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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ White, glow or black - £829.99 @ eGlobal Central
Posted 15th AugPosted 15th AugShipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong Kong
A little worried about posting a deal from eglobal but here goes. I've been waiting to see their prices on the new phone. £829.99 for the black, glow or white one which is obviousl… Read more

Will send you a pik of my receipt later on and make you look like a fool :D


He cant because it never existed.


Isn't the sim a 12 month contract though? Surely if you break the contract you return the phone?


I think the stock has been updated to now in stock. They've also came down in price again. But I'll be waiting till about the 600 mark ....hopefully :/ Tried them both yesterday in the Samsung store in Edinburgh and didn't care for the metal frame. Uses the same cheap metal as the S10 but even thinner. Also, the AR Doodle is on both phones. The Tof sensor just makes the depth of field on the camera a tiny bit better. Not that noticeable tho. Definitely prefer the smaller size of the note 10, but the note 10 plus wasn't as big as I thought it was.


(lol) is that the usual trend with Samsung Notes? Haven't been watching their price drop patterns for a few years having been on Honor Notes, but if the Note 10 + is circa 550 - 600 (?) by October I might consider a move back given how irritating CN Rom EMUI blocking 3rd party launchers has become...

SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10+ 256GB - £44/month for 36 months = £1584 total + possible £70 cash back
-530° Expired
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
100GB OF DATA!! Might help someone, I'm in the market for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ myself and this looks pretty good Please note that this is not for "5g" version £44 a month X 36… Read more

I guess the deal freezing cold should tell you that it matters especially here on HUKD. Don’t be blinded by 100gb data to make you take a contract for 36months on phone. If you were minding your own business like want me to then you won’t have replied to my comment. Don’t be fooled by technology. Everyday something new is developed If people have that much money like you claim they do I bet they will buy it outright and not take it on contract for 3 whole years


It doesn't matter. Stop projecting your wishes or thoughts on others. It's non of your business whether someone chooses to buy it now or wait a couple of months. To someone it's a great deal to some it's a rubbish deal. Maybe someone wants a 100gb data and don't mind the deal. Some people get rid of their phones before contracts end and add a bit and get something else. There a lot of people with disposal income they use however they wish.


Like I really care..... have always said people can buy what they want with their own money. Here we all know by the time you finish paying this phone the Note 13 Plus & Minus will be out and besides Samsung phones don’t seem to hold their value when it comes to resale. Give it a few weeks the price of this note 10 will follow suit


36 months contract lol even 24 month contracts are obsolete now. this phone will be less than £500 in 7-8 months. like any other Samsung flagship.


I am sure you have something I'll definitely not want even if it's free. Let ppl spend their money as they wish FFS.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GB 2GB O2 Data £990 With Code @
-189° Expired
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
Apologies, however, not bad if you want the latest (not greatest) from samsung, and you use WiFi or hot spots more than you do data. Also £40 at topcashback makes this outstanding… Read more

I had been a Samsung user for many years on and off, had an S7 edge, S8, and S9+. However, I couldn't justify staying with Samsung when there are so many better options out there. Samsung are the poorest value mainstream Android manufacturer, you are making a good decision!


Good choice my friend, welcome to the dark side :D


Having had Samsung for 8 years i think its time for Huawei now


The headphone jack doesn't work at the same time as charging though. I would rather take a smaller battery with a headphone jack, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it is going to happen :(


Sorry sheep what? Get rid of the audio jack why? Where's the technology improvement in removing and replacing exactly? Space? BS - there's a guy on YouTube that managed to get a headphone jack setup in his iPhone 7. Note 5G 7.2" doesn't have enough space for audio jack? It's all BS and just another money grab for accessories, nothing more.

Note 10+ 5G 256GB £49.99 PM & £159.99 upfront PLUS CASHBACK - unlimited mins/texts and 20gb data @ CPW
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
It's probably about to get pretty chilly in here, but I think this is a good deal - - Note 10+ 5G 256GB - Unlimited minutes, texts & 20GB data - £49.99 PM with £159.00 upfron… Read more

Samsung last moment change the note 10+5g from dual to single sim. Do not buy.


