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Samsung galaxy s10 lite £420 zarahservices2017 eBay
Posted 9th AugPosted 9th Aug
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Administration on here isn't great, they rejected something similar to this previously.


Had mine a month now & loving it.


Wow, great find!



Snapdragon chipset 855 in samsung phone are worth buying

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Sim Free Smartphone 128 GB - Prism Blue £449 Amazon
80° Expired
Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
Super Steady Video: enhanced camera experience with Super Steady OIS True Vision Camera: capture every moment as you see it Infinity-O Display: discover an endlessly beautiful, cur… Read more

Seen this on contract with Worked out to effectively 384 for the phone once take current SIM only price off. Looks really good and there is a water resistant test video on YouTube too. Had an A70 and felt massive in hand and screen unlock was crap - this should be better being optical but concerned size too big. Coming from a Redmi note 7 6.3 inch.


I have a s9 but the back is smashed and my charge port is goosed. So im looking to upgrade. Every sammy phone ive had the charge port has broken. Ive been using wireless charging so the lite missing that feature and the lower quality display had put me off. Its now gone back up in price too hah


Honestly can't tell the difference, obviously on my home TV thats 65" then between 1080 and 4k I can but not really sure I can with such a small screen. S10 lite 6.7" too


Can you see a noticeable difference between screen quality against the S10 your wife has ? This lite is only 1080p isnt it


Weird that this is part of the S10 line but this lite version has a Snapdragon 855, but the more premium S10's come with an Exynos processor. Hot from me 🔥

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite G770FD 4G 128GB 8GB P.BLACK £369.99 @ Portus Digital
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Great price for a great phone. According to the Seller, It will be shipped from the UK (7-10 Working Days) and will come with 1 year seller warranty.

Nobody has posted a £350 new S10 Lite deal on here. Maybe if you post you'll get more heat?


That’s good but still 20£ more expensive than the ones listed on Fleabay.


Portus Digital have replied with the folllowing : Yes, this item is shipped form the UK within 7-10working days and comes with a 1 year seller warranty.


The phones are HK versions as specified on the sellers website. With regard to where its coming from, I have emailed the company to confirm. They are supposedly a uk based company operating from Sutton, Surrey. Will update when I hear back.


Does anyone have any experience with Tecobuy?

Samsung Galaxy S10 lite - 128gb - 24 month Contract - o2 - £26pm + £9.99 @ Mobile Phones Direct
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
Samsung Galaxy S10 lite - 128gb O2 £26 a month + £9.99 upfront Unlimited Calls Unlimited Text 30gb Data 24 month contact £633.99 Found this on my search for an S20 and thoug… Read more
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Good deal, £40 from Topcashback as well


Comparison between s10 lite and s10 plus, s10 lite came out much later than s10 and the price is very reasonable with large 4500mah battery and good 6.7" screen


Can you share the similar deal link with the contract


Very good deal with contract.


Theres no comparison, this deal is with the contract and your one is sim free from Amazon 2 different deals altogether If you wanted to show what else is there put a deal on a website called HUKD

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Samsung S10 Lite 90gb data/ Unlim text + mins £36/month for 24 months (£864) on 3 via Mobile Phones Direct (£24pm after cashback - £600 )
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. 90gb data. Unlimited text. Unlimited mins. £25/month after cashback. 24 months. £600 total £33 per Month before cashback

Amazing. Thanks very much.

pritchdingo Apologies if this doesn't work, filter so you only see O2 and it appear as the first deal for me.


HiHave you got a link to the O2 deal please...?




:/ (annoyed) ;(

Pristine Like New Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Black Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone - £369 @ MiandMore / Ebay
256° Expired
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Pristine condition explained No sign of any use, completely unmarked phone, it has been fully tested and is in perfect working order Warranty Explained 12 Months warranty dir… Read more

I have this phone and I'm very pleased with it. General performance is very good and the battery life is amazing (easily 3 days with gentle use). Twice a long as the S9 I had.


Mine too. No point investing in 5G phone anymore .... so Heat ... Heat ... Heat ...


