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Civilization VI + Steam Controller Bundle
For £40.49 @Steam
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
The steam controller is £39.99 on Steam alone so you are getting a copy of Civilization VI for 50p if you was in the market for the controller anyway
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I was looking at this yesterday, then I saw all the dlc for civ and remembered why I never buy it at launch. £40.14 of dlc and it's 33% off :(


+~£7.40 for shipping

Steam Controller and Link Bundle -  £27.35 (up to £10.00* shipping) @ Steam Store
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Seems like a good deal but im not 100% sure on the shipping costs from steam, *it says up to £10 shipping but it will be calculated once you get to the address page so it could var… Read more
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I havent received my order yet either.


Anyone's been shipped yet?


Damn sorry to hear that, yeah the Xbox adaptive controller looks really great. I hope it makes gaming easier for you when you get it


I didn't mean to be a dick about it. My point was that the controller is incredibly versatile. It is absolutely incredible the stuff it can do, but it is not the easiest to set up. So your instant dismissal of it as it wasn't a typical controller is disingenuous and not an accurate representation. Hence why I said for those interested in a more typical joypad experience should buy a dual shock 4 but don't I don't want people to dismiss it outright. Existentialegg does fantastic guides for the steam controller on YouTube for those curious just what it can do.


I had one for few years and it sat in a drawer but last year I was in an accident and lost 3 fingers and at the moment this is the only way I can game. I'm getting the new xbox one large controller when that comes out so until then this is great.

Steam Controller + Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Bundle + Free DLC's - 53% price drop Only £35.38 (Inc. Shipping)
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
I've been looking for a good deal on one of these to go with my Steam Link and found this tonight available direct from Steam! Only £27.98 + £7.40 shipping + Deus Ex: Mankind Div… Read more

They should be paying me to use it. You can buy an Xbox bt controller for that much.


Is the steam controller still alive? I know there was a time the nerds were against anyone who dared speak about anything but the controllers wonderful magic. I have had one since and it is quite literally the worst controller I have ever used. It is ok for strategy games but anyone who plays strategy games on a pc with a controller is mad. A bit surprised they're still trying to peddle the thing.


No deal


Hi skeppnica the hints in the title see below: So still a bargain and your getting a game too! As I said in the description it's £27.98 + £7.40 shipping.


Shipping is around £10 pounds :{

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Steam Controller + Link Bundle - Only £27.70! (+ £7.40  shipping) @ Steam Store
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Cracking bundle deal for gaming on the couch or for an xmas present. :) STEAM LINK SimplicitySetup is easy. Just connect your Steam Link to your TV and home network, … Read more

If you tell it to exit big-picture mode you can minimise steam and use it as a thin-client to the desktop. It's not bad at that too. I have been playing with running non-steam games this way; it can be hit and miss because of video-modes and overlays. Origin can be problematic; but I think you need to disable origin's overlays.


Can you only stream steam games? Or is there a way around this so i could stream my desktop


A little - but it seems they're shipping it from netherlands to the UK, lord knows why but that's how it is. £10 by courier from europe is pretty much the going rate. Like most of these things, you just have to consider whether the overall price is one you want to pay or not. I mulled it over all night and decided that £37 for the package is still a price I'm (only just) willing to pay so I've ordered.


it is 7.40£ for just a link no controller but yeah product cost 4£ and shipping twice as much ...


It's such blatant profiteering, there's no justification for that kind of shipping charge. Even companies who need special packaging and fast couriers like musclefood etc don't charge that kind of money and this is a small lightweight package. Ridiculous, I'm not ordering it now. I know the savings outweigh the postage but it's a d**k move from the company.

Steam Controller £26.66 @ Game
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Useful for the people that got a £4 Steamlink (other joypads work) Steam Controller Experience a new level of precise control for your favorite games. The Steam Controller let… Read more
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Having been a mouse and keyboard player since Quake 2 came out I tried playing FPS games on Xbox and couldn't get used to it at all. I got one of these a few weeks ago and played through borderlands twice and now onto borderlands 2. Sure I'd be better if I was sitting at my pc but I'm not able to do that so this still allows me to play. I did hum and haw about it after reading reviews but ultimately you'll only know one way whether it works for you.


