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The Pixel 4 has an impressive new camera along with Android 10 software and Google’s exclusive Smooth Display screen. At just 5.7inches, it is on the more compact side but packs in plenty of features. At hotukdeals, we bring together a range of deals and reductions on a page dedicated to Pixel 4 bargains. Read more
Google Pixel 4 - Condition: Good, £154.79 @ MusicMagpie eBay
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Posted 12th NovPosted 12th Nov
Seems like a great price for the Pixel 4! always taking a bit of a gamble with 'Good' or grade C phones from these ebay sellers but can always return quite easily if you aren't hap… Read more

Postage to northern Ireland using click and collect. Change your address to a mainland address in eBay then at checkout use click & collect to a Northern Ireland store.


I really like my pixel 5 tbf.


I know what you mean, the radar could have been good if they kept it for the 5series so more apps integrated support for it. Always been a fan though, went from Galaxy nexus, nexus 5, 5x, 6p, pixel 2xl, pixel 5 now got a 6 pro but might end up sending it back due to the shear size (:I


Pixels were generally crap before the Pixel 6 series, dire hardware with the odd innovation such as Soli Radar which typical of Google they dropped. Google drop everything and anything they've developed at will, you never know tomorrow they might say just say sorry dropped Android, I mean they probably wouldn't even give much notice either, that's a massive exaggeration of course but I wouldn't be surprised knowing their track record :)


Tried that, extra faff that I really couldn't be bothered with. Battery life is pretty dire on this gen pixels too, all in all not worth it imo. Lovely build quality on the XL though, shame.

Google Pixel 4, 5.7" P-OLED, 90Hz, Snapdragon 855, Android, IP68 dust/water resistant refurbished £144.49 (with code) @ eBay/idoodirect
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Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
Google Pixel 4, 5.7" P-OLED, 90Hz, Snapdragon 855, Android, IP68 dust/water resistant refurbished £144.49 (with code) @ eBay/idoodirect£144.49£169.9915% off Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Full specs -

That battery though.. brave purchase.




Out of stock now.


Low risk as music magpie say 144 for 1 of these


Bargain if you get it in good condition. Hot!

Google Pixel 4 6/64Gb Grade A Unlocked - £196.76 with code @ XSItems /eBay
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Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Google Pixel 4 6/64Gb Grade A Unlocked - £196.76 with code @ XSItems /eBay£196.76eBay Deals
Googles compact flagship available in 3 colours Grade A. With the Save20 offer it comes in at the tidy sum of £196.76 for the 6/64GB version, that's not too bad for Googles best … Read more

Great price. Great device. Bad battery. (ninja)


This device comes with a one year warranty, so you will have one year on extra on a seriously inferior device. I don't know the official stats but in my limited experience with failiures they generally happen in the first years, I don't know what it's like at the bottom end but guess which one my money would be on top fail first.? I didn't mention anything about preference I simply stated a fact on SOC Performance I was a little confused by your statement as I can think of atleast six 600/700 series socs better the 730G and they don't match up with the SD845. Touching on preferance again it's OK if you prefer a big battery, Iow-end performance, mediocre cameras and second tier software, nobody said you couldn't, personally i would take the Pixel 4 as it's in a different league in quality and performance.


Poco X30 pro seems better value to me.


In exchange for a 2 year warranty, I know how performance measures across different soc skus. So it does come down to personal preference. That ontop of the battery life I mentioned my preference is the midrange Device. We are both on the two ends of the scale in which a buyer would be.


Yeah I think the black ones don't or tend to have a white button. It definitely won't have SD as no Pixel ever has.

Google Pixel 4 64GB Refurbished Smartphone - Good Condition - £179.99 / Very Good - £189.99 / Excellent £199.99 With Code @ 4Gadgets
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Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
Google Pixel 4 64GB Refurbished Smartphone - Good Condition - £179.99 / Very Good - £189.99 / Excellent £199.99 With Code @ 4Gadgets£179.99£209.9914% off Free P&P Free4gadgets Deals
Available in both colours, best in class camera software, Snapdragon 855, 90hz, compact 5.7" stock android smartphone. Operating System Android 10 Camera 12.2 MP, f/1.7, 27… Read more

Yeah, reviews have mentioned the GPU. The 845 is certainly strong enough to run Crossy Road seemlessly. Would like to test the 765 to compare. I suspect most people don't do much gaming on their mobile but you would expect the best performance from a flagship phone like the pixel 5 so a bit odd that they chose a slower cou


I read the 845 is similar to the 765g in some areas, but not the GPU which is much stronger in the 845. I believe this is important when gaming. Or emulating. I can't remember. One of them. :)


5g modem built in but also Battery life. I've got the pixel 3 with 845 and it's really fast, but does drain the battery. I find all 4 main cores tend to spend a lot of time running at max speed. Having 2+6 must save lots of energy.


