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Calibre Rake Mountain Bike £427.50 with code @ Ultimate Outdoors
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Calibre Rake Mountain Bike £427.50 with code @ Ultimate Outdoors
£427.50£47510%Ultimate Outdoors Deals
Calibre Rake is a great Mountain Bike with some amazing specs for the price especially with the code NEW10 reducing the price so you can get this awesome machine for £427. 50p Cal… Read more

I ordered mine on 28th April I think it was and received an update within 2 days telling me to expect delivery by 6th May, the bike actually turned up on Sunday 3rd May. I kept checking back hourly as the bike would be there one minute and out of stock the next. I dropped lucky when I went to the website and found it in stock, so placed my order and got it shortly after. My experience was a very good one, especially how difficult it is for couriers at the moment.


Thanks, I'll take a thorough look tomorrow.


If it helps iv reordered another bike from bikester.co.uk they seem to have stock on some nice bikes


Same here.


Ordered from here last week just had an email saying sorry out of stock refund issued.AVOID

WR6002-1500 32cm 1500w Lawn Scarifier and lawn rake 230-240V £59.99 @ Screwfix
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Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
WR6002-1500 32cm 1500w Lawn Scarifier and lawn rake 230-240V £59.99 @ Screwfix
£59.99£69.9914% Free P&P FreeScrewfix Deals
Been out of stock for a while but back in stock and free delivery. Few scarifiers come in under £100 and certainly not a 1500w one or one that doubles up as a rake and scarifier.… Read more

Wow..never knew Toolstation did grass. I've been buying... https://thegrasspeople.com/family-kids-and-pets-grass-seed For near £50. This grass is slightly different to the original grass the previous owner had and seems to grow a lot thicker and taller. Does it matter if I grow new areas with the Toolstation wonder..


The pre-soaking ritual started a week ago, so far... First batch - was left in water too long (3 ish days) and by the time I drained and dried, it was too late. Little roots were tangled and impossible to break up and spread. Batch 2- drilled a couple of tiny holes in a plastic container. Put seeds in and filled with water. Refilled a couple of times a day. Plan was to keep them wet but not under water. Kept this up for 2 days and then spread out on weed control fabric to dry out properly. Raked soil, spread seeds by hand and gentle rake again. Went over it with a cheapo eBay roller. 3 days later and there's a slight hint of green showing so it looks promising. Batch 3- started soaking small batch couple of days ago and plan to do the same as batch 2. I've got the 10kg bag of seeds from Toolstation. I should add that I'm no expert and just winging it. Google and YouTube being my main guides. Any tips from the pros are welcome and appreciated.


Sounds like a good idea to pre soak but then do you think it will get stuck in the drop spreader?


Yeah me to. Over seeded patchy area.. not watered as was supposed to rain. May water now and not raining


I’m quite interested in pre-soaking. Do you mind updating here how that goes?

Large Garden Rake With Metal Handle for £4 @ Wickes (Free click and collect)
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Posted 23rd JanPosted 23rd Jan
Large Garden Rake With Metal Handle for £4 @ Wickes (Free click and collect)
Noticed this rake on special offer. Reviews are good too. :) Available in-store or with free click and collect. £4 (was £6) Features & benefits Plastic Head with la… Read more
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Homebase Expandable Rake £3 instore @ Homebase Felixstowe
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Posted 27th Dec 2019Posted 27th Dec 2019LocalLocal
Homebase Expandable Rake £3 instore @ Homebase Felixstowe
£3£1070%Homebase Deals
Expandable rake was £10.00 now only £3 in store Not sure if this is nationwide or just store specific

Must be nationwide as my mum got one on Monday in Reigate, Surrey




These rakes are really good, great for getting moss out of the lawn but also particularly good for getting leaves off stones and gravel. The gap between narrow metal prongs can be adjusted so you rake leaves and leave the stones behind. Also use mine for getting leaves out of the fish pond. All in all a versatile rack and £3 can’t go wrong :)

Qualcast Garden Leaf Rake - £5 + Free Click & Collect @ Homebase
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Posted 4th Dec 2019Posted 4th Dec 2019
Qualcast Garden Leaf Rake - £5 + Free Click & Collect @ Homebase
This Qualcast Leaf Rake makes garden jobs simple. Ideal for raking litter, leaves, sand and lawn clippings. Lightweight and durable, with a fibreglass shaft.