It certainly does take a little time, but if you're only a casual gamer, then I do agree, it's not worth it. (Those big circles on it are like little trackpads, by the way, so you get a lot of sensitive, precise analogue control, and the haptics provide feedback. There are also two "paddles" on the handles which work absolutely brilliantly - I miss them when I use my other pads!) Err... did you quote the wrong person there? You're welcome to buy or not buy whatever you want. (Although if you buy through Amazon, then you can use it and then return it if you don't like it.) That's got nothing to do with my corrections to your comments. Indeed, you still haven't shared with us why you "recommend" against it. You have four comments on this deal: one lie and three off-topics that effectively say nothing. Do you have something pertinent to share with us? Please try to make it true this time. (flirt)


Why should I buy a piece of hardware and use it and never get my money back? Hell if it goes down to around £15 I'll get one for the hell of it


I'm not on about the look i just think it would take a lot of getting used to and it only has one analogue stick can't see this being better then an Xbox pad but each to there own I suppose buddy


So you "don't recommend" based on 1) never having touched one and 2) thinking (and sharing) things about it that aren't true... gotcha. ;) Your comments are excellent examples of the prejudice referred to that article to which I linked - which I fully recommend checking out, by the way. Or you could just not read it and then tell people you don't recommend it because it's written in French. XD

Steam Link - £11.99 - Game (Steam Controller - £27.99) - Now available in-store
Found 2nd Nov 2017Found 2nd Nov 2017
Update 1
In-store price has now been dropped to £11.99
[ Steam Controller ] Stream your games to your TV with Steam Link Simplicity Setup is easy. Just connect your Steam Link to your TV and home network, wh… Read more
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I'm running it full ethernet via powerline adapter 10/100 port on each end - may give it a go on wireless in case the powerline is the issue. Games like rocket league or shooters just have a noticeable delay using xbox controller and wireless receiver plugged into steam link


Controller is £39.99 now. Edit: steam link back to £39.99


I decided to take a bite and buy this for 12 quid, and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. By using a relatively old pc (4 Years Old) and power-line I am streaming to the other side of the house without any issues on quality or stuttering. On a side note, if you are considering it to run cemu, there is a bug in the big picture and steam overlay and it will flip the screen, It can be quite easily fixed by getting out of full screen or disabling steam overlay. The quality improvements of Mario Cart 8 and Zelda BTW using this method, compared to my switch is quite noticeable. Hot


If you don't want to buy the xbox one wireless adaptor then I think it will work wired with the earlier xbox one controllers if you have a long enough micro USB cable, I keep meaning to try it and never quite get round to it (use an xbox360 controller but it's getting quite worn)


Ok mate. Thanks alot for giving me some advice. Ill try that and hopefully it will work

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Steam controller and Steam Link bundle £35.98 at Steam - £7.40 postage
Found 3rd Sep 2017Found 3rd Sep 2017
Cheaper than the current Game deal. Also controller and link available separately for £27.99 and £11.99.

how much would you pay for the steam link on its own?


Link is Oos


Cold, rubbish deal. Steams rip off delivery charge kills it dead. Stupid having a high mandatory delivery charge like that (Steam is a online only operation so no collection option). The money Valve rake in every day, they could comfortably sell these at half the price of this and still offer free delivery!




Is there any stock available at GAME though?

Steam controller £27.99 at Game
Found 31st Aug 2017Found 31st Aug 2017
Steam controller 27.99 and steam link 11.99 (Now OOS) at Game. similar deal as before.
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I guess it would have been nice of Valve to highlight this a bit better, I'd have stuck it out then. I heard the good control profiles are not official, that's a shame too, I'm happy to customise a bit but the out of the box experience should still be adequate Also you can't grow to like marmite, otherwise I'd agree with the comparison! :)


I don't think anyone really likes it at first. It takes a while to get used to and unless you enjoy tweaking and customising things it will always be a pain to setup compared to an xbox controller which just works. I've seen people call it a marmite controller and that seems the most fitting description. If you get the hang of the gyro though it makes flick headshots so much more satisfying than a controller, at least I presume it is, I can't hit flick headshots with an analog stick unless the controller aim bot is doing it for me :) .


