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The Samsung Galaxy A50 mixes large-screen AMOLED graphics with impressive processing power, battery life, build quality, and Android usability, resulting in a mid-range phone that competes well with premium models. Anyone seeking a smartphone upgrade can check out the latest codes and money-off discounts at the hotukdeals Samsung Galaxy A50 listings. Read more
Samsung Galaxy A50 Dual A505FD 128GB Black (4GB) £233.99 Delivered @ HDEW Cameras
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Good price. With a huge 6.4" Super AMOLED Infinity-U touchscreen, the Galaxy A50 SM-A505G Dual-SIM 128GB Smartphone from Samsung is an ideal choice for immersive mobile games an… Read more

Price is up to £295 now, and was an iffy looking site anyway


Is the camera on this phone any good? I'm buying my mum a phone for her birthday and she is looking for a good camera she likes samsung, but ive just brought the redmi note 7 and the camera is very nice 48MP for £200 with a free mi band 3 is making me want to buy that for her too, decisions (embarrassed)


Where can you get the a70 for £265 please?


Hate to say otherwise but when you click on get deal the page it points to shows SM-A505G in the specs...


This one does though SM-A505F

Samsung Galaxy A50 for £15.99/500MB - 250Mins + £20 upfront at idmobile
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Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Upgrade deal for iD customers, get Samsung Galaxy A50 for 500MB for 250 mins + Unlimited Mins. You can also get 1GB , Unlimited Mins and Texts for £ 16 no upfront = £3 extra Read more

There's no link. You trade in any old android that can hold charge and isnt broken for £100. You also get cashback that makes it £160. Plus if you are a student you can get a 10% student discount, Making it even cheaper. 8)


Share the link please to buy it for £160


Buy outright from Samsung and you could possibly get this for 160. But even if you just bought it without cashback and trade in it would be 309. Then you could get 2gb data and unlimited texts and minutes for £6 per month. Together that would be around £380 so for less money you could get more. And you could get it for a lot less if use trade in and cashback. Therefore cold

Zero Upfront Samsung Galaxy A50 | 2GB Data | £20pm [£17 Redemption] + £50 Cashback + £40.40 TCB £378/£430 @ E2Save
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Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
If you're a Low user, but want an decent amount of phone, and a great saving, then this is an excellent deal in my opinion. Cashback redemption rules below. With the redemption… Read more

HEAT OP. You're always a very warm dealer! (y)


I wouldn't call it fundamentally dishonest, but just marketing garbage that you hear everywhere.


Verry good price for this phone.


;) .


Worded wrong, my apologies (y)

Samsung Galaxy A50 £209 from Samsung UK - 128GB / 4GB / Dual Sim - £309 or possible £152.73 Delivered @ Samsung
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Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Samsung Galaxy A50 £209 from Samsung UK - 128GB / 4GB / Dual Sim - Possible £152.73 Delivered ! Takes 2 Sims and Micro SD card ! Top deal ! Right here goes, I've had 4 people ask… Read more

Good stuff (y)


I got paid the £60 cashback in my account two days ago for the A70


The promotion ended.


Hi isw £50 cash back on A50 not valid anymore?? Thanks


Just got confirmation from trade-in that transaction is now complete. I traded in a 5 year old Elephone android phone that I had bought it for £40 to experiment android....since then it was gathering dust and had severe scratching, although functional, on the screen.... Thanks OP....

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Samsung Galaxy A50 wtih octa-core processor, 4GB RAM and Android Pie - £279 with code (+ £50 cashback) @ Very
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Use Code 30Off for £30 credited to account or refunded to card. Claim £50 back from Samsung within 30 days of purchase. Making the phone cost only £229 Link to cashback samsungca… Read more

Camera is crap when zooming in. But rest of phone is great.


