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Auto Tech Twin Foot Pump now £1 @ B&M instore
LocalLocalFound 4th Jun 2017Found 4th Jun 2017
Was previously posted for £2, now the Auto Tech Twin Foot Pump is down to £1. ****Only if box is marked £4.99 the pump will scan at £1, short code 307863****
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These are £5.99 at Poole store today


Does anyone still use these? Electric ones are available almost anywhere for less than a tenner.


I got one for my workplace after someone nicked/broke the electric pump It's a bit carp - clearly costs them less than 10p a unit on Alibaba or something. It's probably on sale because so many are returned due to taking forever to reach any more than around 35psi. Look elsewhere. Cold.


Great for a bottle rocket


ok for a pound but if you want a pump that's going to last, get a track pump, these foot pumps don't last long

Barrel Foot Pump £4.50 cheapest I can find right now @ Argos
Found 14th Apr 2017Found 14th Apr 2017
Barrel Foot Pump £4.50 cheapest I can find right now & close to me. Just got a puncture on my car ordered this so I can get it repaired tomorrow morning. Ideal for tyres, foo… Read more
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I'm sure Argos love 'customers' like you who borrow something, use it, then return it so the next purchaser gets a secondhand one.


Who rattled ur cage? What me! So you think all deals on here are highly recommended! GET REAL!! I don't think I deceived anyone by posting this deal. Only wanted cheapest & close to me & found the best price & IT DID THE JOB I'm returning it because I'm lazy & will get a electric one ( NOW I'M MOBILE AGAIN ) & post it on here if I find a better deal suggested by POWYSWALES from HB. Am looking forward to reading the comments on it from you... WILL I BE TESTING IT BEFORE POSTING maybe just for YOU


What? You come on here recommending a cheap (but crap) foot pump which a bit of research will show isn't going to last much longer than the proverbial prawn sandwich, then you take it back? Has it packed up already then?


Will be returning it but did its job. Am standing at my local tyre centre having to buy a new tyre ouch, only put them on in July guttediam


You are better off using a track pump than wasting money on these, if you try using it on slightly uneven ground you'll crumple it into scrap metal, very cheaply made.

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Double Cylinder Foot Pump £5.99 at Screwfix free click and collect
Found 11th Oct 2016Found 11th Oct 2016
This may not be deal of the week, but I needed a new foot pump for bike tyres, footballs, topping up the car etc. I was very pleased with this pump from Screwfix. I have seen simi… Read more

Had 2 of these with similar design. Great for car tyres, but for bikes these typically can't pump greater than 40 psi, which is OK for mountain bike tyres but most road/commuter bikes take >60 psi.


nice find


These "double barrelled" or rather "double cylinder" foot pumps are really great at pumping up your tyre super fast. However do be aware that most of them come with a dodgy or totally unreliable pressure gauge so the reading you see on it will be completely wrong. I would advise anyone buying this to get a separate pressure gauge reader, you can find cheap ones on eBay or Amazon for a couple of quid (I prefer the digital ones compared to the silver ones that are manual, although both are accurate). You don't want to end up inflating your tyre so much that it bursts as soon as it gets hot whilst you are driving. Good buy though from Screwfix so voted Hot.


​Nevermind, but I'm sure she'll appreciate a good pumping.


The Mrs said she had a blow job for me.... I really expected something else!

Foot Pump £1 @ poundstretcher
Found 23rd Jul 2016Found 23rd Jul 2016
High pressure foot operated air pump. Inflates up to 100lbs per square inch pressure. Suitable for inflating air beds, bike tyres, paddling pools and many more things. Compact, he… Read more

It's cheap because you have to do all the work,so if you're a tad lazy don't bother


Don`t buy then :p


Buy them quick before they go up,due to inflation


ie don't actually use it. There's a reason why it's so cheap


Be gentle and they are fine, good find op, heat added :)

Simple Value Barrel Foot Pump £4.99 at Argos
Found 27th Jun 2016Found 27th Jun 2016
deal for tyres, footballs and all other inflatables. Max 100PSI. Thumb lock lever valve and accessories for air beds and paddling pools included.
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I would dispute that it is 'suitable for paddling pools', the adapter supplied didn't fit the pool I bought (also from argos) so had to return it


I got one last week from Amazon @£3.50


it will be good for balloons and Balls.


Better buying a Bontrager or Toppeak track pump from a cycle shop, around the 20-30 quid mark but will last you for a very very long time.


