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Shoei XR1000 Motorcycle Helmet - £199.99 rrp £330 - @ j&s instore and online
Made hot 18th Aug 2009Made hot 18th Aug 2009
Shoei XR1000 Motorcycle Helmet - £199.99 rrp £330 - @ j&s instore and online
Great price for a Shoei helmet Shoei XR1000 Miyu Helmet Save a massive £130 with J&S on this helmet! The Shoei XR1000 helmet is constructed from advanced intergrated Matrix p… Read more

I had one of these in the "Patriot" design. The best lid I ever had, until I bought my Arai. Done well over 20k in it, used to ride 380 mile runs to Uni 6+ times a year and used to forget it was on. Had to retire it when some divvy ol' bint "just didn't see me..." although it wears its batte-scars with pride and looks tidy on the wall. Paid over 400 quid for it 3 years ago and would still pay that now!


I've got a Shoei shaped head too, had a Z-One and two XR1000's - great lids! The X-Spirit (aka X-11) came out at the same time as the XR-1000, but is classed as the "flagship model" of the Shoei range.


quick google search found 189.99 for the patriot version of this model from helmet city. Plus 10pnp though so maynot be cheaper (using a mobile and can't get j and s to load up?!)


Good price for a great helmet :) Heat added! I recently brought an Arai Condor at Daytona Kawasaki for £169.99, if the Shoei is not your cup of tea.


and x ray vision

Akito Stratos Jacket Black £24.99 @ Busters Accessories
Made hot 16th Jul 2009Made hot 16th Jul 2009
Akito Stratos Jacket Black £24.99 @ Busters Accessories
High performance technical jacket 100% waterproof Dura Guard Outer Shell Detachable thermal lining CE armour fitted as standard Adjustable arm straps Jacket to jean zip attachment … Read more
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And as for the 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' look - goes down really well in the pub!


Only to other bikers, to a non-biker you're still someone walking around in a leather all-in-one. Or a power ranger outfit. And to a select few its a gimp suit...:whistling: (And before you ask, yes I do own a set of leathers, and yes I do get the power ranger reference on a regular basis!)


Not necessarily - even some of their stuff looks a bit tacky - less colours the better....... If you are a 38" or 40" chest they still have some of these left for £25


No, on your moped you'll look a complete ****! Why do people want to look like a mobile billboard anyway - as if anyone would mistake them for Rossi & Co! If you can buy those brands for anywhere near £24.99 then go ahead, otherwise not relevant to this posting.


It's only the cheap stuff, like this, that isn't fashionable. Buy A-Stars, Dainese, Arlen Ness, Spidi etc.. and you'll look the business ;)

Onguard Pitbull 5003 STD Bicycle/Motorbike Lock (Sold Secure Silver)....£16.99 @ Amazon
Made hot 15th Jun 2009Made hot 15th Jun 2009
Onguard Pitbull 5003 STD Bicycle/Motorbike Lock (Sold Secure Silver)....£16.99 @ Amazon
Just got a new bike and needed a decent lock so the insurance would cover it. This U-Lock from Onguard comes very highly rated. It has a Sold Secure Silver rating. Bike Radar also… Read more

What a load of *****


The Onguard lock is now available with the coil for just £18.89 (or £17.95 if you're a student!) Another bargain.


Onguard or the Magnum? 1 better than the other?


If you are looking for a chain which is uncroppable, and are willing to pay £60 or thereabouts, then you can goto Series III Almax, 0.7M, £60. You would need to buy a lock as well. Here is a video showing different chains being cropped. When they try and cut the Almax chains, its funny, as the guys are using the biggest croppers I've ever seen, but just cant cut the damn chains...and they are working so hard, they are sweating. The other "leading" chains get cropped pretty quickly. Here is the video: Take note though, Almax Series III chain is VERY heavy. I have a 2.0M chain and its very heavy. Needless to say that these are for motorcycles, but the 0.7M chain can be used on a bike. IMO the Series IV is totally overkill, as that chain would probably destroy even power tools, if they were used on it. On top of which its weight must be immense, making it impractical. Almax and Pragmasis make the best chains currently on the market. Its dissapointing to see people actually wasting their money on Oxford chains, given that they cost quite a lot and offer little protection from bolt croppers.


