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The OnePlus 6 offers high-end attributes, at a mid-range price point. It blends impressive photography tools with gamer-friendly processing power, advanced audio, and a sharp display. Buyers can find out for themselves by checking out the latest offers at the hotukdeals One Plus 6 listings. Read more
OnePlus 6 64GB £299 (£309 W/Goodybag) | 128GB £319 (£329 W/Goody Bag) Refurbished As New & Delivered @ Giffgaff
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Topcashback are currently offering a possible £50 for all second hand phones on the giffgaff phones. Two good prices for as ne… Read more

I'm still using my OnePlus 6 and it feels like the day I purchased it, I don't see any point in upgrading it for at least 12 months.


Fantastic phone and i highly recommended it.


Heat added. Mine is running as good as the day I opened it a year or so ago


Forgot to add to op, £10 minimum, cheers philip


it forces you to take a £15 top up, so headline price isnt right, or is me being daft here, feel free to flame me !!!

OnePlus 6t 8GB Midnight Black Ram/128GB storage £339 @ GearBest
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th JunShipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong Kong
Good deal here. Idk why, but when I try to pay, there's only $7 "expedited shipping" with DHL available even though in the link it says there's free priority line shipping? Never … Read more

If anybody has a really good coupon feel free to let me know 😁


This is perfect, thanks!


It means that the phone originally came with a Chinese version of the operating system Installed, and has an international operating system Installed so that it can be sold outside China. The phone will to all intents and purposes be identical to the device if purchased from OnePlus UK, apart from the charging plug. To users on any UK mobile network it will work just as well as UK purchased phones. OnePlus UK have said in an email to me that they will cover warranty repairs in the UK for any phones bought abroad, but doa devices must be returned to the vendor direct.


Can somebody remind what "UNLOCKED CN Ver. (Flashed OS)" really means to a UK o2 User? Saw it on a listing on eGlobal for the Oneplus 6 128gb black that I'm interested in. Not sure if I'll got with that company yet, that's another thing I'll be reassuring myself of first.


Yeah says £344 for me

OnePlus 6T 8GB 128GB 4G Phablet 6.41" International Version Midnight Black Under Screen Fingerprint @ GearBest
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Gulp! Use a fee free card to shave a bit more off this already loony low price!! Buy button not working on link, so add to cart, then add code GBUFH98KLQ to get it for the £319 o… Read more

Samsung it is then.


You can tell it not to optimise the battery for specific apps and even lock the apps in recent app lists so theyre not removed from memory, but even that is hit and miss. As an example, ive locked my eBay app and sometimes when I kill all my apps it kills the eBay app even though it's been locked :D Theres quite a big thread on it on XDA with fixes which involve sending ADB commands (connect to your pc/laptop, configure drivers and send some "instructions") but I personally haven't tried those.


you can disable this for apps , look under battery settings. i turn it off for some social apps and alarm clock etc.


Cant you turn it off


Puts most, if not all apps into deep sleep due to its very efficient battery saving features which is kind of a double edge sword as I've learnt the hard way. The eBay app at times will not alert me to ending auctions in time due to this feature. Hope this helps clarify.

OnePlus 6T 6GB 128GB on EE - Unlimited Minutes & Texts, 9GB of Data for £29 (£25 after cashback - £96 - £696 total) w/ 0 upfront @ fonehouse
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
For those of you that prefer monthly payments, this OnePlus 6T offer on EE may be suitable. - 9GB of 4G EE Data - Unlimited Minutes - Unlimited Text Messages - Free BT Sport fo… Read more

Ha anyone used the fonehouse? Some bad reviews online, but they have some good deals.


When Android Q comes along they will lose access to the play store if updated to it. Not denying it's a great phone, just should be way cheaper than that year old price.


Apparently it doesn't apply to already released huawei phones, only to future ones. And p20pro is still a great phone.


Just as bad a deal, if not worse. That was on offer one year ago at the same price and even worse now with the recent Huawei news


Or you can get huawei p20pro with 20gb, unlimited text and mins for £31, also with EE.

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OnePlus 6T 6GB RAM 128GB Black Sim Free £399.99 Delivered @ fonehouse
30/06/2019Expires on 30/06/2019Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Good price for this handset considering its UK stock, comes with a full warranty, no customs fees to worry about, and will be in your hands ready to use in a matter of days, not we… Read more

I picked one up from fonehouse. Very fast next day delivery and great price, thumbs up


Was on offer, it was classed as used but as new apparently the box was damaged at most but not even that when I got it, all sealed as new.