Poop gets very on HUKD if it's cheap enough!

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Double Cylinder Foot Pump (£5) for bicycle, car or water rockets £5 - free c&c
Found 31st Mar 2016Found 31st Mar 2016
Inflate your car or bicycle tyre in half the time• Two cylinders for faster inflation• Ideal for pumping up your water rocket* product come with adaptors for different valve sizes… Read more

If you visit your local store, then can have it delivered there via yodel and you can collect it from there, you will have to pay in advance for the product (£5) no postage charges, simply ask them to check the stock \ locate it in another store and have it delivered to yours. Usually it takes up to 4 to 7 days, you can also advise them about the store that currently have the stock.


only in Kent or Stirling


Limited stock

Lezyne Micro Floor Pump with gauge £27.47 @ Halfords
Found 22nd Mar 2016Found 22nd Mar 2016
Good little pump, picked it up when it was on offer at £30 so now even better value. Very pleased with purchase but I hope not to be using it much. ;-)

I,ve had aldi £5.99 pump, did last about a year, bought one of these for around £40, its 18mo ths old still going strong, #you get what you pay for, i use it on road bike tyres where you need 100+psi


Good spot @ Wiggle, you should post this deal :)


​Similar to you maybe, but completely different to others. (I have a cheap track pump myself)


Wiggle sale price £26.05 inc pp HERE Their floordrve pumps are very good, a Topeak race race rocket is smaller to pack when cycling.


I found this one so uncomfortable to use I gave it away. It was light though, if that's all you need.

Foot pump CPC £2.88 delivered
Found 8th Aug 2015Found 8th Aug 2015
Single barrel foot pump made by Duratool and delivered by CPC. Order code CP0416527
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Get this instead:


You want to stop her from going down? Really?


I bought one from Halfords for a tenner 15 or 20 years ago, and it's still going strong and gets plenty of use.


I've just ordered, so maybe it was just their website playing up - it does happen quite a lot! Agree with the comments that these type of pumps don't last long anymore, such a shame they are now deemed "disposable" items when they used to last forever (ish!)


Get a hand pump, they last for bloody ever!!

car foot pump £4 @ Tesco instore
LocalLocalFound 4th May 2015Found 4th May 2015
Single barrel takes a while to pump up but is good to take you out of trouble Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
Intex Junior Single Size Downy Airbed with Built-in Foot Pump £3.48  (Add-on item, Dispatched with any qualifying order over £10) @ Amazon
Found 26th Feb 2015Found 26th Feb 2015
Just bought one so can't comment on the quality but the reviews seem fine. Built in pump makes this a bargain IMO.

£13.81 now. Tripled in price. Can't understand why they do that. Very few are going to buy at that price.


At 9.99 now


£9.99 now


6'3" too small?


Good quality but too small

Intex Junior Single Size Downy Airbed with Built-in Foot Pump (Amazon, £3.97, add-on item)
Found 16th Feb 2015Found 16th Feb 2015
I was looking for a cheap airbed for when guests come over, there are many in the £5-10 range, but the pump itself costs almost the same. This comes with an inbuilt pump and has de… Read more
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same with me, bought 4 of them when they were £2.57. Yet to find a use for them


Good quality Costco sell them for around £12 if I remember right


They are good, we use 2 for our kids for sleepovers and gave 2 to relatives :)


Bought 2 but still in box so no idea of quality? I must refrain from buying bargains. ( stuff i don't need ).


is it good??

Michelin Single Barrel Footpump £5 @ Halfords
Found 25th Dec 2014Found 25th Dec 2014
Reserve and collect. Seems good quality at a great price. Michelin Single Barrel Foot Pump Correctly inflated tyres can dramatically improve fuel economy, the Michelin Single Barr… Read more


Now OOS everywhere - shame!


Couldn't agree more... I got an electric one for £3.99 from Home Bargains a couple of months back and it's brilliant. If you buy a foot pump (especially a single-barelled one!) you'd better be pretty fit if you intend using it on car tyres and, for a totally flat tyre, forget it!


Is this how much the amateur web geek who maintains the Halfords website is paid an hour? The site is one of the worst designed and maintained shopping sites out there and is down more than it is up, not to mention individual item links being broken all over the shop


If it's for a bike then fine, but if it's for a car, I would strongly suggest that everyone buys a small electric air pump and just sticks it in their boot. They can be had in many garages for a tenner or so, or even halfords, or Aldi occasionally etc. They cost next to nothing but when you have a need for one, they really are priceless.