It is a lot cheaper than that normally. If you have access to a machine that makes it for instance it is not too difficult to take some away, but outside of Universities and some industries that is not an option for most people. You can have some great fun with it though, although you have to be careful not to spill too much on your skin.

Suzuki SV650 Sport Motorcycle £500 Deposit and 0% Finance over 3 Years Total payment £5221
Made hot 23rd May 2009Made hot 23rd May 2009
Suzuki SV650 Sport Motorcycle £500 Deposit and 0% Finance over 3 Years Total payment £5221
Suzuki are offering 0% finance across their range of motorcycles. This particular model, SV650 Sport, offers a bike with many abilities from commuting, track days, novice riding an… Read more

You'll need to take a CBT after some lessons to get you used to riding then go on for a full motorcycle license. Usually means having 5 or 6 lessons (most do it over a couple of week, i did mine over 5 days) I'm sure somepne can correct me but is there a motorbike theory test as well? I had to take a theory test but only because I didn't have to do one when i took driving lesseons as it didn't exist back then. I'd suggest that you take an advanced riding school. Too many new riders are getting injured out there due to making silly mistakes. Don't be too cheap on the clothing, but do make sure you get some. don't go riding in jeans and a jacket. even a slow speed slide will still give you serious burns. Buy a good fitting, brand new helmet, gloves and boots/shoes. you don't have to buy leathers, there are other materials for biking but if you're getting a big bike then leathers with well placed padding would be the wisest option.


Cheers would be rude not to really!!!


GSX-R600 or R6 - so tempted!!!!


I know nothing about bikes but I want one and may treat myself shortly. Some advice please guys - what licence do I need and how do I get one. Cheers


Another thing to bear in mind is that three years is a long time, the finance company hope you will lose your job or miss payments because of some other reason..... thats when they will start charging you interest because you have defaulted on the deal.

Free Motorcycle Safety DVD
Made hot 5th May 2009Made hot 5th May 2009
Free Motorcycle Safety DVD
The Highways Agency has produced a free interactive DVD to help motorcyclists keep safe while riding. Using clever filming techniques, it puts you on the bike, inside the helmet an… Read more
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Cheers just passed my cbt great timing :)


cheers, ordered one for hubby as he's just passed his bike test


good idea but i think they really need to give these to all car drivers, apart from the odd idiots youll find most bike riders have better perception than the average car drivers, we need this to second guess what the car idiots are going to do next :)


A must have for all cagers :whistling:


Thanks, also notice you can watch the whole 14 minutes online at too with the link further down the page (not the except version at the top).

Defender Motorbike Jacket £25 plus £5 delivery @ M & P
Made hot 28th Mar 2009Made hot 28th Mar 2009
Defender Motorbike Jacket £25 plus £5 delivery @ M & P
In a range of colurs and sizes from 36" chest to 44" chest. These aren't going to be comparable to a £300 Hein Gericke jacket but for £25 its a bargain. Features: 100% waterproof… Read more

Have got one on its way to me. Will do me as my first biking jacket until i can afford to buy better


Looks like they have some 36" jackets back in stock. If you click on the link and it says "Product does not exist" it means a particular size and colour has sold out. Surest way to check what stock they have is to search for Defender and see what comes up....


Thanks for the advice, i may purchase if they r still available


Mmm, good deal. These jackets will be better than your regular high street jackets, im saying this because how often have you had a pillion riding on the back with a flimsy jacket. Was thinking of getting one to have as a spare laying around.


I would say avoid having to use the armour in the first place and ride carefully. But CE approved armour means it will protect you should the need arise. That sort of money is fine for the occasional rider or one who's just starting out and not quite sure.