I wish I'd played with the settings before selling... it did feel an impressive bit of kit but I can sometimes find too many options daunting. Also, I realised how much I love having the joysticks which rest my rest position naturally.


Woodsie has a decent guide here for newcomers: also here: How to make the most of the Steam Controller: a comprehensive guide Absolutley the best controller for playing FPS and TPS on the couch once you get the hang of the gyro. For twin stick shooters setting the right trackpad to mouse region usually works best. Although with Enter the Gungeon specifically I prefer a DS4. I haven't tried it with a steam controller in a while but it didn't accept controller and mouse inputs at the same time so you would only digital input on the analog stick when using mouse region. It's fantastic for Assault Android Cactus though.


Really steep learning curve on these controllers. I gave up and returned to my xbox controller

Steam Controller | £27.99 | Free UK Delivery @ GAME
Found 23rd Jun 2017Found 23rd Jun 2017
Just saw that Steam have the Steam Controller in their sale for £27.99, got to checkout and noticed that they don't give free delivery... Tut tut... Popped over to Game only to fin… Read more

I saw this post the same day that I was thinking about buying a Steam Controller and hold off due to the negative rating in the deal, ie, I thought it meant it was a bad deal and it was usually offered at a better price. But after waiting for a month, it seems this was a pretty good deal for that item, never seen it near that price anymore. Oh well, one learns to not trust these ratings too much... On a different note, does this controller has some kind of vibration feedback? eg, for racing games when there are crashes, bumps in the road, etc?


It's actually surprisingly decent in my opinion, I got one recently hence posting this deal... I think for the right game it's good, I use an Xbox One controller for other games like Forza Horizon 3 and Assassin's Creed Syndicate etc, I don't expect I'd have the same sort of feel using the Steam Controller for them but I got the Steam Controller with SWAT 4 on my laptop in mind and to be honest it's absolutely spot on!


Is it as bad as people say? I think it's just individual preference. I used to have Logitech F710 which was pretty good. Now I want to replace it and try something different like this one.


​Ye I don't get it... Very strange place this...


Yes, I found the offer now as well... came to post it, and see it's cold?! It's the cheapest price I've ever seen, strange regarding the votes! :S

Steam Controller and Steam Link- £39.98 @ GAME
Found 22nd Jun 2017Found 22nd Jun 2017
Amazing price! Steam Controller and Steam Link for 39.98£ Steam controller 27.99£ Steam link 11.99£… Read more
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what's wrong with it?


Tried the controller for only a few minutes. Didn't like it at all. think you have to be patient with it.


Steam link's been posted (I can't imagine you missed that given it was 45 minutes before this post and is over 600° already) and since this isn't a bundle deal it'd make a lot more sense to just post the Steam Controller for £27.99.


why so cold?


Never heard of this before (not really a big PC gamer) but looks great, and a top price!!

Steam Link £15.99 (+£7.40 P&P) - £23.39 @
Found 12th May 2017Found 12th May 2017
Steam Link £15.99 also Steam Link Bundle with Steam Controller £39.58 (23.59) These now cheaper at in other deal… Read more

Unfortunately Steam don't show the P&P prices until the last point. It's actually around £24 for the Steam Link and around £48 for the bundle.

Steam Link - £15.99 / Steam Controller - £27.99 - Game (Online & Instore)
Found 11th May 2017Found 11th May 2017
Back down in price on the Game website. [ Steam Controller ] Stream your games to your TV with Steam Link Simplicity Setup is easy. Just connect your Steam Link to your … Read more
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Sadly this seems to have expired, any other offers at the moment?


Link ain't working. Here's one which does.


steam link Can I use just 2 Poweline Adaptors 1 into my pc ,1 into my steam link and still use WiFi Card on the PC? Or do I need 3 powerline adaptors , 1 into pc , 1 into router , then 1 into steamlink. Ideally my PC has a wifi card , so simply use that for internet and downloading etc... But have a dedicated link from network card on my PC into a powerline adaptor then the 2nd adaptor upstairs plugged into my steam link.... Would this work ? Will my PC happily work with a WIFI card plugged and a powerline connector plugged into the ethernet port via suitable cable or will I lose internet connection as the powerline connector based on using just 2 , will have no internet access ?


picked it up for £14.99 instore at neath


Heat. Just tried it out and I can operate my PC from my TV downstairs with very little lag using a PS4 pad. Ordering a wireless keyboard and mouse asap but currently have an old USB pair setup. Next up one of those 400 quid 4k TV's and I'm set!