They've got a steel shaft, not a fibreglass one, or at least the one I picked up did.


If you can find a Homebase open these days


very handy for this time of year


The best Pepper post so far (lol)


Another Christmas present sorted!... My dad asks for the strangest things!

Robert Dyas - Draper Hand Rake and Dust Pan Set - £3.14 With Code - Free C&C
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Posted 9th Nov 2019Posted 9th Nov 2019
Robert Dyas - Draper Hand Rake and Dust Pan Set - £3.14 With Code - Free C&C
£3.14£7.4958%Robert Dyas Deals
Get rid of unwanted leaves, twigs and sticks with this hand rake and pan set from Draper. The Draper garden hand rake and dustpan set is perfect for raking up debris and leaves fr… Read more

This is a great little gadget for the garden. Have never seen one this small but as SweatySock says it will be great for getting in between the flower beds. Thanks for sharing.




Would have thought this is pretty small but probably great for getting in amongst the flowers. Worth a punt for the price.Good find.

Fiskars QuikFit Spiker, Tool Head, Steel - £6.84 (Prime) / £11.33 (NonPrime) delivered @ Amazon (or Fiskars Rake 16 Prongs £4.89 addon)
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Posted 2nd Nov 2019Posted 2nd Nov 2019
Fiskars QuikFit Spiker, Tool Head, Steel - £6.84 (Prime) / £11.33 (NonPrime) delivered @ Amazon (or Fiskars Rake 16 Prongs £4.89 addon)
£6.84£31.9279%Amazon Deals
Lowest ever price on Amazon. Lawn spiker for loosening and fine crumbling of light and heavy soils for optimum nutrient supply, Fine crumbling particularly important for sowin… Read more
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Is this a way to get hold of throwing stars legally?


A proper pinwheel is far more fun. (cheeky)


Spiker now £11.15


Will this work on my long-haired spaniel?

Miracle-Gro EverGreen Premium Plus No Rake Moss Remover Lawn Food 20kg - 200m2 now £19.99 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
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Posted 5th Sep 2019Posted 5th Sep 2019
Miracle-Gro EverGreen Premium Plus No Rake Moss Remover Lawn Food 20kg - 200m2 now £19.99 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
High-end technology combination of lawn food and Moss Control through naturally occuring bacteria that eat the dead moss so there is no need to rake Extra Magnesium in this produc… Read more

I tried this in spring to avoid having to rake out the dead moss. It did kill the moss however after nearly a month it still remained and I had to rake it anyway.

Calibre Rake 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike £296.65 @ Go Outdoors
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Posted 26th Jul 2019Posted 26th Jul 2019
Calibre Rake 29er Hardtail Mountain Bike £296.65 @ Go Outdoors
£296.65£34915%Go Outdoors Deals
At the comical RRP of £649, this isn't a great deal. At the usual price of £449 that's a reasonable deal. At the sale price of £349 it is a great deal. At £296.65 it is an outright… Read more

Thanks I appreciate the info 29’ is all new to me.


I'd take a gamble and say that it was the wheel size that put you off more than the head angle - although the 2 are linked in the way a bike feels and handles. 29" is a little off putting for a first time rider who is used to 26 or 27.5"(which the triple B) has. 29 rollover is great and brilliant to ride at speed but does have its drawbacks at slow speed and accelerating for sure. Splitting hairs really but the feel is the main thing. 29ers feel substantially different. Good luck on your search!


Got you, I go that the wrong way around. I defo did not like the head angle. I'm only after full sus for my knees. I also need to get one I can install a motor, same as the triple B looks like its out for me due to the location of the rear suspension. The hunt continues ;-)


69 degrees on the Rake, 65.8 degrees on the triple B, so the Triple B is significantly more slack. Chalk and cheese comparison. Hard-tail vs full suspension. £650 RRP vs £1600 RRP. The list goes on. 69 Degrees is not considered slack in of itself but other parts of the geometry may make different riders feel more at home or more comfortable based on size, weight and preference. I would not attribute you not liking it to the head angle. As a side note, at slow speed I prefer a steeper head angle but the faster I go, the more the slack head angle comes into it's own. Especially on any loose or undulating terrain.