JUNE30 works. Expires on the 10th


Yep, finger print sensor could be alot lot better


This phone is actually really good apart from the fingerprint sensor. Tempted to sell my pixel 3 and buy another one of these mainly due to battery life, but camera is not as good


Thanks, but im existing customer of Very anyway so no good for me. But the bullet anyway and typing on my A50 to write this.

Samsung Galaxy A50 6GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £214.00 with code @ eGlobalcentral
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Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
The usual warnings apply when buying from eglobalcentral - pay with paypal & expect no warranty or customer service. This seems to be the lowest price ever for this version. Ha… Read more

For anyone interested in the future... In the last 10 days the phone has either been lost in customs or sent back to eglobal. Without me contacting them again, a second tracking email pinged through and the phone was with us within 3 days and all working straight out of the box. I'm left feeling quite impressed with their customer service. If that was a UK company, I'd have had to make contact innumerable times to get it resolved


Can anyone comment? Our phone was ordered on 11th. Tracking still isn't showing up. Eglobal originally said it was just because of the volume of orders leaving the country but after chasing again, they've now said its being held in customs. Any idea how long this could take?


Does the samsung a50 come with the case in UK, and does it come with UK charger?


I don't think you'll be disappointed. The Samsung UI/skin has come leaps and bounds since the big shake up during the S6 era.


Well... I'm getting a hell of a lot of likes (y)

Samsung Galaxy A50 £230.50 (£188.50) / Samsung Galaxy A70 £289.50 (£229.50) Smartphone With Trade In @ Samsung UK (See Below For Details)
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Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
*edit 17/5, it now seems you can trade in a phone, plus get £50 Cashback for the A50 & £60 cashback for the A70, getting the two for potential £180.50 & £229.50 by using th… Read more
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WhiteGoose They also do a "matte" version for a little bit more. It's supposed to reduce glare. But this has never been a problem for me with the normal version, and I was concerned that the matte version might affect the transparency for the fingerprint scanner (I don't want to make the scanner any crapper than it already is). (The matte version doesn't list "High-Transparency" as a feature, but the original does. This doesn't mean that the matte one definitely has lower transparency - it could be that they only wanted to list a few key features on each). You should be able to get 10% off too if you sign up to the newsletter.


Do you have a link to the airglass protector you use, please?


It seems like there isn't a tempered glass protector that does fit fully given the curved edges of the front panel. Which is why I used the airglass protector, which has greater flexibility in gripping around curves. I am very happy with mine and would recommend it for anyone wanting to maximise screen visibility whilst also having a protector. As noted, there is a very small halo area covering a mm or less on the screen edges, but as this is largely transparent anyway it is imperceptible to me when the screen is on. It is better quality than plastic ones, but doesn't feel quite as smooth as normal glass (it can sometimes "squeak" a bit when scrolling your finger across it), and it seems it won't provide you with any/much drop protection. Nonetheless, I am very happy with it - used it on this phone and my previous one.


received the screen protector & it's not full visibility,disappointing but it's one of the best quality protectors i have ever bought,the build quality is top notch (high quality glass). i recommend getting all clear screen protector but it will be hard finding one that covers the entire screen.


Any tips how to avoid Moved phone too fast message when trying to pay for the tube with google pay? I know where NFC sensor is and normally it works but about 25% of time I get this error. Never had this issue with my old huawei.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Smartphone (16.3 cm (6.4 Inch) 128GB Internal Memory, 4GB RAM) - German Version, Black £240 at
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Samsung Galaxy A50 Smartphone (16.3 cm (6.4 Inch) 128GB Internal Memory, 4GB RAM) - German Version, Black £240 at
Samsung Galaxy A50 Smartphone (16.3 cm (6.4 Inch) 128GB Internal Memory, 4GB RAM) - German Version, Black pay with fee free card at 276 euro

Can anyone recommend a good case for A50?


If I buy this and flash with BTU firmware, can I get WiFi calling on EE? The issue is on SamMobile I cannot see an EE firmware update. I'm guessing it's just because it's new?


Is this dual sim? Can't tell. Edit: seen that it is. Also has NFC, which is a plus.