Motorcycle First Aid Bag - £2.92 @ Lidl
Made hot 11th Mar 2009Made hot 11th Mar 2009
Motorcycle First Aid Bag - £2.92 @ Lidl
Available from 16/3. Features: Includes 1 pair of dressing scissors, various dressings, disposable gloves and more With rescue blanket Conforms to DIN 13167 Supplied in a zip-u… Read more

It is missing a pair of goal keeping gloves My mate works as a London Paramedic and saysnearly all the fatal bike accidents he attends involve a beheaded motorcyclist ! Watch out for that spilt diesel all you easy riders ...


or gets taken out by some arrogant car driver who seems to think if its smaller than him it doesnt exist. I ride motorbikes and drive a car 10K a year for work and its stupidity that kills road users. Unfortunately if you are in a car its usually the other person that ends up dead.


Bikes are not inherently dangerous, people are. (That goes for both those bikers who like to take risks for the thrill and those motorists who pull out of junctions in front of bikes etc.) It would be nice if motorsport wannabes (both 2 and 4 wheelers) did their racing on track days instead of the public road, but then world peace would be nice too.


its law in parts of europe !! ive got one under the seat of my bike bikes are dangerous but so are alot of things in life ! stop whining and live it !!


I was just thinking how useless this is going to be. just imagine a half dead motorbike rider (because he was going round a bend at 90mph in the country or crossed the double solid white lines to overtake and then smash head on to a oncoming vehicle) yes I hate motorbikes/riders and cyclists in the city Arrrrrgh! anyway they're half dead splattered on the tarmac and they say to the by stander "oh hang on I got my £2.92 Lidl first aid kit, be a gem and stick my head back on with it!

Cheap Motorbike insurance @ Swinton Insurance - upto £65 cashback (effectively < tenner per annum)
Made hot 11th Mar 2009Made hot 11th Mar 2009
Cheap Motorbike insurance @ Swinton Insurance - upto £65 cashback (effectively < tenner per annum)
Got my renewal through the post for £125 and decided to have a look around. Swinton offered same policy conditions for £70, so already a saving, however on top of that £35 Quidco … Read more

Hi all, Looked into this for you and the marketing team are still using the redemption form for the bike policies so Wellfan you should have received one. They have advised that customers not receiving it is usually down to anti spam filters blocking the email. If you don't receive it and it's not in your junk folder, just email [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] and they'll sort you out another one. Hope this helps, if not, let me know.


Just to reassure people, my cashback email came through ten minutes ago.


Not likely. I pick it up Sunday :)


My £30 cashback e-mail took 24 hours by e-mail, Quidco tracked as well at £35


Thanks for that. However, how am I to know that my cashback claim is valid unless I receive the e-mail confirmation that Swinton has accepted my cashback claim? As the cashback is not sent until 90 days of the policy has passed, and if you do not receive it, it will then be a bit too late to chase it up. I would actually prefer to receive some formal notification that my claim is valid. Although I got a good deal with Swinton, I could have got better via Quidco with Bennett's, so will be a bit peed off if Swinton cashback does not come through. PS Thanks again for your helpful reply. Would be good to get an update from you tomorrow. This policy is for a bike that is possibly never going to move from my garage where it has been sitting for past 3 years (health problems). I just want to maintain my 'no claims' history (as cheaply as possible) for the day I return to biking. I believe to maintain your NCB you have to have a policy valid within past 2 years, and no more than 2 years. My last policy expired in 2007.

Motorcycle Equipment @ Lidl
Made hot 9th Mar 2009Made hot 9th Mar 2009LocalLocal
Lidl are doing some motorbike gear helmets to socks and everything in between. some good prices available from March16. Jacket 59.71 Trousers 48.92 Boots 29.99… Read more

Thanks. went for a look tonight. Only the cheaper helmets and balaclava's left (Blyth)


Got a pair of gloves today..they are ok.cost about £13.....even have kelver in them..........did,nt really need any of the other stuff..some already sold out......the helmets are a bit cheaply can get better for £40....coats not that cheap to be to keep your eye on the bike shop half price through.


This started yesterday. Any reviews?


