Best Fragrance Dupes That Smell Just Like The Real Ones

Posted 18th Sep 2023 (Posted 18 h, 37 m ago)
Hello everybody,

Today I want to dive a little bit into a pretty hot topic on line and on social media: Fragrance Dupes.

If you are a sucker for a great perfume like me, you will also agree that some brands are basically asking you to get a mortgage sometimes to purchase a 100ml of what is seems to be like eternal youth elixir.

While in the US the this market is huge, and affordable brands with top notch designer fragrances dupes are popping up like mushrooms, in the UK it has only recently started to become a thing with Zara and Aldi on the forefront of the scene offering an amazing dupes selection.

First thing first, what is an actual perfume dupe?
I know it sounds obvious but it is a common misconception that a fragrance dupe needs to have the exact same ingredients and notes composition of the original product, while the only outcome you need to have with a great dupe is that on the skin, the mix will have to smell exactly (or almost) like the more expensive and luxurious one.

Why are Dupes SO hyped right now?
The clear reason is because everybody wants to smell great and not spend £300 for 30ml of perfume, but another reason is that a lot of people (me included) are not necessarily a "Signature Fragrance" kind of human and love to change their perfume based on outfit, mood, season and occasion - but buying multiple and expensive designer products is definitely not in the budget.

They are pretty, cheap and smell heavenly - is there any downside to a perfume dupe?
Unfortunately, yes!

The first downside is definitely durability: dupes are usually not as long lasting as their expensive siblings as they can lack premium ingredients and contain more alcohol.

Another thing it could be worth mentioning is that because sometimes the formula is altered compared to the original ones (mainly to keep the cost down), as much as they smell the same testing them, on the skin they might dry a bit differently based on each individual skin PH.

As I mentioned before, Zara is an incredible dupe machine with a huge selection of fragrance dupes available, some of which were actually created by very famous perfume makers (see Zara Ebony Wood (£34.65 for 100ml) - dupe of the very famous Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt (£118 for 100ml), created for the Spanish Brand in collaboration with Jo Malone herself, so you know it is going to be spot on!), but there are plenty of brands that are currently offering incredible dupes at great prices - and here're my 10 favourites:

Men's Fragrance Dupes:

DESIGNER: DIOR Sauvage Eau de Toilette 100ml - Currently £82 (down from £97) - SEPHORA UK

DUPE: ARMAF Tres Nuit For Men Eau De Toilette 100ml - £18.95 - AMAZON UK


DESIGNER: CREED Green Irish Tweed Eau de Parfum 100ml - £265 - JOHN LEWIS

DUPE: DAVIDOFF Cool Water for Men Eau De Toilette 125ml - Currently £26.95 (down from £56) - JUSTMYLOOK


DESIGNER: Tom Ford Oud Wood Eau de Parfum 100ml - Currently £253 (down from £294) -SEPHORA UK

DUPE: ZARA Oud Vibrant Leather 100ml - £25.99 - ZARA UK


DESIGNER: ACQUA DI PARMA Signatures of the Sun Oud Eau de Parfum 100ml - £219 - HOUSE OF FRASER

DUPE: ALDI Lacura’s Essence of Italy Nero Eau de Toilette 100ml- £4.99 - IN-STORE ALDI PRODUCT
*Unfortunately Aldi doesn't offer home delivery anymore so all the products mentioned in this thread are intended as in-store purchases.


DESIGNER: CREED Aventus Eau De Parfum 100ml - £295 - SELFRIDGES

DUPE: AL HARAMAIN L'Aventure For Men Eau De Parfum 100ml - Currently £42 (down from £48) - BEAUTYBASE


Women's Fragrance Dupes:


DUPE: SOL DE JANEIRO Cheirosa 68 240ml - £35 - CULT BEAUTY
*£29.75 if it is your first purchase on Cult Beauty using the code FIRST15


DESIGNER: JO MALONE Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne 100ml - £118 - LOOKFANTASTIC

*Unfortunately Aldi doesn't offer home delivery anymore so all the products mentioned in this thread are intended as in-store purchases.


DESIGNER: LANCÔME La Vie Est Belle Intensément 100ml - Currently £99 (down from £130) - THE PERFUME SHOP

DUPE: M&S Pink Pepper Eau de Toilette 100ml - £10 -MARKS & SPENCER


DESIGNER: BYREDO Gypsy Water 100ml - £200 - BYREDO UK

DUPE: & OTHER STORIES Moon Fiction 50ml - £29 - & OTHER STORIES


DESIGNER: CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml - Currently £115.60 (down from £130) - BOOTS

DUPE: M&S Oud Vibrant Leather 100ml - £10 - MARKS & SPENCER


If you have any other dupe worth mentioning (I know that there are SO MANY out there is crazy right now), please let me know so we can keep this thread alive and keep adding dupes to the list and create a cool data base!

