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Brand New Google Nexus 5X Quartz 32GB - £99.99 @ Smartfonestore
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Posted 29th Dec 2018Posted 29th Dec 2018
Brand New Google Nexus 5X Quartz 32GB - £99.99 @ Smartfonestore£99.99£134.9926% offSmartfonestore Deals
All our brand new items ship in the original sealed box with all the original accessories. It will have full manufacturer warranty still great camera and software on them

Marketing? What are you droning on about? I've still got mine. No boot loop, great camera, had it since release. So shuffle off and go and talk b@llx somewhere else eh!


Luckily the truth is the truth whether or not gullible folks like yourself only listen to marketing.


LoL! "the usual reviewers" so you've got nothing to back your statement up, so lets just resort to random one liners. Don't become a lawyer whatever you do :D


It's probably the usual reviewers that love to overhype phones to appease manufacturers. Surprised that consumers like yourself still fall for it. I've seen so many reviews saying the S9's camera is amazing when I can tell you for a fact that it's not a patch on my Pixel. Same thing as the 5x but the proof is in the pudding as they say.


I'm sorry. But you're just talking utter rubbish. Do a search for when it was released and read the reviews. Pretty much every single one says how good the camera was. You must be boss eyed or something.

Nexus Metal NBS22UG 13A Double Plug Socket with 2 x USB Charger (2.1A), Brushed Steel Finish, Grey Inserts supplied by the electrical showroom £10.99 + £3.95 delivery
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Posted 29th Aug 2018Posted 29th Aug 2018
Nexus Metal NBS22UG 13A Double Plug Socket with 2 x USB Charger (2.1A), Brushed Steel Finish, Grey Inserts supplied by the electrical showroom £10.99 + £3.95 delivery£14.94The Electrical Showroom Deals
quite like the look of these free 48 hour delivery over 25 pounds 3.95 for orders under 25 pounds The Nexus Metal range of 13A plug sockets from BG come with two handy "Type A" USB… Read more

Great prices thanks. Fitting this range throughout my new build so great savings on the Double Socket packs of 5 Also 5 x Fused spur 5 x double light switches too.


Why would you not add p&p to the total price? That is misleading if you do not. Suppose you have not been on this site long enough to understand that perhaps.


of course (y)


3.1amp as you can power more powerful devices now and in the future and recharge them faster when devices are capable of taking this ampage


Which one is better?

discount of £90 Rangemaster Nexus 110cm Dual Fuel Stainless Steel Range Cooker £1999 @ Kensington Appliances
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Posted 13th Mar 2018Posted 13th Mar 2018
discount of £90 Rangemaster Nexus 110cm Dual Fuel Stainless Steel Range Cooker £1999 @ Kensington Appliances£1,999kensingtonappliances Deals
This is a discounted cooker and you get a half price hood which makes it a better deal than other sites I looked on if you want a matching hood too
Get deal*Get deal*

£1630 elsewhere, how much is half a hood worth? Welcome to HUKD


Welcome to the site @Dude999 and thanks for sharing your first deal :3

Asus Google Nexus 7 (2013 Version) - Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5GHz, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, 1920 x 1200 Pixels (A Grade Refurbished) £125.99 @ Argos Ebay
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Posted 1st Feb 2018Posted 1st Feb 2018
Asus Google Nexus 7 (2013 Version) - Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5GHz, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, 1920 x 1200 Pixels (A Grade Refurbished) £125.99 @ Argos Ebay£125.99eBay Deals
Only 1 on sale, use PAYDAY10 code. Been waiting for an opportunity to post this classic tab, a collector's item. Refurbished With a 12 Month Argos Guarantee 7 inch screen. Res… Read more

OP .. can you believe this: "Asus Google Nexus 7 7 Inch LED 1.5 GHz 2GB 32GB Wifi - Black - 2013 Version Refurbished With a 12 Month Argos Guarantee £139.99" That's the price I now get, when I click on your link above. :-( Lol.