OK i've tried quite a bit lidl/aldi gear and heres my lowdown jacket - Fairly waterproof and good windproofing so warm, however i found after a while the velcro came off which keeps the collar closed also couple of prestuds became loose and opened too easily - the armour was loose as in it moved around your arms - so im sure if the worse did happen you couldn't count on it staying put and protecting that particular part. 5/10 Pants - again fairly waterproof and windproof/warm but the armoured knee pads were too loose to be effective - you could just push them round your leg so would be wary of it being any use if the worst should happen 5/10 boots - I would class these as a summer/fair weather boot only - THEY LEAK BADLY i used them to commute and they just leaked through all the seams even though they looked to be all sealed even if it was not raining my feet wouold be soaked from the spray just off the road i was really disapointed with these and would avoid - if you get wet you get cold fast. 3/10 Gloves gloves are reasonably waterproof and windproof i'd say for summer/spring prob ok with heated grips but just too cold for winter - as mentioned previously though the finger linings aren't attched at the tips which is REALLY FRUSTRATING id pull my gloves off and the finger lining would pull out so far into the hand making them impossible to put on unless you tediously poked them back in - not good when you haved filled up at the petrol station and want to get off grrrr felt like bloody burning them some times ! 5/10 Balaclava i had a wind tec mouth triangle scarf thing reccomended from a bike shop and thought id try the full balaclava for morning commute when it was chilly - it was described as windproof - but too be honest i'd say it is just a helmet liner and didn't stop wind and just wasn't a patch on my fleecy windproof one. 5/10 Bike Cover The one i got was the heavy duty fleece lined one which they don;t seem to have now it seemed great is was waterproof and thick and fleecy so didn't scratch my pride and joy - unfortunately my german shepherd pup took a taste for it and it ended up in tatters - somebody mentioned theres melted onto their tank in the summer - can;tg comment on that didn't get to summer. 8/10 Rain Suit ok for a light shower and windproof properties but did leak after a fair shower 7/10 Too be honest my advice to people is to go to proper bike shops ask around and look in the sales - there is proper approved good name gear which can actually be sourced cheaper than lidl/aldi i've just got a ixs jacket for £40 from j&amp;s. I would definatley get some better boots i got some gaerne ones in the sale for £60 and they have never ever leaked no matter how bad the weather - i commute all year round - personally i haven't had any experience with the helmets there but i would look at the sharp ratings at below link and look for models from that - how much is your head worth ? I would say however if your new to motorcycling or ride a scooter etc you would definatley be better of wearing these than no protective clothing at all !! Must point out the labeling in the clothing stated words to the effect it was not certified protection gear and could not be relyed on even though it says ce ??? Stay Safe peeps :thumbsup:


voted hot...will get a few goodies for my hubbys bday

Ixon Titan Leather Motorcycle  Jacket, was £219, now £50! + £6.50 delivery (Only Large size remaining)
Made hot 23rd Feb 2009Made hot 23rd Feb 2009
Ixon Titan Leather Motorcycle Jacket, was £219, now £50! + £6.50 delivery (Only Large size remaining)
Removable lining. Adjustable velcro tightening at collar cuffs and waist. Short and full length connecting zips. precurved sleeves Fantastic value for money. High quality full… Read more
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picture was just an example. you were buying the black and blue one as per your link


Just had my order cancelled


Think its worth mentioning that the photo is a grey version, the blue one is pictured here, oh and now its gone, definitely expired now, showing OOS.


still working for me. just tried two.... got right through to the last payment page :thinking:


definatly expired.. i have 2 in the basket and it wont let me continue

Oxford Blue Motorbike 1.5m Barrier Cable Lock was £21.97 now £5.49 @ Tesco (100-9171)
Made hot 23rd Feb 2009Made hot 23rd Feb 2009
Oxford Blue Motorbike 1.5m Barrier Cable Lock was £21.97 now £5.49 @ Tesco (100-9171)
Cable Lock for motorbike. First actual deal, I posted regarding £20 credit on the £5 Tesco sim card originally posted by sohood. I bought the lock, a 2 tonne Tow rope at £4.99 and … Read more

now out of stock


How do I put up a picture of the lock? I have the .jpg image on my computer but how do I put it on the deal? Okay, I've done it.