Moped mugger bait


that £100 said ends that day it was posted unless they extended it my tcb


You'd be surprised what kind of stupid stuff people do, especially if they are living in rented accommodation. The only time I don't care is when it's an iPhone as Apple will just swap them out. I know the Note 10 has some advantages but no killer features by any stretch and certainly not worth the price tag they're asking - I don't like having massive onboard storage in case you have a hardware failure either. The headphone jack is something I rarely use but when I want to, I want to use it - and having to fiddle with wireless headphones in the dark or if they're running low on charge is a nuisance when you can have the choice, and like I said, it's Samsung pretending that they didn't mock the iPhone that annoys me the most when they're supposed to be the ultimate choice. Given the backlash they've had over it already I am anticipating it being a flop and if it is, that totally serves them right - the microSD slot and headphone socket are virtually badges of honour for Android phones, so what's left now, just LG? But no-one wants the Galaxy Buds - they're just another low-performance, overpriced product like the AirPods. People are just going to buy something else wireless for less money like the Anker range or any of the other great truly wireless buds on Amazon. I wouldn't expect any game changing battery technology any time soon and honestly, jokes aside, if they did, the last people I'd want to be buying that from is Samsung... I'll let them iron out all the kinks for a little while I think. I can live with carrying a power bank for a bit longer, especially as everyone says the Exynos S9 has poor battery life but I'm happy with the standby time of mine.


Also when the new battery technology graphene which Samsung is working on gets implemented into their devices, that will be a game changer. They won’t be able to use that as an excuse to not have headphones jacks. The real reason is so they can sell more of their Galaxy buds. The estimates on graphene batteries are a 40% larger capacity and up to 5 times faster charging.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G - Ultd calls/texts/5G data - £78pm/£29 upfront (6 months half price)  @ Three
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
Yes, it's expensive, but this seems to be the cheapest plan on the market at the minute for the early adopters! You can get it for a lower monthly price, but this includes unlimite… Read more
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The Note 10+ does have micro sd slot... Just saying


cold, no microsd slot and no headphone jack..


Brrr... Th-th-thank you... Brrr... (y)


Voted hot. Get some heat


Get some cold 😁

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10+ 5G Pre order Deals from £782.10 at Very
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Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
If your after the New Note 10 or Note 10+ 5G Very co uk have some discount on Galaxy devices plus buy now pay later offers To save 15% on fashion & footwear and 10% on home … Read more

Says code is not valid?


Don't see why everyone is comparing the Note 10 to the Note 9, with Samsung offering more variety to consumers this time, it's not the direct successor, the Note10+ is. The Note 10+ has a better SoC, more ram , better main camera for photos and videos, better selfie, ax WiFi standard, bigger battery, better pen. The only questionable features or lack of are the headphone jack and fingerprint sensor. Under display fps are terrible and the Note 9 definitely betters it for that, the headphone jack is just a matter of preference , it's going to be phased out soon anyway, prolonging it will only help so long, just like Samsung did with removable batteries.


In 3/4 years, you'll have upgraded again


Yeah, screw using eGlobal. Or Very for that matter. I'd just stick with your Note 8 personally then, until the Note 11 comes out. No point is splashing out half a K on a grey import for an incremental upgrade. The Note 9 is a nice refinement of the Note 8, but that's all really. I got the Note 9 as I still have a Note 4. In fact I still haven't sorted out a case and screen protector for my Note 9, so I'm still using my Note 4.


Thanks but sold out when I enquired at my nearest store ages ago. You can get the Asian market version from eglobal for £519 but I don’t fancy the lack of warranty.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, 256GB - Aura Glow- £879.20 with code (invite only) @ Very
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
I know this will not be for most but may help the few that want the phone. Just ordered the Note 10 plus 5g version from very with a 20% discount code. Not sure if will work for… Read more

Heads up note 10 plus 5g has had late spec change, it's not dual sim.


Doesnt work says its invalid


No worries, although from now on anything that's not too big I'm getting delivered to my local post office for free :D


Thank you- they didn't explain that on live chat!


When you get your statement you just pay the £3.99 minimum payment, then everything else needs to be paid off within the year to avoid interest.

Original Huawei Honor Note 10 Kirin 970 Octa core 6GB 64GB £355.60 @ Huawei Online Store / Aliexpress
Posted 13th Aug 2018Posted 13th Aug 2018
No band 20. WCDMA B1 / B2 / B5 / B8 FDD LTE B1 / B3 / B5 / B8 TDD LTE B38 / B39 / B40 / B41 Please note you may be charged customs. Great phone this from the specs. Proces… Read more

Yeah, I echo this, I owned both the Honor Note 8 and Note 10 and the hit and miss push notifications are a deal breaker. Sold both eventually. The app permissions and battery optimisation on EMUI 8, 9, at least the Chinese variants I've used are a mess, confusing as hell and don't behave as expected. My Imported Chinese Honor Note 10 also upgraded to EMUI 9 and it blocked other launchers I had been using (Nova) which was a deal breaker for me, the update also uninstalled some of the Google services apps, wouldn't touch imported Huawei CN ROMs now for that reason alone. Nice hardware though. Shame the software on imported is below par.


