Posted 14th Jul 2022
Any idea what Nintendo need other than s/n for joy cons to process future warranty issues?
I was gifted a set and won't have the invoice/purchase docs for them..

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    Last week I put mine through, bought Oct 2019 so clearly outside warranty, filled out the form (including the 2019 date), got the postage info (via UPS drop off), got a few update messages from Ninty as it went through their system. I didn't put the proof of purchase info in the parcel (couldn't be arsed to find it), but they repaired it free of charge and it's just come back. Hope that helps!

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    Joycon repair URL:
    check the tickbox "I only wish to send an accessory" at…HAC
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    Receipt or payment statement:

    Nintendo of Europe GmbH (“Nintendo”) warrants to theoriginal consumer purchasing the Product...
    ...To make a valid claim under this warranty, you must notify Nintendo of thedefect in the Product within 12 months of the date of the purchase of theProduct by you...
    If you are unable to provide proof of purchase with the Product you send to us,the Product will be considered to be outside of your Nintendo Warranty and aservice fee will apply for any repair work undertaken. Please note that we onlyaccept printed retailer receipts or bank statements as proof of purchase; we donot accept handwritten receipts.
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    If its the joy cons I'm pretty sure you don't need any warranty proof. Due to the drift issues they have basically said they will repair any original joy cons for free.
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    The warranty is such a pain to follow so when my son's died I just bought replacements on Amazon and replaced them.
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