I think the NEXUS 7 was a beautiful Tablet in it's day (and still is!). :-) If I could trade-up some of the other Android Tablet's I've had in the past for one of these, I would ... But for £120+ for a 2013 Android Tablet?, nope!. Considering around 2015 you could still buy these new for around the £100 mark?. So for x-years on + a refurbished Model (and NOT a new one instead?), then realistically something around £60+ mark is more tenable? (or preferably less than that even?!), looks more the mark to me ... :-)


Lol, just over 3.5+ year's ago, they were about £99.99/£100 new, in Argos - as I know, as I was considering getting one from them at the time, lol, I didn't buy in the end, as I ended up buying something else after that (but that's neither here nor there). As around mid-2014 to early 2015, that's the general price that they were on Argos across the board - after having dropped from their £150-£200+ price from 6+ months before ...


To be fair to your comment, it really kind of depends on as to what you're pitching for, to be honest?. Eg. Whats App ONLY needs a minimum of Android 2.3+ to install/run/perform?, so ... Whereas other's like Tango, Viber, Skype and the like, you're looking at somewhere more in the region of Android 4.0+ instead?. And even Media App's like, eg. ShowBox, Popcorn Time, Mobdro and the like, you're again looking at Android 4.0+ again?. So, like I mentioned before, it really kind of depends as to what you're really pitching for ... :-)


It's subjective though. Mine (running LineageOS for Android 7 with continued updates) gets used every day, and I think it's the perfect size, especially when travelling, as it's no bigger or heavier than a paperback. I must be in the minority, though, as it's hard to find decent sub-8" tablets these days.

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Nexus 6p Pristine Condition Refurbished - £199.97 @ Laptops Direct
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Posted 9th Nov 2017Posted 9th Nov 2017
Nexus 6p Pristine Condition Refurbished - £199.97 @ Laptops Direct£199.97Laptops Direct Deals
Great price great phone

I may have been unlucky but received a perfect looking condition however very grainy and dull not HD looking screen. Apparently this is screen burn. .They are Refurbished outer shells on old phones perhaps. Either way mine will.go back and I'll get a new pixel 1st edition


After this xaomi I'd struggle with poor battery life again, couldn't be doing with twice daily charges. This goes 2 days on a full charge.


Glad I went with the Moto X style instead. Still going okay so far. Only negative is the battery mostly, the quad screen drains it quite easily.


On a 6P with a new battery right now and it drains very quick. Not the best phone I've ever used anyway but it's decent. Battery drain is just too much though.


Can confirm that replacing the battery fixes the issue. Phone feels like new. Just can't justify how Google expects people to pay nearly £900 for a pixel 2 which has near enough the same hardware specs as the two year old 6p

Muddyfox Evolve200 aluminium folding bike with Shimano Nexus 7 speed hub £224.99 @ Sports Direct
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Posted 26th Sep 2017Posted 26th Sep 2017
Muddyfox Evolve200 aluminium folding bike with Shimano Nexus 7 speed hub £224.99 @ Sports Direct£224.99Sports Direct Deals
> Alloy Folding Bike Frame > Alloy Rigid Front Forks > Alloy Handlebars > Alloy Telescopic Folding Handlebar Stem > 7 Speed Shimano Nexus in-hub gears with Shima… Read more