Three’s webpage doesn’t tell the whole story, they’d like to pretend only phones they sell are compatible. There are a number of non-Three sourced devices that will work with Supervoice/4G Calling and Band 20, that’s a fact.


Oh. Weird. Was reading from threes website, guess they are keen just to get people buying direct. "Devices that didn't come from Three.Right now, all 4G Super-Voice compatible iPhones will be 4G Super-Voice enabled once the carrier settings have been installed, even if they didn't come from Three. 4G Super-Voice doesn't work on other non-Three devices yet however, even if the manufacturer has stated that it's VoLTE compatible. We're working on this, so be sure to check back for updates."


No, there’s a number of simfree phones that do, from memory, most current or recent Huawei and Honor models, most current Nokia phones, at least one of the recent onePlus models, all iPhones.


You can't fix it. I had the Honor Note 8 and even using custom ROMs didn't fix it. There ARE settings to whitelist apps from the aggressive battery optimisation (about 3-4 separate hidden options if I remember correctly) but it makes no difference. As soon as the apps are closed from recent memory, the notifications for them stop being pulled through until you manually reopen the apps up again. Someone I know has the Note 10 and has confirmed that this is exactly the same, which is why I'm waiting for a Global version.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Book Cover Various Colours 99p @ 99p Stores
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Posted 10th Jul 2015Posted 10th Jul 2015
Official Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Book Cover Various Colours 99p @ 99p Stores
Great price for an official product.

none in my local....


Fair enough ;)


i have one of this bought last year for £5, need to replace is quit dirty, my son uses battery drains quickly and bought yesterday usb charger the old one stop charging, its a shame i don't have 99p store nearby :(


Do CEX buy these?


note sure if this will fit the linx10

Samsung flip cover (note 10" / tab2 7") £9.98 @ groupon
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Posted 21st Jan 2014Posted 21st Jan 2014
Samsung flip cover (note 10" / tab2 7") £9.98 @ groupon
Good price

will that fit samsung galaxy tab 3


would this fit the galaxy tab 2 10.1?


Shame they don't do for the Tab 3 8.0


Were £45 in Tesco


Doesn't fit iPad. Cold (joking).

Leather Case for Galaxy Note 10 inch in various colours with Screen Protector +stylus pen at only £6.99 at Amazon/ Invero Ltd
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Posted 23rd May 2013Posted 23rd May 2013
Leather Case for Galaxy Note 10 inch in various colours with Screen Protector +stylus pen at only £6.99 at Amazon/ Invero Ltd
There are various colours but I chose the Black one for my New Galaxy Note- Nice Quality comes with a screen protector and a stylus pen which you use instead of our fingers. I saw … Read more
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People who post synthetic leather should say so rather than blindly follow the advert. At home if you have leather shoes, leather settees, leather belt etc. and if all these are made of this synthetic leather and called as leather one would get very upset.


Why would you need a stylus pen for this tablet? It has one already.


Made of premium synthetic leather So not leather then! :(

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 £333.49 @ Amazon sold by Laptop Outlet UK.
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Posted 24th Apr 2013Posted 24th Apr 2013
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 £333.49 @ Amazon sold by Laptop Outlet UK.
£333.49Amazon Deals
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 inch Tablet - White (ARM Cortex A9 1.4GHz, 16GB, Wi-Fi, BT, Android 4.0 Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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ALWAYS worth checking previous deals on HUKD before posting because if there was a hint of a cheaper price at any time in the dim and distant past the folks on hear will certainly let you know about it - I speak from experience!!


I can't argue with the other cheaper or more powerful tablets on offer, but like I've said in other posts, the s pen is what I'm most interested in. I really wish something similar was incorporated into the likes of the Sony z but sadly... It ain't. I'm used to seeing these for the 350 mark so initially thought it was okay. I stand corrected!


cold got a z tablet for extra 30 quid alot newer tech better screen


I sold my ipad to get one of these and i love it, while not the wow factor with the build, it has a great screen and the freedom in android is a breath of fresh air compared to ipad.


