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Updated 11th Dec 2021Last updated 11th Dec 2021 by Narod
I’m upgrading and I really cannot decide whether to go Intel or Ryzen. I’ve narrowed my choices down to those 2 in the title I game, video edit and code. That’s all. But I’m looki… Read more

Type-C header depends on your case, most good modern motherboards will have one. For the 5900X/5950X, I would look at a B550 motherboard, it supports PCIE4 (on the top slots, aka for your GPU and primary SSD), should contain a Type-C and doesn't cost the earth. At the moment, the MSI MAG B550M MORTAR is a great choice for that, though you can see a list of all decent B550 boards here:,16&sort=-rating&page=1 (you'll need to double check if they have a Type-C). I'm not too knowledgeable on Intel processors of that generation, one thing you need to ensure is that any motherboard you buy has heatsinks on the VRMs. If you don't know what to look for - I would google for reviews of any specific motherboard you are looking at and check to see what users say about it.


what i meant is you put a £389 cpu against a £650 it doesn't make sense. its a no brainer as i said in my first post amd is faster. when copmparing you have to compare price as well, if money isn't a problem then just buy the best those intels shouldn't even be in the list. you would need to start at the 12 series..


I want the best overall performance out of the 10850k £389 11000k £450 12000k £599 Ryzen 5900x £460 Ryzen 5950x £650 also want a future proof mobo with 4.0 and type c header or 1 on the back..


I use a asus rog z490 board I think around the £220 mark with no issues, I have a water cooler on it and doesn’t go above 70s when full load.. it won’t throttle till high 90’s. I don’t get your choice of cpu there are cheaper amd what will match a 10850k. Which you would be better off doing..


Thank You. That has actually helped me understood better. Would you happen to have a recommendation for a good board for the 5900/5950x. I think I’ll go with the Ryzen.

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Updated 31st Jan 2021Last updated 31st Jan 2021 by Galvatron
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 3.7GHz 12 Core (Socket AM4) CPU £569.99 @ CCLOnline
Decent price considering availability. Will have to queue to get the item in basket.… Read more

No stock anywhere for these although currys had stock for 5950x at 5am this morning


For those that preordered this through CCL have you receive the part yet? I'm looking to preorder through them but if they are still waiting for the fulfilment from last year is it worth it?


Yes that's it exactly, I realised how much I was spending compared to 5600x, not worth it for me


Seems like you don't do enough to benefit from them. If all you do is game 5600X might be the better choice, for now anyway


expired out of stock

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Updated 13th Jan 2021Last updated 13th Jan 2021 by Deen_Gray
Still not got ryzen 9 5900x from currys!
Hi there guys was just wondering if anyone else has got their hands on their 5900x from currys. I ordered mine on the 7th of December and am starting to get worried as £510 (what I… Read more

Had nothing but terrible customer service from currys this past year. Their customer service is a joke, won't be getting anymore of my custom again


You'd think for such a big company it'd be better because I just feel helpless


i brought my cpu from them about 6-7 months ago ryzen 5 3600 at the time it has a promo that if you brought the cpu you got horizon zero dawn pc game free rrp £35 well i never got it, ive spent over 3 hours on the phone, many emails, spoken to live chat, done everything possible.... nothing. i know its only a game but i brought it because it was the best deal at the time with the game, otherwise i could of brought it anywhere at about the same price. Currys are a terrible company, do all you can to get your money back ASAP ! and when ever you can tell others so they can avoid buying from currys ... the staff are terrible, customer service is shocking, its a low under hander company.



From recent experience Currys are a joke. Still awaiting an item which was supposed to be available for in store collection weeks ago. Chased up multiple times and was finally informed "delivery was refused". Still trying to get a straight answer as a) it was in store collection so only the store could have refused delivery b) never received a notification to say it was on its way to store. I don't have any hopes of ever receiving it and haven't cancelled as I have less confidence I'll ever get a refund before everyone in the UK has received a COVID vaccine.

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Updated 15th Dec 2020Last updated 15th Dec 2020 by Tom.Wilson
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X Processor (12C/24T, 70MB Cache, up to 4.8 GHz Max Boost)
selling at £390 at amazon from a third party seller is this fake? there were 5 all sold immediately then 5 more appeared.

Of course it's fake.

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Updated 12th Dec 2020Last updated 12th Dec 2020 by Waddayawant
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X AM4 Processor - £559.98 / £563.47 delivered @ Ebuyer
This is the best price at the moment mainly due to being out of stock due to scalpers I preordered this and there's an option to get this as early as 14th Dec delivery is £6 though… Read more

The possibilities are endless haha


Dang. That will fly. What do you do with all that power?


Don't know I will report back if I get it


What are the chances of it being delivered on the 14th I wonder?

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Updated 11th Dec 2020Last updated 11th Dec 2020 by Whammerhead
Ryzen 5900X CPU back in stock at CCLOnline
Not really a deal so much as just coming back into stock at RRP, but if you've been looking for one then you're aware of hard hard they are to come by anywhere close to RRP. Not fo… Read more

Increased shipping costs (imports - airfreight and shipfreight) to suppliers being passed on. It may get worse before it gets better


wont ever add to card


Its 10% over RRP but good to see them coming into stock - should be able to get one at RRP before the months out now


Sure, but it's practically unavailable anywhere except at scalpers rates on eBay, so it's not a terrible markup if you want it sooner than next year. That and most places charging over RRP anyways - Currys@£540, Overclockers@£560, etc.


Isn't the RRP £510?