Posted 14 September 2023

Cathay Pacific - Heathrow Lounge Access for Economy Class

Can you recommend to buy cheap tickets for lounge access at Heathrow for Cathay pacific flyers? Thanks
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    You need to be flying business/first or you need to hold status with a oneworld airline to get access. You can't buy access to this lounge.
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    This ^^
    The Cathay lounge is superb but you cannot buy your way in. Are you in a position to upgrade your flight?
  2. bozo007's avatar
    Cathay does sell a lounge pass but it is available for very few of their lounges; Heathrow is however not on this list so unless you are flying Business or First, or have high status in their frequent flyer program, you are out of luck. All airlines have very strict entry requirements to lounges they themselves operate, unlike those where access is available through a credit card or can just be purchased.
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