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Bacon bits
Does anyone know a good place to buy those bacon bits, like they used to (still?) do at Pizza Hut and Harvester salad buffets? Amazon has Schwartz bacon flavour bits, but they se… Read more



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suejb2 I have these, Morrison’s stock them. They also do the crispy onions.


Excellent, this sounds like a good couple of places to check out. Funnily enough, I did also fancy some crispy onions, too! There are plenty of good deals on big bags of those at Amazon, which made me start to wonder whether bacon bits are going out of fashion (shock)


I think they were only about £1 for the big tub I got, but even if it was around £2 for the size of the tub it was still a lot cheaper than super market offerings for much smaller packets / tubs.

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Let's talk about streaky bacon
I had a thought earlier today about how I used to buy streaky bacon from the supermarkets about 10 years ago. It used to be slightly thick and have TONS of fat on it. The fat was A… Read more

If you want fat, buy fat, but don’t call it streaky bacon when it’s just slivers of fat. Vile stuff.


Was just going to mention that. Their whole range of essentials are very competitively priced and the quality is absolutely superb.


Cook in microwave. It's a the one only proper way. Ding


(excited) (excited) love the uaername R.Soul (excited)


thanks for the info i'll look into it

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Updated 30th Jul 2020Last updated 30th Jul 2020 by andrewworrall1
Return of the wraps - Sweet Chilli and BBQ Chicken & Bacon Wraps back at McDonald's from Wednesday 29th July
See Tweet "The Sweet Chilli Chicken and BBQ and Bacon Chicken one are back from Wednesday 29th July 🙌"

Yep :)


Will they be on the reduced price eat in menu for August?!


When I I read the title it brought back memories, then realised it was McDonald’s. I use to get wraps every Friday and Saturday night in my teen years..


They need to bring back the deli sandwiches of old. The sweet chilli one of those was my go-to, with a double cheeseburger chaser to boot (horror)


j’ai aimé ‘wrap of the day’

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Updated 8th Jul 2020Last updated 8th Jul 2020 by Wongy110
Can I eat my ham and bacon
Left a bag of shopping in car for two nights and only just noticed it Can I still eat the pack of ham bacon and beef or would you say it's not safe to do so?


As others have said, more than 4 hours above 8 degrees and it should be chucked. That’s the rule we worked on when I worked in a food shop. But I’d probably risk the bacon and just make sure it is well cooked and piping hot. Anything that doesn’t need to be cooked before eating is going to be a higher risk.


Cured meat ought to be safe for a while. That 18 month old prosciutto that you love was hung to dry above 10c and you still eat it... Uncured, uncooked meat... bin it.


It's not the temp at night that's the issue it's the temp in the day, it's not worth it for the cost, especially giving it your kids. Chuck it


The bacons possibly ok, but you can tell when bacons going off anyway. Plus you're cooking it that would kill most bacteria. If it smells ok, hasn't gone slimy, or that shiny green colour it can go, then have a go :) Wouldn't eat the ham though, and 100% wouldn't have eat any sort of chicken product!

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Updated 23rd Dec 2019Last updated 23rd Dec 2019 by JumpMan1980
The Quarterhouse ( Lancaster) For those alone at Xmas - free bacon butties 10am - noon
Not everybody has somewhere to go this Christmas so together with The Natter Shack Scheme we've made a decision to open up The Quarterhouse from 10am-12noon on Christmas morning fo… Read more

Brilliant hope it’s a success


What a great gesture.

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Updated 3rd Oct 2019Last updated 3rd Oct 2019 by thomasleep
Halloumi wrapped in bacon is heading to Aldi in the UK this Christmas
Lovers of Halloumi & Bacon are in for a treat this Christmas <3 After members went nuts for Halloumi fries, ALDI are now upping their game with selling halloumi in blanke… Read more

Not sure who this would appeal to, veggies nope and meat eaters not known for their love of anything veggie :) very odd combo


Halloumi fries are great. This is probably also great. But so easy to make, no need to wait for Aldi...


The old ones are the best XD


It's not a bacon tree, it's a ham bush.


im confused about this... My Son's a Vegetarian. He'll love this.