Intex Junior Single Size Downy Airbed with Built-in Foot Pump £2.57 @ Amazon  (add on item / £10 spend)
Found 11th Nov 2014Found 11th Nov 2014
Single air bed with built in pump ,handy if any kids staying over , bargain @£2.57 .Decent reviews too.. Sorry struggling putting a picture up .
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Yes! ours also arrived today, they seem very good quality, amazing 4 for £10.28. oO Cheers OP... ;)


Mine also arrived today (bought on the 11th as well) 4 for £10.28 including postage!! they're very heavy must have cost more to sent than what I paid to but them! Thanks OP, really pleased!


I purchased some on the 11th and they were delivered today and that was with free super saver delivery. Fantastic bargain. Thanks OP :-)


Wow, 4 dispatched already (and on Super Saver) :D


Was gutted when I couldn't buy last night - thanks abusaleh ordered 2!

argos foot pump on £1.49 @ argos ebay outlet
Found 10th Apr 2014Found 10th Apr 2014
bought one of these instore from the last thread on here, now not available instore but delivered free from ebay

I've never bought a footpump that had a working gauge, so keep hold of your receipts.


All gone.....well still available but higher price and no free postage


darn it! gone gone gone


Showing OOS now. Balls, I'd of got one



Argos Value Range Twin Cylinder Metal Foot Pump £2.99
Found 3rd Mar 2014Found 3rd Mar 2014
Inflate bicycle tyres, air beds and paddling pools quickly with this double barreled cyclinder metal foot pump. Foot pump features: Pressure gauge measures from 0 to 100psi. 3 ada… Read more
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if your argos is 20 miles away like mine then that offer would work out cheaper on eBay for me at least.


sold out everywhere


its also on argos ebay but postage is £3.95


Damn. Sold out around my area

Foot pumps - Single/Double for £3.28/£5.38 delivered @ CPC
Found 26th Feb 2014Found 26th Feb 2014
Both single and double pumps available. Single: £3.28 delivered : Double - £5.38 delivered :… Read more



More expensive and slower delivery??? CPC stuff is nearly always next day delivery.


Voted cold as similar on ebay for £3.49 (new and delivered).


Argos were selling the single ones for £1.49 and the doubles £2.49 couple of weeks ago online delivered to the store .I bought a couple



Argos Value Range Single Cylinder Foot Pump - £1.49 @ Argos
Found 12th Feb 2014Found 12th Feb 2014
If your popping in might as well reserve one of these :) Inflate your bicycle tyres, inflatable toys and athletic balls with this easy to use single cylinder foot pump. •Pressur… Read more

Picked one up yesterday, thanks.


Actually I have had one for a good 10 years or so, looks very much the same and got it from Argos, still going strong. I bought the double as a back-up If it is the same manufacturer, they have obviosuly tried to reduce the cost of materials by using tin foil and plasticine instead of steel and hard plastic


Get this and you will end up feeling deflated! Flaccid- let down- definitely not pumped up.


Thanks OP! Just in time to inflate my girlfriend tomorrow! <3


Been using one of these for 7 years! Still going good. Useful to check Tyre pressure occasionally and to inflate in an emergency. It is small enough to keep with the spare tyre.

Argos Value Range Twin Cylinder Foot Pump. Was £9.99 now just £2.99 or single pump £1.99 @ Argos free R&C
Found 18th Jan 2014Found 18th Jan 2014
I know this was preciously posted at £3.99 but its been reduced further to £2.99 They also have the single pump at £1.99 from £4.99 Product description / spec Inflate your bicy… Read more

great price


bought two before. absolute rubbish. save your money and buy a decent pump or a compressor


Made of plasticine lol Rubbish!


Bought the single version a while back. Absolutely rubbish. Save your cash.


Already found by Baz417 although it has dropped price since he found it (same link...)

Argos Value Range Single Cylinder Foot Pump - NOW £2.99
Found 9th Jan 2014Found 9th Jan 2014
couldn't find a double cylinder one at Argos near me but found a single which is just as good and to be fair its easier to store away on my bike storage. Not bad Argos for £2.99
Banned Get dealGet deal

Now just £1.99


Personally I think they are all rubbish even when viewing more expensive ones! :(


go and get a refund. It's the least you could do if its a rubbish product.


TERRIBLE first time we used it, it snapped in half.. go to halfords, loads better..


best to get the kids to pump things up they arent as aggressive as us older folk :)

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