Just like to say i had one of these for ages was a very good lock but i gave it to my son when he got a bike recently i have just bought another motorbike i have just ordered one of these From Tesco on this deal good lock at an excellent price !!! Voted hot from me !!


I collected all three items on Monday but I've noticed the sim is now £9.78 and is out of stock. They do have £20 of credit though, the £10 you pay for and then £10 free credit that you can check by texting 'balance' to 2112. Takes a day or two to get both credits, but you do end up with £20.20 in total, £10 of which expires in a month. sohood posted the original sim post but I'm not sure if he actually purchased (?)


I should also add that these pis all over bicycle locks that cost loads more

12v Car light bulb set £3.99 at Lidl (also fit motorbikes) from 19th Jan
Made hot 29th Jan 2009Made hot 29th Jan 2009
12v Car light bulb set £3.99 at Lidl (also fit motorbikes) from 19th Jan
Available from the 19th Jan Looks like it includes 2 headlight bulbs - you can choose H1, H4 or H7 fittings and 4 other assorted bulbs Paid £10 for 2 H4 bulbs from an accessory s… Read more

I think these are +30% - at least the ones in my local store are. :thumbsup:


If you are going abroad it's a legal requirement to be carrying one of these kits and at this price it's a bargain. hot from me Certainly won't be voting it cold because I think the AA would never lie to us a bout the quality of their stuff :-D


You get what you pay for with headlight bulbs. If you live in town and never really need to illuminate the road then fair enough. OK as an "emergency" kit though.


Its the headlight bulbs that cost the most and you get 2 in this kit.....and your kit cost £2 more than this one.


Be warned if you buy the super +50% or +80% headlight bulbs they do not last as long as normal ones. I got pulled over 2 weeks ago because I had a headlight bulb blown (it was only 10 months old and the previous one lasted about the same length of time.) That said I have found great deals on You can also get a list of bulbs your car requires from this site and P&amp;P is free. ]

12 Months motorbike insurance for the price of 9 + £20 cashback via Quidco @ Bennetts
Made hot 25th Jan 2009Made hot 25th Jan 2009
12 Months motorbike insurance for the price of 9 + £20 cashback via Quidco @ Bennetts
I've just renewed my bike insurance this year and by switching to Bennetts, i've gone from a £200 renewal to £79 with £20 back via quidco. Now I know with insurance this isnt going… Read more

Hubby too this out last week, Quidco has not tracked yet and the policy arrived this morning although the policy start date is end Feb. After consideration he decided it wasn't really comparable with his existing insurer and so asked to cancel it...£30 charge and not even live much for DSR as it seems they CAN charge an admin out for this. Very unhappy with Bennetts, only insurer I know who charges.


I obtained a quote after this deal was posted but it was quite high so didn't take it - Quidco tracked the same day!


Just tried Carol Nash for my sons insurance. He has just taken out new insurance for £215 and Carol Nash is quoting £586, was worth a try, thanks anyway.


Glad this has been useful for a few others. Like I said, it's not a black and white deal like most on here as insurance is always going to differ in cost for different circumstances. Still cant believe i've got 12 months insurance and can ride other bikes on it for £59 quid.. Quidco tracked and validated a couple of hours after as well :-D


My bike has been off the road for 1 1/2 years so looking to insure my bike so i don't lose my 3 years no claims. Last insurane £150 CBR 400RR no accidents no convictions - Quote from Bennetts £64 for the year third party £150 excess. and £20 quidco. Voted HOT