FWIW, in case anyone is interested, the phone size is very slightly larger than a Pixel 3aXL albeit with more usable screen.


I got this phone in a deal with Samsung earlier in the year, for a similar price albeit new (but after trade in). It has been brilliant ever since and I'd recommend it to anyone, provided they are comfortable with what I think is probably among the biggest screens on the market. Voted hot!


Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Hybrid-SIM 128GB Smartphone - £424.15 / £399.15 With Any Cracked Smartphone Via Employee Portal @ Samsung
203° Expired
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Here are the list of EPP partners who Samsung work with: Reward Gateway Next Jump Perkbox Edenred Xexec Lifeworks Blue Light Card/Defence Discount Service Sodexo Perks At Work Al… Read more

Really need a good deal for an S10 lite!!! Trying to hit that magic 400 mark :P


Sorry, expired


Looks like it has expired? Tried it with both with my NHS and student discounts but cannot get it down to this low... Can someone suggest a solution please?


Just bought for wife..brilliantly is good too.. go for it. Looks very stylish. Big screen..


Debating getting this one, s20 seems a bit too high budget for me and s10 contract creeping back up. Just purchased a 4G Active 2 watch so need to work out total cost contract vs phone, sim and eSIM together. Ugh... Have BLC so can get for £424 on Samsung and £100 off for s8. Decision, decisions! Those who have it - decent phone?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Hybrid-SIM 128 GB - Blue (UK Version) [Amazon Exclusive] 4500mAh Snapdragon 855 - £449 @ Amazon
360° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Blue only at this price, most reduced to £489 from the big retailers, but Amazon have the blue 40 quid cheaper, nice snappy processor and big battery /display, make this a good Sam… Read more

Not that much in it, Samsung on the left


MrS - seen this on VF contract at for 26/month. Taking off my SIM price it equates to 384 for the phone. Sounds good. Wonder if it's too big though. Coming from Redmi Note 7 6.4 inches


Thanks man, expired


Black £494 now , blue £569


What about Wowcamera? It's cheaper there than Amazon.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Smartphone 128GB 8GB Prism Black 4500mAh Snapdragon 855 - £427 / £417 W/Fee Free Card @ Amazon Italy
258° Expired
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd JunShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
Good price for this big beautiful Sammy, big battery, big processor, big display. I like em' big ;) Prismatic colors, matte finish and ergonomic design for a Galaxy S10 Lit… Read more

This looks even cheaper now, at: € 437.48


Unless 5G is a huge consideration for the money I would say this is the better bet £ for £. I've had mine a couple of weeks now and it's fast, smooth, the screen is very good, the camera's are pretty decent and Samsung's camera software has improved considerably. Edge lighting is a gimmick. The downsides are no 5G, no headphone socket, single speaker. The love it/hate it things are OneUI (there's some irritating quirks like not being able to set your contacts to have a preferred SIM) but I don't mind it and there's some good gesture control. Despite the size of the handset it's not much bigger than a Pixel 3/3a XL and you get a lot more screen.


Ah ok, still not a bad price. Debating this vs OnePlus 8 pro now though...


They still sell it on Amazon with the cheapest being the Prism Black version at about £460 I think.


Is this no longer available to buy in the UK

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Hybrid-SIM 128 GB -Prism black £465.58 at Amazon
-94° Expired
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Hybrid-SIM 128 GB -Prism black £465.58 at Amazon
£465.58Amazon Deals
Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. With a sleek, immersive almost bezel-less Infinity-O display for uninterrupted viewing. The revolutionary Triple Camera technology uses a 4… Read more

It's £569 COLD


Well Samsung don't sell it anymore, and only a few retailers have it in stock at overblown prices, best bet is a refurb now I'd say


@MrSwitch do you know anything about S10e? Seems overpriced and in short supply (Samsung themselves have no stock). Do you know if it’s discontinued?


Tbf op, I think the reason it's gone cold, is because only last week on amazon this was £449, I'd imagine it'll go down again soon, not just Amazon but other sellers as well.