Looks good OP


its about equal to a 660

Samsung Galaxy A50 6GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £232.99 eGlobal Central
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Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Samsung Galaxy A50 6GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £232.99 eGlobal Central
Galaxy A50 comes with a 6.4-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 2340 pixels. Galaxy A50 is powered by Octa-core processor and it comes with 6GB of RAM. Th… Read more
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here's my experience with eGlobal


I wrote to the seller requesting they clarify the issue of NFC in the product description. It hasn't been added yet.

Yeah just checked at gsmarena it says NFC market dependant. Possibly no nfc for Asian market then as they're using own pay system. That's no good then if it's true:(


I'll let you know when I get it but i'm not expecting it to have Samsung Pay. A couple of people from an older post for this version of the phone replied back once they received it and said theirs didn't have NFC at all

When you will receive it are you going to use Samsung Pay on it? If yes could you then share you experience please? A lot of people are interested.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Smartphone (6.4") 128GB Internal Memory, 4GB RAM) - German Version, White £262 (£249 Fee Free Card) @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
If you had your eye on one of these awesome bit of kit, and didn't want to import from China etc, then this is the next best price to the absolute best in the UK, which is Clove at… Read more

i would go to a £100 if it had that




I'm hoping for the update tomorrow. It'll be a week after the SM-A505F got the update, the NFC models are SM-A505FN. I don't mind waiting a week for an update, as it means any issues with a new firmware should have been found and resolved by then. I've adjusted to the size of the phone, although still a little awkward at times. As the on-screen keyboard is bigger than on my old phone, I no longer make any mistakes. I'm very impressed by the battery life.


Checked mine (purchased from Amazon UK) and it does.


can anyone confirm the device has mirrorlink ? On the Settings screen, tap Connections → More connection settings → MirrorLink.

Samsung Galaxy A50 6GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - White £222.99 @ Eglobal Central
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Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Good price for this sought after Samsung. No customer service, no warranty, no communication, a possible long wait, possible stock issues no customs generally. Samsung Galaxy A50… Read more

Well GPay will still work in it. To be honest Samsung customer service isn't great, one consultant will say one thing and the other will say totally different. I've contacted them to find out about purchasing a phone in HK and then bringing over here will Samsung Pay work here? They said most likely NOT. So I'd like to hear from someone who ordered if it is true.


So, what you two saying then?. Is the OP's Samsung Galaxy A50 phone in their Deal, a useless phone then? - on the basis that a lot of (arguably), a lot of it's key features don't work as otherwise anticipated?, or ... thanx.


Oooooooooooo, I see dead people ... hahahahahahaha.


Freaky stuff all that, yes, lol.


Yep!, and me neither ... But I believe the main grievances that people are having with eGlobal stem's more from that of a potential future warranty issue (moreso than that of anything?), and nowt all else?. Beyond that bugger bear, I don't believe people have much gripe to give of that Company I reckon? (with their price's being dirt cheap and all?).

Samsung A50 £309 @ Samsung (£259 with trade in)
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Posted 13th AprPosted 13th AprLocalLocal
Trade in any working or non working smart phone and get £50 off the rrp £309 minus £50 = £259 If your phone is worth more then £0 you will get the value of your phone plus £50. P… Read more
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What do you mean In store? Any EE/O2 or Carphone warehouse Store? Thanks


Does any one know if this offer is still available? Shame it was voted cold as its a great deal.


i went into store and bought one for the mrs and my son bought one as well, we thought it was a cracking deal, wife traded in a 2016 j5_for an additional £21 so got the £50 +£21 off, its a belting phone for the money iam also aware this is a mid range phone but still very happy and cost less than the outgoing A7, reviews are excellent so far and samsung seem to struggling with demand according to shop staff as they couldnt get the phones in stock fast enough. have some heat.


Thank you @pumpkin157 This is a good find. Are you able to include the link to claim £50 towards your old phone? Cheers.