Suzuki B King 1340cc motorcycle £6,999 (£2,000 saving on list price) + free Micron race exhaust @ George White
Made hot 11th Jan 2009Made hot 11th Jan 2009
Suzuki B King 1340cc motorcycle £6,999 (£2,000 saving on list price) + free Micron race exhaust @ George White
The Suzuki B King is one of the most powerfull streetbikes you can get, with 1340cc and 180BHP. I've test rode this bike and the performance is blistering. £2,000 off is a huge red… Read more
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I agree with you there. I have nothing but good things to say about Scottoiler, it might not be considered very 'race rep' but I've fitted them to all my bikes since the 1990s. Saved me a fortune in chains etc over the years. That's very cool with me. (I just upgraded my mk7 oiler to link to the HCR - 'high capacity reservoir' for the uninitiated - and last did a 1000 miles round trip without needing to even look at my chain - not bad on a Gsxr11, eh?) Land of my grandmother. :thumbsup:


TBH I never used fender extenders on both my SV's and if you make sure the plug area at the front cylinder is sealed nicely with the plug lead you shouldn't have a problem. :thumbsup: The reason I mention about cupars(spotted your location) is I had been trying to save money and had went for a set of tyres up there in Feburary a good few years back now to save around 30 quid and ended up sliding the bike coming out and honestly was only feathering the throttle, it is major slidey at this time of year up there. The bike went down on its left side and bent the gear shifter, bust the fairing, snapped the clutch lever, bust the switch inside it, scrapped the bar end and a slight scratch on mirror.Lol I can laugh about it now cost me over a hundred quid to get fixed.Epic fail lol Always used to tell people to be careful on new tyres lol. Should have listened to my own advice. The guys at cupars were great, they bypassed my clutch switch and straightened out the gear shift and I was on my way home, I actually pushed the bike across the road so it was lined straight up to ride it home, that made me realise how easy it is to lose a bike on new tyres. Check this out on a dry day.


You're spot on about Cupar Motorcycles, how did you guess that? I'm not planning on using the bike over winter at all to avoid all the grit on the roads however I'm going to need to get it up the A9 next week. What are your thoughts on 'fender extender's, they seem to look good in principle to protect the bike - I was thinking of ordering one up to fit it when I pick the bike up to try and protect the bike a bit. I will be taking it really, really easy as it's going to be an unfamiliar bike and it's got a bit more power than the CB400 I've been learning on. Also don't want to do anything to my shiny new bike! Very excited about finally being able to ride it as I chose it last October which seems so long ago. Thanks for the advice, John


I like the scottoiler stuff as I believe in the brand and they offer great service and good products, always evolving them. Also they are based in Scotland so I like to give a little back to my local economy. :thumbsup:


Think acf50 is stickier and a bit thicker than fs360 from what I have read. A lot of people say to leave the acf50 on all through the winter then wash the bike come summer. Post from the acf50 site " 'discovered' ACF-50 last winter and was hoping that it was as good as the reports said. In November I gave the bike a thorough cleaning, took as many of the removable parts as possible off my BMW F800ST and gave it a good spraying. Snowy conditions aside, I commuted 300 miles per week and didn't wash the bike until the end of March. The bike was almost black. Guess what? Having removed all the layers of grime - no corrosion, the bike cleaned up like new. ACF-50 is amazing, all that's required is a strong nerve and a little faith!"

Halfords Mini Racer Bike @ Halfords was £99.99 now £35.99 (if you reserve online to collect)
Made hot 24th Nov 2008Made hot 24th Nov 2008
Halfords Mini Racer Bike @ Halfords was £99.99 now £35.99 (if you reserve online to collect)
Reserve this bike online and get a further 20% off the sale price (when you checkout). Was £99.99, reduced to £44.99, and by reserving to collect it is now £35.99, a saving of almo… Read more
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Great find, have some heat.


exellent find just bought one thanks


We bought this for our daughter earlier in the year as Halfords reduced it to £25. Its great!


Hey i buy me fog lamps from ere.


What kinda meat is it ? red meat ?...... white meat?.................. Brown meat !!