GameSir G3s Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller - £16.99 / £18.98 non prime del non prime Sold by GameSir Official Store EU and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 7th Apr 2017Found 7th Apr 2017
Get this for nearly half the price! Advertised to work with Android, PC & PS3 and Smart TVs 1. Simply follow this link to order your GameSir G3s on Amazon 2. Apply the GA… Read more

Have had one for months and here's my tip: throw the USB dongle in the bin. Pair directly with Android, Steam Link, PS3 etc. (can't remember if it works directly with Windows without dongle). Otherwise a great controller for the price.


Ah - shame about the USB, I am going to use it with Android anyway so good to hear that it works well on bluetooth


Can confirm mine included the bracket too, check right underneath the contents of the box when you receive it. It's a nice controller for the price but the USB connection sucks, it keeps dropping. It works flawless when paired with an Android phone on bluetooth though.


Thanks OP, this looks like just the thing I am after - the code is still working. Hopefully the phone bracket will be included, despite the description saying it isn't - the extra cost of this won't break the bank though!


I ordered a bracket from Ebay when i brought this as it said it didn't have a bracket and when i opened it mine came with a bracket too. Cant cancel it either as its been dispatched from China :( Oh well a spare in case this one breaks.

Steam Link - £15.99 - Game (Steam Controller - £27.99) - Online & In-Store
Found 6th Apr 2017Found 6th Apr 2017
Back on sale with other Steam stuff. [ Steam Controller ] Stream your games to your TV with Steam Link  Simplicity Setup is easy. Just connect your Steam Link to your TV… Read more
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expired typical


I got one of these at Christmas when a similar deal was on. As a bit of a current gen PC noob, I found it a bit of a faff to get rid of the lag, pair various controllers and get the emulators running as I wanted. However, with a bit of patience and an hour or so of properly concentrating and reading guides online, I got it working. Well worth persevering, but apart from the initial setup, it's not going to hold your hand, so just be aware of that.


This deal looks to have ended - £15.99 on site, £39.99 in basket :(


Make sure you have a robust network if you buy this, 802.11ac minimum I would recommend and ideally hard wire one side or even both to reduce latency. I bought one but ended up building a PC for the living room TV to game on.. a bit overkill but I wasn't fussed with upgrading my network.


For reference, here are past deals with discussions of latency, controllers etc.:

GearBest - Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad - £27.36 to £22.80 - 17% Off
Found 2nd Mar 2017Found 2nd Mar 2017
I bought mine because apparently the Steam Link now supports this controller which is almost the same as the X-Box controller that I use with my PC. Also supports PC connection too… Read more
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I wouldn't buy this for Steam Link, IMHO. I found the buttons don't map the same as an Xbox controller... I'm sure there is a way to remap, but I couldn't be bothered to find out. That said, the build quality is excellent, as is the size/shape/weight. I use mine with my Android tablet and phone, plus Windows 10, which is easier to remap the buttons.


Hi Kyballion, Could you please kindly send me your order number for re-checking ? I am sure to give your order issues a top priority and fast reply I am willing/helpful to provide the best solution. Cheers ! Gearbest Store Rep.Alice You can contact me here :


​Wow this amazing, I now know why you guys don't respond to customer service issues. I purchased a few items from you in the past and my last package turned up broken and you guys blamed me! Never again You manage to come here and put forth a face that you guys care but If I send an email I will be ignored for says Same as the other guy, had to do a PayPal dispute


Hi Koslc, Have your issue been solved yet ? If not, Could you kindly send me your order number for re-checking ? I am willing/helpful to provide the best solution. Gearbest Store Rep.Alice For further assistance, please feel free to contact me here:


Wasn't that impressed with the steam controller, will give this a go.

Steam Controller @ GAME - £27.99
Found 27th Dec 2016Found 27th Dec 2016
Second attempt at posting this! Not as good as the deal a few weeks ago. But cheapest I can find at the moment, still a good price.