Because haters gonna hate. People really hate on the prices of the bigger brand named phones, when you can get similar spec for cheaper on less mainstream brands.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, Prism Blue @ for £427.10
65° Expired
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st JunShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, Prism Blue @ for £427.10
Seems all colours available for this price. 456 euro converted using This price is for prime membership, but you can cancel afterwards. European warranty will apply. Obvi… Read more

It did mate, it's the ultra fast charger. Not a deal breaker for me.


sounds good. cheers for the update (y) did it come with EU plug?


Yes, arrived on Wednesday. All new and sealed as expected. Setting it up this morning I noticed the version I have has 8GB RAM, I thought the EU versions had 6GB. Very impressed so far, I'm actually surprised the screen doesn't look too big, that was one of my fears. It's certainly a lot of phone for the money. Very happy, it's a keeper. Oh yeah, prism blue, that colour really pops!!


i hate apple products and would only buy an apple phone if i have no other options! i am not that desperate yet (lol) so did your phone come? you were expecting it to be delivered yesterday?


I suppose the new iPhone SE would be suitable if IOS is your thing. That's something else I liked about the S10 lite, it has a massive 4500mAh rated battery, which is 50% more than the S9 I have now. Coupled with an energy efficient chip like the Snapdragon I'm hopeful it will last 3-4 days.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (2020) Snapdragon 855 128 GB 8GB Ram - Blue at Amazon for £449
921° Expired
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (2020) Snapdragon 855 128 GB 8GB Ram - Blue at Amazon for £449
£449£57922% Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
This is the lowest this model has sold for on amazon with a average of £553.28 in the last 180 days The phone that should be called the s20 lite 6.7-inch Infinity-O display … Read more
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Regret not picking this up now with it having the snapdragon CPU


Great info! Thanks for sharing


Microsoft had this nearly 4 years ago with Continuum. I have a Microsoft Lumia 950XL, which you can connect wirelessly to any WiDi or Miracast device (most modern TVs and projectors) or via the docking station to any HDMI monitor to get a full HD Windows 10 desktop interface. Connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and you have a (limited) Win10 computer. I have done demos of my company's software using my phone to RDP to a cloud Azure server and the response was no different to doing the same on a proper laptop. Apple stuff only connects to other Apple stuff - iPhone has screen mirroring (very different to Continuum/DeX) but only to Apple TV. A lot of Androids have wireless screen mirroring to Miracast devices and DeX may have some uses to some people. Apparently nobody wanted it 4 years ago, so not sure why it's such a killer app now.


Good deal, heat.


Last hour bois

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Dual Sim (8GB+128GB) Prism Black, Vodafone Used Grade B Condition - £350 Delivered @ CEX
208° Expired
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Dual Sim (8GB+128GB) Prism Black, Vodafone Used Grade B Condition - £350 Delivered @ CEX
£350 Free P&P FreeCeX Deals
Super Steady Video: enhanced camera experience with Super Steady OIS True Vision Camera: capture every moment as you see it Infinity-O Display: discover an endlessly beautiful, c… Read more

Well We have found common ground now in the fact that Google make crap phones and someone had the good sence to acquire a company that had become clueless to build their most recent offerings. Computational pbotography i know was happening long before the Google hype, HDR was out there long before brand Google appeared. Even OPPO had 40 mp pics stitching way back, but i do find the hype in the recent tech commmunity very amusing. Nobody seems to rememeber the past and who brought the innovations.


Not on par with the s10, but definitely not poor camera. According to the comparisons I have seen it's not that far either. Also con: no headphone jack and no telephoto lens.


