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Updated 19th Sep 2021Last updated 19th Sep 2021 by JACKATTACKZ
Anybody else get an import fee refund for the AMD Ryzen 5800X sold by Amazon EU? Export fee reduced.

Definitely from Amazon, you can see the price adjustment and the rest in the invoice you can download.


I got an email and Amazon notification as well regarding the £51.23 refund. Don't think it is a scam unless they have found a way to hack the Amazon notification system as well


I got the email too, despite having bought it earlier this year. Email looked like a scam but I will investigate further


I reckon it was the 180 days, from this.


It is not a fee, it is a tax - UK VAT and where applicable, Customs duty. Fee implies it is something charged by Amazon when it is not. And Amazon (and many other platforms) make it clear that they are estimating it and if they collect more, they will refund the excess.

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Updated 14th May 2021Last updated 14th May 2021 by nydare
Rx 6700xt and ryzen 7 5800x
might not be a deal as such but it's In stock if anyone looking for both a gpu and cpu.… Read more

Oh deffo seen muxh worse out there haha


always worth to share n also let people know then people can decide themselves mate. in fairness its not the worst for "direct buy with out the full system" others+++


Agreed but I know people are looking thats why I didn't pop it on the main site as its deffo not a deal but it's in stock lol glad a built mine start of last Yr prr covid


1200 call it. -400 base for 5800x =£800 for a 6700xt 800 for a 6700x is very bad..... Vs Pre but prob not others. prebuilt machine: upto £650 for that GPU. "rumour" one even better on the 6700xt incoming.

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Updated 25th Dec 2020Last updated 25th Dec 2020 by trueno2k
Ryzen 5800x from scan for UNDER RRP which is a first! In stock and even more coming this week and next week according to updates on site. Can collect for free if local. https://w… Read more

I had to settle for the 3900XT for £380 on eBay/Currys sales, will be waiting for sales on the 5900X(T) when they come hopefully early in the next year...


Yes so either £420 or £431. I'm personally waiting until drops to £400..I think the 5800x is the worst value at current RRP, the 3700x and 3800x dropped pretty fast


Add P&P if you don't get free shipping bonus perk from the likes of Bit-Tech forums!




And no its £420

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Updated 16th Dec 2020Last updated 16th Dec 2020 by pcfarrar
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Processor £440 at Currys PC World
The only reputable shop I could found with processor in stock right now. Available for local pick up and delivery.… Read more

Finally got my code for Far Cry not sure why it took so long...


CPU arrived today by DPD. No damage. Code came through a few hours later from the email address


Did you ever get the far cry code from Curry’s? I’ve not got it yet....


Thanks for the heads up. Mines coming tomorrow by dpd too. I've heard quite a few stories of damaged boxes etc. I'll let you know how mine turns up. No code here either. That will be the difficult part I think.


Yes arrived on Saturday via DPD. Box smashed up as it wasn’t packaged well at all. CPU was fine though. Not had a Far Cry code yet....

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Updated 15th Dec 2020Last updated 15th Dec 2020 by billybob007
Hexus - Day 1: Win an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
Day 1: Win an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X by Parm Mann … Read more

Much appreciated, some very nice prizes My 2600 would like to retire


Very cool, thanks for sharing!

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Updated 10th Dec 2020Last updated 10th Dec 2020 by Ken
AMD Ryzen 5800X Processor
Finally a zen3 processor at RRP from a reputable vendor. Sure to sell out quickly.… Read more

Currys £440 sadly, but in stock now


Aaaaand, they're gone!


Got mine from Amazon a little while back at £403.99 and got FC6 too. A few have popped up this morning at £401.99 on there too, but as per they are gone in a flash and also preorders for 25th onwards. I think they've upped the price to £229.99 now, but if you miss this at Scan, then Amazon could be one to watch. Nice one for dropping in here as stock is so rare, it's crazy!