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Honor 9X vs Motorola G8 Power?
I currently have a Honor 9 Lite and looking to upgrade. Budget is no more than £200 ideally. So many to choose from, but from what I can find, these 2 seem to be really good! (t… Read more

I'm trying to not buy chines products, specially tech ones. I'm aware that's very difficult because almost everything is made there, but is time to think about the economy of this side of the world, and maybe if everyone push, companies will begin to bring factorys back in their original countries, rather than use cheap workers, and in some cases bordering slavery.


I still have the 8x (same as 9 lite?) and have an order pending with ee (like others) for a Moto G8 Plus. 9x didn't appear to be much of an upgrade over the 8x apart from the cameras.


I bought the Honor 8X right after it came out about 2 years ago for £208. The 9X is almost the same processing power, seems like buying in 2 year old tech with a new camera would not be a smart move!

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Honor 9x UK version with Kirin 710F chipset?
Please say it isn't true ;(

Thank you sir (y) enjoy your weekend 🍺


Have a look Here. And for comparisons go to GSM arena. I am using an honor 9 (typing on it now) and I love it. (y) (y)


Thanks for the input Mr Ringfinger (y) Can you please tell me what's difference between the Honor 9x and Huawei P Smart Z? apart from the rear triple camera set up? :|


Looks pretty good to me... and likely to be the last model sold in the UK work Google apps on it. Waiting to see what the Huawei OS is going to perform like.

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Updated 6th Oct 2019Last updated 6th Oct 2019 by MrSwitch
When will the Honor 9x be available in the UK?

They haven't actually stated anything as of yet, just that it will be announced (dates) after IFA, which was a month ago, so one would imagine this or next month.