Seriously. You ARE joking at that price, surely ?

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-10-1 16GB wifi  £322.98 after code, extra clubcard points and quidco  @ Tesco Direct
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Posted 18th Sep 2012Posted 18th Sep 2012
Samsung-Galaxy-Note-10-1 16GB wifi £322.98 after code, extra clubcard points and quidco @ Tesco Direct
The new tablet from samsung (it is NOT the poor specs Galaxy TAB 2). The screen is amazing but not full HD. Use TDX-HFXK for £30 discount £3.68 CC points £30 extra CC points £11.0… Read more
Avatardeleted410346Get dealGet deal

Possible Samsung cash back on top of this maybe?


20% staff discount till midnight, ask a mate


Is this really worth more than £150 more than the tab2?


Contemplating this to be honest esp given the stylus. Not sure if apple will adopt such tech as would be great to have handwriting recognition. My SE P910i did back in the day.


Saw the Note in a store the other day, played a media file on it and the picture and sound left me well impressed. Not so sure on the that retail £400 price tag (_;)

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-10-1 16GB wifi - £374.28 RRP £399 - white @ Amazon
62° Expired
Posted 12th Sep 2012Posted 12th Sep 2012
Samsung-Galaxy-Note-10-1 16GB wifi - £374.28 RRP £399 - white @ Amazon
£374.28Amazon Deals
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 inch Tablet - White (ARM Cortex A9 1.4GHz, 16GB, Wi-Fi, BT, Android 4.0). I've not seen black in stock anywhere since release. Expansys expect stock on 15… Read more

Humm this or a Transformer TF 300 ?


Its £399 in Tesco but you get an extra 3000 clubcard points worth up to £120 when they do the exchange at xmas.

Dell 6 Core Studio XPS 7100 Fast 6 core processor, huge hard drive & Blu-Ray! 8 GB Ram, 2TB HD from Dell On Line saving £589 on list! NOTE 10% cashback on Quidco thus £719
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Posted 26th May 2011Posted 26th May 2011
Dell 6 Core Studio XPS 7100 Fast 6 core processor, huge hard drive & Blu-Ray! 8 GB Ram, 2TB HD from Dell On Line saving £589 on list! NOTE 10% cashback on Quidco thus £719
This machine looks a fantastic spec, I would be interested at what it cant do. Savings of £589 English Genuine Windows®7 Home Premium SP1 (64 BIT) AMD Phenom II X6 1090T (3.20GHz,… Read more

Wow somebody taking some sense at long last. :p I know its my post, but nobody has shown me anything better. Ok the processors may be "similar" to the i5, but if you wanted this spec of PC form a reputable source like Dell, is there really much better for the money. The AMD processsor I am running at work, out guns the "so called equivalent" intel, and worked out cheaper. Of course the Mesh system suggested is a good make,and would be an ideal candidate to price matching, but made up to same spec it was more money. People put so called deals on this forum, sometimes to offer suggestions to people others just use the forum to knock folk down but vary rarely actually post anything themselves. Some people just need to realize that there are other opinions other than their own, some are right and some are wrong. There also seems to be a price limit as to what is acceptable on these forums even if the deal is good, its gets knocked because its expensive. So maybe I will post deals on baked beans and poundland rubbish in the vain hope it will get a high rating in future


not sure if this deal is good or not (guessing not from overall comments) but the OP is right in many respects. build/upgrade yourself is irrelevant to most. linked systems dont have blurays have different size HDD gpu manufacturers etc. If you are going to compare then at least make sure you are doing like for like on everything then improving. systems with faster cpu/gpu may suit you but if they dont have the hdd, bluray etc included in this then you are just back to the irrelevant build your own systems.


Its you that has proved to be the fool


think you took things a bit far but hey at least i have some self control and would admit when i have been a fool. you obviously don't know a lot about computers and the earlier comments you posted showed this - its probably why you have deleted them.


you compared 2 cards just by looking at the gpu memory!! oO i am assuming that you thought the phenom was a better cpu than the 2400 purely because of the number of cores and clock rate?? i didnt have to back it up - you shot yourself in the foot through previous comments. i bet you don't even know what raid 0 is nor the benefits or drawback of such a setup. why would you put two 7200rpm 1tb drives in raid 0 anyway?? go for a ssd and a 2tb 5400 spin hdd.....

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