In the meantime, a couple of useful links:
  • HUKD Beauty Deals - HERE
  • HUKD Men's Fragrance Deals - HERE
  • HUKD Women's Fragrance Deals - HERE

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  1. Myusernamehasgone234's avatar
    I bought the Aldi Lacura’s Essence of Italy Indigo for £5 a dupe of Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo - Fico Di Amalfi and it's gorgeous.

    No idea what the original one is like to compare as I wouldn't be buying a £100 fragrance but I'm loving the dupe and went back to grab a couple more bottles before they sold out.
    MariR's avatar
    Genuinely... Aldi dupe game is unbelievable! The Lime and Basil Jo Malone dupe is beautiful!
  2. Fizzyfish's avatar
    Zara’s Red Temptation is an excellent dupe of MFK Baccarat Rouge 540. Ariana Grande Cloud is another but Zara is the best. You smell it everywhere now. 
    Sol de Janeiro 68 isn’t close to it. It’s also a body spray rather than an EDP or EDT. Aldi has had dupes of Sol de Janeiro body spray’s in recently- though I know most stores have sold out now - still lots cheaper than the highly priced SDJ. Sol 68 is the most copied and for the cream and shower gel treaclemoon is a good dupe from Waitrose/Tesco/boots in Brazilian love.
    MariR's avatar
    I have both and Zara is definitely deeper as you said because is not an EDP or EDT. I actually have all three lol because I was insane and decided to buy the MFK (I know...come at me ) and on my skin Zara dries a little less sweet and more almost oudy I could say? The Sol De Janeiro one gives me the exact vibe and I agree is definitely lighter but in terms on how it dries on my skin it is closer
  3. K0YS's avatar
    Surprised there's no mention of Montblanc Explorer
    The_Gatesheader's avatar
    Same thoughts exactly. It's officially the dupe for creed aventus
  4. Afrim_Ramaj's avatar
    Davidoff cool water a dupe for Creed. Really!!!
    Fizzyfish's avatar
    Lol indeed
  5. galareho's avatar
    We bought the Lacura Empress Eau de Parfum £5.99 from Aldi, the dupe of Paco Rabannes Olympea. Its a fantastic dupe but we haven’t seen it back in store since. (edited)
  6. Faxlah's avatar
    G. Bellini - Homme is an almost 1:1 Sauvage clone and it’s the cheapest compared to this list by far and available in most Lidl stores.
  7. nordis09's avatar - official web page, but there is plenty on ebay and amazon (ebay has some 15ml samples usually 3 for around £10).
    Have been using them for years now and they are amazing as these are Eau de parfum (also Montblanc explorer is there and others)
    Link to mens list of perfumes:…men
    Link to ladies list of perfumes:…men
  8. web1bow's avatar
    Check out the range of smell a likes from verset. They are virtually identical to the real ones.
    T_Gosling's avatar
    Independent chemists often stock these.
  9. alphamike's avatar
    I love the Soft Iris from Marks and Spencer
    MariR's avatar
    I swear by Cheirosa 68 ... it is sooo similar!!!
  10. Onlydongles's avatar
    Sadly, I could never find a dupe (Or an Original) of Balafre (French) . I think it was by Lancome. (LAte 60s and early 70s) The best aftershave I ever used. Emailing Lancome futile, since apparently, they stopped that fragrance ages ago.

    On the other hand, I agree with the sentiments of the OP.

    My old cliche from a great survey by TIME magazine many many years ago " No perfume should cost more than the bottle it is packed in " !
  11. Robiesanta's avatar
    Great thread. Thanks for all the hard work.
  12. proevo21's avatar
    If anyone knows of any good dupes of Giorgio Armani Si Passione I'd love to know
  13. Pricklerickle's avatar
    Do the dupes only last a few hours
    Montyarchie's avatar
    My daughter wears the Hotel Collection tobacco and vanilla sold by Aldi. This is a dupe of a Tom Ford fragrance. It’s gorgeous and lasts all day 
  14. wonger73's avatar
    Has anyone ever found a clone for Armani Eau Pour Homme ?
  15. kokoroko's avatar
    I would love to find something that smells similar to Paul Smith Sunshine..
  16. Hotspur's avatar
    Any Guerain Men dupes? (edited)
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