Don't get me started on Google and software, I could write an essay on all the screw ups. 40K 60FPS is due to come to the Pixel 4 range, but it's Google so it might not, that's a separate concern to computational photography. Also Google didn't pioneer computational photography they employed Marc Levoy who is a pioneer in the field, they had the best person on planet Earth advising them. For anyone whose interested it's this chap > I've owned two Google phones one was the awful Nexus 4, and the second which is my current phone the Pixel 2 which I have to remember came out 2.5 years ago in late 2017, so the £500 price tag may have been worth it back then. The phone has aged badly, the photos still look modern though, it's had quite a few photography upgrades in its time, but it has had its day. The Pixel 4 uses the same camera sensor as the Pixel 3, the Pixel 4 amongst other significant issues has average camera hardware and lack of flexibility, lacking an ultra wide. In terms of other manufacturers, there's a multitude of phones with better hardware, but they have poor software optimisation. Also Macro lenses & TOF, I hope that trend dies off. Definitely Google has to put much better camera hardware in the Pixel 5 and offer a better camera array. I'm totally unconvinced that they will though.


I Yeah i notice you keep talking about Google software being the best, but their all-round camera abilities says something very different. Still no 4K 60 FPS in 2020 really does tell the true story, if your going to depend purely on computational photography then you are going to be very limited in what you produce. Hence the cranking up of contrast and sharpening each year. I'm looking forward to the Note 20 and phase 2 of the 108mp venture, the rumoured dual pixel will iron out the last of the teething issues.


Again I don't disagree and it's what I've been saying post after post on this forum. Computational photography on Android is Google, no decent apps exist on Android for this purpose. Android needs to step it up massively. iOS has Tadaa, NeuralCam, Focos and others. Google has been dining out on the computational photography party trick for too long now, there's better hardware on other phones and other manufacturers are getting in to computational photography. Xiaomi have an R&D department for photography as one example. Sony are using focus data/mechanics from their Alpha series cameras in their 2020 phones. Google is supposed to be the flagship for Android, "this is the best Android can do", and in terms of software it's right up there, in terms of hardware it's really lacking badly. When you mention Ultra I presume you mean the 108Mp Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. Although I'd argue that the gimped Huawei P40 Pro has the best sensor and camera experience on any current phone. The Oppo Find X2 Pro due to be released on June 10th has some seriously good camera hardware, but £1099 for a phone, nope.

Samsung S10 Lite for £445.10 Sold by Smart Tech Electronics and Fulfilled by Amazon Italy
152° Expired
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th MayShipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
Samsung S10 Lite for £445.10 Sold by Smart Tech Electronics and Fulfilled by Amazon Italy
£445.10£56922%Amazon Italy Deals
The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Enhances Everything You Do In Life. Prepare to be amazed by the S10 Lite with its deluxe screen, cutting-edge processing power and triple lens camera. I… Read more

Cheaper from Germany


£433 with Wowcamera if you want to take a punt with them. Admittedly Amazon would be a safer bet.


It is I agree, I searched yesterday when I posted my note 10nlite deal for the sold by Amazon phone, couldn't find it :( Heat added though (y)


Bugger. Thought it was too good to be true, but didn't have time to read the full t's and c's. Still a very good price for the phone though. I'll amend the deal.


No galaxy buds with thrid party sellers, I saw this last night and t&c's state "sold by amazon only"

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Hybrid-SIM 128 GB - Prism Black (UK Version) £449.99 @ Amazon
78° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Hybrid-SIM 128 GB - Prism Black (UK Version) £449.99 @ Amazon
£449.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Again on a good discount. A very good battery life and performance.
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On offer now for 452.94 euros excl. delivery from Amazon Germany


A90 5g has sd855, this also has sd855 but its missing DEX which is sad


Strange how Samsung doesn’t support their phones like iPhones when it comes to updates. Makes no sense that Apple will support for many years but Samsung won’t


I bought one at launch. Quality phone. Much higher quality than the A series phones. Speaker is not the greatest but that's my only complaint.