Rode this and it's not for me, way way way too slack! The triple B felt much better however I don't know if they are different I can only say how they felt.

Spear & Jackson S80RO Rotavator (800W) - £66.66 @ Argos (Free C&C)
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Posted 11th Jul 2019Posted 11th Jul 2019
Spear & Jackson S80RO Rotavator (800W) - £66.66 @ Argos (Free C&C)
£66.66£75.9912%Argos Deals
3 Yr warranty. Break up, churn and aerate your soil with minimal effort with this garden rotavator and tiller. Easily cover large areas to help prepare your garden for a host of i… Read more

Yep agree, most rotavators will need the soil forking over in my experience or spading.


No. These really are for pre-conditioned soil. I have used a friends Mantis version which is superior to this and you really must break up the soil by digging it over first. As UKHOTDEALS1 say, get yourself a petrol one from a local hire place if you have really compacted soil. I would also bet that even these "Semi-Professional" ones will struggle with soft flexible roots. I used the Camon C8 8 HP unit on a 4 metre by 30 metre rear garden before turfing a few years ago and I would not have done the job without it.


Thx for the info (y)


Thx advice appreciated. (y)


Yes used it on my garden with no problems

Wilkinson Sword Telescopic Lawn Rake with 10 Year Warranty (More Garden Tools in OP) - £8.49 with code + Free C&C @ Robert Dyas
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Refreshed 28th Apr 2019Refreshed 28th Apr 2019
Wilkinson Sword Telescopic Lawn Rake with 10 Year Warranty (More Garden Tools in OP) - £8.49 with code + Free C&C @ Robert Dyas
£8.49£19.3256%Robert Dyas Deals
Good Reviews Wilkinson Sword 1111219W Adjustable Lawn Rake £19.32 @ Amazon Ideal for any garden clean-up, the Telescopic Lawn Rake from Wilkinson Sword features a carbon… Read more

Hence only the "reasonable buy" tag. Might fare better if kept in shed.


Glowing review (lol)


Needs scalping really (skeptical)


Looks like more trimming. Lol


Hiding in the bush again 😁

Calibre Rake Mountain Bike - £381.65 (with code) @ Go Outdoors
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Posted 6th Apr 2019Posted 6th Apr 2019
Calibre Rake Mountain Bike - £381.65 (with code) @ Go Outdoors
for £381 is absolutely cracking bike for the money. Think it's currently best on the market for this price unless somebody can prove me wrong ?. 15% OFF code runs till April 9th + … Read more

large bike , then you throw in 29 in wheels , good that it got options 27' wheel . easier to thrown the bike around and with hydraulics stopper (y)


Bought the Calibre with 29" - one happy biker. (y)


only the small on the GT is 27.5


Bike build included in a price. If you go for calibre rake there is tcb/cashback on top which takes down price to by another £19 (tcb) and £15 quidco for new customers


Thanks for the update. Do Go Outdoor build the bike as part of the price or do they charge extra? I'm thinking about the rake. (y)

**Price Further Reduced** Challenge 5 Piece Garden Set - £16 + free C&C @ Argos
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Posted 26th Mar 2019Posted 26th Mar 2019
**Price Further Reduced** Challenge 5 Piece Garden Set - £16 + free C&C @ Argos
£16£3047%Argos Deals
Great Reviews (y) Made of high quality carbon steel, this set gives you everything you need to improve the look and health of your garden. The set includes a spade, fork, rake… Read more

Reviews are great. For £20, I'll take a chance. Reserved for pick up 😁


Actually the handle on the lawn edge isn't great, hollow and slightly dented with firm use


Perfect. Thank you for the feedback (y)


Picked up today, seems decent


(y) :)

Saxon Trowel, Fork & Rake Set - £2.40 + Free C&C @ Homebase
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Posted 12th Mar 2019Posted 12th Mar 2019
Saxon Trowel, Fork & Rake Set - £2.40 + Free C&C @ Homebase
£2.40£3.9038%Homebase Deals
Limited Availability The 3 piece Trowel, Fork & Rake Set is ergonomically designed and easy to use.

