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Granted, this isn't the most riveting discussion, but it is worth keeping an eye-out at CeX - I received a 69.00 voucher for my Honor 9 Lite, and it really isn't worth that much: … Read more

You can buy things from cex to sell on eBay and get your voucher money back that way. That’s what I do and infact I make extra £5 profit (party) (party)


You two.... kith and make up.


i got your point and understood it completely. For you, holding onto a voucher is better. but my point was that sometimes even if they are expensive it can still be the best option if you have a voucher. Knowing eBay is cheaper is useless if the money someone has to spend is locked in the voucher!


Seems like this thread has really gone off on a tangent from the OP’s point, I’m not even really sure what you are talking about now, if you didn’t get my point about how CEX is often quite a bit more expensive to buy from than other places then don’t worry yourself about it.


You seem to be missing the point I was making, that it’s pointless considering that the item is available cheaper elsewhere. Not everyone will want to save vouchers. so for those people who don’t want to save the voucher but want to buy on eBay, cash payout is better. But if the price on eBay of something they want is higher than the cash payout at cex, a voucher might still workout better for that item even if it cheaper on eBay. If the purpose is to sell X to buy Y and the voucher from cex by selling X covers the cost of Y then it’s fine. But the cash sale of X might not be enough to buy Y from eBay. but in your case you don’t want to buy Y, you are saving the voucher to get a Z or B or A when that other thing is released later on.

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Updated 19th May 2020Last updated 19th May 2020 by Uridium
mobile phone help : replace honor 9 lite : budget about ?170£
i do not want punch hole / anything spoiling display etc help!

Afraid you'll need to stretch your budget. If your looking for a phone with a pop up Camera to avoid a punchhole or teardrop then your best options are the Xiaomi Mi 9t at around £230 or the Honor 9X at around £200


so in answer to your question, no. because the image does not cover the whole screen as shown in the image you sent


haven't got a clue. only arrived today


thnx. but is that a hole? for a selfie camera?


redmi note 9s 6gb / 128gb if budget will stretch ?