How did you mange to get it so cheap?


I paid £369 from Amazon warehouse for the 8gb ram 6t and I can tell you it's a fantastic phone.


So then, why is this being voted cold? Bad deal? Can be found cheaper else where? Salty iPhone owners?

[Offer Stack] Oneplus 6t Good £340 | Nokia 7 Plus £140 Good 5% Off Plus 15% with code @ Stock Must Go Ebay
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
5% following link, plus and extra 15% with today's code. Nokia 6t… Read more

The mi 9 is the superior phone in most ways actually, apart from longevity, I believe the oneplus is built to last. In most key areas the mi 9 is better.


Yep torn between mi9, 6t and mix3


Only in tech


Can this discount code be used on any seller?


The 6t?

The very first 100 OnePlus 6T buyers from ** 2018** on EE, will get a OnePlus 7 Pro 5G FREE as in FREE!! @
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Just waiting on my email, but thought it would be interesting to see how many HUKD members. who bought one of the first 100 OnePlus 6T phones via EE in the UK , actually get t… Read more

Expired as nobody is getting the point of the thread, but I hope someone gets one on here!! (highfive)


Just shows you Dillz, how many people actually read the deals OR just press cold, as they do not have one!! Got 2 "friends" and both are saying that they got each of theirs on the pre-order last year with EE, so be interesting if they get their 5G handset before me!! (cheeky)


See above^ the 5G launch isn’t looking so good as the 4GEE network Orange & T-Mobile built before BT got scared of declining Openpeachlandline revenue.


This really is laughable when you look at EEs 5G launch “network” Hyde Park, Welsh Assembly, Belfast City Airport, Waverley Train Station, Manchester Arena. EE have managed to make Vodafone (5G launch coverage) look uber professional whilst losing £6.6 billion pounds (excited) so you can use 5GEE 6 places at launch (lol) (popcorn)


None of that is credible, please replace the handset and try again.

Genuine OnePlus 6 128GB Black Unlocked SIM Free *Pristine* Refurbished Smartphone £271 @ Envirofone Ebay
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
As part of the sale you'll receive: 12 month warranty as standard FREE USB charging cable (for data transfer and charging) Safe and secure box with foam protection Note: We w… Read more

So if the battery is knackered, just send it back to Envirofone. You are taking a punt on a lot of the phones sourced from China so really you've nothing to lose by taking a punt on a reputable British retailer on eBay knowing that you can return it. Just my own opinion ...


Most of the refurbished phone selling company's don't check what the battery is like and if they do it won't effect the overall classification of the phone since they can get away with it without the buyer noticing. £377 for a 6T 128GB - Importing from China (Sellers normally provide customs with fake info claiming the phone is £150 or less to get away with customs - if they even check)


Link? Battery worn out on a pristine phone though? (confused)


You can spend a extra £100 and get a new OnePlus 6T 8GB 128gb (worth getting a new one since the battery may be worn out)


Sorry now OOS

OnePlus 6 Midnight/Mirror Black 128GB 6GB Smartphone In Good Condition £246.99 @ Xsitems ebay
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Excellent price for the 128GB in black WARRANTY: If a manufacturing fault occurs within 12 months, we will repair or replace your phone, free of charge. If we cannot do this, we … Read more

I'm happy for you mate. I sent mine back to Google as it had ghost touch issues they said they will send out a replacement device. Google replacement devices comes in top condition as well. I would test on battrey ect. Another guy who bought from the seller came with a mint condition phone but after it died it wouldn't charge. Give it a good look internal as well.


It arrived today. Looks brand new with not a mark on it. I ordered "very good" condition. Literally recieved just the phone. No cables, headset or charger.


Mine is due to arrive Monday. Paypal offer free returns so I'll send it back via that method if it isn't in good quality. Their ebay feedback is generally good so I am suprised to see so many people on hotukdeals post otherwise. I'll update when it arrives.


How was the condition of yours? They try saying you have to post it back under your own cost so beware don't fall for it.


Thanks - a lot of people on that thread have quoted poor condition phones. Since returns are free I've ordered one in "very good" condition and will post back here once received.