Honda CBF125 motorcycle - 2009 model @ Doble Motorcycles £1770 on the road
Made hot 4th Nov 2008Made hot 4th Nov 2008
Honda CBF125 motorcycle - 2009 model @ Doble Motorcycles £1770 on the road
Ok, I'm in the market for a new 125 motorcycle. I've been doing the rounds all day finding out prices and offers that are about. Not that many greats deal atm to be honest. At a… Read more
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Hi guys, Doble Motorcycles is still a family run business just as it was back in 1967! I work in dobles and just to answer a few questions i have seen here, 1. CBF125's Cost £1795 OTR This is the retail we have from honda. ( effective 1 dec 2008 ) 2. The price of £1770 was a guess from us, Anyone who put down a deposit got it at that cost if it had costed us more we would have lost money, If it had costed less we would have refunded the diffarence! 3. CBT's, DAS, and most training courses can be done with a local training school, This will be your easyest we to get the test down serch google with you postcode to find a local training school. There are no big training schools like BSM / AA / RAC ect For bikes the few there are i wouldnt reccommend! 4.The CBF125 has been made to REPLACE the CG125, The engine is a reworked CG125 Engine. 5. We deliver nation-wide as guide it will cost max £150 to the highest peaks of scotland, or as little as £40 to the boarders of london but please call or email us and we can tell you how much it will cost!! We can also export bikes almost anywhere in the world. We will try our best to suit your needs just contect us and we'll help you out! If anything is unclear feel free to call use on 0208 668 8851 ! or vist our site ! If you want just some bike advice or help u can email my personal email and i will try to help, mr.doble@googlemail dot com Hope that helps guys!


Price is now TBA


ordered thanks.


What happened to the price?


I'm 28 (held a car license since I was 17) and went with a 125, unless you want to have a lot of lessons it's a good way to get a lot of onroad experience before moving up to a bigger bike. John

Hurricane Motorbike Jacket - £29.99 (RRP £89.99)
Made hot 20th Aug 2008Made hot 20th Aug 2008
Hurricane Motorbike Jacket - £29.99 (RRP £89.99)
Various sizes Pre fromed cups on outer shoulders 100% waterproof CE approved armour fitted as standard Adjustable arms and wrists for comfort 3M scotchlite reflective piping … Read more

I have received this today and in my opinion is brilliant...


I've bought one so will let you know what it is like when I receive it...


Seems good if you are on a budget, i'd rather wait and get a heavier one though


saw this on the newsletter this morning, looks like good value, but personally I think I'll save my money for a S/H goretex one.


Has anyone bought one of these, if so, could you let me know whatr the fit is like and if its an ideal summer jacket. Maybe not after the 'summer' we've been having lately.......

HJC CL-ST Motorcycle Helmets £39.99 @ Busters
Made hot 13th Aug 2008Made hot 13th Aug 2008
HJC CL-ST Motorcycle Helmets £39.99 @ Busters
I just got an email from Busters. I wanted to buy one of these earlier this year but were too pricey for me. The RRP these helmets are £120 so a saving of 66%. They have styles … Read more

What a load of ***** spoken there!! Have had shoei's and Arai's. currently using a RX7RR4. Noisy, mists up, drafty when it's cold causing tears in my eyes! Have a HJC as a pillion helmet! £140! Fantastic helmet. Exubes Quality! Has breathe guards and all sorts that the Arai does not have. Now looking for a HJC to replace my Arai with! The £40 bargain is not a £40 helmet you fool(Sicknote)!!! They are market leaders in the biggest country in the world! If you get it wrong are fu**ed!! Anyway sicknote, you spend £500 and enjoy, I'm gonna save a **** load and have a great helmet for not much...and put the savings to a holiday! Regards everyone!


I've not used my Gixxer for a few years now - I bought it in Hong Kong, some 11 years ago and it's been a great bike as well - you'll probably notice a few modifications though (if you clicked the autoshite link?) ... still in progress but was put on hold when I moved to the USA in 2001..:whistling: I'm sure it's only done 32,000km as well, which is nothing for these engines.