Yeah, I thought so. Thanks.


A phone with no memory card slot is a no no for me

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Google Pixel 4 - 64GB , Good - Unlocked / Network Locked - Various Colours £187.19 Nectar card holders / £198.89 without @ musicmagpie eBay
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Posted 27th JunPosted 27th Jun
Google Pixel 4 - 64GB , Good - Unlocked / Network Locked - Various Colours £187.19 Nectar card holders / £198.89 without @ musicmagpie eBay£187.19 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Update 1
Nectar cardholders can use code NECTARJ20 to get for £187.19, others can use code SAVE15 to get for £198.89. Each code can be used 3 times. Details here:…370
Google Pixel 4 - 64GB - Good - Unlocked / Network Locked - Various Colours

Smaller Lighter Bigger screen Battery ( GSM say a 21 hr differance in their testing) Hdr10 screen 32 bit Dac SD support FP reader Higher RAM and storage options Wide angle cam Wide angle video Superior camera performance ( MKBHD Blind test) Superior video recording performance Super steady. Stereo recording on video Fingerprint reader Reverse Qi charging. Build quality Build materials ( Samsung use the higher grade of aluminium and thicker glass on the screen.) Longer software support. Superior software features. Google have been too busy trying to copy Apple to realise they were years behind in hardware and features.


The only thing I can think of is battery and there's not a lot in that anyway


That mask thing is lame, I use my ip12 every day and have to open it 40-50 time whilst working and nobody is going to not buy a phone because we are having to wear masks. I could say what happens every winter when you wear gloves I could say what happens every year when you hands get wet? Everything has limitations or the need for the other options would never had arisen. The 4 is the obvious buy for me as it is the better phone, despite Googles decision to copy Apple and go without an FP. There is simply no substitute for quality.


I don't own a 4a but I know people who do and have owned a 3a previously myself. I don't think the 4 is a good phone for the price I would get something else entirely. 4a has gone on sale for cheaper previously iirc. At the end of the day it depends on what people are looking for, at this budget I think people may value the fingerprint sensor and headphone jack more than the higher spec of the 4. Right now with masks being mandatory still in many places I wouldn't want face unlock being my only option other than a pin code. Regardless I gave the deal heat already, it's a good price. Just offering my opinion on it, the fingerprint sensor is a dealbreaker for me so wouldn't be my choice.


I guess you own a 4a hence the comments. What you don't have QHD screen IP certification Wireless charging Superior performance Superior build materials Superior components used Superior camera ( Due to ISP so not virtually identical) 60 or 90 hz as and when. GG5 screen Zoom lens And you want to pit a Plastic bulld Headphone jack Fingerprint reader Against what I said? The Pixel 4 does everything better and faster,. I'd give up an hour of SOT on any device for that. I just don't see what value you are referring to when the Pixel 4 is on sale for less than the 4a. (confused)

Used Google Pixel 4 64GB Smartphone - White / Black In Good Condition - £189.99 / VGC - £199.99 With Code @ 4Gadgets
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Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
Used Google Pixel 4 64GB Smartphone - White / Black In Good Condition - £189.99 / VGC - £199.99 With Code @ 4Gadgets£189.99 Free P&P Free4gadgets Deals
Pixel 4. Operating System Android 10 Camera 12.2 MP, f/1.7, 27mm (wide), 1/2.55", 1.4µm, dual pixel PDAF, OIS 16 MP, f/2.4, 50mm (telephoto), 1/3.6", 1.0µm, PDAF, OIS, 2x op… Read more

On screen time or standby?


I like my pixel 4xl. Battery life still seems decent to me. My only complaint is actually the camera,.which I know is supposed to be a real plus point. It takes very good point and shoot Instagram shots, but a closer look at the images shows overprocessing especially sharpening. iPhone shots also have an artificial quality to a degree but I think the processing is more balanced than Google. Still a great phone. Would only consider changing to Sony Xperia 5 ii or iii


It's just gobsmacking, isn't it?! Surely potential buyers aren't going to be turned off an otherwise very good phone by an extra 20g or whatever for a bigger battery.


Didn't like mine new and sent it back. The battery life on the normal 4 wasn't great at all. Lost my love for Pixels after that. Let's see what the 6 brings. Until then I'm a Samsung sheep for now


Well if you own YouTube and Android you can sponsor people to make videos according to your wishes. All day battery I hear them say, well that is true of my Pixel 4XL if I don't use it as I would use other devices.