OnePlus 6 Midnight/Mirror Black 128GB 6GB Smartphone In Good Condition £289.99 @ Xsitems ebay
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Excellent price for the 128GB in black If you prefer it's the same price at cex… Read more

I will buy from cex instead with 2 years warranty. Hot !


Sold my oneplus 6 last week in anticipation for the 7pro,but will ultimately make a decision between 7pro, p30 pro and s10+, but needs to be dual sim.


Cheers toxic.... Best username ever (lol) (lol)


Some serious kit for the money! HEAT (y) (y) (y)


Well that's the thing, you've got 6''+ screens on just one hand with newer, higher-ratio models, they look gorgeous, feel gorgeous, scrolling is the same

Oneplus 6t 128gb Unlocked Midnight Black Refurbished Excellent £329.99 from Envirophone
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Oneplus 6t 128gb Unlocked Midnight Black Refurbished Excellent from Envirophone. 12 month warranty and 30 day returns policy.
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I'm pleased it's the model you wanted and you are happy with it. Yes, it's a real pain that a lot of these phone resellers no longer seem to include chargers. You can pick one up from Cex for a tenner. I got one from there a couple of years back and I'm still using it.


Got mine on Friday, and it is the 8GB model. Just a couple of pretty minor blemishes which I can't see with my case and screen protector on. Love the phone but one slightly unpleasant surprise was that the charger wasn't included, which I've discovered is particularly annoying as OnePlus use their own proprietary fast charging system so none of my existing Quick Charge 3.0 or PD chargers will fast charge it (annoyed)


Picked one up at the weekend, and the condition was excellent. Only a scratch on the back. Screen is fine.


Ah, makes sense. Good thinking!


I suspect you got the only one! A great price in my opinion so well done and the thing to bear in mind is you have the 30 days returns option if it isn't the model you want. I've returned phones to them before and had no issues getting quick refunds.

New 128GB OnePlus 6 Smartphone Mirror & Midnight Black £399 @ Giffgaff
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Good price for new in my opinion, a d still a good buy at this price, still not even a year old..... Giving body and soul The OnePlus 6 introduces a trendy notch display in a … Read more



I wonder if the price is going to drop further next week


The Garmin/Huawei problem is far more of an issue as you only have the choice of replacing one of the devices.


To be fair my Fitbit Ionic also had the issues with Bluetooth.


Garmin has an issue connecting to Huawei/Honor devices. It's been an on going issue that they seem clueless on how to sort out.

OnePlus 6T 4G Phablet 6.41 inch International Version 8GB RAM 128GB £384.65 @ Gearbest
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Brilliant price if you can avoid the custom charges :) Be sure to unclick shipping guarantee to get this price. Description: Oneplus 6T as a phablet features 6.41 in… Read more

I cancelled and refunded. 8 days and still no dispatch! Very disappointing to be honest. Trying to figure out how to get a OnePlus 7 Pro from US since they're only $679/$699!


My teo that I've ordered have always been here within 10 days, it's unusual to take this long, I'd cancel if it were me, and get something different.


So i ordered this one week ago now and paid for express shipping. It still hasn't been dispatched!! And they're saying it might take as long as 15th of June to dispatch! Does anyone know how long this normally takes? @Mrswitch ? Very tempted to just cancel and pay the extra to get the 7 or 7 pro from oneplus.


If I was unlucky with customs what kind of ballpark would I be looking at?


Thanks Mrswitch :) Appreciated

OnePlus 6 128GB Mirror Black Smartphone, 4G, Unlocked In B Condition £290 @ Cex
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Some beltin grade b's, this is the 128gb at £290, outstanding value if it comes in good B. Hardware Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 chipset Quad-core 2.8 GHz Kryo 385 Gold & Qu… Read more

Totally agree regarding CeX and random grading. I've had nothing but trouble from CeX when returning in-store, something bought online. Bought a laptop last year what looked like it had been dragged though a hedge backwards. When I instantly returned it, they wanted 2 days to test it, when they should have given me my money back there and then, due to the fault being obvious.


If you can live with 64gb, then there's no point in getting the 128gb, remember free unlimited storage with Google when buying a pixel. And yes it really is that good, with the best support in the Smartphone business


Is it really THAT good? Using a HTC 10, that has been fantastic but is coming to the end of its usable state. Really, really tempted by the Pixel 2 XL, but just wondering if it worth that £379 for the 128GB version?