- Shhh, no-one will notice. :thumbsup: - Wow, a genuine little piece of Scot/British biking history there. - He he he, I used to have a real thing for X7's (I had 3 of the little b*ggers), great bike. In fact I used to have a thing for 2 strokes in general with several mates with RDs &amp; KHs (I never had the Kawa triple myself but I've owned the whole range of Suzook GTs at one time or another - excepting the 750, which my brother-in-law had). Had a nice stint on RDs too, air colled &amp; LCs......but my bro stuck with the 2 strokes the longest &amp; had 2 x RD500 &amp; 1 x RG500, boy does he wish he'd held on to 1 of them now. Now I have a deep &amp; meaningful (and lasting) love affair with my Gsxr 1100w. The last of the monsters! :w00t:


Bit of a threadjack going on here I suppose...:whistling: Yeah I also had an S reg KH250 triple and in 1990 bought Steve Hislops old RD250LC - which my mate has totally restored to factory condition - still with Steve's (RIP) name on the V5 :thumbsup: got to be worth a few bob I think? Here is a link over at Autoshite with my X7 :thumbsup: ]


LOL Yeah, the rivalry between the FS1E boys &amp; the AP50, great days. Then on to various 125s, 185s, 200s &amp; 250s - all on 'L' plates &amp; you never had to worry about taking your test in a set time-scale. Lots of 2 strokes back then too, KHs, GTs &amp; RDs. Brakes that didn't like working too good in the wet &amp; tyres that lasted but were hard &amp; made out of plasticine (Avon Speedmaster 2 anyone? :whistling: :oops: ). Nice times. :thumbsup: :)

Razor Mini Electric Chopper Motorbike - Was £249.99 Now £99.99 (+ £3.95 P&P) @ Net Price Direct
Made hot 3rd Aug 2008Made hot 3rd Aug 2008
Authentic chopper styling and handling with drag-style handlebars, a teardrop tank, wrap around fenders, a lowrider profile and a 45 degree rake. Powered by a 250w electric motor a… Read more

Looking to buy a mini chopper bike for my son I need a phone number so I can buy one can u plz send it phone number plz thanks


Guys these things are not in the same annoyance level as a mini moto, these are quiet and fairly slow, not much faster than a push bike really. I dont have and have never had either, and neither have my kids... but i personally would allow mine to use one of these were as i certainly wouldnt allow them on a mini moto. Just personal choice i suppose, but people moaning about these not being taxed etc...come on! its a toy! do you want to tax bloomin pedal bikes too? (dont answer that you probably do!)


Possibly, though I imagine it's the cheapest DC motor and lead-acid batteries imaginable.


Saw two families have Christmas, and probably the rest of their lives, ruined after buying a mini-moto. The child who'd been given it lent it to their friend who promptly rode it out from a side street and into an oncoming car. Needless to say, he died. Both children were around 6 years old. We were indoors a 100 yards away but we heard the bang and rushed round. It wasn't a pretty sight. If you want your child to ride on something fast and fun, take them go-carting to somewhere with a good safety record. Hell, you never know, they may become the next Lewis Hamilton! It's got to be much safer and the initial outlay will be less, though possibly more over time if they get hooked, but they can pay you back when they're famous! ;)


can you link me to that i cant seem to find it.

Half Price Nikko Remote Control Cars/Motorbikes/Offroad - Up To 50% Off @ Toymaster
Made hot 20th Jun 2008Made hot 20th Jun 2008
Half Price Nikko Remote Control Cars/Motorbikes/Offroad - Up To 50% Off @ Toymaster
Instore & online clearance. 1/10th Evolution Ferrari F1 - Was £80.00 Now £40.00 1/5th RC Ducati Motorbike - Was £59.99 Now £29.99 Radio Control Typhoon - Was £39.99 Now £19.99… Read more

Mostly non branded cheapo rubbish, Nikko is a proper brand that's been around for years.


Not bad, but the everday price on most of the radio controled bits at ebuyer is probably better :P Check em out;sortfilter=ascend&amp;limit=10&amp;intStoreID=74&amp;intCatID=199&amp;intSubcatUID=1989 e.g. 1/10 scale ferrari 699 gtb for £15.98


If only i had some spare money.... Would have snapped one up straight away.....


looks like a good deal, heat n rep


Hi ralph!

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