No sharks involved. :) Plenty on deals on here that are not current lowest price but are still a hot deal.


but its not a comparison website oO no need to get sharky with me cause im speaking some truth,


Neither does it have a guide for a time machine.


"Not as good as the deal a few weeks ago. But cheapest I can find at the moment" sorry mate this site isn't a price comparison site.


Steam Controller (no case) £12.59 @ Game instore
LocalLocalFound 23rd Dec 2016Found 23rd Dec 2016
Just nipped into Game for a quick look and spied one of these controllers which are dirt cheap going for £12.59, figured it was real cheap and closest price I found was £28 with a … Read more
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Oh. Hopefully the cool looking one that Maximus wears in Gladiator? That would be fantastic!


​You sir are a helmet!


good price, but i don't recommend it, got one for christmas last year and unfortunately i have used it maybe twice, the trackpads just dont feel right... switched back to my xbox controller and its been gathering dust since, props to valve though, i broke the receiver and they sent me another free of charge.


You're still butt-hurt. Admit it.


I think you need to look up the definition of "sobbing" and the meaning of "throwing your toys out of the pram" before you go using them in conversation as you clearly have no idea what either means.

Steam Controller and Steam Link Bundle £45.59 delivered @Steam
Found 22nd Dec 2016Found 22nd Dec 2016
Considering the controller is £28 and steam link is £16 it's saving a little bit if you want both. Steam postage is £10! But you can get £50 steam credit for £45.59 using 5% code … Read more

Game has a free case with the controller!


Ye that is sneaky. Knew it was too good to be true lmao. Anyway got Planet Coaster which is all that matters X)


Aye. It's not good at all. Unfortunately, it's been that way since they first went on sale. Sneaky little...


Not to mention with GAME (if my maths is working :D ) there's around £0.88 back in rewards plus cashback


Didn't realise that. Just went to buy it and was going to send game one back. Doesn't say till the last step!!

Steam controller + case £27.99 GAME
Found 22nd Dec 2016Found 22nd Dec 2016
Steam controller and case for £27.99. They're £39.99 from Steam Store. Link to Steam Store page: 3.3% Quidco - thevman2k3

I didn't realise how good this deal was at the time. Wish I could turn the clock back.


I called them out on Twitter... they don't like it. The more people do it the more they might pull their thumb out of their harris. Their social media rep is a tool.


I just wanted to say this deal is also available in store, I just asked for the controller and they said you get a free case with it. thanks


Well that was an utter waste of time and money..... They take the money before everything is dispatched. So the xbox controller has not been dispatched although paid for. The steam controller with case was £23.91 they took payment but cancelled order as fireworks merchant ltd had no stock. Resubmitted hoping to maybe get another merchant however the price wouldnt come up as the same so i had to settle with £25... today they cancel my order again as their merchants have none in stock. Go to Game website relising i should just admit defeat to find that the contoller plus case is now out of stock and although i can buy the normal controller without case flubit wont even consider offering a discount on it ... i think if i'm left to pay the current price i would prefer getting the free case but it looks like the sale will end before they get restocked :( Thats about 10 orders i've placed with flubit and 8 of them have been cancelled a couple days after for no stock.


i used flubit elite (30 day free trial) got this for £23.91 Delivered, my first quote was £25 then fired it through again and it was £24 odd and tried again and got the max 15% discount at £23.91 ok wont be here till over a week but that's the festive holidays, tried it with the link but it auto declines seems can't get the link for less than £16 ... i bought an xbox 360 wired controller too for £19.12 delivered

Buy Deus Ex: Mankind Divided + Steam Controller Bundle, Steam - £37.18 + POSTAGE = £44.58
Found 20th Dec 2016Found 20th Dec 2016
I know the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided post is already on here but I spotted they have a bundle with the Steam controller making it cheaper than buying the controller on its own.
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I agree, that would be excellent. Getting paid to use the best controller in existence would be sweet. :D


They should pay you to use a steam controller not the other way round.


No problem. It's still a decent price if you're in the market for both. If you count Deus Ex at £13.19 then the controller is £31.39, which isn't too bad at all. They're selling on ebay for the best part of £60 oO


Cheers, I hadn't gotten that far so hadn't noticed, I have updated.


Comes to £44.58 including Steam's ridiculous postage charge.

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