lens - £599.99 @ Amazon
269° Expired
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Features a 20-megapixel MOS Sensor without low-pass filter. The combination of a high performance Venus engine and removal of the low-pass filter improves resolution and minimises … Read more

Both are good lenses. I only use Panasonic m4/3 lenses so don't know how they compare to the Olympus ones. The beauty of m4/3 is that you can easily adapt older manual lenses with cheap adapters and have a range of focal lengths for very little outlay (as long as you are able to manual focus, manual expose).


Hi. I plumped for the 14-140mm lens version to use as a travel lens. However the verison with the 12-60mm is still available. Apart from the price and extra reach does the 12-60 have generally better/shaper pictures? If so I think can still cancel and go for that version instead. Thanks Edit: Just realised you were referring to the Olympus one. Is that as good/better than the 14-140mm Panasonic or 12-60mm (ie. is it worth getting body only and then the lens seperately?


Check John Lewis


Shame it’s no longer available at this price


Yes, it's a great lens for the price. I have 2 of them. I would have went for the Zeiss 12-60 but for the fact that it's not a constant aperture throughout the zoom range, so therefore not much better than the kit lens (but about 3 times the cost).

Panasonic LUMIX DC-G90EB-K Compact System Mirrorless Camera - Body Only, £499.99 at John Lewis and Partners
234° Expired
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Great camera on offer here, might suit someone. SPECIFICATIONS 20.3 Megapixels Live MOS Sensor 4K Video V-LogL 5-Axis Dual I.S. 2 Image Stabilization Type Focal-plane shut… Read more

I bought into the G85 ecosystem, I am currently looking for a new camera. Why? I love the Lumix range but for my own needs, it is becoming a pain to use. I just need wired tethering for my product/stock photography. Something the G85/G90 does not support. Wish I had known prior to investing in the system but you live and learn. Anyone have any solutions for wired tethering for the G80? No, wireless is not an option and truly sucks! Thanks in advance


Check out this Photography site: Lots of info, camera reviews, buying guides, forums where you can ask for advice, etc.


£550 was a good price. What is better about the 2nd copy of the 18-135; sharper images?


It looks like there might be some QC issues or something going on (18-135). Some people say they are ok, where most say its disgracefully bad. Re quality ill stick my ticket in the MFT hat. Im not saying its 'better' than Fuji but in many cases its an equal. Also, in my testing most MFT lens's are sharper than the Fuji ones. And thats with a fair resolution deficit (comparing 26mp to 20mp) Also, as an example I used the 18-135 on an x-t2 and the 35-100 f2.8 on a Gx-9 back to back for a day. The result was - the 18-135 went straight on the bay and i bought a G9 Theses panny 'small' sensor cameras arent to be underestimated.


I bought the 18-135 with a T1 kit for £550 from Fuji. Sold T1 for £200. This was my second copy of 18-135 and much better than the first. Had the 35 f2 and although stunning, it was under used so I sold it.

Panasonic LUMIX DC-GX9TEB-K G Series Compact System Camera - 25 mm, 12-32 mm and 35-100 mm Lenses Triple Kit at Amazon £665.80
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Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Seems like a great deal for this camera and 3 lenses. This kit has appeared a few times on HUKD but never at this price.

I have lumix g7. Takes very good 4k video and photos.


Thanks so much everyone, I'm keeping a copy of all the advice. There are just so many options and despite trying to read up there's a whole lot of complicating factors. So it's good to hear from people with real experience before spending such a chunk of money!