So effectively you have paid about £150 for a lightweight aluminium folding bike with a freehub based drivetrain and decent components. It's a pretty good deal to say the least. You could pay £500 for a Dahon and get a weaker frame, inferior drivetrain but a decent brand slapped on the frame. The Dahon would likely be heavier. Some of your criticisms could be labelled at all folding bikes but poor assembly seems to be a common theme on bikes like this they really need a full check before use. Same is true of the Muddyfox of this thread. The bike seems to be configured for high speed commuting with its sporty saddle and tyres but a more relaxed bike could be achieved with a different saddle and wider profile tyres that are a bit harder to turn and give more suspension to insulate you from pot holes more etc. Tyre pressures should be thereabouts a 15% widening from on the bike and off the bike with lower pressures at the front normal as more weight is at the back. It's only a very general rule, spending time to get tyre pressures just right for your weight can improve the ride quality dramatically both in your comfort and how the bike grips the road, over pressure and under pressure both have their own set of problems. If you find you really don't like the bike you should be able to get more than what you paid for it. Pointing out stuff like the Claris derailleur etc with a decent advert. As for hill climbing when you look at the image of the bike it looks like a short ratio cassette with not much of a granny gear for hill climbing but in the spec it says 12-32 with 32 being reasonable for hill climbing might be worth checking what you have. However the bike is definitely configured for speed you have a 52T front chainring but its common to see 46 or 48T on some other folding bikes which is much slower making hill climbing easier but top speed lower. Might be worth changing the front crankset or rear cassette to make it easier for hill climbing. The derailleur looks quite long maybe you could get away with something like a 11-34 cassette that would give you greater top speed and easier hill climbing.


we agreed on a £25 refund in the end (initially offered £20 but then I also had to replace the front inner tube which was was faulty/punctured) Given the damage was minor & didnt affect the rideabiity (after the inner tube was replaced) then it was a fair arrangement Either I was a bit unlucky or the company could do with better quality control - not sure which The bike was OK to ride over a mostly level 6 mile stretch - slightly wobbly front stem but I think I just need to tighten things up a bit to improve on that - the seat post stayed in place & didnt slip with my 15 stone weight on it - the gearing is OK although I wouldnt want to go up an longish steepish extended incline as the easiest gear isnt really made for it Wouldnt want to travel more than 6 miles or so but it will be fine for shorter distances - it feels like its harder work than a racer / hybrid I guess mainly because you have to more actively steer it since the fork are further away from the handlebar


Documentation like that is pretty much standard I would say with these types of box shifters but normally you'd get one sheet with anything specific required as you say so nothing is poor although I personally have encountered this quite often so would be expected. Main folding hinge being stiff is fairly normal, you don't want it loose, you'll probably find it will loosen a little with use and this issue will pass. I would expect a partial refund because of the frame scratches and replacement parts sent for the other issues or a larger refund same as you. Perhaps when you have sorted the issues if you get to keep the bike (I would if you get a reasonable partial refund considering the spec) you can give your views again when its a fully working bike.


got to say im not that impressed so far here are main issues discovered so far : 1) the only documentation to come with the bike was some generic booklet they use for ALL their bikes - there were no specific instructions about this folding bike so I had to figure out how to assemble it myself which I have hopefully managed to do correctly 2) the main folding hinge in the centre of the bike is very stiff & unwieldy which makes the bike very hard to fold - you end up using your body to help with the folding so dont wear anyting that you dont want oil or dirt on 3) the product arrived with a damaged shimano claris shifter (piece broken off), some chips to the frame paintwork and zinc plated bolts that had already started to corrode - I have emailed the seller asking if they will consider a partial refund to cover these issues - the shifter is probably still functional despite the damage so the bike should still be rideable 4) the brakes came unconfigured eg the pads didnt even line up with the wheel rims - hopefully the gears will have been set up properly but cant check properly until I ride the bike Havent ridden it yet in case I have to return the whole product - which I will probably do if they refuse to consider a partial refund Compared to the 'factory second' ridgeback bike I bought from bike depot this purchase is much more problematical


Im not getting it until jan 4th so dont know yet - Im 15+ stone so hopefully it can cope I did take a slight risk as I couldnt find any measurements for the max. inside leg length before the 20% off offer expired - Im about 33 inside leg i.e. have quite long legs so theres a possibility I may not be able to get the seat quite high enough for optimal pedaling position but I can probably live with that given what I plan to use it for I only saw the muddyfox offer after the greenway purchase & would have found the mudgaurds & pannier rack useful - I can use the £s Ive saved to buy & fit them on the greenway instead - I may buy a bag that attaches to the seatpost instead