Thanks, but it was a lame joke about Saxon axes..........perhaps not my best!


Will post as soon as I find one (highfive)


Any axes?

lawn rake scarifier - £40 @ manomano (+£6 P&P)
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Posted 6th Jan 2019Posted 6th Jan 2019
lawn rake scarifier - £40 @ manomano (+£6 P&P)
Draper 400w Electric Lawnraker 300mm LR400A Removes matted grass, moss, leaves and other dead material to encourage healthier grass growth. Been looking around for one of these, t… Read more
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In my experience these things make the moss worse. They do a great job of taking it out but it soon returns, worse than ever. I reckon they kick lots of does up in the air which then settle. I guess it may be ok if you kill the moss first. Does that kill the does? Don't know.


This looks almost identical to the B&D scarifier I wonder if it’s just rebadged


I use one twice a year (first sign of growth/ within last few weeks of summer) i don’t use any moss killer but go over the lawn twice in opposing directions on the first run of the year and very deep , then seed straight away - results are in


Also if anyone could offer any advice on whether this is the best order to treat my lawn in spring 1) apply weed, feed and moss killer 2) scarify a couple of weeks later 3) overseed straight after scarifying id rather overseed straight after scarifying as the seeds can then get right down into the soil, however I’m wondering whether it’s too soon after applying the moss killer - think I read you should leave it 8 weeks before reseeding? Thanks


Good tip! I’ll give that a try in the spring. Can’t believe the wonders that the scarifier does for the lawn, wish I’d bought one years ago

Lawn rake £4.99  Glasgow London Road branch - The range
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Posted 4th Nov 2018Posted 4th Nov 2018LocalLocal
Lawn rake £4.99 Glasgow London Road branch - The range
Draper carbon steel lawn rake. Great quality for the price and not too heavy. They had 8 in store at Glasgow London Road branch, not sure about other stores stock. Ideal time of ye… Read more

Roger (y) 🏻

Lawn Rake Stainless Steel [1750mm] £6 @ Wickes
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Posted 24th Oct 2018Posted 24th Oct 2018
Lawn Rake Stainless Steel [1750mm] £6 @ Wickes
Click n collect. Robust and practical stainless steel lawn rake with 16-steel tines and extra-long soft-grip handle for comfortable use

Still available and plenty of stock locally to me, picked one up last night and seems good quality so excellent value, only the £20 ones were out on the shelf!


Wickes are normally, err... raking it in with the amount they charge on most DIY items. Funny then that this rake is actually a decent price! (lol)


Got this, does the job. Good for scratching your back too.

All metal Leaf rake for £1.50 at Sainsburys instore
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Posted 8th Aug 2018Posted 8th Aug 2018LocalLocal
All metal Leaf rake for £1.50 at Sainsburys instore
don't know what the original price was.... No price ticket next to the product!!!
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Is it National? Anyone know?

Spear & Jackson electric rake and scarifier £66.66 @ Argos
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Posted 21st Jul 2018Posted 21st Jul 2018
Spear & Jackson electric rake and scarifier £66.66 @ Argos
Fantastic price,I've had to reserve one 20 miles away but not too bad to get a great deal as I am sure many of you will have lawns in need of some TLC without breaking your back.
Get deal*Get deal*

Ive hoovered mine (lol) (lol) I scarrified my lawn then the heatwave came, fookd mine now.


Still need to rake up the dead grass if you want grass next year pal


Cheers managed to pick one up in Oxford.


I've got a similar one of these from Aldi. Really good if you have a lot of moss in your lawn, will fill your bin with all the junk it pulls up though! The collection attachment is a complete waste of time as it fills in about 30 seconds.


No stores seem to have them. you may as well get the one from Homebase for £69 as these seem to be in most stores.

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