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Updated 17th Jan 2020Last updated 17th Jan 2020 by sicklysweet
Vodafone veryme Cafe Rouge voucher request
I would be really grateful if someone could please give me one of the Vodafone veryme cafe rouge voucher codes tomorrow lunchtime :) The codes only last 3 hours so it’d have to be… Read more

Gosh, thank you. Dad has an optician appointment at 11 so will probably want to eat 12ish if that works out with your timing?


I should be able to send you one.... I can't guarantee the time though as I will be at work, what time do you need it sending? For it to be of use to you between what hours 12-3?


Thank you very much, always lovely to know someone tried even if it doesn't work. Really appreciate it.


Sorry I couldn't help you at. I just had another look and click on everything but it's definitely not on my rewards. Hope someone can help you.


Thank you for looking. It was on both my Dad's phone and mine, and I used them with a friend...feel a bit guilty now! It's listed as 'used' on the front-page of my veryme app so I don't know. Really appreciate you taking the time to look even if it wasn't showing.

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Updated 1st Dec 2019Last updated 1st Dec 2019 by deleted193929
Play the game and win prizes with Cafe Rouge Enjoy 8)

Sure. It won't let me DM you though?


I would love it if it’s still going spare please :)


I’ve got plenty. Thank you. It might make a decent gift for a friend?


I don't need it, do you want it? It's a code


Wow, that’s what I call a winner! Nice (y)

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Updated 14th Oct 2019Last updated 14th Oct 2019 by greenyblades
Virgin Bella italia cafe rouge code
I have the above to swap for 2 x fully stamped Nero cards. PM if interested.

Bump (y)


I think I got code


No need for a separate discussion when you can trade in the thread itself.

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Updated 19th Dec 2018Last updated 19th Dec 2018 by barnehurst
WIN one of thousands of free instant prizes with our fabulously festive Café Rouge Pass the Parcel!
Cafe Rouge have a play to win Christmas competition! You could win a trip to Paris - London Eye tickets - Gift vouchers - Discounts and lots more! - Looks good to me - won 50% off!… Read more

Bit of a con - just get 30% off food every time


Thank you



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Updated 13th Sep 2018Last updated 13th Sep 2018 by PreetsCloset
Do you need a live code on Wuntu for Cafe Rouge?
So I went to Cafe Rouge and on my Mum's phone the code would not come up via the wallet for some reason but we had previously screenshot it. I couldn't find on the t&cs but I w… Read more

Thanks. Good idea.


Don't show them the code until you pay. I say I'm using Wuntu but they never have asked for codes before seating me.


She kept refusing and was adamant which was annoying. Wouldn't even let us get a table. But now she just took the codes from us and she took a picture of the codes from her iPad to take away! Lmao. (lol) (lol) (lol)


They 100% can be, all the food offers only need the code. They usually write it down and type it in. I would've convinced them to try it anyway and it would have worked.

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Updated 25th Jul 2018Last updated 25th Jul 2018 by mtuk1
Cafe Rouge - any burger, croque or baguette with frites or house salad for £5 - tomorrow (18/07/2018) (+ Other offers) @ WUNTU (THREE)

Not sure whether you’re being disingenuous on purpose or not? It’s abuse of the offer and means that some paying customers can’t get it when they want it.


Anyway, there is a way around the security update. Seems to be a new glitch so they hopefully won't patch soon


If it was for paying customers, they'd insist on a top-up. Quite easy for them to implement, but they've chosen not to.


They've released the main security update, I know the beta has the text message on every offer redemption but I doubt it will be implemented as it's too much effort for a normal 3 customer. Of course it's abuse, but it doesn't affect Three as they pay for a set amount of codes for most offers like Costa/Domino's anyway.


Not Of course it’s abuse. It’s for paying customers. #selfebtitledmm Nope. I’m not wrong. They’ve not released the beta version I’m testing to the general public.