The GX9 has the advantage of far superior IBIS to any APSC. So for video it gets a big win there. Plus the lens's are smaller making it easier to use. Talking Lens's, MFT has a far wider range than sony. For a baby you dont need loads of lens's. (but you still need to plan for them) Using the GX9 as an example id first off go with a prime like the 25mm F1.7. On the IBIS itll do video and means low light is much less of an issue. This is really important as it means you can avoid using a flash. Talking flash, get a proper one - you can bounce it off the roof or walls to save hurting your babies eyes when you do need to use one! When they start to become more mobile youll need to establish which lens's you need. Youll need to get into zooms with wide apertures (e.g the 35-100 above is only any good in mid summer sun or on sunny holidays) I also found i often need more reach than you think. So while say a 12-60 is nice and versatile, your kid doesnt have to run far to be liitle more than an item in the scenery. Finding the right lens for your use can be really tricky. Ive spent quite a lot finding what I need. And in the end ended up with 2 systems with a fair bit of overlap. When talking gx9, a6400, x-t30 think about the handling. They are nice small cameras and offer most of what there bigger brothers do, but are awkward to hold with most half decent zoom lens's. For video length i always edit the rubbish out of my videos afterwards anyway so find stiching them together isnt an issue. So personally i wouldnt compromise a cameras spec around recording length. Same with batteries, people stress about them - but i just carry a spare...???


This video might be useful for you, as either of these two cameras would be ideal for your use scenario. Personally would go for the Sony as it has unlimited video recording, wider range of affordable lenses available, front facing screen and AF that is the best in the business.


I'd recommend the Sony a6xxx series Good size, changeable lenses, excellent for video / cinematography. I have a osmo pocket and highly recommend it for holidays. Maybe get a osmo pocket for videos and think of a stills camera which can still do video for when I just want the one device, that's what I'm doing after years of changing through various types. I'm looking at the sony zv-1 to accompany my osmo pocket

LUMIX S1 body - £300 off `- £1,899 @ Wex Photo Video
-33° Expired
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
WEX have this offer including other offers to go with it on things like SD cards, Capture one pro etc

£1799 at Castle cameras


Well built camera with great low light image quality. Autofocus is contrast detect only not phased like most newer cameras, hit rate for me was pretty low especially in low light. I also used it with m mount glass and thought it was excellent in that sense, great viewfinder for nailing manual focus.

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ70EB-S Digital Camera, £159.99 at Panasonic/ebay using code
266° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ70EB-S Digital Camera, £159.99 at Panasonic/ebay using code
£159.99£19920% Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Great cameras for the money, also in black DMC-TZ70EB-KTravel Broadens your Mind Lumix TZ70 Captures the DetailsBroaden your horizons as you explore the world with the TZ7… Read more

Bought - thanks for posting.


I was under the impression this camera had a small sensor, the same as you would find in a high end phone now a days, I think the only advantage of this over a good phone now a days is the optical zoom, the phones that are available now have far more processing power, added to that my camera phone has a 1.5 aperture to allow more light in, what is the widest this lens opens to?


Btw took this on my mate 20 pro


Now tell me , do you think; the earth is a flat disk :p I guess those that do have never seen the night sky.


Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 Camera Black/Silver(18.1 MP, 30x Zoom, 4K, FHD, 3" LCD) £175.99 at Panasonic/ebay with code
100° Expired
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 Camera Black/Silver(18.1 MP, 30x Zoom, 4K, FHD, 3" LCD) £175.99 at Panasonic/ebay with code
£175.99£21920% Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Great little camera on offer here, also in silver Top features: - 4K video recording for memories in Ultra HD - Post Focus lets you adjust focal points after shooting for… Read more

you should post the ISO ... That might have been really high.


Currently £149 at Panasonic Outlet on ebay, for a refurb with 12m warranty - Also, a tidy bargain on a GX800 for £199, with a kit lens!


Gave an old Samsung es55 camera to my parents 10 years ago and image quality looks better in my old eyes... :D


Taken from I downloaded the original file link around 7mb.


Blimey. That is grainy. I think my 10 year old Lumix G2 performs better than that. Though maybe not in low light, to be fair.

Panasonic Lumix GH5 Digital Camera Body - £999 delivered @ Wex photo video
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Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Panasonic Lumix GH5 Digital Camera Body - £999 delivered @ Wex photo video
£999 Free P&P FreeWex Photo Video Deals
Good old LUMIX GH5, always been a big fan of it. Great little piece of kit and while this is not a massive discount, still a good price for a great piece of kit. From WEX Website… Read more
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Amazing! So many people don't get the reference (y)


I've emailed them. Stealing tools? Cooler!




When did you order?


They are getting more in stock. I just had an email to say mine will be delayed shipping until tomorrow. It might be worth giving them a call and seeing if they will be selling more tomorrow. (y)

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