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Steam Controller £4 (+ £7.40 Delivery) @ Steam
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Posted 26th Nov 2019Posted 26th Nov 2019
Steam Controller £4 (+ £7.40 Delivery) @ Steam£11.40Steam Store Deals
Experience a new level of precise control for your favorite games. The Steam Controller lets you play your entire collection of Steam games on your TV—even the ones designed withou… Read more

Does Steam recognise it as connected? I just connected mine and it worked.


HELP... i bought this for the OH for christmas but he can't get any characters to move on any of his games! Any idea what we're doing wrong? TIA


That wouldn't bother me if they actually sent me 2 packages instead of one. Can't complain at the price but am complaining. Lol.


Yes, everyone will because Valve charge full price delivery on each unit! It isn't a flat delivery fee of £7.40 it is £7.40 per unit. Misleading (cart makes it look like the £7.40 is a flat fee) and utterly ludicrous system IMHO, they could at least offer a discount after the first one...


Anyone who ordered 2 get charged for delivery twice?

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (PC) $8(~£6) @ Chrono
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Refreshed 10th May 2019Refreshed 10th May 2019
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare (PC) $8(~£6) @ Chrono£6£7.9925% offChrono Deals
Might well be the cheapest its been. MetaScore of 92 and a MetaCritic MustPlay Game. Description The new action-thriller from the award-winning team at Infinity Ward, the c… Read more

Im playing the remastered version everyday still. The new ones dont come close! Love a bit of old school TDM


Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition (so including MW Remastered), £7.45 brand new on the Argos EBay outlet. Basically you are getting two games for just a little bit more than the original COD 4 on its own, but also with the improved graphics of the remaster, and of course Infinite Warfare to play through as well (though if people have PCs that are better suited to the original 2007 game then that's cool, they can just get your deal above).


This is a blindingly good game for anyone with an aging pc. Top level gaming with mid range graphics card and cpu etc. If I didn't already have it...


IMHO the remastered isn’t a patch on the original, also the game hardly comes on sale to this levels, if you know of some place where we can buy cheaper please share so all of us can benefit. Thanks


Quite fancy playing that sniper mission again

STEAM CONTROLLER - £19.99 + £7.40 P&P  Steam
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Posted 21st Dec 2018Posted 21st Dec 2018
STEAM CONTROLLER - £19.99 + £7.40 P&P Steam£27.49£39.9931% offSteam Store Deals
This has reached my biting point, going to give it a go at this price.

Did you guys end up getting one? I was curious to ask for your 1st impression... I had doubts due to all the mixed/negative reviews but decided to give it a go and this is the best thing ever from my point of view! How can anyone not like this?! I was playing Vanquish (similar to Gears of War) for a little while with it and both, with the touchpad or with the Gyro enabled, this controller is a killer... you could hit anything right in the head in any position on the screen. Whereas with a Call of Duty Xbox 360 PRO controller which uses the standard dual sticks, you're lucky to hit things anywhere in the body by trying a number of times... Wondering how they tried to use the controller to give it a bad review?!?!




It's a custom config, yes. You just set up the left hand touchpad as a Touch Menu with 16 actions. Then assign a keyboard shortcut (with a suitable icon) to each one. I've just exported my setup for you: steam://controllerconfig/359320/1606961178 or "Elited - gyro + touch menu"


Hey, would you mind explaining how you set up Elite with steam controller, that seems neat, is this using a custom config? Thanks


Not since launch, but for the last couple of years I've used no other controller. My 360 controller sits in a drawer. Many games I used to play on keyboard and mouse (such as first person shooters, Witcher 3, Elite) I now play with the controller, as it's both comfortable and massively customisable. My favourite use is certainly driving games, as the subtlety of movement you get when using it as a virtual wheel makes driving with a thumbstick seem faintly ridiculous. You have to be willing to put in some time working out how to customise controls, but it is well worth it. For example, in Elite I fly using the gyro and have 16 functions all accesible via the left pad (little pop up shows them all with icons) so that I rarely need to hunt for a keyboard key. I recommend checking out Existential Egg on YouTube for some help getting set up. Some people hate it. I can't work out why. To my hands it is as comfortable as a 360 controller and you can use it as one of those without any setting up (games usually recognise it as one), it just happens to have the additional grip paddles, gyro, plus a world of further customization should you want them.

30% Off STEAM Controller - £27.99 @ Steam (+£7.40 P&P)
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Posted 21st Nov 2018Posted 21st Nov 2018
30% Off STEAM Controller - £27.99 @ Steam (+£7.40 P&P)£27.99Steam Store Deals
Additional Postage £7.40 for me - Been waiting for this to drop for a while before biting the bullet. Hope this helps someone.

Oooooph Garbage! Never buy this!


Steam Link is discontinued and no longer sold by Steam so is a price drop likely to happen now? I'm looking to get a second Steam Controller but unsure of the best deals


Best cotroller out there, thumbsticks for aiming is flawed by design. you have to move the stick to the place you want to aim, with a touch pad you can just touch the area and aim straight away. Having said that, sometimes this goes on mega offer with a steam link for peanuts.


That's not even the best "standard" controller though. Can't beat the Wii U Pro if it's a game where kb+m and SC are no good.


Nothing beats the xbox controller!

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Civilization VI + Steam Controller Bundle
For £40.49 @Steam
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Posted 30th Sep 2018Posted 30th Sep 2018
Civilization VI + Steam Controller Bundle For £40.49 @Steam£40.49Steam Store Deals
The steam controller is £39.99 on Steam alone so you are getting a copy of Civilization VI for 50p if you was in the market for the controller anyway

I was looking at this yesterday, then I saw all the dlc for civ and remembered why I never buy it at launch. £40.14 of dlc and it's 33% off :(


+~£7.40 for shipping

Steam Controller and Link Bundle -  £27.35 (up to £10.00* shipping) @ Steam Store
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Posted 21st Jun 2018Posted 21st Jun 2018
Steam Controller and Link Bundle - £27.35 (up to £10.00* shipping) @ Steam Store£27.35£79.9866% offSteam Store Deals
Seems like a good deal but im not 100% sure on the shipping costs from steam, *it says up to £10 shipping but it will be calculated once you get to the address page so it could var… Read more

I havent received my order yet either.


Anyone's been shipped yet?


Damn sorry to hear that, yeah the Xbox adaptive controller looks really great. I hope it makes gaming easier for you when you get it


I didn't mean to be a dick about it. My point was that the controller is incredibly versatile. It is absolutely incredible the stuff it can do, but it is not the easiest to set up. So your instant dismissal of it as it wasn't a typical controller is disingenuous and not an accurate representation. Hence why I said for those interested in a more typical joypad experience should buy a dual shock 4 but don't I don't want people to dismiss it outright. Existentialegg does fantastic guides for the steam controller on YouTube for those curious just what it can do.


I had one for few years and it sat in a drawer but last year I was in an accident and lost 3 fingers and at the moment this is the only way I can game. I'm getting the new xbox one large controller when that comes out so until then this is great.