Not sure why this is cold, just went in and they agreed I could trade an HTC Magic for £50 (didn't have the right colour for the new phone, so ordered it to pick up later and took a deposit to get the reduced price confirmed)! Struggled to find the HTC on their system, but agreed it was a smartphone (lol) . £259 for an A50 is great thanks!

Samsung Galaxy A50 4GB RAM, 128GB ROM Black £271 (£261 With A Fee Free Card) @ Amazon Spain
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Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Samsung Galaxy A50 4GB RAM, 128GB ROM Black £271 (£261 With A Fee Free Card) @ Amazon Spain
£271£2999%Amazon Spain Deals
Reduced by £50 on the amazon Spain site, sent and sold by amazon at €299 + €5 delivery charge (unavoidable) To get the best price you will need to pay with a starling card, or any… Read more

Voted hot, but cannot use Samsung Dex and Gear accessories with this like other Galaxy phones

Samsung Galaxy A50 4GB+128GB 6.4-Inch AMOLED UK Version from Amazon £309
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Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
This UK version popped up on Amazon - not in stock but you can order. I assume it will be available soon? Also available for the same price directly from Samsung UK and in stock… Read more

You're paying for an amazing screen. Camera is good but not like top level phones in poor light. Extra £400 is too much to pay just for better night time pics. Happy with purchase.


There you have the advantage of buying from a local seller. Don't like it's slow, just take a stroll back to them and return it.




Just got one from global, comes with the UK plug in the box and arrived in 6 days, all for 215. Very pleased


All the reviews I have seen suggests the exact opposite to this, do you have any links?

SAMSUNG GALAXY A50 4GB/128GB 4000mah Battery NFC 3 Colours £299.99 @ Clove
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Posted 4th AprPosted 4th Apr
Good to see a uk sourced A50, non eglobal (£249) non amazon Spain (324) The specs state NFC for anyone wanting to know, Samsung pay won't work. Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy A50 … Read more

Does this come with wireless charging? Kids mess up the ports so want a wireless device next!


A70 out soon.


Hmm... I'll change op. Cheers


Interestingly the website now says all models are 4gb RAM...


Yeah, that's a lot! But you could get used to it - many do very quickly & don't look back. Do you have a friend/relative/neighbour who has a large phone that you could perhaps play around with for a little while & check if it fits in your pocket? I'd be sold with any suitably-specced large phone that fitted in my trousers' pocket!

Samsung Galaxy A50 6GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £230.99 @ Eglobal Central
282° Expired
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Also available at amazon Spain for around £80 more.… Read more

Eh? (lol) You're right, you need nfc to use Samsung pay, dopes.

The answer I've received from eglobal customer service doesn't make any sense:) Dear customer, Thank you for your email and taking the time to browse our products! The product in question is indeed the global version. However, these do not support NFC. Furthermore, Samsung Pay will work but not in every country and can only be used with major banks.

Unlucky:( obviously yours was for Asian market then.


Well the one i received does not have it.

Market dependant. EU or global version 100% has it.

Samsung Galaxy A50 4GB RAM, 128GB ROM 4000mah Exynos 9610 6.4 "FHD sAmoled Infinity £302 Fee Free / £324 Without @ Amazon ES
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Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Samsung Galaxy A50 4GB RAM, 128GB ROM 4000mah Exynos 9610 6.4 "FHD sAmoled Infinity £302 Fee Free / £324 Without @ Amazon ES
Just spotted this, decent specs for something that has the same price as the pocophone in the UK. Pay with an revolut card or such like toggling currency to euros at checkout stag… Read more

Sorry on the Amazon es website there's more than 1 A50 all different model number,is just to do with colour? thanks


Yeah of course, Samsung pay may not.


Mrswitch ,I'm thinking of buying Samsung A50 from Amazon Spain would it work in U.K. Than


I have referred to that in the op :)


Cheaper from eglobal for the 6gb. Unless it's an error.

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