The camera on the Pixel 2 is brilliant. Updated my wife's phone from a Galaxy Note 4 so less bloatware as well.


Camera, premium feel, user experience, software and warranty support - the Apple of Android (with Sammy's permission) 1+6 brand new from Amazon IT, similar price to Pixel 2 XL deal

256GB 8GB ONEPLUS 6T Midnight Black Pristine Condition £419.99 @ Envirofone
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Stock is probably limited, but a 256gb in pristine for £420 seems like a definite winner, and a great discount on new. £419.99 Pristine Midnight Black 256GB ONEPLUS 6T Good thin… Read more

Out of stock


Same phone for £389 using code PERCENT15


Price now changed, Was A6013, don't know what that means


Don't know , it had numbers and letters which mean nothing to me Mrs Switch,


CN version?

8GB 128GB OnePlus 6T 4G Phablet 6.41 inch International Version - Midnight Black £392.50 @ Gearbest
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Another cracker from gearbest, this is the 8gb version retailing for £529. No warranty, generally no customs though, and always pay by PayPal or credit card. Description: Onep… Read more

I meant on headphones...


They are running behind on security patches, upto 3 months behind. More on the 5's and 3's and it wont get any better when the 7 arrives.


Qi ;)


Yes realised that, you've got to use either micro-usb or usb-c, depending on your handset.


3.5mm can only output analogue signals. If you plug a DAC into 3.5mm you are only using it as an amplifier. Only micro USB or USB-C will output digital signals.

OnePlus 6 Smartphone 6GB RAM, 64GB £356 (£340. 63 With A Fee A Fee Free Card) @ Amazon Italy
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Excellent price if you can live with 64gb,which I could personally, no expandable storage. To get the best price log in with your uk log in details, and pay with a fee free card, … Read more

No problem mate :)


Thanks for the deal. One of the best phones for 2/3 it's original price. Pocophone is around £250 and this is only £90 for all the extra features. Thanks Mrswitch!


Wish I could answer, had Mix 3 on my basket a couple of times in last few days but didn't pull the trigger in the end, despite Ebay code/M&S voucher on Ebuyer site. Monthly repayment plan on PayPal credit was bit high for my liking, Close Bros on Ebuyer offered better terms by paying deposit but I don't think I was eligible. Anyway, I finally decided to exercise restraint , hoping to bag it later in the year, maybe from China. I have that phone in high regard, based on what I've read, from you among others. I also think it'd be the perfect reason for selling my Mix 2. Regarding XZ3, I can't disguise it's apple of my eye after loving XZ2 so much I got two. Waiting for deal, but not in a hurry either. I think it all depends on price. At same price point I'd go Sony but as Ebuyer deal shows, with Xiaomi that is unlikely to happen.


Yeah, possibly me (lol) In your opinion, which is the better phone, the xperia xz3, or the Xiaomi mix 3? Just your opinion, I have my own, I want an outside answer.


The People has ultimately the Power to send it to 1,000°+ Sometimes difficult to understand why it doesn't wield it. This is a BRAND NEW 1+6! (By the way, very pleased with Amazon IT)

Oneplus 6t 128gb Mirror Black. Refurbished Excellent from Envirophone £339.99
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Oneplus 6t 128gb Mirror Black. Refurbished Excellent from Envirophone. 12 month warranty / 30 day returns
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Thanks OP. Saw this expired deal and saw that there is stock, so got one. At £330 now.


Or shame_of_london (lol)


Gone! Short but sweet!


Banging price, have some heat OP!


No idea unfortunately. Only thing I would say is I've found envirophone to be as good as their word on the 30-day no hassle returns in the past.

8GB 128GB OnePlus 6T 4G Phablet 6.41 inch International Version - Midnight BLACK £397.80 @ Gearbest
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Saw the 6gb 128gb International version posted earlier for more than this, that was BangGood with a higher chance of customs than gearbest, kind of makes it a no brainer to get thi… Read more

Do we know about the warranty? I once bought Pebble Time Steel from Gearbest, it arrived fine and there was no tax, but i would hesitate to buy something more expensive.


Thank you. I'll check. Huawei are very good with warranties as long as you have proof of purchase


You csn only try mate, see what they say, let me know. Cheers


Ill message Oneplus UK and see what happens...


Have you looked into it even? I'm just saying no as that's what I've read in other places, I may be wrong.

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