The name is weird, its basically a S20 Lite as the design is the same but I think they were worried about it pinching sales so called it the S10 Lite instead. It actually has a better CPU than the S10 series as it has the Snapdragon 855, a bigger battery (and also more efficient cpu combined) than any of the S10s and a bigger display than even the S10 plus Also on a personal note, the screen is FLAT, which I much prefer as you can get decent glass screen protectors cheaply and easy to install Samsung usually does 2 OS updates per phone, as the S10e, S10 and S10 Plus arrived with android 9, means they'll stop at 11, whereas the S10 Lite came with 10 out of the box it should get android 12, but that's not guaranteed. You want a decent OS support lifetime get an iPhone The major cutbacks compared to the S10 series are: no IP68 dust and water resistance rating, no wireless charging, and only one speaker on the bottom instead of stereo speakers So if you are the kind of person who goes swimming with your phone or has to have wireless charging, who still uses wired headphones its gotta be a proper S10, if non of those matter then the S10 Lite is arguably better than even the S10 Plus and a bargain at the price of this deal

SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 Lite £406.12 | A51 £262 | S20 £645 | S20+ 5G £807 | S20 5G £732 | A40 £162 @ Currys Ebay
255° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 Lite £406.12 | A51 £262 | S20 £645 | S20+ 5G £807 | S20 5G £732 | A40 £162 @ Currys Ebay
£406.12£449.9910% Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Decent prices SAMSUNG Ga… Read more

Actually it was the white version. All gone anyways, cheers for posting though


The s10 lite in this post?


The code doesn’t seem to be working (tried on a S10 lite)


I'm half asleep... I only noticed the S10 Lite being OOS (lol)


I'll let it run as the others in the title are still available, cheers mate

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite 6.7” Hybrid-SIM 128 GB - Prism Black (UK Version) £477.88 @ Amazon
-142° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite 6.7” Hybrid-SIM 128 GB - Prism Black (UK Version) £477.88 @ Amazon
£477.88 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Cheapest Brand New UK model Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Hybrid-SIM 128 GB - Prism Black (UK Version) Brand New Sealed 6.7” AMOLED display, powerful Snapdragon 855 (rarely available o… Read more
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Reduced again by Amazon can someone please update the price(y)


5g is good longterm I think but if you ignore the 5g s10 lite is a better phone compared to A90 specially the camera & has waterproofing & dust proofing that A90 doesn’t.


Does anyone know if a 2 in 1 adapter (charger and headphone jack) can be found for S10 Lite ? It seems it's only designed for Apple.


Either A90 or S10 lite, both have better processor SD855 vs SS730 in A71, depends if you need 5G then opt for A90.


This is so cold bit random as it’s 100 cheaper than Samsung store Almost What’s the best value for money A71 Vs A90 vs S10 lite You can still trade in the old phones with A71 & s10 lite on Samsung I just can’t decide what is the best phone for the price

Refurbrished: Good - Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite 128GB (Unlocked) £269.99 @ Ebay Musicmagpie
200° Expired
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Refurbrished: Good - Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite 128GB (Unlocked) £269.99 @ Ebay Musicmagpie
£269.99eBay Deals
Not a bad price. The lite comes with the Snapdragon 855 and not samsungs crappy processor.

Does anyone know if a 2 in 1 adapter (charger and headphone jack) can be found for S10 Lite ? It seems it's only designed for Apple.


Yeah I’m getting 90 for an old iPhone 6 Plus

Well Samsung reviewed their prices and now to get £100 off it has to be at least iphone 6s 64gb version not like it used to be iphone 4/4s...


Yes trade in

You mean trade in? As there's no sign of cashback...

Samsung Galaxy S10 LITE - £452.96 @ Amazon Germany
-139° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th AprShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Samsung Galaxy S10 LITE - £452.96 @ Amazon Germany
Samsung mobile phone with Snapdragon 855 processor, big 4,500 mAh battery, flat 6.7 "full HD + Super AMOLED Plus display, not bad camera. Not a flagship phone but good alternative … Read more

I think this is a good deal, have some heat my friend.


Ah, sorry, I was looking at the Note 10 Lite. S10 Lite is £579, using code "SAMSUNG15" gives you £86.85 off so no where near your OP. my bad! BUT, if you do have a trade in it might (if you prefer buying from UK site instead of Amazon Germany). They're offering £50 off some old phones (read T&Cs though) and more for others...


Sorry I can't see %15 off . It is £579


Samsung UK website offering 15% off this model with the option of trade in also so potentially giving you a better price on this phone

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